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History Makers.We Change the eaYouTube Channel @sunykoreawww.sunykorea.ac.krwww.igc.or.kr admission@sunykorea.ac.kr 82-32-626-1030SUNY Korea Admissions 119-2, Songdomunhwa-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea (21985)The StateUniversityof New York,Korea

About SUNY& SUNY KoreaFounded in 1948, the State University of New York is widely known as the most extensive public highereducation system in the United States, consisting of 64 universities, including Stony Brook University and theFashion Institute of Technology. In the SUNY system, 1.3 million students receive quality educational services in600,000 credit-bearing programs and 700,000 lifelong education and community service opportunities.It is undoubtedly the largest and the best public university system in the United States by any measure.New YorkSUNY Korea was founded as an extended campus ofthe State University of New York to offerworld-class American degree programs in SouthKorea as a part of its steadfast commitment to thevalues of international education and cooperation.U.S.A.Songdo, IncheonKorea

SUNY Korea was founded in 2012 as a part of the Ministry ofEducation’s decision to serve the transnational needs for qualityand global education. Initially launched with the graduateprograms of Stony Brook University’s Technology & Societyand Computer Science Departments, it has grown to providefive degree programs of Stony Brook University and twoflagship programs of Fashion Institute of Technology, educatingmore than a thousand future talents from 35 different countries.STEAMSpecialization in cutting-edge academic areas,or STEAM, that will lead future technologicalinnovations and value creationThe FirstThe first American University established in SouthKorea by the invitation of the Korean Governmentand approval of the Ministry of Education*STEAM : Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, MathematicsU.S.Degree Selectedin KoreaProgramsThe prestigious SUNY degree; authentic Americanhigher education in South KoreaFlagship academic departments of Stony BrookUniversity and Fashion Institute of Technology ofthe SUNY SystemWelcome to SUNY Korea!As the President of SUNY Korea, I am proud to offer the educational excellence oftwo prestigious SUNY universities, Stony Brook University and FIT, on our campushere in Songdo International City. Distinguished faculty with years of experience andexceptional instructional ability will help you inside and outside the classrooms.Our devoted staff will also support you with individually-tailored student services.The entire SUNY Korea community is highly committed to supporting students with arewarding educational experience and a successful college life.History Makers. We Change the World.Wonki Min, PresidentQualityEducationPrestigious undergraduate and graduate degreeprograms with identical curriculum, quality ofeducation/faculty2012Located in the Incheon Global Campus (IGC), themost diverse and successful university complexfor transnational education in East Asia

Stony Brook University was established in Long Island, NewFounded in 1944 in Manhattan, Fashion Institute of TechnologyYork, in 1957. It is a prestigious four-year research universityis one of the first-rate fashion schools worldwide. It isthat has a comprehensive range of academic disciplines. Inacclaimed for its strong focus on practical and hands-on2001, SBU became a member of the Association of Americaneducation in more than 30 programs, including fashion, design,Universities (AAU), a reputable coalition of top universities inaccessories, graphics, arts, and management. It also offersNorth America. There are approximately 17,500 undergraduateexperiential curriculums that allow students to participateand 8,700 graduate students attending SBU. The school isin various industrial-educational cooperation programs andespecially renowned for its Science, Technology, Engineering,projects related to fashion and design. It is truly a world-classMathematics, Medicine (STEMM fields) programs and has morefashion school, with a notable alumni network and over 8,000than 60 departments in total.students from all over the world.Best Value Public CollegeUniversities in the WorldForbes MagazineQS World UniversityRankingUS #1Fashion/Design SchoolCEO WORLD MagazineMember of AAUWorld’s #2Fashion SchoolWardrobeTrendsFashionBest Fashion BusinessDesign DepartmentBusinessofFashion.com(Association ofAmerican University)34Most Diverse U.S. UniversityPublic College/University24/7 Wall St./USA Todayin the USAWorld’s #4Fashion/Design SchoolStyleCraze.comU.S. News & World Report#7 for “Best Community& Career Collegesby Salary PotentialPayscale.comManhattanNew YorkU.S.A.New York*Source: SBU webpages*Source: FIT webpages

Stony BrookUniversityat SUNY KoreaAppliedMathematicsand Statistics#3 Applied Math/Statistics Program in the USACourses (Sample)- Advanced CalculusStudy Areas- Probability/Mathematical StatisticsApplied Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics,- Numerical AnalysisNumerical Analysis, Financial Mathematics, Data- Financial MathematicsAnalysis, Statistical Computing- Data Analysis- Statistical Computing- Graph TheoryComputerScience#16 Computer Science Program in the USACourses (Sample)- Artificial IntelligenceStudy Areas- Principles of Database SystemsArtificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Human-- Human Computer InteractionComputer Interface (HCI), Computer Security,- Computer Security FundamentalsSystems, Computational Theory- System Fundamentals- Computer Networks- Theory of ComputationMechanicalEngineeringAccredited by the US Accreditation Board ofCourses (Sample)Engineering and Technology- Freshman Design Innovation- Computer Aided DesignStudy AreasEngineering Design, Robotics, Thermal- Practical Electronics for MechanicalEngineersSciences, Manufacturing, Dynamics and- Engineering DynamicsControl, Mechatronics- Control System Analysis and Design- Mechanical Engineering Lab- Thermal System Design- Manufacturing ProcessesSUNY Korea offers the world-class academic programs ofStony Brook University in New York, concentrating on STEMMfields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics,Management). 5 SBU departments at SUNY Korea providequality higher education optimized for the waves of the4th Industrial Revolution and the concurrent technologicalTechnology& SocietyConvergence of Engineering/Technology andCourses (Sample)Social Sciences (Management)- Management for Engineers(Technological SystemsStudy Areas- How to Build a StartupManagement)Entrepreneurship, Technology Assessment,- Information and Communications3- The Mobile Revolution in DevelopmentCommunication Technology, Data Science,Business IncubationTechnology for SustainableDevelopment- Interaction DesignYears- Communication for Engineers andScientistsinnovations. Students are given an opportunity to double- Applications Software for Informationmajor or minor in multidisciplinary studies and can also join theManagementAccelerated Program for Master’s Degree in the ar Study Abroadin the New York Campus4 Concentrations:Courses (Sample)Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operation- Decision SciencesManagement- Business Statistics- Investment AnalysisStudy Areas- International FinanceFinance, Business Analytics/Ethics, Marketing,- Principles of MarketingEntrepreneurship, Investment, Accounting,- Marketing StrategyFinancial Accounting, Organizational Behavior- EntrepreneurshipIntensive English Course for Provisional AdmissionsTailored English programs will be provided to the admitted students who do not have official English test scores.

FashionInstitute ofTechnologyat SUNY KoreaFashion DesignFIT’s flagship department withCourses (Sample)a 77-year history- Digital Design Studio- Fashion Research and Inspiration2YearsStudy Areas- Fashion Art StudioSUNY Korea has taken the leading role in the world’s fashion/Fashion Styling, Fashion Design - Art, Pattern- Visual Design Conceptsdesign education since 2017 by offering the top-notch fashionMaking, Draping, Sewing- Apparel Design Studio Patternmakingdesign and business management programs of the Fashion- Material and ConstructionInstitute of Technology. Students in SUNY Korea FIT programs will- Digital Design: Flat & Floatsalso be given a chance to advance to a bachelor’s degree in the- Life DrawingNew York campus after earning an associate degree in Songdo.* AAS (Associate of Applied Science): Ready-for-Work degree for practicaleducation in specialized and industry-oriented fields.Fashion BusinessManagementBusiness/management curriculum focusedCourses (Sample)on design/fashion industry- Fashion Forecasting for Merchandisers- Fashion Business PracticesStudy AreasFashion Marketing, Fashion Product and2Years- Business Intelligence in Planningand BuyingPlanning Development, Retail Strategy/- Innovation in Product DevelopmentManagement- Fashion Marketing and DigitalTechnology- Statistical Analysis- Retail Strategies- Strategies of MerchandisingAdditional 2 Years in theNew York Campus for Bachelor’s Degree

12345AdmissionsADMISSION QUOTA & SCHEDULEFall AdmissionNestled in the Incheon GlobalApplied Mathematics andStatistics40Computer Science50Mechanical Engineering40Technology & Society(Technological Systems Management)65Business Management65Fashion Design30Application DocumentsFashion Business- High School TranscriptManagement75- Semester Start: Late AugustCampus, SUNY Korea provides a- Application Deadline: July Augustlearning environment that meetsglobal standards by providing state-Spring Admissionof-the-art facilities and student-- Semester Start: Late Februarycentered community areas.- Application Deadline: January FebruaryApplication Documents- High School Transcript- Personal Statement- Letter of Recommendation- English Test ScoreFacilities &Environment67- Supplementary DocumentsFall Admission- Semester Start: Late August- Application Deadline: April May8- Personal Statement- English Test Score- Portfolio (*Fashion Design only)- Supplementary Documents910COST11Application FeeTuition FeeResidence FeeLiving Cost50 USD23,550 USD1,275,500 KRW400,000 KRW(Per Year)Per Semester(Double Room)(Estimate)12IEC Tuition Fee1-3 Campus View 4 Library 5 Lounge4,950 USD (Per Session)6 Gym 7 Auditorium 8 Classroom9 Reading Room 10 Residence Hall*Tuition fee and other associated costs incurred during the study abroad in the New York campus may vary.11 Cafeteria 12 Guest House*IEC tuition fee is not applicable to the Fashion Institute of Technology programs.

About IGCSUNY Korea is the founding institution of the Incheon Global Campus, situated in Songdo International City,one of the most developed smart cities in the world. Rooted in the most vibrant ecosystem of educationresearch-industry collaboration, SUNY Korea is a trailblazer of innovative and value-driven transnational highereducation, with the largest number of students and faculty amongst the IGC universities.KoreaSongdo, IncheonIncheonIncheon InternationalAirport30kmSongdoInternational City

in various industrial-educational cooperation programs and projects related to fashion and design. It is truly a world-class fashion school, with a notable alumni network and over 8,000 students from all over the world. US #1 Fashion/Design School CEO WORLD Magazine World’s #4 Fashion/Design School StyleCraze.com #7 for “Best Community .

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.