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PESTLE ANALYSIS TEMPLATEPEST/ PESTLE Analysis on (organization name) SWOTSWOT ContextSWOTDate of AnalysisviewPESTLE Analysis factorsYour notesPotential Impact:Implication and importanceThe list below is just to get youstarted. Remember to put these ,and others that you add in thecontext of your organization orbusiness.About yourorganization.How mightthe factorslisted on theleft impactyourbusiness orpart of theorganization?H - HighM - MediumL - LowU - UndeterminedTimeFrame:Type:Impact:Relative Importance:0-6mths6-12mths12-24mths24 mthsPositive Negative-Increasing CriticalFor example if you are a smallprivate company the behavioursof a Tesco or a largeinternational player may wellimpact on you.If you are a local authority,government changes will changeyour priorities. In the NHSchanges to treatments andpublic attitudes will also impactetc.Political - SWOT Trading policiesFunding, grants andinitiativesHome marketlobbying/pressuregroups 2006-2008UnknownImportantUnchanged Decreasing UnknownUn-importantUnknown

International pressuregroupsWars and conflictGovernment policiesGovernment term udesTerrorismPolitical trendsGovernmental leadershipGovernment structuresInternal political issuesShareholder/ stakeholderneeds/ demandsEconomic - SWOT Home economysituationHome economy trendsOverseas economiesand trendsGeneral taxation issuesTaxation changesspecific toproduct/servicesSeasonality/weather 2006-2008

issuesMarket and trade cyclesSpecific industryfactorsMarket routes anddistribution onetary issuesDisposable incomeJobgrowth/unemploymentExchange ratesTariffsInflationInterest and exchangeratesConsumer confidenceindexImport/export ratiosProduction levelInternal financeInternal cash flowSocial - SWOT Consumer attitudesand opinions 2006-2008

Media viewsLaw changes affectingsocial factorsBrand, company,technology imageConsumer buyingpatternsMajor events andinfluencesBuying access andtrendsEthnic/religious factorsAdvertising andpublicityEthical issuesDemographics (age,gender, race, familysize,)Lifestyle changesPopulation rationHealthLiving standardsHousing trendsFashion & role modelsAttitudes to workAttitudes to peopledoing certain types ofworkLeisure activities 2006-2008

OccupationsEarning capacityStaff attitudesManagement styleorganizational cultureChanges to educationsystemTechnological - SWOT Competing technologydevelopmentResearch technology/solutionsMaturity of technologyManufacturing maturityand capacityInformation andcommunicationsConsumer buyingmechanisms/technologyTechnology legislationInnovation potentialTechnology access,licensing, patents 2006-2008

Intellectual propertyissuesGlobal communicationsInventionsInnovationsNew cationsRate of obsolescenceHealth(pharmaceutical,equipment, etc.)ManufacturingadvancesInformation ste ation toolsSoftware changesRSI 2006-2008

Additional split of information if doing a PESTLE analysis rather than a PEST analysis:Legal - SWOT Current legislationhome marketFuture tory bodies andprocessesEnvironmentalregulationsEmployment lawConsumer protectionIndustry-specificregulationscompetitive regulationsEnvironmental - SWOT EcologicalEnvironmental issueso Internationalo Nationalo localEnvironmentalregulationsCustomer values 2006-2008

Market valuesStakeholder/ investorvaluesStaff attitudesManagement styleorganizational cultureStaff moraleStaff engagementGlobal factorsEU based factors 2006-2008 2006-2008

PESTLE ANALYSIS TEMPLATE PEST/ PESTLE Analysis on _(organization name) SWOT SWOT Context _ SWOT Date of Analysis _ view PESTLE Analysis factors Your notes Potential Impact: Implication and importance The list below is just to get you started. Remember to put these ,

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