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CMDB Visualization Using Visio1. mapping across the infrastructureCreating Visio service maps automaticallyEmbedding data and hyperlinks into Visio shapesUsing Visio data graphics to highlight statusPutting service maps on the Intranet with Visio web pagesMultiple mappings from a common data sourceCMDB data capture using VisioSystem overview for automating Visio diagramsDavid Cuthbertson CEO, AssetGenDavid Beavan CTO, AssetGenVisio is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation- All rights acknowledged AssetGen Limited1

CMDB Visualization Using VisioManaging change to the services delivered by an ITinfrastructure requires understanding at all levels and bymany teams. Communicating how systems and servicesare interlinked is not easy, so we use maps and diagramsto enable comprehension of the likely risks or pathsinvolved.Examples of typical diagrams covering CMDB/CMS1. Service Maps2. Architecture diagrams3. Data flows between components4. Change / Incident indication5. Batch process charts6. Recovery / Risk indicationsBusiness ProcessesDepartmental, CompanyServicesEnd user, infrastructure, supplierApplicationsPC, server, mainframe, SOAVirtual InfrastructurePCs, Network, Servers, Storage, DBMSHardware InfrastructurePCs, Network, Servers, UPS, Storage, OtherThere are many different diagrams that help withmanaging services, so AssetGen SysMap provides aneasy way to create the different views of our infrastructureusing MS Visio.Plus we have to consider how we maintain them. AssetGen Limited2Fixed Infrastructure(Cabling, Power, Cabinets, Rooms, Buildings)

Why create Visio service maps automatically?With CMDB data directly linked to Visio, time is saved compared to manual typing,layout and verification. Using AssetGen to create the diagrams takes minutes ratherthan hours (or days) and doesn’t require everyone to be expert Visio users.Time (hrs)Verifying a service mapwith embedded dataoften takes longer thancreating it!Manually producedVisio directly linked to a CMDBVisio generated by AssetGen SysMapAdd shapes topageAdd shape datato shapesAdd links /connectorsbetween shapesAdd link /connector dataAdd hyperlinksback to CI data AssetGen Limited3Verify / updateexisting Visiodiagram withCMDB contents

The Problem of ComplexityAs a service gets more complex, the time taken to manually draw, enter data and verifyincreases exponentially. Without automated diagram production it becomes costly tocreate and maintain service views – why not use the data in the CMDB?Time (hrs)Manually producedVisio directly linked to a CMDBVisio generated by AssetGen SysMapThe difference in timetaken when drawingcomplex services withmany server and softwareCIs is significant.A complex service isproduced in seconds withAssetGen.Number of CIs AssetGen Limited4

Different Views Required From The CMDBFor an environment with 30 services delivered by 100 servers, you may need more than30 “top down” service maps. Change impact is best served by bottom up maps createdas required.“Top Down”Starting at a Server or Application, showthe system or service impactStarting at a Service or Process, showthe supporting CIs.Typically used by technical teams Planning a component change Submitting change forms Incident management Incident recovery Project planning Identifying change ownership Predicting fault impactTypically used by service management Validating service CIs Identifying risks Understanding service architecture Availability planning Business continuity Single points of failure Billing and charging Transitioning services“Bottom Up” AssetGen Limited5

Creating a Visio Service Map - AssetGenAdvanced button formultiple mappings –covered later1. Choose a starting CIfor the service map2. Select the number oflevels to display5. Press RUN to draw3. Decide on the searchtype to display single ormultiple services on adiagram4. Select if you want todraw, compare orupdate an existingdiagram AssetGen Limited6It typically takes a few secondsto draw a service map tailored toyour needs;- with embedded CI data- with embedded hyperlinks- with embedded settings- page size scaled appropriately

More than a Picture!Visio gives us many capabilities that extend beyond just a “picture”. AssetGen SysMapgenerates not just the diagram, but also embeds CI data and hyperlinks back to CMDB.5. CI data automaticallyadded to shape data1. Shape representsdifferent grouping inCMDB for ease ofunderstanding2. CI hyperlinkautomaticallyembedded to go toback to CMDB3. Impact Analysishyperlinks automaticallyembedded for “what if”CMDB querying4. Data Center CMDBhyperlinks automaticallyembedded for physicaland hardware data AssetGen Limited7

Using Visio to show statusThe data graphics feaure of Visio lets us easily see the end of support risk with CIs thatmake up a service. Really useful for showing risk, recovery, ownership and other statusinformation, but without having to create more diagramsPolicyAdministrationSalesCRMMember ModuleCRM DBClaimsProcessingPolicy ModuleClaims ModuleAccountsReceivablePayment ModuleINS LIVEAccountsPayableAccounts ModuleACCOUNTSSVRWIN001 AssetGen Limited8Colour depends onembedded data valuefrom CMDBSage PayrollPAYROLLGreen – In supportAmber – EOL in 12 monthsRed – Out of supportSVRUNX001Payroll

Service Maps on the IntranetSaving a Visio service map as a web page, preserves hyperlinks and embedded data.An easy way to distribute service knowledge to everyonePan and Zoom windowfor control of detailEmbedded CI datadisplayedSearch on CI names andembedded data acrossmultiple pages AssetGen Limited9CTRL-CLICK to seeembedded dataSingle CLICK to launchhyperlinks to CMDBand Data Center data

Multiple Perspectives, Common DataUsing the advanced filtering, multiple mappings can be maintained in AssetGen SysMapand then displayed separately. Ideal for reducing the number of disparate sets coveringoperational systems. Produce Visio diagrams of either as requiredService ViewData Flow ViewISA Payment ExampleISA PAYMENT FUNCTIONCustomerServicesCitrix ClientISA PAYMENTREQUEST HANDLINGWORKFLOWCLIENTISA PAYMENTWORKFLOWPAYLOGCLIENT CPAYORACLEFWS 03SQL FWS 04UK VWBIRM001UK VWBIRM002Claims ProcessingFUNDS MOVEClaimsProcessingORACLE LP1ORACLE LP2CITRIX SERVERLPAR1Service DeskSVR-BHAM-010301CHEQUE PRINTERUK BIRM BLADE 01LPAR2UK VWBIRM004UK BIRM BLADE-02Z800 2065 AssetGen Limited10

Use Visio for Data CaptureIf you draw a service map in Visio, it can be used to update AssetGen SysMap directly.We check for duplication, enabling common components to be re-used in multipleservice maps. Other options include .txt, .csv and netViz.1. Select the Visiodiagram to import orupdate fromMakes it easy to documentservices one at a time, usingAssetGen SysMap to showoverlaps, common componentsand gaps in understanding3. Choose relationshipdata required2. Choose CI datarequired AssetGen Limited11

AssetGen SysMap Overview2. Visio Output Options1. OfflineCopyAssetGenSysMapCreateCompareService Deskor FederatedCMDB“Top down”“Bottom up”“Radial etc.”Update(if available)InputSQLDatabaseInput4. Data CaptureVisio diagrams3. Additional CIsand relationship data1. An offline copy is taken of the existing CMDB – avoiding CMDB performance issues2. AssetGen SysMap then produces Visio diagrams under user control3. Additional CI data or relationships can be added to aid service understanding4. Visio diagrams can be used for data capture into AssetGen SysMap AssetGen Limited12

CMDB Visualization SummaryWe make it possible to automate the production of complex service maps, from thesame data that is used for categorising changes and incidents. The servicesbecome easier to understand and effort in communicating with different teams isreduced. Visio can also be used as data capture tool when creating or updatingservice catalogues.To finish with, Visio combined with AssetGen SysMap givesa.b.c.d.e.f.g.A quick, automated way to produce diagrams from existing CMDB dataA fast way to validate the accuracy of CMDB data and relationshipsService maps which are easily communicated using standard MS office toolsetsConsistency of symbols, content and embedded data across mapsA method of data capture that avoids manual transcription from and into CMDBs.Great flexibility in the outputs generatedSavings in staff time in producing and maintaining service mapsContact us or our resellers for more information on the AssetGen rangeWeb - Tel: 44 (0)870 950 4651 - UKTel: 1 (0) 301 947 6714 - USTel: 61 (0) 417 231726- AsiaPac AssetGen Limited13

CMDB Visualization Using Visio 1. Service mapping across the infrastructure 2. Creating Visio service maps automatically 3. Embedding data and hyperlinks into Visio shapes 4. Using Visio data graphics to highlight status 5. Putting service maps on the Intranet with Visio web pages 6. Multiple mappings from a common data source 7. CMDB data .

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Data Center Visualization Using Visio 1. Data Centers and Visualisation 2. Linking Visio to data center management systems 3. Embedding data and hyperlinks into Visio shapes 4. Data Center Space - Floor plans, rack diagrams 5. Topology maps - Network, Power 6. Other Topologies - Infrastructure, equipment, architectures 7.

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6 WHITE PAPER: CMDB, CHANGE & CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT CMDB ARCHITECTURE A full-featured CMDB includes the following fundamental capabilities (See Figure B): Federation Integrating multiple configuration data sources by duplicating and/or connecting to (and then maintaining) data from a source to the CMDB. This is accomplished using

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