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SSI-6300-08-16Atomic Absorption SpectrophotometersAA-6300 Series Consumables

ContentsAA-6300 . 3Burner ASSY . 3Drain ASSY . 3Maintenance parts . 4ASC-6100 . 5Maintenance Parts . 6ASK-6100 . 5Maintenance Parts . 6GFA-EX7i . 7Maintenance Parts . 7Hydride Vapor Generator . 8Consumables . 9Maintenance Parts . 9Atom Booster . 10Chemical Compatibility . 11AA-6300 . 11ASC-6100 . 12Lamps . 13Single-Element . 13Multi-Element . 14Standards . 16

AA-6300Burner ASSYItemPart NumberPart Name1206-50370-9310 cm Titanium Burner Head2036-11222-84O-RING, 4D P223036-15551-16O-Ring, AS56A4206-50123-00PLUG FOR CHAMBER ASSY5036-11217-00O-RING 4D P16,AA6206-50486-00Mixer Paddle7036-11237-00O-RING 4D P358206-52213-91DRAIN JOINT9036-11215-84O-RING 4D P1410035-65903-03Sleeve, PP 1011206-50321-00CAP12200-31328-01TUBING EBULIZER15206-50761-00BURNER SOCKET16035-65268-02ELBOW17206-51389-00RETAINTING PLATE18206-81812-00HALF UNIONDrain ASSYItemPart NumberPart Name1016-35792-09Tube, Super-Corn-Ace2206-50735-93Level Switch Assy3206-63698-00Drain Bottle4035-65014-14Half Union, HZ10-02-PP5016-35792-09Tubing6016-43201-02DRAIN TUBINGBack to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com3

Maintenance Parts: AA-6300Part NamePart NumberRemarksReplacementD2-LampLamp, D2 L6380062-65055-05Deuterium lamp1 YearO-Ring SetsO-Ring Set206-82037-92*See Chemical CompatibilityO-Ring Set, Organics206-82037-96STD O-ring (Fluorine-containingrubber)Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)O-Ring Set, Silicon206-82037-94Silicon Rubber (VQM)*See Chemical CompatibilityBurner Head ASSY206-50370-93Titanium, 10 cm3 YearsHigh Temp Burner Head206-50300-93Titanium, N2O-C2H2, 5 cm3 YearsHose, 8 2B-BK016-02101-04For support gas (Air/Argon), Black3 YearsHose, 8 2B-R016-02101-03For fuel gas (C2H2), Red3 YearsHose, 8 2B-G016-02101-01For support gas (N2O), Green3 YearsNebulizer Set206-52300-91With Impact bead & Nebulizer2 YearsBurner Socket206-50762-91Chamber ASSY206-50363-91Mixer206-50486-00Sampling tube204-05899-01Teflon tube for sample uptake*See Chemical CompatibilitySampling tube ASSY206-50772-91Polyethylene tube for sample uptake*See Chemical CompatibilityDrain ASSY206-52033-92Overflow-type drainage trapPolyethylene capillary No.3200-31328-01For sealing the capillaryPE tube, 8x1016-43201-02Drain tube, connects to drain bottle.Specify 3 meters.WizAArd 4.0206-58480-91Win 7, 32-bit SoftwareAgent Connection Kit206-77741-92Win 7, 32-bitCleaning wire201-79229-01For cleaning the capillaryCard206-52046-91For cleaning the burner/for checkingthe burner heightWindow Panel w(30)-Q205-82661-02Seal Joint Assy204-27570-02Optical windows, inside atomizationchamberGas leak checkingHCL Lamp Retainer206-51843-00Holds HCL in socketBurner HeadHosesAtomizerTubingMisc.*See Chemical Compatibility3 YearsEngineering plastic PP6 Years6 YearsBack to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com4

AS C-6100ItemPart NumberPart Name1037-02881-03KNOB2206-50062-00TURNTABLE FOR ASC-61003206-50290-91NOZZLE ASSY, F4206-50295-01COVER, TURN TABLE5206-87284-912 LITER RINSE BOTTLE6206-50265-00BOTTLE HOLDER7206-50468-91RS232C CABLE8071-60816-12POWER CABLE9037-51260-09CANOE CLIP-WHITE10036-11206-00O-RING, 4D P8AS K-6100ItemPart NumberPart NameItemPart NumberPart Name1206-50408-00Port Guide, ASC7206-50856-01Nut, AA2206-61966-01Syringe Port8206-50857-01Nipple, AA3206-50406-93Syringe Tube Assy9016-37502-00Teflon Tube4200-62075-00LUER FITTING10204-63890-00Filter5208-97211-01SYRINGE, ASC610011206-50407-00PLUNGER PRESSER6037-61111-01Clip, Hose 4.512042-00405-11Pump HeadBack to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com5

Maintenance Parts: ASC-6100NozzlesSyringePartsPump PartsVials & CupsMisc.Part NamePart NumberRemarksReplacementNozzle ASSY, F206-50290-91StandardNozzle ASSY, GFA, Micro206-50401-92Requires Pipette Tip (046-00308-02)Pipet tip046-00308-02For DispensingNozzle ASSY, G206-50298-91OptionalNozzle ASSY, HVG206-67563-00For HVGSyringe208-97211-01Capacity 250 uL5 years *3Plunger Tip, TEF025046-00043-15Plunger for syringe1 year *3,5Pump tube042-00405-24Tube for Peristaltic pump6 months *1,3,52 years *2,3,5Pump Head042-00405-11Pump Head for Peristaltic pump1 year *1,54 years *2,516 mL Sample vial046-00147-04Each, polypropylene, Flame Cont.*1: Flame continuous method16 mL Sample vial220-95369-001000/PK, polypropylene, Flame Cont.*2: Furnace/ micro sampling method53 mL Glass Vial200-93113-05Each, glass, Flame Cont.*3: When distilled water is used20 mL Vials038-00179-03Each, polypropylene, GFA, Micro.*4: Recommended for low conc.2 mL Cup038-00259-02Each, polypropylene, GFA, Micro.*5: 60 samples per day usage2 mL Cup220-95196-001000/PK, Polystyrene, GFA, Micro.Glass sample cup (2 mL)200-93036-002 mL GlassGlass Test tube (12 mL)046-00150-2712 mL GlassRinse liquid bottle206-87284-912 L plastic tank for rinse liquidPort206-50089-01Integrated portFuse072-02004-11250 V, 3.15 A, Type TGFA-TV206-52950-41Assists with Nozzles PostioningEvery 60 samples *4GFA-TVBack to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com6

GFA-EX7iGFA TubesItemPart NamePart NumberReplacement1Graphite Cap206-50602-002 Years2Seal206-50621-002 Years3Graphite Holder206-50603-002 Years4Socket ASSY206-51030-915Window plate, W(16)-Q205-82654-026O-ring, 4CP14036-11015-007HOSE NIPPLE M 5H 6035-60395-063 YearsNamePart Number High-density tube206-50587-00 Extended Life High-denisty206-50587-11 Pyrolytic coated tube206-50588-00 Extended Life Pyrolytic coated206-50588-11 Platform tube206-50887-02ItemPart NamePart NumberReplacement8O-ring, 4CP14036-11015-003 Years9Bolt206-50680-0110Guide ASSY206-51016-9111Lid206-51074-0012Slide Cover206-50608-0013Spring206-51038-0014Electrode tool206-51014-912 YearsMaintenance Parts: GFA-EX7iPart NamePart NumberRemarksReplacementHose, 8 2B-BK016-02101-04For support gas (Air/Argon), Black3 YearsWire band, for 14 mm037-61018-00Gas hose clampWire band, for 16 mm037-61019-00Cooling water hose clampO-ring, 4CP14036-11015-00Socket Assy3 YearsExtension tube ASSY206-64752-00Cooling Water Outlet3 YearsCooling Water ASSY206-51028-91Cooling Water Inlet3 YearsTetron Sleeve, 10 x 16018-31506-00For Cooling Water3 YearsTUBE ASSY, OUTER206-51033-93TUBE ASSY,TEMPSENS206-51033-94TUBE ASSY,INLET206-51033-95TUBE ASSY,OUTLET206-51033-96TUBE ASSY, INNER206-51033-97Back to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com7

Hy dride Vapor GeneratorItemPart NamePart Number1Hydride vapor generator main body2Reagent bottle (poltethylene)204-09363-013Gas Hose204-05845-024Drain tube (Tygon)206-60250-02AC Cable (110-117 V)206-13774-00Power cable (220-240 V)071-60814-056Fluorinated rubber tube206-60250-017Guide plate206-18033-00Fuse 1 A (110-117 V)072-01214-02Fuse 0.3 A (220-240 V)072-01664-129Cell holder206-77610-9110Absorption cell206-77607-0011Hose clamp, 16 mm037-61019-0012Pump tube 080 (reagent)208-90038-0813Pump tube 130 (sample)208-90038-1314Front cover206-17878-0015Side cover206-17879-0016Gas/liquid ion Coil206-18037-0019Hose nipple204-64601-0020O-ring, EPR200-62522-0021Suction tube (yellow-marked) for NaBH4206-18036-0122Suction tube (blue-marked) for HCl206-18036-0223Suction tube (not marked, 30 cm) for sample206-18036-0324Suction tube (not marked, 80 cm) for ASC206-18036-0425Wire mark (yellow)072-83083-0326Wire mark (blue)072-83083-0227Vinyl cover206-18068-0028Grounding line202-32982-0029Label (flow path diagram)206-18616-0030Hose nipple, HN802035-61522-0031Hose clamp, 14 mm037-61018-0032Instruction manual206-96739-0058Back to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com8

Consumables: HVG UnitPart NamePart NumberPump tube 080 (reagent)208-90038-08Pump tube 130 (sample)208-90038-13Absorption cell206-77607-00AppearanceMaintenance Parts: HVG UnitPart NamePart NumberGas/liquid separator206-17839-00Manifold (except for O-ring, hose nipple)206-17825-00Reaction Coil206-18037-00AppearanceSuction tube (yellow-marked) for NaBH4206-18036-01Back to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com9

Suction tube (blue-marked) for HCl206-18036-02Suction tube (not marked, 30 cm) for sample206-18036-03Suction tube (not marked, 80 cm) for ASC206-18036-04Fluorinated rubber tube206-60250-01Joint (reagent)206-17826-01Joint (sample)206-17826-02Atom Boos terItemPart NumberPart Name1206-50957-91Atom Booster Assembly2206-50937-01Quartz Tube ReplacementBack to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com10

Chem ical Com patibilityAA-6300Chemical NameDrain TankDrain BBBBNitric acidBBBBBBBSulfuric acidBBBBBBBHydrofluoricacidBBBBBXBPerchloric solineCCBBBXBPetroleumCCBBBCBAcetic acidCCBXBBBMIBKCCBXBCBButyl erConditions ofUseChange O-ringsChange the drain tankonce every month.Change the standarddrain tube once everymonth, or replace it withthe optional productChange the O-rings tothe optional products.Change the drain tankonce every month.Change the standarddrain tube once everymonth, or replace it withthe optional product.1: Acid concentration less than 0.5%A: Applicable. Replacement required once every 3 yearsB: Applicable. Replacement required once a yearC: Applicable. Replacement required once a monthX: Cannot be usedBack to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com11

AS C-6100Back to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com12

Lam psSingle Element LampsNameSymbolPart NumberNameSymbolPart ercuryHg200-38422-28MolybdenumMo200-38422-31Back to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com13

Multi-Element-Special Order ItemsBase mChromiumAmalgam Metal/sP/NCa80014625Ca Fe MgBase ElementChromiumAmalgam Metal/sP/NCo Fe Mn Ni8001821880018135Cu80014710Ca Mg80014866Cu Co80018205Ca Cu Fe Mg Si Zn80018133Cu Fe80018224Mg80014627Cu Fe Mn80018225Si80014630Cu Fe Ni80018227Si Ti80014869Cu Mn80018229Ti80014660Cu Mn Ni80018230As Bi80014872Cu Ni80018233Se Te80014874Cu Ni Ag80018234Ca Mg Sr80018161Cu Fe Mn Ni80018226Sr80014663Cu Fe Ni Ag80018228Zn80014666Fe80014713Ba80014669Fe Mn80018236Ba Sr80014876Fe Mn Ni80018237Mg80014672Fe Ni80018239Mg Si80014879Mn80014716Mg Zn80014882Mn Cu80014725CobaltZn80014683Co80014688Cu Fe80018177Co Cu Fe80018206Cu Fe Mn80018178Co Cu Mn80018213Cu Fe Ni80018183Co Cu Ni80018215Cu Mn80018185Co Fe80018216Cu Mn Ni80018187Co Fe Mn80018217Cu Fe Mn Mo80018179Co Fe Ni80018219Cu Fe Mn Ni80018180Co Mn80018220Fe80014728Co Mn Ni80018221Fe Mn Ni80018193Co Ni80018223Mn80014731Co Cu Fe Mn80018207Mn Ni80018199Co Cu Fe Mn Mo80018208Mo80014734Co Cu Fe Mn Ni80018209Ni80014737Co Cu Fe Ni80018212Co Cu Mn Ni80018214Back to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com14

Multi-Element – Special Order ItemsBase ElementCopperGoldAmalgam Metal/sMagnesiumManganeseBase ElementFe80014740Fe MnMolybdenumAmalgam Metal/sP/NCo Cu8001818980018245Co Cu Fe80018182Fe Mn Ni80018247Co Cu Mn80018186Fe Mn Zn80018249Co Fe80018196Fe Mo80018251Co Fe Mn80018192Fe Ni80018252Co Mn80018198Fe Ni Ag80018253Cr Co80018222Fe Zn80018254Cr Cu80018232Mn80014743Cr Fe80018238Mn Ni80018258Cr Mn80018240Mn Zn80018260Cu Fe80018251Mo80014746Cu Fe Mn80018246Ni80014748Cu Mn80018257Zn80014751Fe N8001481080014755PlatinumSiliconSilverCu Ni80018152Ni80014758Cr Cu80018128Pt80014761Cu80014858Pt Ag80018155Cu Ni80018130K80014861Mn80014814Mn Ni80018266Mn Zn80018278Mo80014828Ni80014840Zn80014844SodiumBack to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com15

Single Element Standards1000 mg/L, (ppm)Element NameElement Symbol & MatrixPart numberElement NameElement Symbol & MatrixPart numberAluminumAl in 2% HNO3220-95366-02NeodymiumNd in 2% HNO3220-95366-29AntimonySb in 5% HNO3 0.1% HF220-95366-14NickelNi in 2% HNO3220-95366-30AntimonySb in 5% Tartaric Acid 2% HNO3220-95366-15NiobiumNb in 2% HNO3 0.5% HF220-95366-31ArsenicAs in 2% HNO3220-95366-24PalladiumPd in 10% HNO3 TrHF220-95366-32BariumBa in 2% HNO3220-95366-36PhosphorusP from KH2PO4 in 0.05% HNO3220-95366-34BerylliumBe in 2% HNO3220-95366-44PhosphorusP in 0.05% HNO3220-95366-33BismuthBi in 2% HNO3220-95366-54PotassiumK in 1% HNO3220-95366-35CadmiumCd in 2% HNO3220-95366-64PraseodymiumPr in 2% HNO3220-95366-37CalciumCa in 2% HNO3220-95366-65RheniumRe in 2% HNO3220-95366-38CeriumCe in 2% HNO3220-95366-01RubidiumRb in 1% HNO3220-95366-39CesiumCs in 1% HNO3220-95366-03SamariumSm in 2% HNO3220-95366-40ChromiumCr in 2% HNO3220-95366-04ScandiumSc in 2% HNO3220-95366-41CobaltCo in 2% HNO3220-95366-05SeleniumSe in 2% HNO3220-95366-42CopperCu in 2% HNO3220-95366-06SilverAg in 2% HNO3220-95366-43DysprosiumDy in 2% HNO3220-95366-07SodiumNa in 1% HNO3220-95366-45ErbiumEr in 2% HNO3220-95366-08StrontiumSr in 1% HNO3220-95366-46EuropiumEu in 2% HNO3220-95366-09TantalumTa in 2% HNO3 0.5% HF220-95366-47GadoliniumGd in 2% HNO3220-95366-10TelluriumTe in 2% HNO3 0.2% HF220-95366-48GalliumGa in 2% HNO3220-95366-11TerbiumTb in 2% HNO3220-95366-49GermaniumGe (NH4)2GeF5 in 1% HNO3220-95366-12ThalliumTl in 2% HNO3220-95366-50GermaniumGe in 2% HNO3 0.5% HF220-95366-13ThoriumTh in 2% HNO3220-95366-51HafniumHf in 2% HNO3 0.5% HF220-95366-16ThuliumTm in 2% HNO3220-95366-52HolmiumHo in 2% HNO3220-95366-17TinSn in 2% HNO3 0.5% HF220-95366-53IndiumIn in 2% HNO3220-95366-18TitaniumTi in 2% HNO3 0.1% HF220-95366-55IronFe in 2% HNO3220-95366-19TungstenW in 2% HNO3 1% HF220-95366-56LanthanumLa in 2% HNO3220-95366-20UraniumU in 2% HNO3220-95366-57LeadPb in 2% HNO3220-95366-21VanadiumV in 2% HNO3220-95366-58LithiumLi in 1% HNO3220-95366-22YtterbiumYb in 2% HNO3220-95366-59LutetiumLu in 2% HNO3220-95366-23YttriumY in 2% HNO3220-95366-60MagnesiumMg in 2% HNO3220-95366-25ZincZn in 2% HNO3220-95366-61ManganeseMn in 2% HNO3220-95366-26ZirconiumZr from ZrO(NO3)2 in 0.5% HNO3220-95366-62MercuryHg in 2% HNO3220-95366-27ZirconiumZr in 2% HNO3 0.5% HF220-95366-63MolybdenumMo in 2% HNO3 0.1% HF220-95366-28Back to contentsOrder at 800-477-1227, x1710 or online at store.shimadzu.com16

Shimadzu CorporationURL: Scientific Instruments7102 Riverwood Drive, Columbia, Maryland 21046, U.S.A.Phone: 800-477-1227/410-381-1227, Fax: 410-381-1222URL: www.ssi.shimadzu.comCompany names, product/service names and logos used in this publication are trademarks and trade names of Shimadzu Corporationand its affiliates, whether or not they are used with trademark symbol “TM” or “ R “.Third-party trademarks and trade names may be used in this publication to refer to either the entities or their products/services.Shimadzu disclaims any proprietary interest in trademarks and trade names other than its own.For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.The contents of this publication are provided to you “as is” without warranty of any kind, and are subject to change without notice.Shimadzu does not assume any responsibility or liability for any damage, whether direct or indirect, relating to the use of thispublication.

3 Order . AA-6300 . Burner ASSY . 8. Drain ASSY . 2. Item Part Number Part Name . 1 016-35792-09 Tube, Super-Corn-Ace 206 -50735 93 Level Switch Assy 3 206-63698-00 Drain Bottle

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44 Flame Emission - it measures the radiation emitted by the excited atoms that is related to concentration. Atomic Absorption - it measures the radiation absorbed by the unexcited atoms that are determined. Atomic absorption depends only upon the number of unexcited atoms, the absorption intensity is not directly affected by the

Jul 01, 2016 · JDSU DSAM-6300 xt Specs Provided by 2 DSAM-6300 DigitAl Service AnAlySiS Meter The level mode on a digital channel measures the signal level and MER and tracks the BER and errored seconds. Signal l evel Meter The DSAM-6300 features extremely accurate JDSU digiCheck digital power

PRODUCT FEATURES 1 3 OPTISONIC 6300 P 03/2013 - 4000950303 - TD OPTISONIC 6300 P R03 en 1.1 Portable clamp-on flowmeter The new OPTISONIC 6300 P flowmeter combines mobile, straightforward and quick liquid

Number l HORNCASTLE : ATOMIC ABSORPTION SPECTROPHOTOMETRY Atomic Absorption Spectro photometry D. C. J. HORNCASTLE M.Sc, Ph.D., F.R.I.C, F.R.S.H. Summary HISTORICALLY flame emission spectroscopy Was developed first. Routine analysis showed the advantage of measuring absorption over emission for many metals. Instrumentation " equirements are:—

Animation 3.1 Animation of a Hollow Cathode Lamp. 3.2.3 Mirrors Mirrors are important components of all spectrophotometers. Mirrors are used to direct radiation by reflecting it in a specific direction. Most atomic absorption units employ mirro

iCE 3000 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrometers are refreshingly different from any other atomic absorption instrument. They are compact, stylish and designed with ease of use as a priority. Thermo Fisher Scientific is the leading provider of analytical instruments, equipment, reagents and consumables, software and services for research,

Chapter 8 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Atomic Spectroscopy Methods that deal with absorption and emission of EMR by gaseous atoms The methods deal mainly with the free atoms (not ions) Line spectra are observed Specific spectral lines can be used for both qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Tandem(Flame & Graphite Furnace) type AAS ZA3000 is the new elemental analyzer which continued the fundamental performance of the high precision and sensitive analysis of polarized Zeeman Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, and improved functionality and reliability in response to the User's needs.

Atomic absorption spectrophotometry is considered the method of choice for hepatic iron quantification. The ob-jective of the present study was to perform full validation assays of hepatic iron quantification by atomic absorption spec-trophotometry, using a fast sample preparation procedure, following the guidelines from the International .

AAnalyst 200/400 Atomic Absorption Spectrometers 11 PinAAcle 900 Atomic Absorption Spectrometers 11 Optima 8x00 ICP-OES Spectrometers 11 NexION 300 ICP-MS Spectrometers 12 Importance of Atomic Spectroscopy To Specific Markets 13 Atomic Spectroscopy Detection Limits

Physical & Chemical Properties Chemical & Physical Changes Matter Obj. 2.1.2 Atomic Structure Isotopes Matter Obj. 2.1.2 Rate Atomic Structure Obj. 2.1.4 Matter Obj. 2.1.2 Phase Change Test Matter Matter Atomic Structure Obj. 2.1.4 Atomic Structure Obj. 2.1.4 Atomic Structure Structure Atomic Structure Obj.

Acme Packet 1100 Acme Packet 3900 Acme Packet 4600 front bezel hides the fan assemblies without restricting airflow through the system. Acme Acme Packet 6100 Acme Packet 6300 Packet 6300 Acme Packet 6350 The rear of Acme Packet 6300 least one slot reserved for an NIU.

400-reading memory allows retrieval of previous data for review connects to leading EHr systems to reduce documentation errors 63XXXX-Bconnex VSM 6300—Blood pressure 63XXPX-Bconnex VSM 6300—Blood pressure, printer 63XTXX-Bconnex VSM 6300—Blo

stackable 6300 switches are part of the Aruba CX switching portfolio, designed for today's enterprise campus, branch and data center networks. By combining a modern, fully programmable OS with the Aruba Network Analytics Engine, the 6300 switches provide industry leading monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities for the access layer.

ion coefficient. The average absorption coefficient is defined as the ratio between the total absorption in the hall to the total surface area of the hall. 2 Measurement of sound absorption coefficient. Let us consider a smaple fo. r which the absorption coefficient (a. m) is to be measured.

Trane Horizon Absorption Series Trane has led in absorption chiller design and manufacturing for four consecutive decades. In fact, Trane is the only North American chiller manufacturer to commercialize double-effect absorption, over 25 years ago. With over 10,000 absorption chillers manufactured and

absorption in an appropriate setting (Bronkhorst,2016). As Glicksohn and Berkovich Ohana(2011, p. 54) have suggested, “the higher the absorption score, the more entranced the individual will be, circumstances permitting.” Absorption is typically assessed using Tellegen’s Absorption Scale (TAS; Tellegen

means of atomic absorption spectrophotometry. This technique involves the study of the absorption of radiant energy (usually in the UV and visible regions) by neutral atoms in the gaseous state. In an atomic absorption analysis, the element being determined must be reduced to the elemental state, vaporized, and

Using the Rydberg Equation for Absorption What is the wavelength of the line in the absorption spectrum of Hydrogen corresponding from n i 2 to n f 4? 2 2 2 1 1 1097102nm1 1 1 n n . Neils Bohr used Planck and Einstein's ideas of photons and quantization of energy to explain the atomic spectra of hydrogen n 1 n 2 n 3 absorption .

Academic literary criticism prior to the rise of “New Criticism” in the United States tended to practice traditional literary history: tracking influence, establishing the canon of major writers in the literary periods, and clarifying historical context and allusions within the text. Literary biography was and still is an important interpretive method in and out of the academy; versions of .