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2 0 18 A C C E S S O R I E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR1 /4Paint Protection FilmLike a clear suit of armor, Genuine Toyota paint protection film1helps guard your vehicle from road debris that can chip andscratch the finish. Manufactured from durable, nearly invisibleurethane film layers which contain UV protectants to help resistyellowing. The film is designed to help protect portions of thefront of the vehicle. Paint protection film is available for select areas of the hood/fenders, and front bumper (each set sold separately)1Click here for more info2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR2 /4Trailer BallThe trailer ball 2 is built and tested to meet your Land Cruiser’s exacttowing capacity. Cold-forged steel construction helps provide superior strength Optimized placement provides precise drop/rise to maintain vehicledeparture angle Designed for use with Land Cruiser’s standard towing ball mount2Click here for more info2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR3 /4Alloy Wheel LocksPrecisely machined, weight-balanced alloy wheel locks helpsecure your wheels and tires against theft. Weight-matched to stock lug nut-no rebalancing needed Triple nickel chrome plating helps ensure superior corrosionprotection and shine2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR4 /47-Pin to 4-Pin AdapterFor the smaller towing jobs, this easy-to-install adapter converts a 7-pinround to a 4-pin flat connector2. Designed to work specifically with the Toyota Towing wire harness Allows a standard four-way flat-wired trailer to be connected without theneed to rewire the trailer or purchase additional harnesses Provides higher level of towing flexibility, while protecting vehicle’s wiring2Click here for more info2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR1 / 10All-Weather Cargo MatThe tough, flexible all-weather cargo mat3 allows you to carry a wide variety ofitems and helps protect your cargo area. Made of durable, easy-to-clean material embossed with a Land Cruiser logo Skid-resistant surface helps secure items in placeCarpet Cargo MatThe ideal solution for helping keep your Land Cruiser’s cargo area lookinglike new. Helps prevent premature cargo area wear and tear Durable, skid-resistant backing helps keep the mat3 in place3Click here for more info2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR2 / 10Cargo Net – EnvelopeVersatile, lightweight solution to securing everyday items. Quick, easy attachment and removal Envelope-style netting3 accommodates a wide variety of shapes and sizes Stores flat when not in useCargo ToteThe collapsible, soft-sided cargo tote3 secures a variety of items, and helpskeep them in place. Removable divider panels help hold items upright Two carrying handles for easy loading and unloading Stores flat when not in use3Click here for more info2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR3 / 10All-Weather Floor LinersThese all-weather floor liners4 are an advanced concept in superiorprotection for the interior. They cover the floor and surroundingedges on all sides to help keep your carpets clean and dry.Precise injection molding utilizing Toyota’s design data helpsensure a perfect fit. Molded Land Cruiser logo for the front liners Full coverage for second and third rows Made in the U.S.A.4Click here for more info2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR4 / 10Carpet Floor MatsThese plush, long-wearing carpet floor mats4 help protect and dress upyour interior. Durable, fade-resistant carpet featuring a Land Cruiser logo Driver’s-side quarter-turn fasteners and skid-resistant backing on all matshelp keep them in place4Click here for more info2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR5 / 10Wireless HeadphonesAdditional wireless headphones5 let multiple passengers enjoya personalized entertainment experience. Cushioned and adjustable, with individual volume control,on/off switch and LED indicator5Click here for more infoRear seat entertainment systempictured is factory optional2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR6 / 10Universal Tablet HolderHelp keep passengers entertained with this high quality, universal tabletholder6. Compatible with virtually all multimedia devices, it securely holdsyour tablet, phone, music, or video player. Installs and removes in seconds – no tools required Durable material with spring loaded arms Adjustable pivot/tilt for ultimate viewing experience6Click here for more info2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR7 / 10Glass Breakage SensorEnhance your Land Cruiser’s security system with GBS7 coverage. Highly sensitive microphone that detects the sound frequencyof glass breakage or an object striking the glass An object striking a window triggers a warn-away alarm7Click here for more info2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR8 / 10Remote Engine StarterHave your vehicle’s interior ready, waiting and comfortable in anykind of weather. Use your Smart Key fob8 to start or stop the engine Activates preset air conditioner, heater, defogger, defrosterand temperature settings when engine is started8Click here for more info2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR9 / 10Emergency Assistance KitDon’t let small issues stop you in your tracks. Kit includes booster cables, stainless steel multipurpose tool, survivalblanket, gloves, flashlight, tire pressure gauge and bungee cord Reflective warning triangle and trim on kit exterior helps alert otherdrivers to your vehicle2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR1 0 / 10First Aid KitBe prepared for life’s little emergencies. Soft-sided kit includes insect sting pads, bandages,scissors, two emergency blankets and more VELCRO brand mounting strips help the kit remainfirmly in place2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S


MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR1/2TRD Air FilterYou multi-task. Make sure your parts do too. This TRD airfilter is designed to protect as it helps maintain the life ofyour engine. Uniquely oiled, four-ply cotton gauze in polyurethane body Enclosed in durable, epoxy-coated mesh and an elastomericseal to help optimize a precise, leak-free fit Allows the maximum amount of air into the engine with theminimal amount of resistance2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUEXTERIORINTERIOR2/2TRD Oil FilterDelivers exceptional filtration, lower flow restriction plus enhanced engineprotection and durability. 100% synthetic fiber filtration medium designed to provide the highestpossible dirt removal efficiency with lowest possible flow restriction2 0 1 8 A CCE SSO RI E S

MENUALWAYS GO WITH GENUINE TOYOTA ACCESSORIESWhen it comes time to make your Toyota your own, remember only Genuine Toyota Accessories are designed, tested, and approved specifically for your Toyota vehicle. Plus, when you purchase them at the same time as your newvehicle, Genuine Toyota Accessories are backed by Toyota’s 3-year / 36,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty, valid at any Toyota dealership nationwide. To learn more about Genuine Toyota Accessories and to see how they’lllook on your Land Cruiser with our comprehensive Build Your Toyota feature, please visit toyota.com or to find your local Toyota dealer, please visit toyota.com/dealer.This brochure is based upon information available at time of publishing, is subject to change without notice, is for mainland U.S.A. vehicles and may differ in the state of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and in other regions.DISCLOSURES1.The Toyota Genuine Accessory Warranty will only apply when the installation is performedby a trained Toyota-approved installer. Please see dealer for details.2.Before towing, confirm that your vehicle and trailer are compatible and properly hookedup and loaded, and that you have any necessary additional equipment. Do not exceedany Weight Rating and follow all instructions in your Owner’s Manual. The maximum youcan tow depends on the total weight of your cargo, occupants and available equipment.3.Cargo and load capacity are limited by weight and distribution. Always properly securecargo and cargo area.4.This floor mat/liner was designed specifically for use in your model and model year vehicleand SHOULD NOT be used in any other vehicle. To avoid potential interference with pedaloperation, each ma/liner must be secured with its fasteners. Do not install a floor mat/lineron top of an existing floor mat/liner.5.Wireless headphones are for passenger use only. DO NOT use them while driving vehicle.6.Universal Tablet Holder intended for passengers only. Drivers should always be sure toobey traffic regulations and maintain awareness of road and traffic conditions at all times.7.Available only for vehicles equipped with factory security and factory remote keylessentry system or Smart Key System.8.Available only for vehicles equipped with Smart Key system. Use only if aware ofcircumstances surrounding the vehicle at time of start. Operate only when legal and safeto do so (e.g., car uncovered in open area with no people or pets inside or nearby). Seeusage precautions and Owner’s Manual.2 0 18 A C C E S S O R I E STOYOTA.COM/ACCESSORIES1-800-GO-TOYOTA 2018 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.

usage precautions and Owner’s Manual. TOYOTA.COM/ACCESSORIES 1-800-GO-TOYOTA 2018 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. DISCLOSURES When it comes time to make your Toyota your own, remember only Genuine Toyota Accessories are designed, tested, and approved specifically for your Toyota vehicle. Plus, when you purchase them at the same time as your new

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