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JBAB FSO eFinance Guide*All PCS Travel Vouchers, with the exception of AGR Accessions, General Officers,members with data masked orders and civilians, will be completed in eFinance accessed atthe following link:https://efinanceworkspace.wpafb.af.mil/If you have questions, please contact us. If we are unavailable to take yourcall, please leave a voicemail and we will return your call. Ensure youreview this PowerPoint in its entirety, to include notes, before contactingour office. Thank you.Contact Information:Email- 8, 202-767-8657, 202-767-8700America’s Airmen

eFinanceTable of Contents Slides 3-6: Managing Your ProfileSlide 7: Creating a PCS PackageSlide 8: PDT Arrival WorksheetSlide 9: BAHSlides 10-12: Travel Voucher(s) & ExamplesSlide 13: Required DocumentsSlide 14: SubmitSlides 15-19: Additional Documents (TLE, Direct Deposit, State of Legal Residence, andFSA)

Managing Your Profile*Click your name in the top right corner of the screen.- You must ensure your profile is properly updated or the information that populates in your voucher will beincorrect. Fill out every field.America’s Airmen3

Addresses- If you have dependents ensure boththe previous and current addressesare added to make it easier whenfilling out the travel voucher(CONUS-CONUS).- If it is your current address, checkthe box.America’s Airmen4

Dependents- Add all dependents.- If the individual will be claimedon the voucher, click “auto-claimthis dependent” before addingthem.America’s Airmen5

Personal Documents- You are only required to upload supporting documentation if you are changing your dependency status i.e.going from single to with-dependent or vice versa.*The documents and images must be one of the following file types: PDF, PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, or TIF.America’s Airmen6

Creating a PCS Package1.3.2.4.*See notesAmerica’s Airmen7

Arrival Worksheet1.2.4.3.*See notesAmerica’s Airmen8

BAH- Select only the options thatapply to your situation.*Single and mil-to-mil memberswill not fill out this page unlessclaiming a civilian dependent.America’s Airmen9

Travel Voucher1.*See notes2.America’s Airmen10

Travel Voucher Cont.1.2.America’s Airmen11

Itinerary Examples1.3.*See notes2.4.America’s Airmen12

Required Documents- Based on your answers, this pagewill populate a checklist of allrequired documentation i.e. lodgingreceipts, airfare receipts, orders andamendments, etc.*The documents and images must beone of the following file types: PDF,PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, or TIF.America’s Airmen13

Submit- Once completed, you will be able to submit the voucher to our office for audit. If there are any errors, theywill appear on this page referring you to fix them in the appropriate section.- If there is a unique situation you can type an explanation in the comment box. Do not ask questions in thiscomment box. If you have questions, email or call our office.America’s Airmen14

Additional Documents TemporaryLodgingExpense (TLE) Direct Deposit Form State of Legal Residence Family SeparationAllowance (FSA)*See notesAmerica’s Airmen15

TLE1.2.*See notesAmerica’s Airmen16

Direct Deposit Form- Only fill out the Direct Deposit Form if thetravel account has changed since your last PCS.America’s Airmen17

State of Legal Residence- Only fill this out if you are changing yourState of Legal Residence from what is reflectedon your LES.America’s Airmen18

Family Separation Allowance(FSA)- Family Separation Allowance (FSA) ispayable when you are separated fromyour dependents due to PCS.Transportation of dependents must notbe authorized at the government'sexpense to the new duty station to beeligible for FSA.- The member that relocated due toorders is the one authorized the FSA-R.America’s Airmen19

filling out the travel voucher (CONUS-CONUS). - If it is your current address, check the box. 5 America’s Airmen Dependents - Add all dependents. - If the individual will be claimed on the voucher, click “auto-claim this dependent” before adding them. 6 America’s Airmen

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found on page 5 of this guide. Completion of the PCS dependent travel portion of the voucher can be filed separately or with the Soldier’s PCS travel voucher. When the dependent’s travel itinerary is different from the Soldier’s, include a second DD Form 1351-2 in the packet to show the dependent travel itinerary.

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