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INTERNET/CAREERS 20.00—Tory Johnson, CEO, Women For HireSocial media is a powerful and dynamic tool for job success. Career expert MiriamSalpeter illustrates its fullest potential with this one-stop resource. Learn how tocreate and promote an online brand and make yourself indispensable in your neTworking for career success offers: Social media essentials—discover how to create an effective,compelling online presence Expert advice from more than 100 professionals, explaining howsocial networking can help propel your career The ins and outs of social networking sites—LinkedIn, Google ,Twitter, Facebook, and more—for beginners and advanced usersalike Tips for creating and maintaining a blog—learn how to establishyourself as an expert in your fieldMiriaM salpeTer is a social media strategist,consultant, speaker, and owner of Keppie Careers.Quoted by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and othermajor outlets, she optimizes online presences for jobseekers and business owners, and provides adviceand resources to make social media marketingaccessible and attainable for everyone.Social NetworkiNg for career SucceSS Miriam Salpeter“Social media can absolutely help you get hired—and this bookhas all the answers on how to make it happen.”socialNetworkiNgMiriam Salpeterfor career SucceSSUpdatedSecondEdition! Leverage online tools to create a personal brand Learn how social media can help you land your dream jobISBN 978-1-576-85932-2 Prepare for a Brighter Future9 781576 85932252000 Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Google , Facebook, Pinterest, and more to establishyourself as an expert Define and promote your digital footprint to get you noticed—and hired!LearningExpress

pr a i s e forSocial Networking for Career Success“Miriam Salpeter has truly composed a masterpiece in social mediaand personal branding, combining the power of her own vast expertiseand that of the industry’s top-rated thought leaders into one of themost comprehensive online career guides I have ever read. Every pagecontains actionable, credible and relevant advice that you can followimmediately to both start advancing your brand and your career.”—Chris Perry, Founder of“Mastering social media is imperative for today’s job seekers. Miriam’sbook is the perfect toolkit to ensure that you are maximizing youronline brand and putting your best foot forward in a digital world.”—Chris Russell, CEO,“Social Networking isn’t a task we should dread doing, it’s a skill weshould want to develop. Every job is temporary and we are businesses—of-one. So, developing a personal brand that allows us to promoteour professional strengths on a larger scale could be the one thingthat keeps us employed—both now and in the future. Miriam Sal peter’s new book is the ideal guide to help you learn to leveragesocial networking for your career. The resource list alone is worththe price!”—J.T. O’Donnell, CEO of andFounder of“If you are looking for a great resource for online tools and yourcareer, you’ve found it!”—Jason Alba, CEO of job search organizer JibberJobber.comand Author of I’m on LinkedIn—Now What?7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 18/27/13 4:34 PM

“Social networking to land a job is nothing new, but Miriam’s bookoffers plenty of advice I’ve never even thought of before—and Iwrite about this on a daily basis! Social Networking for Career Successis broken into easily digestible chunks of information that willbenefit everyone from college students to experienced professionals.It’s a whole new world of job hunting out there!”—Heather R. Huhman,Founder and President,“Miriam has assembled the ultimate go-to-guide for the modernjob seeker. The advice is clear and concise, the tools easy to under stand and the value undeniable. You need to read this book.”—Mark Stelzner, Founder of JobAngels“This is a crucial book for anybody—regardless of age, educationlevel, industry, or function—to gain a career edge and succeed in aworld where social media has become as essential as the printedresume used to be. Social Networking for Career Success shows youhow to gain access to the best opportunities, before they are postedto the general public, and is a resource that you will refer to againand again.”—Andrew Neitlich,Co-Author of Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career“Miriam Salpeter is a true leader in the social networking world andin her book, “Social Networking for Career Success,” she shares herexpert advice for social media users of all levels and career goals.This book should be on the shelf or e-reader of anyone who is seri ous about career success in today’s hyper-connected world. Highlyrecommended.”—Lindsey Pollak, Author of Getting from College to Career:90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 28/27/13 4:34 PM

“Pure gold! It contains something for everyone, at any level. Considerit a must-read for anyone who wants to understand social media!Social Networking for Career Success oozes credibility with real lifeexamples and success stories and the simple to understand, action able steps, make it too easy NOT to do!”—Hannah Morgan,“Miriam Salpeter is effervescent; she is action behind her words. Herreputation as a global careerist with profound, yet easy-to-relate-tosocial networking advice entices job seekers, careerists and entre preneurs to her virtual doors to learn the social media dance. Hernew book, Social Networking for Career Success exudes her charmand energy while piling up stacks of virtual career networkingresources in a compact, easily digestible format.”—Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Master Resume Writer,Chief Career Writer and Partner of“Social Networking for Career Success is the most comprehensiveresource I’ve seen on using all aspects of social networking in jobsearch and career advancement. This reader-friendly guide is des tined to become a bible for savvy careerists who want to integratethe most effective social tools to get ahead.”—Katharine Hansen, Associate Publisher/Creative Director,Quintessential Careers (“If you’ve applied for a job online and don’t know what to do next,this book is the answer. It is clear, concise and filled with actionableinformation sure to supercharge your job search or entrepreneurialendeavor. I defy you to do all that is written herein and not get a jobor boost the branding of your enterprise.”—Jim Stroud, www.JimStroud.com7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 38/27/13 4:34 PM

“Social Networking for Career Success is the modern job seeker’sinsider guide to job search and career management success. Miriamshares all the secrets, sites, and strategies to put anyone, including aweb novice, at home in confidently navigating the otherwise com plex web of social media job search to identify and win the job.”—Laura DeCarlo, President of the global association,Career Directors International; creator of the Certified Professionalin Online Job Search & Reputation Management; and Author ofInterviewing: The Gold Standard, Job Search Bloopers,and Interview Pocket RX“Miriam Salpeter is a job seeker’s best friend. Her business is helpingothers use social media to land their next job . . . and she does sobeautifully! Now, there are others out there who ‘get’ social media,but can’t teach it, and even more who can teach it, but don’t haveanything unique to say. Miriam is one of the only social media guruswho consistently and clearly shares a simple, yet unique, strategy forusing social media to land your next gig. Read this book if you arestill unsure how to really maximize your time on the various, emerg ing social media platforms available; I assure you, you will emergemuch more knowledgeable and armed for your job search. Thisbook is well worth the money, and highly recommended!!”—Laura M. Labovich, Founder,The Career Strategy Group“Social Networking for Career Success is a head above other socialmedia resources. Miriam is a respected blogger and experiencedsocial media pro who provides strategic insights and technical guid ance. She anticipates her readers’ questions, deftly transitioningfrom the high view to the essential details. This is the must readguide for anyone who wants to use social networking to access newcareer opportunities.”—Debra Feldman,Executive Talent Agent, JobWhiz7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 48/27/13 4:34 PM

“Miriam has successfully used social networks to advance her per sonal brand. This book will show you how you can do the same!”—Dan Schawbel, author of Me 2.0 and founder of Millennial Branding“Today more than ever it’s critical to know how to navigate thedigital ecosystem. This book provides readers with real world storiesand advice on how to leverage social networking to find a job orsimply advance their career.”—Robyn Cobb, VP Digital Influence, Ogilvy Public Relations“This really—seriously!—is a must-read book for everyone, unem ployed or not! Excellent, landmark book—the best I’ve read on thistopic! Social media and social networks are dramatically impactingthe job search/recruiting landscape for all of us, and the velocity ofchange is picking up. So, smart people will read and implementMiriam’s suggestions before they need to job search, because toignore this technological revolution is to be left behind—waaaayyyybehind. And, very few of us can afford that!—Susan P. Joyce, Editor/Publisher,“Social Networking for Career Success is a comprehensive, wellorganized guide for any professional or job-seeker to advance hisor her career. Whether you are a passive candidate or engaged in anactive job search, this book will prove to be a valuable resource inmanaging your online presence and creating a positive brand thatwill attract employers.”—Andrea Santiago, Guide to Health Careers at“We use social networking sites everyday to check-in, update ourfriends and share ideas with the world. But what if you need to finda job or establish a new career? Miriam’s book offers practical andstrategic advice to build your online brand along with examples ofpeople doing it right.”—Tim Tyrell-Smith, Founder of Tim’s Strategy andAuthor of 30 Ideas: The Ideas of Successful Job Search7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 58/27/13 4:34 PM

“Social Networking for Career Success is basic enough for those whoare clueless about social media, yet rich enough to offer social mediapros information they likely don’t already know.”—Vivian Steir Rabin and Carol Fishman Cohen,Co-Authors, Back on the Career Track“No one knows the intersection of social media and careers betterthan Miriam Salpeter. I am always learning something new fromher, and thanks to Social Networking for Career Success, you willtoo! The best thing about this book is its substantial detail—by thetime you’re finished, you’ll be ready to take advantage of dozens ofsocial networking strategies you didn’t even know existed.”—Alexandra Levit, Author of New Job, New You:A Guide to Reinventing Yourself in a Bright New Career“Miriam not only shows you how to efficiently and effectively usesocial media tools to land your dream career, she also gives you somevaluable insight into how you can make it easy for employers to findyou. And she does it with a little bit of humor and spunk!”—Heather McGough, Microsoft Recruiter since 20007441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 68/27/13 4:34 PM

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The content in this book has beenreviewed and updated by theLearningExpress Team in 2016.Copyright 2013 Learning Express, LLCAll rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions.Published in the United States by LearningExpress, LLC, New York.Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataSalpeter, Miriam.Social networking for career success : using online tools to create a personalbrand / Miriam Salpeter. -- Second edition.pages cmISBN 978-1-57685-932-21. Business networks. 2. Online social networks. 3. Career development. 4.Branding (Marketing) I. Title.HD69.S8S253 2013650.140285’4678--dc232013027025Printed in the United States of America987654321Second EditionISBN 978-1-57685-932-2For information or to place an order, contact LearningExpress at:80 Broad StreetSuite 400New York, NY 100047441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 108/27/13 4:34 PM

about the authorMiriaM Salpeter MA, is owner of Keppie Careers, a coaching andconsulting firm helping entrepreneurs and job seekers leveragesocial media and traditional tools to achieve their business andcareer goals. Miriam is in demand as a social media and job searchstrategist, consultant, and speaker. She has co-authored two otherhighly acclaimed and award-winning books published by LearningExpress: 100 Conversations for Career Success and Social Networkingfor Business Success: Turn Your Ideas into Income. Traditional mediaoutlets, such The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times,, frequently cite Miriam’s advice regarding how to lever age social media and CNN named her to its list of “top 10 job tweet ers you should be following.” Miriam contributes weekly to U.S.News & World Report and to AOL and shares cutting-edgestrategies for business owners and job seekers via her own site, Kep vice president for a Wall Street firm prior to earning a master’sdegree from Columbia University, Miriam headed the CareerAction Center at the Rollins School of Public Health of EmoryUniversity before launching her own business. She has been help ing to empower job seekers and small-business owners for morethan 17 years.xi7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 118/27/13 4:34 PM

– a b ou t t he a u th or –Miriam lives in Atlanta with her husband, Mike, and theirthree boys. She invites you to connect with her on [email protected] Careers and to touch base via her SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 128/27/13 4:34 PM

acknowledgmentsA special thank you to my colleagues and good friends who havecollaborated with me on two books since Social Networking forCareer Success first came out: Laura Labovich and Hannah Morgan.I’m so glad to have had the chance to work with each of you and amgrateful for your friendship and continuing collaborations.Another special shout out to the members of a group we affection ately refer to as the “masterminds”: Pamela Gottfried, Corey-JanAlbert, Rochelle Nation, and Jennifer Willhoite. This team of “inperson” colleagues and friends from a variety of backgroundsproves how useful it is to combine online networking with “in reallife” meetings.Thanks to all of my wonderful colleagues and friends who gener ously contributed their expertise and advice; this book is richerbecause of their input. A special thank you to my colleague JacquiBarrett-Poindexter for her friendship, and to Laurie Ruettimann forconnecting me to this opportunity. Thanks to John Youngblood,who hired me for my first career advising job and, after I left Emory,helped launch me on the social media path by suggesting I start ablog. It was a pleasure working with the great team at LearningEx press, especially Sheryl Posnick, Director of the Book Program.xiii7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 138/27/13 4:34 PM

– a c k n o w l e d gmen tS –Most importantly, I appreciate my family, especially my amazinghusband Mike, and wonderful boys, for all of their support andencouragement. I dedicate this book in memory of my mom,Stephanie Cohen, who demonstrated how to be a great communi cator and leader, and always taught me that I could do anything.xiv7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 148/27/13 4:34 PM

contentSforewordintroductionchapter 1chapter 2xviixxileveraging Social networkingfor Success1using Social media for professionaldevelopment29chapter 3Social media basics55chapter 4creating and tracking your onlinepersonal brand71chapter 5using linkedin95chapter 6making the most of linkedin121chapter 7using linkedin to build Your brand139chapter 8twitter—why You Should tweet163chapter 9getting Started with twitter183chapter 10getting the most from twitter203chapter 11making the most of facebook217xv7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 158/27/13 4:34 PM

–contents–chapter 12how using google can fuel yourJob Search247chapter 13the benefits of blogging259chapter 14getting Started with your blog279chapter 15more tools to extend your reachand reputation307glossaryresources333337xvi7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 168/27/13 4:34 PM

forewordWhen the economy hit the skids several years ago and people startedlosing their jobs right and left, I was astounded by the number ofpeople who had no clue about how to find a job.One man told me the last time he had looked for work he hadsimply picked up a copy of The New York Times, circled a few ads,made some phone calls and voila! He had a job. But looking for ajob through Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn? He admitted he didn’tknow the first thing about social networking.As the bad times stretched on, I talked to dozens of unemployedpeople for my USA Today syndicated workplace column who werebeginning to panic, and began lurching into the social networkingarena with all the grace of Bambi on ice. They sent out mass Linke dIn requests to people they didn’t know, looking more like onlinestalkers than qualified professionals with valuable skills to offer.The employed were just as worried. They fretted about losing theirjobs, so they decided to make some equally clumsy forays into theonline world. There were half-hearted attempts to update LinkedInprofiles and sometimes idiotic tweets where they called the boss anxvii7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 178/27/13 4:34 PM

– f o r e w ord –ass and shared the fact they had a hangover from too many Jell-Oshooters the night before.For the jobless and the employed, venturing into the online socialscene wasn’t always pretty.Unfortunately, things haven’t improved all that much since theeconomy went in the toilet. Yes, employers are hiring again—slowly—and fewer employees feel like they’ll get a pink slip any daynow. But that doesn’t mean all the important lessons have beenlearned.Job seekers still tweet about the bad breath of an interviewer anddon’t expect to be caught doing it (they get caught—they always getcaught). Workers, exhausted by the daily grind, haven’t added any one new to their online networks for the last eight months.In writing about workplace and career issues for more than 20years, I’ve heard just about every excuse in the book as to why peo ple mess up in their careers and job searches. But one thing I knowfor sure—excuses won’t get you a job or a promotion, and employershave even less patience than before for the ones who can’t get theiract together.That’s why Miriam’s book is a goldmine. She not only gives youall the information and resources you need to enter the social net working world and thrive in it, but she’s also going to keep you frommaking a fool of yourself. She knows what works and what doesn’t,because she lives these practices every day.Miriam first commented on my blog several years ago. She neverasked for anything in return, just left thoughtful ideas again andagain. She directed sources my way. She retweeted requests for infor mation I needed for stories.Over the years, I’ve used her as a source, laughed with her overthe antics of our boys and appreciated how hard she has worked tolearn the online networking world and develop her expertise.So, when she asked me to write the forward for this book, I washappy to oblige. Miriam is someone who has done her homework,who has walked the talk and now offers others this wonderfulxviii7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 188/27/13 4:34 PM

– f oreword –resource. She’s done a lot of the hard work—now it’s time for youto take advantage of it.Anita BruzzeseSyndicated columnist for USA Todayxix7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 198/27/13 4:34 PM

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introductionMaybe you are looking for a job. Or, you are planning to keep doingexactly what you have been doing for years. You may be thinkingabout a completely new career and need to smooth the transition toyour next big opportunity. Perhaps you are seeing the writing on thewall and deciding that starting a business—and hanging your ownvirtual shingle—is in the cards. You are a new graduate, an experi enced professional, or somewhere in between. Whatever your cur rent situation, and job goals, this book is for you. Social networkingis also for you—and it can profoundly impact your career in manypositive ways. It’s not a surprise that a lot has changed since this bookcame out two years ago; social media is a fast-moving target. Thisedition includes countless updates, including information about twonetworks that did not exist when the first edition was published(Google and Pinterest). I’ve also added details about many new,useful tools, tips, and tricks to help you leverage your time online.One thing has not changed: my advice about how to set your goalsand approach your time online. The most successful social media usersgenerously share their expertise with online communities and growtheir networks of people who know, like, and trust them.When you takethis approach, you’ll learn a lot and benefit from a supportive, help ful, and accommodating team of new friends and colleagues online.If you have not yet dived into the world of social networking andxxi7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 218/27/13 4:34 PM

– in t r od u ction –experienced how powerful it can be, you don’t know what you aremissing. If you think LinkedIn is only for job seekers and Twitter forstalking celebrities, I have great news—these and other networkscan change your life in ways you will never understand until youjump in with both feet and try them out.You may be skeptical. I meet people who are all the time. Perhapsyou don’t think sharing your personal or professional informationonline is going to help your career or business. Maybe you don’thave time and think social networking is for people who have noth ing better to do all day. The truth is, social networking gets some badpress. Many consider it a way to lose a job, not a tool for getting one!If this sounds like you, you are not alone. I challenge you to read thisbook, and to really engage in these online communities. After doingso, I challenge you to tell me it’s not worth it.I’ve leveraged my own social network to write this book. It includesexpert advice and opinions from over 100 of my colleagues and friends,other coaches, recruiters, human resource professionals, and others,all of whom I’ve met via Twitter or by reading their blogs. I share sto ries from people who have used social networking to get them wherethey want to go—and their advice can help you do the same.This book is different from many you may have seen about socialnetworking; I actively work with the tools I devote chapters to tellingyou about. I tell you that Twitter can keep you connected while I amwatching my Twitter stream, which keeps me up-to-date regardingresources and information for this book. I am not researching thistopic—I am living it! As a job search and social media coach, I teachentrepreneurs and job seekers how to optimize these tools, as I havedone myself, for success.When I started in social media, I was just one needle in a haystack,working alongside hundreds of thousands of career coaches. Today,reporters for major national newspapers and media outlets regularlycontact me to provide expert advice. I created my online reputationand distinguished myself as a subject matter expert, and this booktells you how you can do the same thing (no, you don’t need to be atechnical whiz to do it—I am certainly not one).xxii7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 228/27/13 4:34 PM

– in t r o du ction –Recent economic changes have proven that everyone—whetherthey know it or not—is a job seeker. You can no longer count ondoing the same work, in the same field, for the long term. However,you can take control of your career and reputation in a way that wasnot possible just a few years ago.Social networking can empower you to grow your reputationbeyond your office, and to create a cohort of people who know andrespect you from all over the globe. The power of that exponentialnetwork—and having people who take an interest in your profes sional expertise and insight—is invaluable when you need to decideon a next step. Whether it’s by your own choice (you decide to makea move) or someone else’s (maybe you were laid off), creating anetwork of colleagues online can prove invaluable.This book includes how-tos for beginners as well as tips andtricks that even some of the most experienced social networkersdon’t know. It’s filled with expert advice and first-hand knowledgeabout these topics, from me and others who use these tools everyday and know what you need to make this all worth your time.Social networking is not a magic wand. You need to be able tobring the expertise to share. It’s important to listen first and learnthe rules of engagement. Just as you wouldn’t approach a strangeron the street to ask for help landing an opportunity, you cannotexpect strangers online to raise their hands to help you until youhave joined their community. But once you do, you won’t be sorry.Are you ready to learn how to take advantage of today’s network ing tools, so you can stop looking for a job and instead let opportu nities find you? Are you prepared to try something new? If so, thenthis book is for you!ResouRceVisit for information, updates,advice, and resources, including links to contributor’s sites.xxiii7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 238/27/13 4:34 PM

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Socialnetworkingfor careerSucceSSSecond edition7441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 258/27/13 4:34 PM

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c h a p t e r1leveragingSocialnetworkingfor SuccessHave you ever planned and hosted a dinner party? If so, andyou’re not a master entertainer, party planner, or chef, itwas probably a challenge. Depending on the complexityof your event, there were likely a lot of details to consider: time and datewhom to invitewhat to servehow to set the tablewhere everyone will sitIndividually, none of these tasks are impossible, but when youexamine them as a group, they may seem overwhelming. The sameis true about job hunting. If you are not a master resume writer,networker, interviewee, and online marketing expert, successfullylanding a job may seem as difficult as hosting a Hollywood dinnerparty.17441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 18/27/13 4:34 PM

– l e ve r a gin g S oc ia l n e t w orkin g for Su cceSS –Take this analogy a step further: Would you want to host a bigparty without modern conveniences? For some, this includes send ing E-vites and grocery shopping online; for others, it means beingable to search for recipes and menus on the Internet, or using thelatest in dishwasher and convection oven technology. Maybe youremember when planning simply involved thumbing through a pileof cookbooks, scraping food off plates, and spending hours up toyour elbows in soapy water? Even if these are familiar rituals, mod ern conveniences allow you to meet your guests’ expectations moreefficiently and with less work.When it comes to your job hunt, there are tools and resourcesnow available that no one dreamed of just two decades ago. Insteadof waiting for the Sunday classified ads, the Internet offers constantaccess to job leads. Today, you no longer need to visit the library toconduct basic research about organizations—company data andinformation flood the Web. Networking no longer requires gettingdressed to mingle in person with a bunch of strangers while balanc ing a drink and appetizer plate. Job seekers can take advantage ofterrific networking opportunities from home, balancing nothingbut a laptop on their knees.However, along with all of these conveniences come new chal lenges. Just as easy access to amazing recipes and unique ingredientsraises the bar for your dinner parties, today’s hiring managers havehigher expectations of job seekers than in the past. This is not yourparents’ job hunt, and you should understand how to use onlinetools to propel your plans forward. Once you tap into the power ofsocial media, and understand how much easier it makes your jobhunt, you will not know how you ever got by without it.27441 SocialNetworking 2ndEd[FIN].indd 28/27/13 4:34 PM

– l e ve r a gin g S oc ia l networkin g for Su cceSS –the old-fashioned Job SearchYears ago, the newspaper and telephone were a job seeker’s key tools.You may remember trying to decipher a four- or five-line want adto decide if you were a good fit for a position. You might have hadto send away for materials to research an organization, or hope yourlocal librarian could help you review some microfiche with com pany data. Applying for jobs meant sending a resume by snail mail,on bond paper and in a matching envelope with a postage stamp.No one talked about keywords or applicant tracking systems, whichdigitally read your resume or online application before human eyesever see it. In those days, networking meant hoping that yourbrother-in-law or neighbor might be able to put you in touch witha great job lead.Back then, most people did not think much about building alarge network; you looked for a job when you needed one and didn’tconcern yourself with expanding your r

Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career “Miriam Salpeter is a true leader in the social networking world and in her book, “Social Networking for Career Success,” she shares her . —Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Master Res