Engineering Design Planning Construction Management

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Engineering Design Planning Construction ManagementCR 113 over the Batten KillTown of Easton & Town of Greenwich, Washington County, NYStatewide Conference on Local BridgesOctober 21st & 22nd,

PresentationProject OverviewHistoryDesign ConsiderationsConstruction ChallengesCompletionCR 113

Key PlayersFHWANYSDOT Region 1Washington County: SponsorGreenman-Pedersen Inc.: Design, ConstructionSupport & InspectionKubricky Construction Corp.: Prime ContractorThe Fort Miller Company, Inc.: Precast Designer &FabricatorCR 113

Project LocationProjectLocationCRCR 113113

Project LocationProjectLimitsCR 113

HistoryErected in 1915-1916Width of 27-ftThree span at 298-ftService life over 100-yrs2002 National Register eligibleCR 113

HistoryCR 113

Design ConsiderationsLocally Administered Federal Aid NY SHPO Tribal Coordination Stream Access Site Constraints UtilitiesCR 113

Design ConsiderationsNY SHPOHistorical AmericaEngineering Record (HAER)DocumentMemo of AgreementHAER Level II DocumentationClark’s Mills BridgeTowns of Greenwich & EastonWashington County, NY(BIN 3-30363-0 / PIN 1755.32CR 113

Design ConsiderationsNY SHPOTribal Coordination Stockbridge-Munsee Community Bandof Mohican Indians Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Delaware TribeCR 113

Design ConsiderationsStream Access &RestrictionsCR 113

Design ConsiderationsH&VCR 113

Design ConsiderationsUtilities Overhead UndergroundCR 113

Design ConsiderationsRock Stream Banks Casting Concrete Substructures toSound RockCR 113

Design ConsiderationsRock Stream Banks Rock ExcavationCR 113

Construction ChallengesStreamCR 113

Construction ChallengesPrecast 84 Total Pieces 48 Arch Units 36 headwall unitsCR 113

Construction ChallengesErection of Precast Temporary Pier Supports forHorizontal ForcesCR 113

Construction ChallengesErection of Precast Erection SequenceCR 113

CompleteCR 113

CompleteProject SummaryConstruction ScheduleBid Opening – November 14, 2018Construction Started – March 2019Closed Bridge – May 2019Opened Bridge – December 13, 2020 with a Ribbon Cutting CeremonyConstruction Completed, May 2020Detour Length – 13 milesConstruction CostEngineer’s Estimate – 4.9MAwarded Amount – 4.1MFinal Cost - 4.3MCR 113

CompleteCR 113

CompleteCR 113

CompleteCR 113

PDH Questions1. What type of forces act on the substructureswhen an Arch is used?a. Vertical Forces Onlyb. Horizontal Forces Onlyc. Both Horizontal & Vertical ForcesCR 113

PDH Questions2. Why were the diagonal struts against thepiers installed during construction?a. To prevent the pier from upliftingb. To prevent the pier from moving (rotation andsliding) during the erection of the precastsuperstructurec. To provide aesthetics to the bridgeCR 113

PDH Questions3. True or False?The existing bridge was placed on the list ofNational Register eligible in 2002a. Trueb. FalseCR 113

Thank YouContact:Mr. Brian Weaver, EIT, Structural EngineerGPI/Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.80 Wolf Road, Suite 300, Albany, NY 12205518.898.9552 bweaver@gpinet.comMs. Deborah Donohue, PE, SuperintendentWashington County of Public Works518.746.2440

Engineering Design Planning Construction ManagementQUESTIONS?Statewide Conference on Local BridgesOctober 21st & 22nd,

Complete CR 113 _Project Summary _Construction Schedule _Bid Opening – November 14, 2018 _Construction Started – March 2019 _Closed Bridge – May 2019 _Opened Bridge – December 13, 2020 with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony _Construction Completed, May 2020 _Detour Length – 13 miles _Construction Cost _Engineer’s Estimate – 4.9M _Awarded Amount – 4.1M

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