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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program

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Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) ProgramAuditor General ERP program overviewOctober 2015DRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional

VISIONThe State of Illinois will move from a set of disjointed systemsand tools, to one integrated platformFROM TOMultiple legacy systems, tools, and spreadsheets at various agenciesOne integrated platform across finance,procurement, grants management, humancapital management (HCM), and advancedcapabilities/decision support 190 financial systems 230 HR systems3 or more procurement systemsMultiple excel-based toolsAGENCY 1AGENCY AGENCY NSTATEWIDE INTEGRATED SAP bilities11 Enhanced capabilities incl. decision support analytics, learning, performance, & add’l fin. functionality DRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 1

VISIONThe statewide ERP program will streamline administrativefunctions and lay the foundation for efficient governmentVision of the ERP Program:Rapidly implement an industry-leading software (SAP) that will deliver a modern,integrated IT platform across finance, human capital management, andprocurement for all agencies within the State of Illinois to Drastically improve the efficiency of administrative and citizens services Consistently deliver financial statements in a timely manner Enable statewide transparency, access to information, and swift decisionmaking Enable State operations to receive a clean audit from the Auditor General Be a catalyst for statewide transformation of all administrative servicesDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 2

BENEFITSThe ERP program will help address many of the State’sadministrative challengesMajor issues faced by StateMajor benefits from ERP programCompetitivedisadvantageIllinois lags large U.S. states inleveraging IT to improveadministrative and citizen servicesImproved taxpayer and investorsatisfaction due to automationFunding andtransparencyriskNegative Auditor General reports putsignificant funding at risk at a time ofbudgetary challengesTimely delivery of financial statementsand increased compliance with grantsrequirementsLack ofcontrolDifficult to manage and monitorfinancial, procurement and personnelactivity in real timeImproved financial and procurementprocess effectiveness due to increasedtransparencyRedundancy400 overlapping IT solutions withmanual and duplicative processesGreater productivity and efficiency byconsolidating 300 legacy IT systemsand 120 redundant processesOutdated and sub-optimal ITsolutions that are difficult and costlyto maintainEasier system maintenance andimproved employee moraleOperationalriskDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 3

SCOPEThe current focus is on Financials, Procurement andGrants ManagementCurrent FocusFunctionality that addresses audit findings (e.g., Financials) or delivers the highest value (e.g., Grants) is prioritizedWave 1:Manage the money Establish full transparency of StatefinancialsAddress all major audit findingsupfrontWave 2:Manage the people Establish accurate resource viewfor all State employeesAutomate and streamlinestandard HR processesCapture benefits from improvedGrants and Procurement mgmtFinancials, Procurement andGrant Management General Ledger Accounts Payable/Receivable Asset Lifecycle Management Project Accounting Bank Reconciliation Budgeting Procurement Encumbrance Accounting Grants ManagementHuman Capital Management(HCM) Hiring Management Personnel Administration Labor Relations Payroll Management Benefits Administration Compensation Management Time & AttendanceManagement Leave ManagementWave 3:Support decision making Provide analytics to improvedecision makingAllow value-add enhancements toincrease automation and efficiencyERP Version 2.0: Enhancedcapabilities and decision support Enhanced Financials and HCMfunctionality Treasury & Cash Management Performance Management Learning Management Decision support– Financial Analytics– Procurement Analytics– HCM Analytics– Project AnalyticsDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 4

SCOPEAS OF09/16/2015Agencies in and out of scope for statewide ERP solutionIn scope1Out of e And Family Services (HFS)Governor's AgenciesInsuranceGovernor's AgenciesTransportation (DOT)Governor's AgenciesState Fire MarshalGovernor's AgenciesState Board Of EducationTeachers' RetirementState Universities RetirementState Employees' Retirement (SERS)Student Assistance CommissionUniversity Of IllinoisSecretary Of StateCommunity College BoardSupreme Court4Architect Of The CapitolUniversity, Southern IllinoisJudges Retirement SystemUniversity, Northern IllinoisAttorney GeneralUniversity, Illinois StateGeneral AssemblyUniversity, Western IllinoisUniversity, Eastern IllinoisCourt Of ClaimsUniversity, Chicago StateUniversity, Northeastern IllinoisAuditor GeneralState Board Of ElectionsUniversity, Governors StateMath And Science AcademyAppellate DefenderBoard Of Higher EducationAttorneys Appellate ProsecutorGA Retirement SystemSupreme Court Historic PreservationLegislative Information SystemLegislative Research UnitForecasting and AccountabilityLegislative Reference BureauLegislative Printing UnitUniversities Civil Service SystemJCARJudicial Inquiry BoardLegislative Ethics CommissionLegislative Audit CommissionState Charter School CommissionElementary EducationElementary EducationHigher EducationGovernor's AgenciesHigher EducationHigher EducationElected officialsHigher EducationJudicialLegislativeHigher EducationJudicialHigher EducationElected officialsHigher EducationLegislativeHigher EducationHigher EducationJudicialHigher EducationHigher EducationLegislativeElected officialsHigher EducationHigher EducationJudicialHigher islativeLegislativeLegislativeLegislativeHigher Elementary EducationHuman Services (DHS)Governor's AgenciesRacing BoardGovernor's AgenciesCentral Management Services (CMS)Governor's AgenciesHistoric Preservation (HPA)Governor's AgenciesCommerce And Econ Opp (DCEO)Governor's AgenciesWorkers' Compensation (WCC)Governor's AgenciesCapital Development Board (CDB)Governor's AgenciesLaw Enforcement TrainingGovernor's AgenciesEnvironmental Protection (EPA)2Governor's AgenciesLabor (DOL)Governor's Agencies(DOC)3CorrectionsGovernor's AgenciesIllinois Arts CouncilGovernor's AgenciesLotteryGovernor's AgenciesGuardianship And AdvocacyGovernor's AgenciesChildren And Family Serv (DCFS)Governor's AgenciesInspector GeneralGovernor's AgenciesAgingGovernor's AgenciesExecutive Ethics Comm. (incl. CPO)Governor's AgenciesNatural Resources (DNR)Governor's AgenciesState Police Merit BoardGovernor's AgenciesRevenue (DOR)Governor's AgenciesGovernorElected officialsPublic Health (DPH)Governor's AgenciesDrycleaner CouncilGovernor's AgenciesEmergency Mgt Agency (IEMA)Governor's AgenciesProperty Tax Appeal BoardGovernor's AgenciesManagement And Budget (GOMB)Governor's AgenciesCouncil On Dev DisabilitiesGovernor's AgenciesState PoliceGovernor's AgenciesHuman Rights CommissionGovernor's AgenciesEmployment Security (IDES)Governor's AgenciesEdLabor Relations BoardGovernor's AgenciesGaming Board (Gaming)Governor's AgenciesPrisoner Review Board (PRB)Governor's AgenciesCriminal Justice Info Authority (CJIA)Governor's AgenciesLabor Relations BoardGovernor's AgenciesMetropolitan Pier And Exposition (MPE)Governor's AgenciesLieutenant GovernorElected officialsState Comptroller (IOC)Elected officialsDeaf And Hard Of HearingGovernor's AgenciesCommerce Commission (Commerce)Governor's AgenciesIndependent Tax TribunalGovernor's AgenciesVeterans' Affairs (VA)Governor's AgenciesProcurement Policy BoardGovernor's AgenciesJuvenile Justice (DJJ)Governor's AgenciesCivil Service CommissionGovernor's AgenciesFinancial And Prof Reg (DFPR)Governor's AgenciesCHIPGovernor's AgenciesAgricultureGovernor's AgenciesViolence Prevention AuthorityGovernor's AgenciesMilitary Affairs (incl. Ntl. Guard)Governor's AgenciesMedical District CommissionGovernor's AgenciesIllinois PowerGovernor's AgenciesHuman RightsGovernor's Agencies58 agencies41 agencies1 Excludes authorities (e.g., Tollway), which may be in scope at later date3 Includes Sex Offender Mgmt Board2 Includes Pollution Control Board4 Includes Administrative Office of Illinois CourtsDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 5

TIMELINEInitial plan: To rollout “Wave 1” to pilot agencies by the end ofWhere we are todayfiscal year 2016PRELIMINARYFY16CY16Day 1SolutiondesignFinancials,Procurement & GrantsMgmt.FY17CY1712 MonthsHumanCapitalMgmt.FY18CY1824 MonthsFY1936 MonthsCY19FY20CY2048 MonthsEnhancedcapabilities,decisionsupportPILOT rollout(IOC, IDES,EPA, and VA)CLUSTER 1CLUSTER 2CLUSTER 3 Planned SAMS replacementAccelerated time-to-implementation, quick wins, and early business impact vs. elongated, full-featured deploymentDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 6

GOVERNANCEDetails in appendixERP organization structure1ProgramOversight Group2SteeringCommitteeAS OF 9/24State of Illinois teamExecutive Sponsor(Hardik Bhatt)DPMOERP Program Director(Kevin O’Toole)McKinsey Team3BProject Managers(Scope/Work, Resource,Issue/Risk, Quality)ACAccenture PMDeloitte PMState ERP resourcesFunctionalLeadsLegacy system s)TechnicalLeadsChangeChampionsTesting LeadsAgency ERP resourcesFinance SMEsSponsorProcurementSMEsLiaisonGrants MgmtSMEsAdmin LiaisonDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 7

GOVERNANCEOverview of ERP implementation governance bodiesDescription Oversight and decision-making body on program scope, funding, andimplementation priorities1 Programoversight group Small group of very senior executives Chaired by the State CIO Exists until the end of implementation at which time responsibilities of this bodywill be transitioned to a different body providing operational governance Guidance body comprised of senior state leaders from variety of agency andconstitutional offices2 Steeringcommittee Reviews progress and provides input to the Program Team Chaired by the State CIO Exists until the end of implementation at which time responsibilities of this bodywill be transitioned Daily operational body that manages the program, including timeline, deliverables,quality, and budgets according to plan, and takes appropriate action as needed Manages risks/issues and escalates to Executive Sponsor and/or Steering3 PMO Committee when appropriateIncludes Program Director, State PMs, McKinsey team, Deloitte PM, andAccenture PM Chaired by the Program Director, with McKinsey support Exists until the end of implementation at which time may evolve into standingmaintenance organizationDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 8

We have an end to end process to gather requirements, anddesign and finalize the Process & Systems designsCRP (conference roompilots) sessionsDevelop Process &System designsQA review and sign offprocess Validate businessrequirementsAlign on “To-Be” processflows in SAPPerform fit / gap analysisbased on SAP functions Develop process designdocuments with mappingto SAPDevelop SAPconfiguration designdocuments (fit) Review technical designquality (QA-SI partner)Perform quality reviewGet agency sign off (StatePM’s and agency liaisons)Develop customdevelopmentspecifications (gaps)DRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 9

Team has developed, and is executing a comprehensivecommunication plan to improve awareness and transparencyProgram website created and launchedNewsletter created for regular distribution ERP program website created and wentlive on 10/02Program website provides– Regular updates on ERP program– Key FAQs for dissemination amongstakeholders Regular newsletter distribution launched on10/02Distribution includes overall ERPstakeholder communityNewsletters circulated via email and hostedon ERP websiteNumber of other elements to the overall communication plan include Frequently asked questions (FAQs) Biweekly change champion meetings 1-1 meetings with large critical agencies to address concernsDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 10

Auditors for ERPPursuant to Section 15 of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois (Department of CentralManagement Services Law) (20 ILCS 405/15), the Office of the Governor is authorizing theDepartment of Central Management Services’ Division of Internal Audit (CMS DIA) to conducta pre-implementation review of the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) as requiredbySection 2003 of the Fiscal Control and Internal Auditing Act (30 ILCS 10/2003). Accordingly,CMS DIA requires access to all documents and records pertaining to ERP as well as to anyagency staff affiliated with the ERP system. DIA also will require similar access at eachagencyto related information for any systems being phased out by ERP. CMS DIA will disseminate areport for the ERP audit activities to affected agencies.So please, filter all auditing questions through CMS DIA.DRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 11

QuestionsIf you have questions email:Statewide.ERP@illinois.govDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 12

TextSource: SourceDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 13

AppendixSource: SourceDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 14

ORGANIZATIONDetails in appendixProgram organization: State Roles and responsibilitiesERP Program DirectorState Project ManagersScope/Work ManagerIssue/Risk ManagerBudget ManagerQuality ManagerState ERP LeadsAFunctional LeadsCOrganization/Change EnablementLeadsBTechnical LeadsDTesting LeadsDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 15

ORGANIZATIONA Functional LeadsRole descriptionThe Functional Expert has responsibility to lead the State of Illinois to optimize and standardize the business processesfor their assigned functional area as well as ensure their proper execution by supporting the vendor System Integrators.This position must have prior knowledge of the requirements for their assigned function and be comfortable with makingdecisions regarding the solution configuration. This person will be responsible for understanding, planning andprioritizing any change requests for submission to project leadership. This position will work closely with the ERPCoordinator in each agency as well as the designated agency functional SMEMainresponsibilities For the assigned function, obtain a thorough understanding of (1) requirements of each agency and (2) functionalityoffered by ERP software Optimize and develop standardized business processes for assigned function using input from the SME’s included inthe blueprinting process as well as the SI lead for the same function Critically evaluate information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, decompose high-level informationinto details, abstract up from low-level information to a general understanding, and distinguish user requests from theunderlying true needs Lead and influence large design meetings towards an effective and collaborative outcome Engage with agency ERP Coordinator and agency SME to guide them through the implementation process Ensure delivery of high-quality services and products to agencies Work with SI and designated agency staff to identify and resolve all issues that could impact project scope and/ortimeframeDesiredbackground Excellent verbal and written communication skills, detail-oriented, and the ability to interact professionally with adiverse group, executives, managers, and subject matter experts on both the business and IT sides Strong analytical and problem solving skills Demonstrated expertise in state government in the assigned functional area Self-starter that possess a strong desire to seek optimal solutions and share discovery with colleagues Personal confidence and a passion for customer service Project management experience desired Ability to deliver and drive results to a managed project plan The ability to work on multiple engagements and deliverables simultaneouslyDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 16

ORGANIZATIONB Technical LeadRole descriptionThe Technical Lead has responsibility to lead the State of Illinois’ technical solution for the ERP Program and ensure thetechnical side of the program is delivered within scope, budget, time and quality. This position must have priorknowledge of the State of Illinois technical architecture and understand the impact of the ERP Program requirements onit. This person will be responsible for working closely with Functional Experts on understanding and providing input forany change requests to be submitted to project leadershipMainresponsibilities Create a detailed plan for the tasks related to the IT team that is aligned with the plan from the functional experts aswell as the overall PMO master plan Monitor and control the technical project plan according to estimate, schedule, resources and scope Collect and analyze project progress reports and status data; ensure project is adhering to project plan Assess impacts of legacy system interfaces and work closely with Change Management to prepare forimplementation Provide support and guidance to Development Lead, Testing Lead and Legacy System Assessment Coordinator. Identify and resolve data integrity issues Evaluate impacts of changes in time, scope or resources Support and ensure technical readiness within the functional areaDesiredbackground Excellent verbal and written communication skills, detail-oriented, and the ability to interact professionally with adiverse group, executives, managers, and subject matter experts on both the business and IT sides Thorough understanding of the State of Illinois IT infrastructure Self-starter that possess a strong desire to seek optimal solutions and share discovery with colleagues Personal confidence and a passion for customer service Project management experience desired Ability to deliver and drive results to a managed project plan The ability to work on multiple engagements and deliverables simultaneouslyDRAFT Confidential - Proprietary and Pre-decisional 17

ORGANIZATIONC Organization/Change Enablement LeadRoledescriptionThe Change Manager is responsible for organizational readiness and agency Deployment of the ERP-relatedtransformation. This position is responsible for managing all aspects of change associated with the transformation of theorganization to align with business processes, systems and technology, job roles and organizational structures. Thisincludes oversight and leadership of all organizational change management project team activities. This person willfocus on the people side of change and will work closely with SI Change Management Lead, other ERP Project teammembers as well as agency ERP CoordinatorsMainresponsibilities Identify and manage stakeholders affected by introduction of new system and processes Identify and train change agents Revise business processes and ensure new systems will be “usable” Set up and manage knowledge transfer processDesiredbackground Possesses knowledge of the process areas being transformed and an understanding of how the process, includingsupporting system(s), integrates with other processes and initiatives Strong presentation, verbal and written communication skills with the ability to articulate complex ideas in easy tounderstand business terms to all levels of management including senior leaders as well as ability to influence andinspire others Competent in diagnosing individual and organizational performance improvement needs, matching interventionmethodology with needs, and determining the appropriate development measures Thorough knowledge of State of Illinois organizational structure and

Project Accounting Bank Reconciliation Budgeting Procurement Encumbrance Accounting Grants Management. Human Capital Management (HCM) Hiring Management Personnel Administration Labor Relations Payroll Management Benefits Administration Compensation Management Time & Attendance Management Leave Management. ERP Version 2.0: Enhanced