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Vibram Shoe Repair CatalogWorking from the bottom up.QB Soling 1-800-VIBRAM7

The Legend of VIBRAM SolesTABLE OF CONTENTSAbout VIBRAM S.p.A.Since 1965, Quabaug Corporation has been theexclusive manufacturer of VIBRAM soles in theUnited States under license from VIBRAM S.p.A.Italy. Both companies have long been recognizedby the footwear industry as leaders in the fieldof rubber soling material. The cooperative relationship has produced outstanding technology,material and design concepts for unit soles andheels as well as for sheet soling products.Style No.Lifestyle 4Voyageur Unit Sole4109Logger Unit Sole4127Athletic Unit Sole Y/L4132Montagna Block Unit Sole5Tech Lug Unit Sole Y/L5148Kletterlift Unit Sole5 232Mini-Lug Unit Sole5 251Jasmine Flexible Unit Sole5 268Men’s Dress Full Sole5269Westerner Full Sole6 6 Oil Resisting Full Sole6 700Tygum Full Sole61030Izalco Full Sole6 1033Winkler Trekking Sole6 1136Roccia Block Unit Sole61276Sierra Unit Sole7 7 7 7124Vibram Jumbo Ripple Full Sole7Duralogical Unit Sole7 1705Men’s Stowe Lug Unit Sole8 1712Women’s Stowe Lug Unit Sole8 1716Oxford Unit Sole81718Oil Resisting Robinson Unit Sole8 9 1752Stockbridge Unit Sole91756Batavia Unit Sole9 1757Middlebury Unit Sole91758Stalker Unit Sole92021Oil Resisting Unit Sole102060Sport Unit Sole10 2062Olympic Unit Sole10 2070Scooter Unit Sole11 2210Harvard Unit Sole11 2224Cambridge Unit Sole11 2345Line Lite Unit Sole11 MORFLEX 2 Working from the bottom up. T610P1743W Bologna Unit Sole Oil Resisting Cord Full SoleBifida Cup SoleMilitary 4301375GUMLITEIndustrialMontagna Full Sole427W Fire & Police1081289AR Big Horn Unit SoleTPV/PUPage No. Field & Stream100134ARCOMPOSITIONDescriptionIn 1935, Vitale Bramani led an expedition into the Italian Alps. Theclimbers used heavy, hobnailed boots for the approach, but thenswitched to thin soled rock climbing boots for the assault. Theseclimbing boots proved fatal when the expedition was hit by thick fogand a blizzard. Six climbers died from frostbite and exposure.It was this tragic experience that drove Bramani to create anall-purpose climbing sole: lightweight, long-wearing and flexible.

CUSHIONVIBRAM HEELS AND TOPLIFTSVIBRAM HALF SOLESToeGrds.Page No. Field & StreamFire & PoliceIndustrialLifestyle Description1012Silvato Neoprene Cushion Unit Sole1140147673TCristy Unit SoleToe Guards - Protective Toe Caps1112348Marzia 2 Women’s Unbuffed Half Sole12 365Chicago Men’s Smooth Dress Half Sole12 368Men’s Dress Fine Line Half Sole12 435Oil Resisting Half Sole12705Tygum Half Sole13 1253Lug Half Sole13 2336Women’s Tapered Unbuffed Half Sole13 2337Richard Unbuffed Half Sole13 2347Pavia Unbuffed Half Sole13 7673Pro Tania Protective Half Sole13 Montagna Heel14Core Lug Heel14430Oil Resisting Washer Heel14 438Cowboy Washer Heel14 458Men’s Washer Heel14468Men’s Core Heel15700Oil Resisting Heel15 700CTygum Elongated Oil Resisting Cowboy Heel15 1101Manhattan Softee Died Out Toplift152217H Morflex Newton Died Out Heel3359Lug Heel Toplift 100 15 15 15 Silvano Sheet16 674Mini-Rib Sheet16 1101Manhattan Toplift Sheet16 2225Woodstock Morflex Sheet 7166Q Toplift Sheet16 16 7279Women’s Dupla Toplifting Sheet177510Grip Rock Climbing Soling Sheet177673Pro Tania Protective Soling Sheet17 8102Morflex Pyramid Sheet17 8102Morflex Suede Sheet17 8529Gumlite Sport Utility Sheet17 Repair Tag18Key Chain18Vibram Bags18 Military 359P650VIBRAM SHEETSWorking from the bottom up.Style No.5330/31 Classic Soft TopliftVIBRAM TABLE OF CONTENTSHe developed rubber compounds with excellent traction and high abrasionresistance. He designed a new lug sole and called it Vibram, after his ownname.Vibram soles have gone on to conquer Mt. Everest and to become alegend throughout the world. Yet, the search for better soling products hasnever stopped. Vibram soles are now found not only on boots, but on awhole range of fine casual, service and dress footwear. The legend lives on. 1-800-VIBRAM7www.vibram.us3

DATE04-07COMPOSITIONVIBRAM CompositionVibram composition soles are designed for application in the work, military, trekking/hiking andoutdoor footwear categories. The compoundsprovide high abrasion and long wearing characteristics. Some compounds are oil resisting.VIBRAM Voyageur Unit SoleOutdoor casual lug sole.Style No:STYLES:#100 #108 #109 #127#134AR #148 #232 #251#269 #427W #430 #700#1033 #1136 #1276 #1289AR#7124#132#268#1030#1375108Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 15 iron forepart21 iron heelColor: Black04-07VIBRAM Logger SoleRugged outdoor lug sole thatincorporates a logger heel.Style No:109Sizes: 8, 10, 12,Dimensions: 24 iron forepart84 iron heelColor: BlackVIBRAM Montagna Full SoleThe VIBRAM lug sole.Style No:100Sizes: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 (Black)10, 11, 12 (Honey)Dimensions: 22 ironColor: Black, HoneyVIBRAM Athletic SoleLong-wearing sport and walking solefor footwear with an athletic flair.Style No:127Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 71 2 iron forepart91 2 iron heelColor: Black4 Working from the bottom up.

Style No:132Sizes: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14Dimensions: 19 iron forepart51 iron heelColor: BlackVIBRAM Technical Lug SoleAward winning sole and a benchmark ofquality for performance sport boots.Style No:134ARSizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 24 iron forepart54 iron heelColor: BlackStyle No:COMPOSITIONVIBRAM Montagna Block Unit SoleThe sole that conquered Mt. Everestremains the quality soling choice forrugged outdoor wear.VIBRAM CompositionMini-Lug Unit SoleDesigned for rugged andleisure outdoor casuals.232Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14 (Black)10, 12 (Nicotine)Dimensions: 14 iron forepart38 iron heelColor: Black, NicotineVIBRAM Jasmine Unit SoleIdeal for casual footwear.Style No:251Sizes: 8, 10, 12Dimensions: 14 iron forepart36 iron heelColor: CaramelVIBRAM Men’s Dress Full SoleStyle No:VIBRAM Kletterlift Unit SoleClassic lug sole. Requires heel wedge.Style No:148268Sizes: 10, 12 & 14Dimensions: 12 ironColor: NeutralSizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 15 ironColor: BlackP RO D U C T A P P L I C AT I O N L E G E N DField & StreamFire & vibram.us5

COMPOSITIONVIBRAM WesternerFull SoleMini rib pattern. Style No: 269Style No: 700Sizes: 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 12 iron forepartColor: BlackSizes: 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 14 ironColor: Neutral, BlackVIBRAM Oil ResistingCord Full SoleExtra wide pattern. Includes cord forextended wear.VIBRAM Izalco SoleIs designed for use on workand casual footwearStyle No:427WStyle No:1030Sizes: 91 2, 111 2, 14Dimensions: 16 ironColor: BlackSizes: 401, 423, 445Dimensions: 5.5 mmColor: BlackVIBRAM Oil ResistingFull SoleFeatures a refined lug medallion idealfor work and industrial footwear.Use with style 430 heel.VIBRAM WinklerUnit SoleHigh abrasion trekking sole.Style No:430Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 14 ironColor: Black6VIBRAM Tygum CompositionFull SoleFeatures a traditional Chevron pattern.Use with style #700 heel.Working from the bottom up.Style No:1033Sizes: 8 1/2, 10, 11 1/2, 13Dimensions: 17 iron forepart27 iron heelColor: Black

Style No:1136Sizes: 81 2, 10, 111 2, 13Dimensions: 15 iron forepart45 iron heelColor: BlackStyle No:COMPOSITION / TPV/PUVIBRAM Roccia BlockUnit SoleExcellent alternative sole replacement foroutdoor or casual footwear.VIBRAM Bifida Cup SoleProvides excellent traction on wet/drysurfaces and various terrain. It wascreated for use in hiking and outdoorfootwear applications.1375Sizes: 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45,46, 471 2, 481 2Color: BlackVIBRAM Jumbo Ripple Full SoleProvides comfort abrasion and longwearing characteristics.Style No:VIBRAM Sierra Unit SoleFor use on casual outdoor, casualand military footwear.Style No:7124Sizes: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14Dimensions: 27 ironColor: Black, Mojave, Tan1276Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 18 ironColor: Black, Mojave, TanVIBRAM TPV/PUVIBRAM Big Horn Unit SoleIs ideal for use on a variety of huntingand outdoor footwear.Style No:1289ARSizes: 8, 10, 12Dimensions: 24 iron forepart54 iron heelColor: BlackVIBRAM DuralogicalUnit SoleIdeal for work boots, the T610P hasexcellent abrasion and slip resisting properties. It also has excellent resistance tosolvents. It is long wearing, durable andlightweight.NEWNote: Needs a urethene adhesive. Outsole &midsole combinedStyle No: T610PSizes: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14Dimensions: 23 iron forepart48 iron heelColor: Black, BrownP RO D U C T A P P L I C AT I O N L E G E N DField & StreamFire & vibram.us7

DATE08-09GUMLITEVIBRAM GumliteVIBRAM Gumlite Unit Soles have the wearcharacteristics of rubber, yet are half theweight. Maintains its slip resisting characteristicsin cold temperatures and on wet surfaces.VIBRAM Stowe Women’sGumlite Lug Unit SoleWith classic mini lug design, ideal forwomen's outdoor or casual footwear.Style No:STYLES:#1705 #1712 #1716 #1718 #1743W#1752 #1756 #1757 #175808-091712Sizes: 8, 10Dimensions: 14 iron forepart32 iron heelColor: BlackVIBRAM Gumlite OxfordUnit SoleStyle No:1716Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 12 iron forepart36 iron heelColor: Black, BrownVIBRAM Stowe Men’sGumlite Lug Unit SoleClassic mini lug designed for men’scasual and outdoor footwear.Style No:1705Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 16 iron forepart38 iron heelColor: Black, Brown8Working from the bottom up.VIBRAM Oil ResistingGumlite Robinson SoleDesigned for work and servicefootwear.Style No:1718Sizes: 9, 11, 13Dimensions: 21 iron forepart57 iron heelColor: Black

Style No:1743WSizes: 8, 10, 12, 13 (Black)10, 12 (Brown)Dimensions: 15 iron forepart49 iron heelColor: Black, BrownGUMLITEVIBRAM Bologna Men’sGumlite Unit SoleVIBRAM MiddleburyGumlite SoleDesigned with large lugs for comfortand durability. Ideal for casualfootwear.Style No:1757Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 22 iron forepart53 iron heelColor: BlackNEWVIBRAM StockbridgeGumlite SoleIdeal replacement sole for dressand casual footwear.Style No: 1752Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14 (Black)10, 12 (Brown)Dimensions: 19 iron forepart45 iron heelColor: Black, BrownVIBRAM StalkerGumlite Unit SoleIt is designed forstability, comfort and durability.It is ideal for use on work, outdoorand hunting footwear.Style No:1758Sizes: 9, 11, 13, 15Dimensions: 21 iron forepart44 iron heelColor: BlackVIBRAM Gumlite Batavia SoleIs designed for use on casualand orthopedic footwear.Style No: 1756Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 27 iron forepart52 iron heelColor: BlackP RO D U C T A P P L I C AT I O N L E G E N DField & StreamFire & vibram.us9

DATE10-11MORFLEX VIBRAM Morflex Unit SolesVIBRAM Morflex soles are made with anadvanced micro-cellular soling compound. Morflexis one-third the weight of composition rubber.It is extremely resilient with great “bounce”combining foot support with comfort.VIBRAM Sport Unit SoleClassic casual walking sole.STYLES:Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14 (Black, Brown)8, 10, 12 (Sahara)Dimensions: 27 iron forepart52 iron heelColor: Black, Brown, Sahara#2021 #2060 #2062 #2070 #2210#2224 #2345 #1012 #4014Style No:206010-11VIBRAM Olympic Unit SoleIdeal for rugged look comfort casuals.Style No:2062Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 22 iron forepart43 iron heelColor: Black, BrownVIBRAM Oil ResistingUnit SoleLightweight work sole.Style No:2021Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 33 iron forepart57 iron heelColor: Black, Brown, SandVIBRAM Scooter Unit SoleCasual sport sole requiring wedge.Style No:2070Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 13 (Black, Sahara)10, 12, 13 (Brown)Dimensions: 12 ironColor: Black, Brown, Sahara10 W o r k i n g f r o m t h e b o t t o m u p .

MORFLEX VIBRAM Harvard Unit SoleFine lines make this sole ideal fordress footwear.2210VIBRAM Line-Lite Unit SoleLightweight sole for dress and casualapplications.Style No:VIBRAM Cambridge Unit SoleLightweight casual sole designed to providecomfort, traction, and low impact onmoderate terrain.Style No:CUSHIONSizes: 8, 10, 12, 14 (Black)10, 12 (Brown)Dimensions: 14 ironColor: Black, Brown/Style No:2345Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14 (Black)10, 12 (Brown)Dimensions: 14 iron forepart40 iron heelColor: Black, Brown2224Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14 (Black)10, 12 (Brown)Dimensions: 16 iron forepart40 iron heelColor: Black, BrownVIBRAM Cushion Unit SolesVIBRAM Silvato Neoprene Cushion Unit SoleOil resisting outsole for applicationon work and service footwear.Style No:1012Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 21 iron forepart51 iron heelColor: BlackVIBRAM CristyCushion Unit SoleSuitable for work, military andservice footwear.Style No:4014Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 21 iron forepart45 iron heelColor: Black, NaturalP RO D U C T A P P L I C AT I O N L E G E N DField & StreamFire & vibram.us11

TOE GUARDS / HALF SOLESDATE12-13VIBRAM Toe GuardsVIBRAM Half SolesVibram half soles have slip resisting characteristics. They provide comfort and footwearprotection.VIBRAM Chicago BuffedDress Smooth Half SoleStyle No: 365Sizes: 12Dimensions: 101 2 ironColor: NeutralSTYLES:#7673T #348 #365#705 #1253 #2336#7673#368 #435#2337 #234712-13Sizes: 12Dimensions: 12 ironColor: NeutralVIBRAM Men’s Dress FineLine Half SoleStyle No:368Sizes: 10, 12Dimensions: 101 2 ironColor: NeutralVIBRAM Toe GuardsProtective Toe CapsStyle No:7673TSizes: 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 12 ironColor: NeutralSizes: Medium, Large, Extra LargeColor: Black, NeutralVIBRAM Half SolesVIBRAM Marzia Women’sUnbuffed Half SoleStyle No:348Sizes: 40/42 (large)Dimensions: 4 ironColor: Neutral12 W o r k i n g f r o m t h e b o t t o m u p .VIBRAM Oil Resisting Half SoleUse with 430 heel.Style No: 435Sizes: 12, 14Dimensions: 14 ironColor: Neutral

Style No:705Sizes: 12, 14Dimensions: 14 ironColor: Black, NeutralVIBRAM HALF SOLESVIBRAM Tygum Oil ResistingComposition Half SoleUse with 700 heel.VIBRAM Men’s RichardUnbuffed Half SoleStyle No:2337Sizes: 47/50 (large)Dimensions: 4 ironColor: NeutralVIBRAM Pavia UnbuffedHalf SoleFor casual and rugged footwear.VIBRAM Lug Half SoleClassic mini lug forepart tap ideal forleather to rubber conversions or therepair of men’s and women’s mini lugs.Use with #3359 Lug Heel Lift.Style No:Style No:2347Size: 3Dimensions: 9 ironColor: Neutral1253Sizes: 43/44, 47/48Dimensions: 10 ironColor: BlackVIBRAM Pro TaniaProtective Half SoleLong-wearing and durable.Style No:VIBRAM Women’s TaperedUnbuffed Half SoleStyle No:23367673Sizes: 47/50 Men’s40/42 Women’sDimensions: 31 2 ironColors: Black, NeutralSizes: 2, 3Dimensions: 3 iron center withtapered edgesColor: NeutralP RO D U C T A P P L I C AT I O N L E G E N DField & StreamFire & vibram.us13

VIBRAM HEELS & TOPLIFTSDATE14-15VIBRAM Heels and TopliftsVibram offers a selection of heels and toplifts formost applications. These are offered in compounds that provide comfort and cushion.VIBRAM Oil ResistingWasher HeelUse with 430 full sole and 435half sole.Style No:430Sizes: 10, 12, 14Dimensions: 6 8"Color: BlackSTYLES:#100 #359P#468 #700#3359 #5330#430 #438 #458#700C #1101 #2217H#533114-15VIBRAM Cowboy(Washer) HeelFeatures a classic western design.Style No:438Sizes: 3/5, 7, 9, 11, 13 (Neutral)7, 9, 11 (Amber)Dimensions: 7 16"Color: Neutral, AmberVIBRAM Montagna Lug HeelUse with 100 full sole.Style No:100Sizes: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (Black)11, 12, 13, 14, 15 (Honey)Dimensions: 7 8"Color: Black, HoneyVIBRAM 1/2" Lug Heel LiftIdeal for casual and rugged footwearStyle No:359PSizes: 26, 32, 36Dimensions: 4 8"Color: Black14 W o r k i n g f r o m t h e b o t t o m u p .VIBRAM 4/8" Men’s WasherComfort Cushion Half HeelStyle No:458Sizes: 9/10, 10/11, 11/11, 11/12, 12/13,13/14Dimensions: 4 8"Color: NeutralVIBRAM 6/8" Men’sWasher Comfort CushionFull HeelSizes: 11/12, 13/14, 12/13Dimensions: 6 8"Color: Neutral

VIBRAM HEELS & TOPLIFTSVIBRAM Men’s ManhattanSoftees Died Out SoftTopliftVIBRAM 4/8" Men’s CoreComfort Cushion Half HeelStyle No:468Sizes: 9/10, 10/11, 11/11, 11/12, 12/13,13/14, 14/15, 15/16, 16/17Dimensions: 4 8"Color: NeutralVIBRAM 5/8" Men’s Core Comfort CushionLoafer HeelSizes: 9/10, 10/11, 11/12, 12/13, 13/14, 14/15, 15/16, 16/17Dimensions: 5 8"Color: NeutralStyle No:1101Sizes: 13/14Dimensions: 12 ironColor: NeutralVIBRAM NewtonMorflex HeelReplacement heels for Morflex dress soles.Style No:2217HSizes: 15/16Dimensions: 18, 24 ironColor: Black, BrownVIBRAM 6/8" Men’s Core Comfort CushionFull HeelSizes: 9/10, 10/11, 11/12, 12/13, 13/14, 14/15, 15/16, 16/17Dimensions: 6 8"Color: NeutralVIBRAM Oil Resisting HeelUse with style #700 full sole and 705half sole.Style No:700Sizes: 10, 11, 12Dimensions: 6 8"Color: Black, NeutralVIBRAM Lug Heel LiftUse with #1253 VIBRAM Lug HalfSole for a rugged profile.Style No:Sizes: 24, 28, 34, 40Dimensions: 2 8"Color: BlackVIBRAM Men’s Top of theLine Soft TopliftStyle No:VIBRAM Tygum ElongatedOil Resisting Cowboy Heel Style No:700CSizes: 12, 13Dimensions: 6 8"Color: Black, Amber33595330, 5331 Sizes: 13/14, 15/16Dimensions: 12 iron (5330)15 iron (5331)Color: NeutralP RO D U C T A P P L I C AT I O N L E G E N DField & StreamFire & vibram.us15

DATE16-17SHEETSVIBRAM SheetsVibram provides sheets for most applications.These include orthopedic, build up, work, outdoor,toplifting and protective soling, All sheets aremolded with premium compounds for the specific application.VIBRAM Women’sManhattan FirmToplift SheetStyle No:STYLES:#650 #674#7279 #7510#8529#1101 #2225 #7166Q#7673 #8102 #81021101Sizes: 18" x 17"Dimensions: 101 2 ironColor: Neutral16-17VIBRAM WoodstockMorflex Soling SheetFor sandal, clogs and casualfootwear sole replacement.Style No:2225Sizes: 22" x 27"Dimensions: 18 and 21 ironColor: BlackVIBRAM SilvanoOutdoor/Work SheetLong-wearing, provides excellenttraction.Style No:Sizes: 22" x 27"Dimensions: 21 ironColor: Brown650Sizes: 20" x 25"Dimensions: 10 ironColor: BlackVIBRAM Women’s FirmToplift SheetVIBRAM Mini-RibSheet is long-wearing compositionsheet ideal for work and casualfootwear.Sizes: 91 2 " x 30"Dimensions: 101 2 ironColor: Neutral, OakStyle No:674Sizes: 22" x 29"Dimensions: 7 and 10 ironColor: Black16 W o r k i n g f r o m t h e b o t t o m u p .Style No:7166QVIBRAM Men’s SoftToplift SheetSizes: 141 2 " x 30"Dimensions: 12 and 15 ironColor: Neutral

Style No:7279Sizes: 18" x 17"Dimensions: 6 mmColor: Black, NeutralVIBRAM Grip RockClimbing Soling SheetGrip compound provides optimumtraction for indoor or outdoor rockclimbing shoes.Style No:7510Sizes: 25" x 37"Dimensions: 1.8, 3.5, 5.0 mmColor: BlackStyle No:SHEETSVIBRAM Women’s DuplaToplift SheetLong-wearing sheet with pebble finish.Two-ply feature provides flexibility andcushioning.VIBRAM Morflex Suede SheetDurable, oil resisting, lightweightMorflex sheets fororthopedic build up.8102Sizes: 18" x 36"Dimensions: 12 and 24 ironColor: Black, WhiteDimensions: 24 ironColor: Tan, MojaveVIBRAM Morflex Pyramid SheetDurable, oil resisting, lightweightMorflex sheets for outsole replacement.Style No:8102Sizes: 18" x 36"Dimensions: 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 30 ironColor: Black, BrownDimensions: 12, 15, 18, 24, ironColor: CoffeeDimensions: 12, 18, 24 ironColor: Taupe, WhiteDimensions: 12, 24 ironColor: Red, GreyVIBRAM Pro TaniaProtective Soling SheetStyle No:7673Sizes: 36" x 36", 18" x 36"Dimensions: 31 2 ironColor: Black, NeutralVIBRAM Sport Utility OilResisting Gumlite SheetThis versatile multi-directional sheet isnow manufactured in Oil ResistingGumlite . Excellent replacement forcasual, golf or orthopedic footwear.Style No:8529Sizes: 23" x 28"Dimensions: 12 and 15 ironColor: BlackP RO D U C T A P P L I C AT I O N L E G E N DField & StreamFire & vibram.us17

BUY SMART / CHARTSVibram Repair TagVibram Key Chain / Shoe BagPackaging:5,000 tags per cartonNumbered 0001 - 5000and Numbered5001 - 10,000Remarks:Blank space provided on tagfor shop name, address andtelephone number. Tag numbered on top and bottom.Made in U.S.A.Tag Size:27 8" x 55 8"Material:Yellow Card StockInk:Black ink printed on 2 sidesPerforation:One easy tear perforationthe width of the tagReinforced Hole: 3 16"Packaging: 50per cartonColor: Black,yellow label12" x 7" x 23"Yellow bags withthe VIBRAM logo on bothsides.1,000 bags perbox. Working from the bottom up.Measurement Conversion 984FRACTIONS1 321 8Cushion Sole Die Cutting Code ChartVibram cushion soles are sized according to die marks in the rear of the heel.This chart is a reference tool to help you quickly identify sole sizes.MEN’SWOMEN’SALL STYLES-EXCEPT 2062STYLE 17125 323 161 45 16CodeSizeIIIIIIIIIII II II8101213147 161 29 165 8STYLE 20623 47 81"18 W o r k i n g f r o m t h e b o t t o m u p .Approx.Size in Inches(Toe to Heel)12"123 4"133 8"133 4"14"IIIIIIIIIIIIIII8101214113 4"121 2"131 4"133 4"CodeSizeIIIIIIIIIII689Approx.Size in Inches(Toe to Heel)105 16"11"113 8"

Vibram Repair Catalog IndexMontagna Full SoleMontagna HeelVoyageur Unit SoleLogger Unit SoleAthletic Unit Sole Y/LMontagna Block Unit SoleTech Lug Unit Sole Y/LKletterlift Unit SoleMini-Lug Unit SoleJasmine Flexible Unit SoleMen’s Dress Full SoleWesterner Full SoleMarzia 2 Women’s Unbuffed Half SoleCore Lug HeelChicago Men’s Smooth Dress Half SoleMen’s Dress Fine Line Half SoleOil Resisting Cord Full SoleOil Resisting Full SoleOil Resisting Washer HeelOil Resisting Half SoleCowboy Washer HeelMen’s Washer HeelMen’s Core HeelSilvano SheetMini-Rib SheetTygum Full SoleOil Resisting HeelTygum Elongated Oil Resisting Cowboy HeelTygum Half SoleSilvato Neoprene Cushion Unit SoleIzalco Full SoleWinkler Trekking SoleManhattan Softee Died Out Soft TopliftManhattan Toplift SheetRoccia Block Unit SoleLug Half SoleSierra Unit SoleBig Horn Unit SoleBifida Cup SoleMen’s Stowe Lug Unit SoleWomen’s Stowe Lug Unit 610POxford Unit SoleOil Resisting Gumlite Robinson Unit SoleBologna Unit SoleStockbridge Unit SoleBatavia Unit SoleMiddlebury Unit SoleStalker Gumlite Unit SoleOil Resisting Unit SoleSport Unit SoleOlympic Unit SoleScooter Unit SoleHarvard Unit SoleMorflex Newton Died Out HeelCambridge Unit SoleWoodstock Morflex SheetWomen’s Tapered Unbuffed Half SoleRichard Unbuffed Half SoleLine Lite Unit SolePavia Unbuffed Half SoleLug Heel TopliftCristy Unit SoleClassic Soft TopliftVibram Jumbo Ripple Full SoleToplift SheetWomen’s Dupla Toplifting SheetGrip Rock Climbing Soling SheetPro Tania Protective Half SolePro Tania Protective Soling SheetToe Guards - Protective Toe CapsMorflex Pyramid SheetMorflex Suede SheetGumlite Sport Utility SheetDuralogical Unit SoleRepair TagKey ChainShoe 70517121818181-800-VIBRAM7w w w . v i b r a m . u s 19

Working from the bottom up.Vibram provides you with innovative productsthat deliver consistent quality.A well-designed sole can make or break the shoe. For example, our hunting/fishing lug designs are specificallyengineered for better braking, gripping, and pushing off purposes. Work/utility boot soles, designed with beveled heelsand ladder grips, allow for efficient pole and ladder climbing. And, the fine line design of our dress/casual solespromotes slip resistance.Vibram has developed special compounds for different applications of footwear. For hunting/fishing footwear weoffer a hard compound that protects the foot from unpredictable and rocky terrain. For work/utility boots, we offeroil and flame resisting compounds. For dress/casual footwear, we offer lighter weight, softer compounds that providethe right balance of comfort and performance.Whether your customer is an executive, firefighter or construction worker,Vibram provides you with the performance-proven sole to fit their lifestyle.QB SOLING18 School Street, North Brookfield, MA 01535-1920Phone: 1-800-VIBRAM7 Fax: 2004 Quabaug Corporation, North Brookfield, Massachusetts 01535.Manufacturers of VIBRAM Soles under exclusive license in the United States.VIBRAM and the yellow octagonal label are the registered trademarks of VIBRAM S.p.A. of Italy.

650 Silvano Sheet 16 674 Mini-Rib Sheet 16 1101 Manhattan Toplift Sheet 16 2225 Woodstock Morflex Sheet 16 7166Q Toplift Sheet 16 7279 Women’s Dupla Toplifting Sheet 17 7510 Grip Rock Climbing Soling Sheet 17 7673 Pro Tania Protective Soling Sheet 17 8102 Morflex Py

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VIBRAM HIGH PERFORMANCE RUBBER COMPOUNDS The secret of Vibram performance is the optimal combination of hyperfunctional DESIGN and exclusive RUBBER COMPOUNDS. For more than 75 years Vibram has been delivering the most advanced soles to the market. Vibram soles are known for us

96· Cuidado y Mat iales Vibram La suela VIBRAM es una garantía para cualquier actividad por su agarre, absorción de impactos, duración, resistencia. Y como no es lo mismo caminar sobre roca que sobre asfalto, VIBRAM diseña suelas específicas para los diferentes modelos de CHIRUCA VIBRAM soles are a guarantee for any ac

VIBRAM Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles, targeted to the outdoor, work, recreation, fashion, repair and orthopedic markets. Vibram est le leader mondial dans les semelles en caoutchouc de haute performance, destiné aux marchés en plein air, le travail

VIBRAM Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles, targeted to the outdoor, work, recreation, fashion, repair and orthopedic markets. Vibram est le leader mondial dans les semelles en caoutchouc de haute performance, destiné aux marchés en plein air, le travail

soles for a specific purpose, Vibram soles and the technology built into them help protect the men and women of the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard, who help keep our country strong. . 12955_Vibram_US_catalog_new.indd 12-13 5/24/12 2:22 PM. 14 15 Blown Soles Among the most versatile soles in the industry, Vibram blown soles .

Vibram soles are known for use in outdoor sports such as mountaineering, hiking, trail running, motorcycling as well as for casual and industrial applications. The Vibram yellow octagon has become the gold standard of

VIBRAM TECHNOLOGY Vibram is a world leader in Rubber soling technology. Selected styles within the Bova Extremewear range feature the Vibram rubber sole, utilising renowned traction engineering to provide superior slip resistance. DUAL COMPOUND RUBBER DCR is an innovative soling technology