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DECEMBER 2017Boiler OUT TimesA Very Merry Christmas to AllBoiler OUT Times, Volume 1 Issue 3, 12/12/2017Edited by Ayo Adetunji and Yichen Fan fan151@purdue.eduPublished by Boiler OUT Volunteer Program boilerout@purdue.eduCenter for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research (CILMAR)Purdue UniversityYoung Hall, Room 120155 South Grant StreetWest Lafayette, IN 47907-2114Phone: 765-496-2306 Fax: 765-496-1989

Delightful DecembersSeasons greetings volunteers and community partners,We’re finally at the end of another successful semester of volunteer work. It has been a crazy ride withno shortage of activities, prizes, and joy. Most recently, we had our annual end-of-semester Christmasparty, which was a hit. Thanks to all the leaders for planning the event and the volunteers for making itmemorable. Sadly, none of our partner organizations could attend, which is something we’re workingtowards.In this newsletter, we feature some of our cohorts who claimed prizes in the Christmas party. Many oftheir faces will be familiar as they’ve been our hardest workers this semester. Even as the semesterwinds down, the Boiler OUT program is still going strong; we take a look at some moments from theseChristmas events. Watch out for the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra show on Saturday the 16th.This Fall alone, we were able to boost our presence in the community with our pictures and dedicatedservice. We’d like to thank our partner organizations for requesting our services and giving us the opportunity to work in a safe and loved environment. We thank the cohorts for putting up a professional frontand making the program look good. 2,300 volunteers hours at 131 volunteer shifts were complete: whosays 210 volunteers can’t make a lasting impression? Thanks to the volunteers who are leaving the program this semester, it was wonderful to work with each and every one of you and to the volunteers thatwill return next semester, expect more of the same, if not better.We are continuing the search for volunteers and organizations to be featured in the newsletter! If youwould like your name and story known by more people, please contact us, the editors, or talk to yourevent leader. Any comments or suggestions, such as things you want to see in the coming year are alsowelcome! Don’t forget our friendly competition of “Spotlight of the Week” on social media. Simply joinit by posting your volunteering pictures on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. More details will come in thecoming year.Once again, it was an honor. Good luck on your Finals, have a wonderful Winter Break, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!Your Editors,Ayo AdetunjiYichen fan151@purdue.eduBoiler OUT PartyDecember 3“Santa’s New Whip”LUM Jubilee Christmas EventDecember 9

Meet the Fall 2017 Awards WinnersThis month’s newsletter features some of the Boiler OUT! cohort award winners. Here, they talk about their sharedpassion in volunteering and how they ventured into it. We also asked them for some insights into their personallives.and let’s just say the answers were quite revealing.Martynas KalpokasAs an exchange student from Ireland, I thought that volunteering is agood experience because you see a lot of people that are equallyminded to make the community better, and are also from differentbackgrounds. Boiler OUT gives you a list of volunteer opportunitiesyou can choose from, which helps because you might want to dodifferent things. Volunteering this semester gave me lots of experiencerelating to people from different nationalities, and joy helping the lessfortunate. I’d probably work for Food Finders Foodbank because I feel they have a greater impact on the community. Some things about me.I managed to fly to Paris for 10, and have been driving a motor-cross bike since Iwas 15 (not one accident). I also drink milk with everything, sometimes with a main meal that has rice or meat!Caroline MichelleI would say I am witty, creative, and a real team player. I’ve learnt thathelping is fun and something that’s worth doing if you have free time,and I guess it’s a good thing to do. I’m always happy when I volunteer,and I’ve never worked with kids before and it was great to play withthem. As someone who can go to Purdue, I feel grateful that I can havethis opportunity, so I use it to give back to the world and I guess that’show I show my gratitude. If I were to work with one of the volunteer organizations, it would be the Lafayette Transitional Housing (LTHC) Homeless Services. I finally realize that it’s not about looking up, we also haveto look down. All this time, I’ve been like there are people who are betterthan me and I was jealous and all but if I look down, I can more gratefulthat I am in this position and yeah, it all comes back to helping theneedy. A fun fact about me is I dye my hair every year; last year it wasblue.Shreya RaoFrom all my volunteering experience, I’ve come to understand that people are thesame. We need to put aside our differences and try to make the world a better place byspreading kindness and positivity in our own ways - small or big. There is something sobeautiful and priceless about making someone else smile and spreading love around. Itis my way of showing gratitude and giving back. I would love to work with the SalvationArmy. They have a multitude of volunteering opportunities- helping disaster survivors,providing shelter, spreading awareness about domestic abuse and serving veterans. Ialso stand by their slogan "doing the most good". A fun fact about me is I love playingsquash. I’ve also been sky-diving!

Chirag JadavThat’s me on the left. This semester, I’ve gotten towork with Americans and the Latinos, and being a partof who they are kind of has a big emphasis on why Ichose Boiler OUT. This was my first experience as avolunteer and being a part of something that puts meinto a lot of community work, I think that gives me asense of belonging to the community itself. I wouldlove to work with the Tippecanoe Latino Festival againbecause it was a new experience, lots of cultural presence, music, was grand. Also, there were lots of kids there, and I love to work with kids, so it was a lot ofstuff drawing Pokémon tattoos, things I grew up with, I could share with the kids. A fun fact about me, I speak 8 languages and can fake a couple of other accents.pretty cool, eh?

Boiler OUT Christmas Party, Dec 3LUM Jubilee Christmas Event, Dec 9

A Very Merry Christmas to All Boiler OUT Times, Volume 1 Issue 3, 12/12/2017 Edited by Ayo Adetunji and Yichen Fan Published by Boiler OUT Volunteer Program Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research (CILMAR) Purdue University Young Hall, Room 120

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