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NCOA STUDENT PERSONAL DATAXVIII AIRBORNE CORPS AND FORT BRAGG NCO ACADEMYFORT BRAGG, North Carolina 28310-5000LAST NAMEGenderRankFIRST NAMEDate of RankHome / Cell Phone#:College Experience:GT Score:Field of Study:M.I. / JR/IICurrent promotion Point Cut-offCurrent # of promotion points5 Digit MOS:SSNProfile:Type:College/University Attended:CURRENT UNIT ASSIGNED:CO/BTRY/TRP:BN/SQD:BCT/BDE/GRP:DIVISION and MAJOR COMMAND:CONTACT INFORMATION: (need rank, name, phone #, and email for everyone)SPONSOR:PLATOON SERGEANT:FIRST SERGEANT:BRIGADE CSM:BN STAFF DUTY PHN #:DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974Title of Form: Student Personal Data SheetPrescribing Directive: 10 USC 3012 Authority: 10 USC 3012Routine Uses: Any information you provide is disclosable to members of the Department of Defense who have a need for theinformation in the performance of their duties. In addition the information may be disclosed to Government agencies outsidethe Department of Defense. Mandatory or Voluntary Disclosure and Effect of Individual not providing information: Providingthe information is voluntary. Individuals not providing the requested informaiton will not be admitted into the course.I fully understand that providing false information on this form is a violation of the NCOA Honor Code and may result in mydismissal from the NCO Academy. Futhermore, I understand that if I am dismissed for providing false information I could besubject to the provisions of the UCMJ by my unit.Student digital signature21 APR 16 (All previous Versions are Obsolete)

UNIT PRE-EXECUTION CHECKLIST(For use of this form, see TRADOC Regulation 350-18; Proponent is TRADOC G-3/5/7, TOMA)Fillable form; may be printed and signed manually.1. NAME:2. UNIT:3. COURSE TITLE:Supervisor'sInitials4. REPORT DATE:Soldier'sInitialsPART I- UNIT PRE-EXECUTION (Day-90 to Day-1)Coordination between unit and school to identify the Soldier by name and reservation status?Soldier in receipt of read ahead packet, school/course information, and graduation requirements?Soldier completed prerequisite course/testing? (DA Form 1059 or other completion document)All required clothing/equipment in accordance with school/course information packet?Soldier meets physical readiness standards of AR 350-1? (APFT within 60 days)Soldier meets height/weight and body composition standards of AR 600-9?Soldier has Government Travel Card or adequate cash/traveler checks?Individual orders received (10 copies)?Soldier has current periodic health assessment (PHA) and dental exam?Soldier meets physical qualifications for special skills as specified in AR 40-501?Soldier meets remaining Time in Service (TIS) requirement?Transportation verified/DTS approved?Soldier has current/valid identification card?Soldier has ID tags (1 pair)?Unit POC List:Phone Number with Area CodeCDR Office:Other:1SG Office:Other:FTM Office:Other:Unit Fax:1SG Email:CSM Email:TRADOC Form 350-18-2-R-E, APR 2018Previous editions are obsoletePage 1 of 2

PART II - ROUTINE PREREQUISITESTASKMinimum Aptitude ScoreSOLDIER DATAREGULATION DATACLCOELFAGMCLCOELFAGMGTMMOFSCSTGTMMOFSCST(if applicable)Key: CL-Clerical/ADMIN; CO-Combat/CMBT; EL-Electronic/ELEC; FA-Field Artillery/FA; GM-General Maintenance/MAINT; GT-GeneralTechnical/GT; MM-Mechanical Maintenance/MECH; OF-Operators & Food/FOOD; SC-Surveillance & Communication/COMM; ST-SkilledTechnical/TECHPhysical demand rating/profile(PULHES)PULHESPULHES*See Part Ill for PT profilesKey: P- Physical capacity/stamina; U- Upper extremities; L- Lower extremities; H- Hearing/ear; E- Eyes; S- PsychiatricMilitary and civilian vehicle operator license(s) (if applicable):Military license number:Expiration date:Civilian license number:Expiration date:State:PART Ill - REQUIRED DOCUMENTSSecurity clearance (if applicable, attach as required)*Permanent profile attendees must have a signed copy of completed DA Form 3349; must include Army doctorapproved alternate aerobic event for APFT. Provide results of medical retention board (if applicable).All required waivers (if applicable)Other requirements (if applicable)Other requirements of DA PAM 611-21 not previously listed:Other requirements (if applicable)Other requirements (if applicable)Other requirements (if applicable)Other requirements (if applicable)I have been counseled and have read all requirements applicable to the course I'm selected to attend. Attendance at this courseand class will not pose any known hardship on me and/or my family that would detract from or prevent my successfulcompletion of course requirements.Student's Signature:I have reviewed the above Soldier's qualifications and potential to successfully complete this course, counseled them on theserequirements, and hereby verify their readiness to attend.Commanding Officer (typed name):Commanding Officer's Signature:TRADOC Form 350-18-2-R-E, APR 2018Previous editions are obsoletePage 2 of 2

XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg NCO AcademyBasic Leader Course (BLC) Packing 3MANDATORY, NON-SEASONAL ITEMSOCP Uniform complete (see notation 3)Set, Velcro nametag w/US Army (unless sewn on)Set, Velcro US FlagSet, Velcro Rank (unless sewn on)Set, Velcro Unit patchCap, Patrol w/nametag and rankBelt, Rigger, Tan/CoyoteBoots Combat, Tan/CoyoteSocks, Boot (Solid OD or Foliage Green, Brown or Black)Undershirt (Sand/Tan 499)Undergarments (if applicable)Brassieres (if applicable)Leather Work Gloves Initial Issued (Foliage Green or Black)Light Weight Wool Glove Liner (Foliage Green, Black, Brown)APFU JacketAPFU TrousersAPFU T Shirt Long SleevedAPFU T Shirt Short SleevedAPFU Trunks w/linerSocks, Athletic Calf or Crew Length (white or black)Running ShoesBlack Cap, Synthetic Micro FleeceTowel Brown or Neutral ColorWash Cloth Brown or Neutral ColorWet/Cold Weather Jacket and TrousersASU (jacket/trousers, for male/female)ASU Shirt/LSASU Shirt/SSAll Weather Coat with Rank for male/femaleBlack Four Hand Tie (male)Beret, Organizational (w/DUI)Black Neck Tab (female)Belt Web w/Brass TipBuckle Solid BrassShoes, Black Oxford Low Quarters or Jump Boots (unit dependent)Undershirt, White (male)Socks, Dress BlackName PlateAll authorized awards & accoutrements (IAW with SRB)Civilian attire, casual wear (if TDY)Dress Gloves, Unisex Military IssueDuffle BagBarracks BagHead Lamp or L Shaped Flashlight (red/clear lens w/2 sets ofIdentification Card (CAC)Identification Tags with SM/LG ChainPersonal Hygiene/Shaving Kit CompleteArmy Approved Eye ProtectionFLC set up complete w/ all issued pouchesTactical Back Pack or Assault Pack (foliage green, solidblack, OCP pattern, coyote brown)PT BeltMilitary Issued Water Source A1PR1EA1SET1SETSEASONAL/COLD WEATHER CLOTHING (1 OCT - 1 APR)Level I Light Weight Shirt & Drawers (Silk Top/Bottoms)2PRLevel II Mid Weight Shirt & Drawers (Waffle Top/Bottoms)1PRCLASSSROOM ITEMS NEEDED1 Blank Rewritable CD Media4EA2 Composition Note books College or Wide ruled3EA3 Protractor, GTA 05-02-0121EA4 Pencil, Mechanical .5mm2EA5 Pens, Black2EA6 Zip Lock Bags M/L1BX7 Eye Glasses (if applicable)2SET8 Wrist Watch1EA9 Military Compass, Lensatic1EA10 3X5 Note Cards1PKSUGGESTED OR OPTIONAL ITEMS1 Hangers Plastic or Wire10EA2 Highlighter Markers (HI-LITER)2EA3 Insect Repellent1EA4 Sun Screen1EA5 Sewing Kit Complete1EA6 Dress Uniform Measurement Tool & Guide Book1EA7 Leaders Book Complete1EA8 Locks with two keys, or Combination Locks3EA9 Laundry Detergent Liquid, Powder or Pods1PK10 1-1/2 Inch Binder with Document Protectors1SET11 Pocket Note Pad1EA121EA1EA1EA2EANOTES:1. Army Service Uniform (ASU) must include 2 x name plates, branch insignia, all authorized ribbons and decorations, 2 x Unit Crests, special SkillBadges/Combat Badges (if authorized). All items for Infantry personnel are authorized as well as Foreign Badges and Unit Awards. Marksmanshipand Driver Badges are also authorized. Soldiers will arrive to BLC with their Dress Uniform properly fitted, clean, pressed and presentable, with allawards, decorations, badges, and name plates affixed.2. Students will bring the Oxford Low Quarter Dress Shoes for inspection purposes. Unit Authorization footwear will be worn for graduation ifconducted in ASU3. All students are required to have two complete sets of accoutrements for their OCP uniform; including Velcro unit patches, rank, nametapes andU.S. Army tapes, along with subdued skill and occupation badges (if applicable). The U.S. embroidered-colored insignia flag is the only authorizedinsignia. The U.S. Army & nametapes, rank, and special skill badges MAY be sewn on uniforms as an alternative to Velcro insignias.4. All uniforms and uniform components brought for wear and layout purposes must be clean and serviceable. At no time will soldiers bringuniforms or uniform components that are faded or have holes, rips, tears, stains, dirty and/or missing pieces of the component.5. Cold weather equipment will vary by installation, regional conditions, and availability of ECWCS equipment. Not all installations areissued the same cold weather gear; seasonal temperattures, the installation andd NCOA policies regulate the appropriate equipment neededin cold climates during the course.

I acknowledge that the items listed in this packing list have been laid out and inspected prior to arrival atthe BLC. Furthermore, I understand that if any deficiencies are annotated during the initial layout of thisequipment, I will have no more than 72 hours from the time of the initial layout to fix the deficiency, or berecommended to the Commandant for dismissal from the BLC IAW the approved Course ManagementPlan (CMP) dated January 2019. Lastly, I confirm that I have a CAC card with a working pin and am ableto access my military email account.Student SignatureFirst Line Supervisor

DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974. Title of Form: Student Personal Data Sheet Prescribing Directive: 10 USC 3012 Authority: 10 USC 3012 Routine Uses: Any information you provide is disclosable to members of the Department of Defense who have a need for the information in the performance of their duties.File Size: 641KBPage Count: 5Explore furtherSoldier's Personal Data Sheet Download Printable PDF .www.templateroller.comPersonal Data Sheet Army - Fill Out and Sign Printable PDF .www.signnow.comFill - Free fillable SOLDIER'S PERSONAL DATA SHEET PDF formfill.ioSoldier's Personal Data Sheet ded to you based on what's popular Feedback

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