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Assessment Guide Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG327Answer Key870,058B807,508D 807,085C807,058 F 800,758E 805,058that will make a true comparison.24791 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG37124,679; possible explanation: the 4 represents 4,000and the 6 represents 600.What is the least number that can be made using each digitexactly once? Explain why the value of the 4 is greater thanthe value of the 6.Part B976,421; possible answer: I used place value. I took thegreatest digit and placed it in the spot furthest to theleft, the hundred thousands column. I placed the nextgreatest digit in the ten thousands column and so on.I know that each place value is ten times as much asthe place value to its right.What was Leslie’s number? How do you know this is thegreatest possible number for these digits?Part A6Leslie wrote the greatest number that can be made usingeach of these digits exactly once.870,508ASelect a number forMark all that apply.Assessment Guide2.1.NameChapter 1 TestPage 1Chapter 1 Test*2 21Name12,79912,62512,247Centennial Peak,Mount Tiedemann,Mount RootBetween 12,501 feet and12,800 feet240BDC23230 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG38Liz is correct. Possible explanation: Luis left the tenthousands digit the same instead of increasing it by1. The digit in the thousands place is 5, so to round tothe nearest ten thousand, Luis should have increasedthe ten thousands digit, 3, by 1.Luis and Liz each rounded 635,974 to the nearest tenthousand. Luis wrote 630,000 and Liz wrote 640,000. Who iscorrect? Explain the error that was made.2,300AThe assistant principal bought 230 student planners for theschool. If there are 10 planners in a box, how many boxes didhe buy?Mount Root is the tallest; Possible explanation:I compared the heights by place value position.Circle the name of the tallest peak. Explain how you knowwhich of the mountain peaks is the tallest.Mount Columbia, MountKing George, North TwinBetween 12,240 feet and12,500 feetChapter 1 TestPage 2Height (ft)Write the name of each mountain in the box that describes itsheight, in feet.Assessment Guide6.5.4.3.Height (ft)Mountain Peaks of CanadaCentennial Peak12,533Mount RootMount Columbia12,293 Mount TiedemannMount King George 12,274North TwinNameFor 3–4, use the table.NameChapter 1 Test*2 21

Assessment Guide Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG328Answer c.7d.43,86715 to 1965 and over50 to 6435 to 4920 to 34Age in years46,10172,26189,416119,388Population Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG394,277 children; 43,911 – 39,634 4,277;Check students’ work.How many more children are under the age of 5 thanbetween the ages of 10 and 14? Show your work.161,677 people; 89,416 72,261 161,677;Check students’ work.How many people are between the ages of 35 and 64? Showyour work.83,998 children; 43,911 40,087 83,998;Check students’ work.How many children are under 10 years old? Show your work.39,63410 to 14Assessment Guide10.9.8.43,91140,0875 to 9PopulationPopulation of Fresno, CAUnder 5Age in yearsThe table shows recent population data for Fresno, California.NoNoNoNoThe total season attendance for a professional footballteam’s home games, rounded to the nearest ten thousand,was 710,000. For numbers 7a–7d, select Yes or No to tellwhether the number could be the exact attendance.For 8–10, use the table.7.NameChapter 1 TestPage 3Chapter 1 Test*2 21TrueTrueTrueThe value of 8 in 380,194 is 800,000.The value of 7 in 671,235 is 70,000.The value of 9 in 874,092 is 900.11b.11c.11d.FalseFalseFalseFalse1 hundred thousand 6 thousands 4 hundreds 2 tens 3 onesone hundred six thousand, twenty-threeBCone hundred six thousand, four hundred twenty-threeF Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG40101,447; 101,473 – 9,879 91,594;91,594 9,853 101,447; Check students’ work.Tanya, Will, and Juan are playing a game online. Juan scores101,473 points. Tanya scores 9,879 fewer points than Juanand Will scores 9,853 more points than Tanya. What is Will'sscore? Show your hundred six thousand, four hundred threeED 100,000 16,000 400 20 3100,000 6,000 400 20 3ASelect another way to show 106,423. Mark all that apply.TrueThe value of 2 in 724,638 is 20,000.11a.For numbers 11a–11d, select True or False for eachsentence.Assessment Guide13.12.11.NameChapter 1 TestPage 4Chapter 1 Test*2 21

Assessment Guide Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG329Answer Keyn 9n 75BCless than 25,391.10,000 less than 35,391 is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG41less thangreater thanequal to1,000Circle the choice that completes the statement.16,185 square miles; 113,998 97,813 16,185;I estimated the difference as 110,000 98,000, or12,000. The answer is close to the estimate of 12,000,so it is reasonable. Check students’ work.Arizona has a land area of 113,998 square miles. Wyominghas a land area of 97,813 square miles. How much greateris the area, in square miles, of Arizona than the area ofWyoming? Show your work and explain how you know theanswer is reasonable.D n 159n 8A84 – n 98 – 23Use comparative relational thinking to find theunknown number.Assessment Guide16.15.14.NameChapter 1 TestPage 5Chapter 1 Test*2 215 50 50,000 5,00064 27 73 1887 – 33 83 – 37BCD 54 – 28 63 – 3745 11 37 19A Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG42Use comparative relational thinking to choose whichequation is three, day one, day two; possible answer:16,237 16,390 16,550An ice-skating competition lasted three days. Day one hadan attendance of 16,390 people. Day two had an attendanceof 16,550 people. Day three had an attendance of 16,237people. Write the days in order from least attendance togreatest attendance. Use pictures, words, or numbers toshow how you know.222,064 people; 543,718 321,654 222,064; Checkstudents’ work.A total of 543,718 visitors went to a theme park duringAugust and September. If 321,654 visitors went to the themepark in August, how many visitors went to the theme park inSeptember? Show your work.36,458 375,123 18,005 52,789 Match the number to the value of its 5.Assessment Guide20.19.18.17.NameChapter 1 TestPage 6Chapter 1 Test6723

Assessment Guide Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG330Answer Key 18Eden 15 22 14CinderellaAmericaAmber Star 15 19 16RegularPrice 75 50 1252 25 50 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG43Shari will buy 3 Cinderella roses; 2; 19 2 38; 12 3 36; 38 36 2; Check students’ work.Shari will buy 3 Cinderella roses or 2 America roses. Shewants to buy the roses that cost less. What roses will shebuy? How much will she save? Show your work.Possible explanation: First, I found the discountedcost of the Eden roses and the regular cost of theCoretta Scott King roses. Then, I added the total costof the Eden roses ( 75) and the total cost of theCoretta Scott King roses ( 50). 125; 15 5 75Chapter 2 TestPage 1 12 16 13Price for 3or moreMr. Rivera buys 5 Eden roses and 2 Coretta Scott King roses.What is the cost of the roses? Show your work and explainhow you found the answer. 42; 14 Check students’ work. 3 42What is the cost of 3 Amsterdam roses? Show your work. 25Coretta Scott KingAssessment Guide3.2.1. 17RosePrices for RosesRegular Price for 3Priceor moreAmsterdamRoseFor 1–3, use the table.NameChapter 2 Test*2 21TrueTrueTrueTrue6 723 4,2287 3,249 22,7434 938 3,6529 2,641 23,7694c.4d.FalseFalseFalseFalse4 31004 100704 703 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG44173 Check students’ work. 4400280 12692Possible explanation: The model shows that I canwrite 173 as 100 70 3. Then, I multiply each numberby 4 to get the partial products 400, 280, and 12.The sum of the partial products, 692, is the answer.Then find 4 173. Show your work and explain.Part B4Draw a line to match each section in the model to the partialproduct it represents.Part A4a.4b.For numbers 4a–4d, select True or False for each equation.Assessment Guide5.4.NameChapter 2 TestPage 2Chapter 2 Test*2 21

Assessment Guide Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG331Answer Key9 8 72333999349993373 3times as many as 8321times as many as 93694is 72 . 21is 36 .3FalseFalseTrueTrueUsing regrouping, 24 ones are regroupedas 4 tens 2 ones.The product is 384.7c.7a.50,130 points;8,355 650,130 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG45Check students’ work.Chapter 2 Test*2 21FalseTrueUsing partial products, the products are240 and 36.7b.It costs 8,355 points to build each school in the computergame Town Planning. How much does it cost to build6 schools? Show your work.False729True368A reasonable estimate of the product is 360.217Chapter 2 TestPage 37a.Multiply 6 64. For numbers 7a–7d, select True or False foreach statement.6c.6b.6a.For numbers 6a–6c, write an equation or a comparisonsentence using the numbers on the tiles.Assessment Guide8.7.6.Name330300) (9 550050) (9 4404003 1,200 12 hundreds4 300 4 hundreds56 hundreds 5,600 8 700 8 7 hundreds)2,150 23 2,127Carrie received 2,127 chairs.650 1,500 2,150750 2 1,500325 2 650 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG46Carrie manages a catering company. She rented 325 chairseach week for the first two weeks of May. Carrie rented750 chairs each week for the first two weeks of April. Thechair rental company forgot to send 23 chairs. How manychairs did Carrie receive in those 4 weeks? Show your work.10b.10a.For numbers 10a–10b, use place value to find the product.(9 Multiply 9 354 using place value and expanded form.Choose the number from the box to complete the expression.Assessment Guide11.10.9.NameChapter 2 TestPage 4Chapter 2 Test*2 21

Assessment Guide Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG332Answer Key5 ) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG47215 unbroken party favors; possible explanation:first, I found the number of whistles, 3 18 54.Next, I added that number to the number of hats andhorns, 54 84 96 234 party favors in all. Last, Isubtracted the number of broken party favors, so234 19 215 unbroken party favors.50530*2 2130020Chapter 2 Test7Chapter 2 TestPage 52Lana also bought 3 bags of whistles with 18 whistles in eachbag. When the party started, Lana found that 19 of the partyfavors were broken. How many unbroken party favors werethere? Explain your answer.Part BLana bought 12 more horns than party hats; 7 12 84; 4 24 96; 96 84 12; Check students’ work.How many more horns than party hats did Lana buy?Show your work.Part ALana bought party favors at the store for the school's 6thgrade graduation party. Lana bought 7 bags of party hatswith 12 hats in each bag. Lana also bought 4 bags of hornswith 24 horns in each bag.9 (500 3) (9 500) (9 3) 4,500 27 4,5274,527; Possible explanation: Since 503 is 3 more than500, I used addition.Find 9 503. Show your work and explain why the strategyyou chose works best with the factors.(7 300 ) (7 20 ) (7 There is a plant sale at school. The price for each plantis 7. Which expression can be used to show how muchmoney the school will make if it sells 325 plants? Usethe numbers on the tiles to complete your answer.Assessment Guide14.13.12.Namennnnn40644 16 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company4AG48106Use the Distributive Property to model the product on thegrid. Record the product.5 n 40n 8Heidi’s mom made 8 tulip arrangements and 32 rosearrangements.TulipRoseHeidi’s mom made flower arrangements for a party.She made 4 times as many rose arrangements as tuliparrangements. Heidi's mom made a total of 40 arrangements.How many flower arrangements of each type did Heidi's mommake? Complete the bar model. Write an equation and solve.Julio scored 12 points and Kris scored 24 points.possible explanation: Julio scored n points, andKris scored 2 n points. Together they scored 3 npoints, so I wrote the equation 3 n 36. I solved tofind n 12 points, and 2 n 24 points.Kris and Julio played a card game. Together, they scored36 points in one game. Kris scored 2 times as many points asJulio. How many points did Kris and Julio each score? Writean equation and solve. Explain your work.Cathy volunteered to collect cans for a school project. Cathycollected 125 cans in 5 days. There were 6 volunteers,including Cathy, who each collected about the same numberof cans. About how many cans did they collect?Assessment Guide18.17.16.15.Name6723Chapter 2 Test1,200600400135Chapter 2 TestPage 6

Assessment Guide Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG333Answer KeyChapter 3 TestPage 1 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG49Answers will vary. Possible answer: I think theestimate using the compatible numbers is a betterestimate. When rounded numbers are used to findan estimate, each factor becomes greater than theactual factors, so the product will be an overestimate.When compatible numbers are used, one estimatedfactor was 2 less than the actual factor and the otherestimated factor was 2 more than the actual factor, sothe estimate should be close to the actual product.Which do you think is the better estimate? Explain.Part CThe total cost would be about 500.20 25 500Use compatible numbers to estimate the total cost of the field trip.Part BThe total cost would be about 600.20 30 600Round each factor to estimate the total cost of the field trip.Part AMr. Burn’s class is taking a field trip to the planetarium. Thetrip will cost 27 for each student. There are 18 students inhis class.Possible explanation: think of 80 as 8 tens. 30 8tens is 240 tens; 240 tens 2,400Explain how to find 30 80 using mental math.Assessment Guide2.1.NameChapter 3 Test*2 21YesYesYesYes14 20 28060 30 18050 50 2,50014 30 7003b.3c.3d.3e.NoNoNoNoNo50 2025 4025 4041 2428 3130 3025 4030 30 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG50Possible number sentence: 25 20 500; possibleexplanation: I used numbers that were close to thegiven numbers but easier to multiply.There are 23 classes in the fourth grade. Each grade has21 students. Write a number sentence that will providea reasonable estimate for the number of students in thefourth grade. Explain how you found your estimate.51 2126 3750 20Which would provide a reasonable estimate for eachproduct? Write the estimate beside the product. Anestimate may be used more than once.2,800pensThere are 28 boxes of pens in Mr. Gardner’s supply cabinet.Each box contains 100 pens. How many pens are in thesupply cabinet?Yes75 10 7503a.For numbers 3a–3e, select Yes or No to show if the answer iscorrect.Assessment Guide6.5.4.3.NameChapter 3 TestPage 2Chapter 3 Test*2 21

Assessment Guide Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG334Answer Key30128022432081,2048 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG5111233Chapter 3 Test*2 2143 28 142486040Chapter 3 TestPage 320( 10 30 ) ( 10 6 ) ( 2 30 ) ( 2 6 )Possible answer given.Tatum wants to use partial products to find 12 36. Writethe numbers in the boxes to show 12 36.What is the product 28 43?Part C6080032040Redraw the model so that it is correct.Part BAlbert added the numbers in the model instead ofmultiplying.What did Albert do wrong?Part AAlbert made this model to find the product 28 43. Hismodel is incorrect.1,2004030The model shows 41 32. Write the partial products.Assessment Guide9.8.7.NameC93721010 30030A35505B 26 1466020 20010B24804C 13 331 ,428851 13 Multiply. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company663AG52399marblesAlex has 21 marbles. Zach has 19 times as many marbles asAlex. How many marbles does Zach have? 2 04 001, 0 00Write the unknown digits. Use each digit exactly once.51 2812480(5 5) 375 pencils(25 15) (20 10) (20 5) (5 10) Mr. Thomas places orders for pencils with the schoolemblem. The order includes 15 boxes of pencils and eachbox holds 25 pencils. How many pencils does Mr. Thomasorder? Use partial products to help you find the answer.9030310 30030A 17 35Which model can be used to find the product? Write theletter of the multiplication problem below the model.Assessment Guide14. 3 TestPage 4Chapter 3 Test*2 21

Assessment Guide Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG335Answer Keygreen bean plants Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG5365 books; 28 30 840; 31 25 775; 840 – 775 65Bill and Alyssa helped pack books to donate to a charity. Billpacked 28 boxes with 30 books in each box. Alyssa packed31 boxes with 25 books in each box. How many more booksdid Bill pack? Show your work. 1,764; Possible explanation: I multiplied 6 and 3 toget 18. Then I multiplied 18 and 100 to get 1,800. Since98 is 2 less than 100, I subtracted 2 18 from 1,800 toget 1,764.The school principal orders 6 new chalkboards foreach grade. There are 3 grades in the school. Each newchalkboard cost 98. What is the total cost for the newchalkboards? Explain how you found your answer.936 meters; 13 72 936; Check students’ work.Val runs 13 laps. Each lap is 72 meters. How many metersdoes Van run? Show your work.E (20 20) (20 9) (3 20) (3 9)D (23 20) (23 3)*2 21Chapter 3 Test525 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAssessment Guide49 41 2,009 2,009; 22 27 49AG54What is the exact answer for the total cost of the MP3players? Show or explain how you found your answer.Part B50 40 2,000Possible estimate: 2,000; 22 27 is about 50. 41 isabout 40.What is a reasonable estimate for the total cost of the MP3players? Show or explain how you found your answer.Part AA music store sells 22 blue MP3 players and 27 red MP3players. Each MP3 player costs 41.What is the correct product?Part CBradley multiplied 5 by 20 and got 10 instead of 100.Bradley’s answer is also incorrect. What did Bradley do wrong?Steve multiplied 25 by 20 correctly, but then multiplied25 by 1 as 250.Steve’s answer is incorrect. What did Steve do wrong?Part ASteve and Bradley are finding the product of 25 and 21.C (20 29) (3 20) (3 9)21.20.NamePart BChapter 3 TestPage 5B (23 20) (23 2) (23 20) (23 9)A (23 20) (23 9)Select another way to show 23 29. Mark all that apply.646A farmer planted 38 rows of green beans with 17 plants ineach row. How many green bean plants did the farmer grow?Assessment Guide19. 500 Steve25Chapter 3 TestPage 6Chapter 3 Test6723 5435202140010Bradley25

Assessment Guide Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG336Answer Key504060C70D80E10152025 36r2YesYesYes41 365 436 94b.4c.4d. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyAG55Yes32 44a.For 4a–4d, choose Yes or No to tell whether the divisionsentence has a remainder.20Look at the model. What division does it show?The quotient is between 15 and 20 .5Between which two numbers is the quotient of 88 5?Write the numbers in the boxes.BANoNoNoNoKelli and her family went to the beach for vacation. Theydrove 293 miles in 7 hours to get there. If they drove thesame number of miles each hour, about how many milesdid they drive each hour? Select the numbers the quotientis between.Assessment Guide4.3.2.1.NameChapter 4 TestPage 1Chapter 4 Test*2 21packs4,500 9 Solve. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company500AG56Having a remainder lets me know that not all of thedogs and their crates will fit in the 17 trucks. Thefacility manger did not rent enough trucks.How can you use your answer to determine if the facility managerrented enough trucks? Explain.Part CA remainder of 7 means that 7 dogs and their cratesdo not fit in the 17 trucks.What does the remainder mean in the context of the problem?Part B160 9 17 r7Write a division problem that can be used to find the numberof trucks needed to carry the dogs in their crates. T

Cathy volunteered to collect cans for a school project. Cathy collected 125 cans in 5 days. There were 6 volunteers, including Cathy, who each collected about the same number of cans. About how many cans did they collect? 16. Kris and Julio played a card game. Together, they scored 36 points in one game. Kris scored 2 times as many points as Julio.