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Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONAMS 2175AMS 2241AMS 2242AMS 2243AMS 2248AMS 2251AMS 2252AMS 2253AMS 2261AMS 2300AMS 2301AMS 2355AMS 2370AMS 2371AMS 2372AMS 2374AMS 2403AMS 2404AMS 2405AMS 2406AMS 2410AMS 2416AMS 2417AMS 2418AMS 2419AMS 2427AMS 2430AMS 2431-1AMS 2431-2AMS 2431-3AMS 2431-4AMS 2431-5AMS 2431-6AMS 2431-7AMS 2431-8AMS 2431AMS 2433AMS 2437AMS 2438AMS 2444AMS 2447AMS 2460AMS 2468AMS 2469AMS 2470AMS 2471AMS 2472AMS 2473AMS 2483AMS 2485AMS 2487AMS 2488AMS 2491AMS 2530AMS 2615AMS 2631AMS 2640AMS 2644AMS 2645AMS 2647AMS 2658AMS 2680AMS 2681AMS 2694AMS 2700AMS 2750AMS 2753AMS 2757AMS 2759-1AMS 2759-2AMS 2759-3AMS 2759-4AMS 2759-5AMS *****************************1/2/2018

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONAMS 2759-7AMS 2759-8AMS 2759-9AMS 2759-10AMS 2759-11AMS 2759-12AMS 2759AMS 2770AMS 2771AMS 2772AMS 2774AMS 2804AMS 2808AMS 3107-1AMS 3107-2AMS 3107-3AMS 3107-4AMS 3107AMS 3195AMS 3204AMS 3207AMS 3220AMS 3260AMS 3266AMS 3275AMS 3277AMS 3281AMS 3301AMS 3304AMS 3337AMS 3363AMS 3636AMS 3650AMS 3651AMS 3655AMS 3656AMS 3695-1AMS 3695-2AMS 3695-3AMS 3695-4AMS 3695AMS 3819AMS 3821AMS 3822AMS 3831AMS 3920AMS 4016AMS 4017AMS 4025AMS 4026AMS 4027AMS 4050AMS 4082AMS 4086AMS 4087AMS 4088AMS 4101AMS 4107AMS 4117AMS 4150AMS 4208AMS 4216AMS 4218AMS 4219AMS 4260AMS 4288AMS 4289AMS 4315AMS 4324AMS 4340AMS 4341AMS 4342AMS 4343AMS DD************************************************

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONAMS 4415AMS 4631AMS 4634AMS 4635AMS 4640AMS 4651AMS 4769AMS 4771AMS 4890AMS 4903AMS 4911AMS 4928AMS 4931AMS 4957AMS 4959AMS 4965AMS 4976AMS 4999AMS 5042AMS 5112AMS 5121AMS 5336AMS 5338AMS 5341AMS 5342AMS 5343AMS 5344AMS 5353AMS 5355AMS 5357AMS 5360AMS 5362AMS 5370AMS 5406AMS 5507AMS 5510AMS 5511AMS 5513AMS 5516AMS 5517AMS 5518AMS 5519AMS 5520AMS 5528AMS 5529AMS 5530AMS 5560AMS 5561AMS 5569AMS 5570AMS 5571AMS 5596AMS 5604AMS 5610AMS 5617AMS 5629AMS 5630AMS 5632AMS 5636AMS 5639AMS 5640AMS 5643AMS 5644AMS 5646AMS 5647AMS 5653AMS 5659AMS 5662AMS 5663AMS 5673AMS 5678AMS 5688AMS 5726AMS ***********************************

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONAMS 5734AMS 5737AMS 5743AMS 5744AMS 5745AMS 5749AMS 5758AMS 5759AMS 5824AMS 5825AMS 5826AMS 5841AMS 5842AMS 5843AMS 5844AMS 5848AMS 5862AMS 5864AMS 5866AMS 5901AMS 5903AMS 5910AMS 5911AMS 5934AMS 5934-H1000AMS 5936AMS 5962AMS 6257AMS 6300AMS 6322AMS 6345AMS 6346AMS 6348AMS 6349AMS 6350AMS 6352AMS 6360AMS 6361AMS 6362AMS 6370AMS 6371AMS 6382AMS 6395AMS 6400AMS 6411AMS 6414AMS 6415AMS 6418AMS 6419AMS 6450AMS 6457AMS 6470AMS 6472AMS 6484AMS 6487AMS 6514AMS 6522AMS 6526AMS 6527AMS 6528AMS 6532AMS 6930AMS 6931AMS 6945AMS 7259AMS 7276AMS 7720AMS 7725AMS 7879AMS 10133AMS 10134AMS 10135AMS 10136AMS *******************************

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONAMS 10138AMS 10139AMS 10140AMS A-21180AMS A-22771AMS A-25463AMS C-8837AMS C-9084AMS C-26074AMS C-27725AMS DTL-22499-1AMS DTL-22499-2AMS DTL-22499-3AMS DTL-22499-4AMS DTL-22499AMS DTL-23053-1AMS DTL-23053-4AMS DTL-23053-5AMS DTL-23053-6AMS DTL-23053-7AMS DTL-23053-8AMS DTL-23053-10AMS DTL-23053-11AMS DTL-23053-12AMS DTL-23053-13AMS DTL-23053-14AMS DTL-23053-15AMS DTL-23053-16AMS DTL-23053-17AMS DTL-23053-18AMS DTL-23053AMS F-7190AMS G-4343AMS H-6088AMS H-6875AMS H-7199AMS H-81200AMS P-21600AMS P-81728AMS P-83461-1AMS QQ-A-200-1AMS QQ-A-200-2AMS QQ-A-200-3AMS QQ-A-200-4AMS QQ-A-200-5AMS QQ-A-200-6AMS QQ-A-200-7AMS QQ-A-200-8AMS QQ-A-200-9AMS QQ-A-200-10AMS QQ-A-200-11AMS QQ-A-200-13AMS QQ-A-200-14AMS QQ-A-200-15AMS QQ-A-200-16AMS QQ-A-200-17AMS QQ-A-200AMS QQ-A-225-1AMS QQ-A-225-2AMS QQ-A-225-3AMS QQ-A-225-4AMS QQ-A-225-5AMS QQ-A-225-6AMS QQ-A-225-7AMS QQ-A-225-8AMS QQ-A-225-9AMS QQ-A-225-10AMS QQ-A-225AMS QQ-A-250-1AMS QQ-A-250-2AMS QQ-A-250-3AMS QQ-A-250-4AMS QQ-A-250-5AMS AABBB***********************

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONAMS QQ-A-250-7AMS QQ-A-250-8AMS QQ-A-250-9AMS QQ-A-250-10AMS QQ-A-250-11AMS QQ-A-250-12AMS QQ-A-250-12AMS QQ-A-250-13AMS QQ-A-250-14AMS QQ-A-250-15AMS QQ-A-250-18AMS QQ-A-250-19AMS QQ-A-250-20AMS QQ-A-250-21AMS QQ-A-250-22AMS QQ-A-250-24AMS QQ-A-250-25AMS QQ-A-250-26AMS QQ-A-250-28AMS QQ-A-250-29AMS QQ-A-250-30AMS QQ-A-250AMS QQ-A-367AMS QQ-A-591AMS QQ-C-320AMS QQ-N-290AMS QQ-P-35AMS QQ-P-416AMS QQ-S-763AMS S-5000AMS S-6090AMS S-6758AMS S-7720AMS S-8802AMS S-8949AMS S-13165AMS STD-595AMS STD-595 FANAMS STD-1595AMS STD-2154AMS STD-2175AMS T-6736AMS T-6845AMS T-9046AMS T-22085AMS W-6858S/S BY AWS 1AMS WW-T-700-6AN 3THRU20AN 21THRU37AN 42THRU49AN 100AN 116AN 161AN 162AN 165AN 170AN 173THRU186AN 173THRU186AN 310AN 320AN 340AN 380AN 415AN 500AN 501AN 504AN 505AN 506AN 530AN 565AN 743AN 815AN 823AN *****************

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONAN 912AN 960AN 961AN 166101THRU166400AND 10050AND 10133 2(N3)AND 10134 3(N3)AND 10135 3(N3)AND 10137 2(N3)AND 10138 2(N2)AND 10139 3(N3)AND 10387 6(N1)ANSI ASME B1.2ANSI ASME B1.6M 84(06)(11)ANSI ASME B1.20.1 83(06)ANSI ASME B18.2.3.9MANSI ASQ Z1.4ANSI ASQC B1 B2 B3 96ANSI ASQC Z1.4 03ANSI ASQC Z1.4 93ANSI AWS A5.31 92RANSI AWS D10.8 96ANSI AWWA-C213 01ANSI B4.2 78(84)ANSI B18.2.1 81ANSI B18.2.3.5 79ANSI B18.8.2 78ANSI B18.22.1 65(R08)ANSI B18.22M 81(10)ANSI B46.1 78ANSI B89.6.2 73ANSI B92.1 96ANSI B94.6 84(95)ANSI EIA 296ANSI EIA 468ANSI EIA 481ANSI EIA 649 BANSI ESD S1.1 06ANSI ESD S4.1 06ANSI ESD S6.1 09ANSI ESD S20.20 14ANSI ESD S541 08ANSI GEIA-STD-0005-1 07ANSI GEIA-STD-0005-2 06ANSI GEIA-STD-0006 08ANSI H35.1 09ANSI H35.1 97ANSI H35.2 13ANSI NCSL Z540-1-94(HB)ANSI NCSL Z540-1 94ANSI NCSL Z540.1-94(02)ANSI NCSL Z540.2 97(07)ANSI NCSL Z540.3 06ANSI NCSL Z540.3 06(HB)ANSI NEMA WC 27500ANSI USASI Y14.5 66ANSI Y14.1 80ANSI Y14.5 73ANSI Y14.5M 82ANSI Y14.6 01ANSI Z1.1-Z1.3 ASQC B1-B3 85ANSI Z1.9 08ESD ADV1.0 09ESD TR20.20 08ESD TR53-01-06ESD TR53-01-15NEMA WC 27500 00USAS B4.1 74(79)(87)AR 70-38 79ARP 598ARP 1231ARP 1232ARP 1233ARP )78739684(95)F ********

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONARP 1382ARP 1383ARP 1917ARP 5316AS 291AS 478AS 568AS 614AS 870AS 896AS 930AS 960AS 970AS 972AS 1038AS 1040AS 1072AS 1291AS 1300AS 1301AS 1444 96AS 1627.6 94AS 1650AS 1656AS 1960-1AS 1960-2AS 1960-3AS 1960-4AS 1960-5AS 1960AS 1986AS 1990AS 3208AS 3209AS 3216AS 3220AS 3510AS 3578AS 3581AS 3581AS 3582AS 3611AS 3623AS 3658AS 3659AS 4059AS 4194AS 4200AS 4201AS 4202AS 4330AS 4377AS 4395AS 4395AS 4396AS 4461AS 4734AS 4842-1AS 4854AS 4855AS 4860AS 4861AS 4863AS 4875-1AS 4875-2AS 4875-3AS 4875AS 5127-1AS 5127AS 5131AS 5161AS 5169AS 5173AS NCNCNCNCNCNCNCNCNCCBNCNCANCE*

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONAS 5178AS 5179AS 5194AS 5196AS 5202AS 5205AS 5227AS 5271AS 5272AS 5406AS 5440AS 5502AS 5528AS 5553AS 5752AS 5857AS 5864AS 5942AS 6039AS 6136AS 6174AS 6500AS 7106-2AS 7107AS 7232AS 7431AS 7455AS 7456AS 7468AS 7475AS 7928-1AS 7928-4AS 7928-5AS 7928AS 7997AS 8090AS 8660AS 8775AS 8791AS 8796AS 8879AS 9003AS 9003AS 9017AS 9100AS 9101AS 9102AS 9103AS 9105AS 9131AS 9132AS 9245AS 9320AS 9321AS 9349AS 9358AS 9364AS 9386AS 9390AS 9462AS 9463AS 9464AS 9489AS 9492AS 9493AS 9549AS 9844AS 10081AS 14101AS 14103AS 14104AS 14154AS 14237AS CNCNCANCNCCAANCDNCANCANCDEBANCB*******

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONAS 14243AS 14274AS 15001AS 15005AS 15531AS 15721AS 17143AS 18029AS 18280AS 20253AS 20659AS 21902AS 21916AS 21919AS 21921AS 21922AS 21980AS 22520AS 22759-5AS 22759-9AS 22759-11AS 22759-14AS 22759-22AS 22759-32AS 22759-34AS 22759-41AS 22759-92AS 22759AS 23190AS 24585AS 24586AS 25036AS 25064AS 25226AS 25244AS 25274-A1AS 25281AS 26860AS 27212AS 27429AS 28775AS 28775AS 28778AS 28778AS 28889AS 29513AS 31021AS 31031AS 31051AS 31061AS 31091AS 31341AS 31351AS 31371AS 32029-29AS 32029-60AS 32069-63AS 33391AS 33481AS 33514AS 33515AS 33671AS 33681AS 33681AS 34501AS 34541AS 34561AS 34561AS 39029-5AS 39029-22-A1AS 39029-28AS 39029-30AS 39029-56AS AAAAANCNCANCNCCAABBAANCA(A1)NCABANC

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONAS 39029-58AS 39029-58AS 39029-63AS 39029-73AS 39029-74AS 39029-76AS 39029-77AS 39029-90AS 39029-112AS 39029AS 39029AS 50151AS 50151AS 50861-1AS 50861-2AS 50861-3AS 50861-4AS 50861AS 50881AS 70991AS 71051AS 81714-12AS 81714-67AS 81824-1AS 81824AS 81934-1AS 81934-2AS 83461-1AS 83461-2AS 83519-1AS 83519-2AS 83519AS 85049-9AS 85049-10AS 85049-11AS 85049-17AS 85049-18AS 85049-27AS 85049-31AS 85049-38AS 85049-39AS 85049-48AS 85049-51AS 85049-52AS 85049-53AS 85049-60AS 85049-76AS 85049-80AS 85049-88AS 85049-89AS 85049-90AS 85049-92AS 85049-93AS 85049-95AS 85049-103AS 85049AS 85485-9AS 85720-1AS 85720AS 90376AS 92001AS 122026THRUAS122075AS 128363THRUAS128686AS 172236THRUAS172270AS 172271THRUAS172320ASA B46.1-1962ASME ANSI B18.2.2 87(99)ASME B1.1 03ASME B1.3 07(12)ASME B1.15 95(E)ASME B1.20.5 91(09)ASME B18.2.1 12(E)ASME B18.2.3.9ASME B18.3 1(R06)03**

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONASME B18.8.2 78ASME B18.21.1 09ASME B18.24 04ASME B30.16 07ASME B31.3 10ASME B40.100 05ASME B46.1 02ASME B46.1 09ASME B89.1.2.M 91ASME B89.1.5 98ASME B89.1.6 02(07)ASME B89.1.13 13ASME B89.6.2 73(12)ASME B89.7.1 16ASME B107.300 10ASME Y14.2 08ASME Y14.4M 89(04)ASME Y14.5.1M 94(04)ASME Y14.5 09ASME Y14.5M 94ASME Y14.8M 89ASME Y14.8M 96(02)ASME Y14.13ASME Y14.24 12ASME Y14.24 99(04)ASME Y14.34 96(08)ASME Y14.34M 96ASME Y14.35M 97(08)ASME Y14.36M 96ASME Y14.38 07ASME Y14.41 03(08)ASME Y14.43 11ASME Y14.100 00ASME Y14.100 04ASME-ANSI B18.3.1M 86(02)ASQ H0862 5ASQ H1331 5(E)ASTM A-2ASTM A-6ASTM A-29ASTM A-36ASTM A-47ASTM A-48ASTM A-106ASTM A-108ASTM A-109ASTM A-148ASTM A-167ASTM A-193ASTM A-194ASTM A-213ASTM A-227ASTM A-228ASTM A-229ASTM A-231ASTM A-232ASTM A-240ASTM A-242ASTM A-249ASTM A-269ASTM A-275ASTM A-276ASTM A-288ASTM A-304ASTM A-307ASTM A-312ASTM A-313ASTM A-320ASTM A-322ASTM A-366S/S BY ASTMASTM A-370ASTM A-380ASTM A-401ASTM 6

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONASTM A-480ASTM A-482ASTM A-484ASTM A-488ASTM A-500ASTM A-513ASTM A-514ASTM A-519ASTM A-526S/S BY ASTMASTM A-528ASTM A-536ASTM A-555ASTM A-563ASTM A-564ASTM A-568ASTM A-572ASTM A-574ASTM A-575ASTM A-576ASTM A-580 15ASTM A-581 95b(14)ASTM A-582 12e1ASTM A-588 15ASTM A-600 92a(10)ASTM A-606 15ASTM A-633 13ASTM A-659 12ASTM A-663 12ASTM A-666 15ASTM A-673ASTM A-675ASTM A-681ASTM A-682ASTM A-684ASTM A-686ASTM A-689ASTM A-693ASTM A-709ASTM A-732ASTM A-743ASTM A-751ASTM A-802ASTM A-829ASTM A-830ASTM A-838ASTM A-957ASTM A-967ASTM A-1008ASTM A-1011ASTM A-1016ASTM B-16ASTM B-21ASTM B-26ASTM B-36ASTM B-85ASTM B-103ASTM B-108ASTM B-117ASTM B-121ASTM B-130ASTM B-139ASTM B-148ASTM B-150ASTM B-152ASTM B-154ASTM B-159ASTM B-179ASTM B-187ASTM B-194ASTM B-196ASTM B-197ASTM B-209ASTM B-210ASTM )141212e1***

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONASTM B-212ASTM B-221ASTM B-241ASTM B-244ASTM B-247ASTM B-248ASTM B-249ASTM B-254ASTM B-258ASTM B-271ASTM B-281ASTM B-301ASTM B-308ASTM B-322ASTM B-348ASTM B-381ASTM B-438ASTM B-449ASTM B-487ASTM B-488ASTM B-499ASTM B-505ASTM B 529ASTM B-545ASTM B-548ASTM B-557ASTM B-567ASTM B-571ASTM B-580ASTM B-594ASTM B-595ASTM B-600ASTM B-601ASTM B-617ASTM B-618ASTM B-633ASTM B-644ASTM B-645ASTM B-660ASTM B-666ASTM B-678ASTM B-687ASTM B-700ASTM B-733ASTM B-748ASTM B-766ASTM B-783ASTM B-829ASTM B-846ASTM B-850ASTM B-881ASTM B-912ASTM B-917ASTM B-918ASTM B-928ASTM C-167ASTM C-273ASTM C-297ASTM C-633ASTM C-920ASTM C-1008ASTM D-167ASTM D-256ASTM D-295ASTM D-380ASTM D-412ASTM D-445ASTM D-480ASTM D-522ASTM D-523ASTM D-525ASTM D-578ASTM D-624ASTM 94(12)161788(14)131412a05(11)e100(12)*14****

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONASTM D-709ASTM D-710ASTM D-790ASTM D-823ASTM D-882ASTM D-883ASTM D-1056ASTM D-1078ASTM D-1193ASTM D-1195ASTM D-1248ASTM D-1363ASTM D-1365ASTM D-1457ASTM D-1600ASTM D-1621ASTM D-1622ASTM D-1640ASTM D-1710ASTM D-1729ASTM D-1813ASTM D-1814ASTM D-1974ASTM D-2000ASTM D-2016ASTM D-2093ASTM D-2240ASTM D-2244ASTM D-2291ASTM D-2344ASTM D-2510ASTM D-2651ASTM D-2671ASTM D-2794ASTM D-3123ASTM D-3165ASTM D-3293ASTM D-3294ASTM D-3295ASTM D-3307ASTM D-3308ASTM D-3330ASTM D-3335ASTM D-3359ASTM D-3363ASTM D-3654ASTM D-3924ASTM D-3933ASTM D-3951ASTM D-3953ASTM D-3955ASTM D-4020ASTM D-4066ASTM D-4067ASTM D-4101ASTM D-4126ASTM D 4181ASTM D-4442ASTM D-4444ASTM D-4566ASTM D-4894ASTM D-4895ASTM D-4896ASTM D-4976 12aASTM D-5118 15ASTM D-5168 12ASTM D-5213 12ASTM D-5336 15aASTM D-5363 16ASTM D-5486ASTM D-5948 05(12)ASTM D-5989 14aASTM D-6039 11ASTM D-6100 21215a1606(12)05(12)14a1114*************

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONASTM D-6123 97(12)ASTM D-6193 16ASTM D-6199 07(12)ASTM D-6251 11ASTM D-6358 11ASTM D-6576 13ASTM D-6778 14ASTM D-6779 12aASTM E-8 15aASTM E-10 15aASTM E-18 15ASTM E-23 12CASTM E-29 13ASTM E-103 12ASTM E-110 14ASTM E-112 13ASTM E-140 12be1ASTM E-155 15ASTM E-164 13ASTM E-207 08(15)e1ASTM E-220 13ASTM E-230 12ASTM E-284 13bASTM E-290 09ASTM E-309 95e1ASTM E-353ASTM E-380 93ASTM E-384ASTM E-390 01(06)ASTM E-399 90e1ASTM E-427 95(06)ASTM E-515 11ASTM E-571 12ASTM E-709 01ASTM E-864ASTM E-865ASTM E-874ASTM E-1004 02ASTM E-1129 15ASTM E-1220 10ASTM E-1417 13ASTM E-1444ASTM E-1495 02ASTM E-1730 09ASTM E-1742ASTM E-1749 05ASTM E-1793 11ASTM E-1794ASTM E-1800ASTM E-1801ASTM E-1826ASTM E-1925ASTM E-1976 11ASTM E-2375 08ASTM E-2377 04ASTM E 2580 07ASTM F-104 11ASTM F-219ASTM F-311 97(02)ASTM F-519 13ASTM F-835 04ASTM F-872 90ASTM F-883 13ASTM F-2215 15ASTM F-2792 12aASTM G-76 13ASTM G-85 11ASTM G-167IEE ASTM SI 10 02IEEE ASTM SI-10 10ANSI-AWS A5.31 92RAWS A5.8 11(A1)AWS A5.10 12AWS A5.20 021092R11(A1)1205********

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONAWS A 5.7 84RAWS B2.2 10AWS C3.3 08AWS C3.4M 07AWS C3.5 07AWS C3.6 99AWS C3.7 99AWS D1.2 08AWS D1.6 07AWS D9.1 06AWS D17.1AWS D17.2AWS D18.2 091MA1625M29976M516M62BAC 5000BAC 5004-1BAC 5004 PSD 6-118BAC 5004 PSD 6-121BAC 5004 PSD 6-122BAC 5004 PSD 6-124BAC 5004BAC 5034BAC 5117-3BAC 5117-3PSD6-1BAC 5117-3PSD6-3BAC 5117BAC 5117PSD8-8BAC 5117PSD8-9BAC 5117PSD8-10BAC 5117PSD9-9BAC 5117PSD9-70BAC 5117PSD9-71BAC 5120BAC 5300BAC 5300-1PSDBAC 5300-1PSD6-1BAC 5300-1PSD6-3BAC 5300-1PSD6-4BAC 5300-1PSD9-2BAC 5300-2BAC 5300-2PSD6-1BAC 5300-2PSD6-2BAC 5300-2PSD6-3BAC 5300PSD8-5BAC 5300PSD9-22BAC 5305BAC 5307BAC 5423BAC 5424BAC 5430BAC 5432BAC 5435BAC 5440BAC 5514BAC 5555BAC 5617BAC 5618BAC 5619BAC 5625BAC 5626BAC 5641BAC 5701BAC 5709BAC 5717BAC 5722BAC 5736BAC 5804BAC 5811BAC 5849BAC 5963BAC AFWMLMABGLNCHNTUKAAVKAPNRNCHDBNCNTJDTACULBN**

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONBACB30VNBACD 2097BMS 3-2DBMS 3-8BMS 5-89NBS EN 9102BSS 7600BSS 7600SSD6-4 99BSS 7600SSD9-5 04BSS 7600SSD9-6 05BSS 7600SSD9-7 05BSS 7617 KBSS 7617SSD6-3 N1MMS425PS20022PS22250PS 11001PS 11006PS 11006PB1-408PS 11217PS 11217PS 11217PB1-410PS 11308PS 13201PS 13204PS 13336PS 13375PS 13630.1PS 13630PS 13646PS 14017PS 14018PS 15226-15228PS 15500.4PS 15500.6PS 15554PS 15800PS 16001.1PS 16001PS 16001PS 17169PS 19000PS 19110PS 19140PS 19145PS 19146PS 19150PS 19151PS 19200PS 20001PS 20006PS 20018PS 20022PS 23041PS 23051PS 16001PS 15552PS 15520PSD9-2PSD6-1PSD6-3PSD6-4ST7M342DEF STAN 07-85 PART 1DEF STAN 07-85 PART 2DEF STAN 07-85 PART HBNABVRKKLAALAJTNFMTHBH 1AC331ANC****

Data Management Contact (Candace -SESS-81315DI-SESS-81654DI-T-5329DI-TMSS-80527DIN 3852-1 02DIN 3852-2 00DIN 3852-3 91DIN 7984DIN EN 1706 98DIN EN ISO 6149-1 07DIN EN ISO 6149-2 07DIN EN ISO 9974-1 00DIN EN ISO-9974-2 00DIN EN ISO 9974-3 003M1443M942DMS 1677DMS 2082DPS 1.07-2DPS 1.07-2DPS 1.349DPS 2.70-2DPS 2.70-2DPS 3-69DPS 3.02-17DPS 3.08DPS 3.27-1DPS 3.27-1DPS 3.27-2DPS 3.27DPS 3.67-22DPS 3.177DPS 4.50-1-47DPS 4.50-62DPS 4.50-66DPS 4.50-153DPS 4.505DPS 4.704DPS 4.706DPS 4.707-1DPS 4.707-2DPS 4.707DPS 4.710-1DPS 4.710-2DPS 000RDFDAGHAFBCDCEBBJJLDNCANKBAGGLCAYFFEAPGLAJ**

Data Management Contact (Candace Goodson)SPECIFICATIONDPS 4.710-3DPS 4.710-4DPS 4.710-5DPS 4.710DPS 4.713DPS 4.720DPS 4.725DPS 4.736DPS 5.00-1DPS 7.00DPS 9.07DPS 9.34DPS 9.64DPS 9.341DPS 10.320DPS 11.04DPS 11.05-2DPS C12170C 4932FMS-1044FMS 101FQML-1002-5FQML-3027-7FQML-C-85285 L-P5393-2FQML-P5434-1FQML-P6176 12FQPL-1002 JDA576562211213ABAHMMAAL

Data Management Contact (Candace 6FPS-1047FPS-1051FPS-1082FPS-

ams 6411 h * ams 6414 m ams 6415 u ams 6418 h * ams 6419 h ams 6450 j * ams 6457 d ams 6470 n * ams 6472 f * ams 6484 e ams 6487 l ams 6514 h * ams 6522 d ams 6526 h ams 6527 e ams 6528 c * ams 6532 f ams 6930 e * ams 6931 c * ams 6945 b * ams 7259 e ams 7276 h * ams 7720 a * ams 7725 e ams 7879 f ams 10133 b ams 10134 b

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Goodson Architects Ltd Company Profile 1.0 COMPANY PROFILE Office Location: Unit 23, 13 Leeds Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011 Telephone: 64 4 381 0388 Facsimile: 64 4 381 0389 Email: Website: Goodson Architects was formed by the current director in 1992.

candace creek placer property dawson mining district, yukon territory geological assessment report by william lebarge, p. geo for candace creek mining ltd.


Presented by Holly Goodson USG-IRP Spring Meeting March 17, 2011 . What is this talk about? . Holly Goodson Created Date: 20110317064229Z .

Simon Goodson Director, Investor Relations, Rolls-Royce Welcome Good evening everybody. For those that do not know me, my name is Simon Goodson. I head up the Group’s Investor Relations activities. Just a few housekeeping items before I hand straight over to John.

GONZALEZ, PAM GOODSON, KAREN PECK, JOSEF D. KLAM, MINDA CAESAR, CHRIS EARNEST, J. CARTER BREED, in their official capacity as members of the Board of . SPRING BRANCH ISD Case 4:21-cv-01997 Document 38-1 Filed on 02/28/22 in TXSD Page 2 of 24. i .

THE VERY BEST OF AESOP'S FABLES ASEOP; CLARK, MAGARET Crazy Hair Gaiman, Neil Princesses Are Not Perfect Lum, Kate Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind Finchler, Judy and O'Malley, Kevin Animal house / Candace Ryan; illustrations by Nathan Hale Ryan, Candace The Tortoise and the Hare Aesop

ANATOMI & FISIOLOGI SISTEM LIMFATIK DAN KONSEP IMUN Atika Dalili Akhmad, M. Sc., Apt . PENDAHULUAN 20 L cairan plasma difiltrasi keluar menuju bagian interstisial, 17 L direabsorpsi oleh pembuluh darah, BAGAIMANA 3 L SISANYA ? Sistem Limfatik sistem yang terdiri dari pembuluh, sel, dan organ yang membawa kelebihan cairan insterstisial ke dalam aliran darah dan filter patogen dari darah. FUNGSI .