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The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouThe Insider Report AboutWhat The Gurus Do andDon’t Tell YouSean Mize,Author of Anyone Can CoachandTop Author at

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouFrom Sean Mize:“I personally generate 20 to 40 per subscriber within 21 days . . . and you can too . . .read this report to find out how:”About Sean Mize:Author of Anyone Can Coach:Top Author At Ezinarticles:

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouHere’s the report:The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’tTell YouFrom: Sean Mize:If you are reading this, my guess is that you have just met me. You possibly read one ofmy articles on ezinearticles or you were just in the Warrior forum and one of my WSO’ssent you here.You likely were looking for information to learn how to do one of the following things:1) drive more traffic2) write more effective emails3) create a coaching program4) or sell more stuffAnd whatever you were looking for, the exact information I promised you, you’ll bereceiving it via a separate email within the next few minutes.But before you get the information and read it, I’d like to share a few things with you, ifthat’s okay with you.You see, the information I’m sending you is exactly what you asked for.It will teach you what you are looking for.And it’s spot on, accurate, and works in the real world.But . . . it’s not going to change your life.Here’s why:Because whatever you were looking for when you found me is NOT the silver bullet thatis going to make everything alright.I know, I know, a lot of people want you to think that all you have to do is learn (1) morething and everything’s gonna be all right. We call that silver bullet marketing. Perhapsyou even sell silver bullet marketing. It’s really profitable.And the cool thing is, if you are a silver bullet marketer, you can sell to the same peopleover and over again.

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouBecause silver bullet buyers buy again and again and again.But they never get results.They just keep buying.And if you are a silver bullet marketer, that’s what you really want people to do.Here’s the way it works: a person is looking for the solution to end all solutions, that isgoing to change their life, and they get an email that says, “ all you have to do is (fill inthe blank, facebook marketing, twitter marketing, WSO marketing, article marketing,whatever) and your life will change.”So the person buys the training.It’s good training.It teaches all about whatever it is it promised.The person even tries to do it.Maybe it works, maybe not.‘Cause it doesn’t matter.Because if that person doesn’t have EVERYTHING ELSE in place, the facebookmarketing or twitter marketing or article marketing or google proof seo, whatever, itwon’t make them money.Because they don’t have a system in place to monetize whatever it is.So they decide that whatever it is they bought, might work for others, but not for them.Then they get another email.“just do this one thing like I did, and you will get rich”So they buy another training.Study it. Great training. Try it out. It works.But it doesn’t change their life.Because their complete system isn’t in place and working.So why do people keep buying over and over and over again?

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouBecause they are in a hopeful psychological state.They keep hoping that something they buy next will be the silver bullet.It’s kind of like people buying lottery tickets. The odds are 2,999,999 out of 3,000,000that someone will NOT win the 1 million prize. So why do they feel compelled everyFriday to buy a few tickets?It is the hopeful psychological state that keeps pushing them to buy.And that same psychological state is pushing people to buy trick after trick after trick silver bullet after silver bullet over and over again.Each time thinking it will be different.It won’t be.So for marketers who appeal to that buy and buy again mentality - it is highly profitable.And I’m telling you this because I want to be very clear that whatever download youordered from me is NOT going to change your life.It’s one more silver bullet.You can study it, implement it, use it, and it will work.But if you don’t have a complete system in place to monetize the people who arecoming into your campaigns and buying your products, it doesn’t matter if you have onemore traffic source, it doesn’t matter if you learn how to write more persuasive emails, itdoesn’t matter if you get better at writing articles or selling through WSOs - whateveryou ordered from me - it just doesn’t matter.Because if your system isn’t profitable, you won’t make sales.And if you don’t make sales, it doesn’t matter how many articles you write, how manyWSOs you do, how many emails you write, how many facebook followers you have, ifyou don’t make sales, none of it matters.In a few minutes I’m going to share with you the formula that you need to have in placeto make money in information marketing.It’s not what you think.

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouIt’s not what the gurus are telling you.It IS what they are doing.But it’s NOT what they are telling you.Why?Because revealing the system is not profitable.Because the system is a lot of work.And most people don’t want to do a lot of work.So people don’t buy the keys to the “system”They buy silver bullet solutions.They buy facebook secrets, tantalizing twitter methods, WSO secrets, cheat google outof traffic, that’s what they buy.So that’s what the gurus sell.They sell what sells.But what they are DOING is something different entirely.Think about the gal selling “make millions with facebook”How is she marketing it?Through a bunch of JVs, a carefully written email sequence, and multiple upsells, plushe has facebook coaching.She’s NOT making her money with facebook!Think about the guy selling the latest clickbank CPC secret system.He CLAIMS you make your money from creating sinister special links in google that goto high - CPC clicks that make you money on autopilot. All you have to do is buy hisproduct and take 20 minutes to set things up and presto, you will have 300 a daycoming in.But what is he DOING?

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouHe has a sales page, 3 upsells, a long term coaching program, a 15 email sellingsequence, and multiple JV partners.I could go on and on.No matter what people are selling that is the “solution” to making money online, they arenot DOING that solution. They are DOING what I am going to share with you in a fewminutes.Now, you might be asking, well, what about so-and-so? He actually does what he isteaching. And there are a few exceptions. Those are people who are highly ethical,moral marketers who genuinely care about you.And there are a few out there, for sure. And if you know someone like that, you shouldsupport him or her 100%. Because they care about you. Instead of selling get rich quickgimmicks, traffic gimmicks, and so, they are teaching you the real thing instead of tryingto make a quick buck selling you the latest smoke and mirrors solution that won’t worklong term.But those people are few and far between.But what I have found is that most gurus are NOT teaching what they DO, they areteaching what will SELL.So why am I telling you all of this?Here’s why:Because I care. Because I have to be able to sleep at night. I’ve been successful online.I have dozens of clients in my coaching program, people who faithfully make a paymenteach month in exchange for what I teach them each week.Through both my own marketing and through coaching my clients and seeing whatworks and what doesn’t, I know what makes money online. Ethically and not. I knowwhat people are selling that doesn’t work and yet people are paying for month aftermonth. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t sleep at night peddling those kinds ofsmoke and mirrors solutions.Long story short, I have to sleep at night. I’m a Christian. I’m accountable to a higherpower. He’s watching everyday. (He’s watching you too.)By now you are likely thinking, “please, Sean, just get on to the formula.”I will, I promise.

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouI want to cover one more thing, then I will share with you the formula for long termmonetization online.Here’s the thing, statistically speaking, you probably have never heard about me beforereading this document.You see, I’m not very well known in the normal internet marketing circles. I don’t domillion dollar launches. I don’t sell silver bullet internet marketing training.In fact, one of the things I’ve been watching and studying lately is how a lot of the imniche marketers are making their money.You know what I’ve discovered seems to be one of the most profitable paths out there?Here it is:A funnel that looks like this:A 37 entry product that promises a 20-minute set up for a business that will make youa millionaire in a few monthsThen an UPSELL that for 2,000 to 10,000 you can franchise the guys business thatsold you the 37 upfront product.And if you don’t take the upsell, you get a phone call in a few days from an “internetmarketing consultant” that offers you a complete starter training package for 4,000.When you sign up, you get access to a membership site, and when you schedule acoaching session you get someone they pay 10 an hour to who is coaching for thembecause they weren’t successful finding their own clients so they are working by thehour for an internet marketing selling company.Seriously, that’s who the big firms are hiring to do im coaching. Because the successfulcoaches won’t work for 10 an hour. So by default if someone buys one of those 4,000upsells, they are going to get a 10 an hour worker to answer their questions.I’m sorry, I don’t care how profitable that model is - and MANY of the im gurus out thereare using some iteration of that funnel I just described - I just can’t do it.I couldn’t sleep at night if I did.

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouSo because I haven’t been able to consciouably do what is highly profitable for othermarketers, I’ve taken a different path.I highly profitable path, if I may say so myself.But instead of doing big million dollar launches (by the way, have you ever thoughtabout how profitable a million dollar launch is?)Here are some numbers:Revenue: 1 million dollarsCosts:70% to affiliates ( 700,000)20% to refunds ( 200,000) 20,000 to a high level copywriter 20,000 to a product launch managerAnd varied additional costs for web hosting, amazonAWS storage, and customer service. 1 million in revenue, 960,000 in costs.Net 40k for several months work.Not for me.I would much rather have a highly consistent funnel thatmakes money month after month like clock work withvery little risk.Here’s what I did when I got started:Instead of buying oodles of traffic, instead of figuring out SEO, instead of constantlychasing traffic, I wrote articles.I averaged 7 1/2 articles a day for 10 months, writing about 1500 articles my first 10months online. The articles were profitable, so I hired article writers to help me write.

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouAfter a few years, I became the #1 author on Here’s a screen shot Itook when I was #1:Now, I have more than 25,000 articles there:I’m no longer #1, because the #2 guy writes like 30 articles a day, to be #1. But I havefound through extensive testing that the optimal # of articles for one day is 8 articles perday.So I no longer have a desire to be #1, just to say “I’m #1.” Been there, done that. I’mproud of being #1. But it’s time for others to compete.I’ve also written a book:I wrote Anyone Can Coach because when I was learning to create a virtual coachingprogram that operated very automatically, that allowed me to coach dozens of clientshighly successfully in just 2 hours a week, I couldn’t find a book about it. I ended upbuying a training course for 1000, paying 2 different coaches 2,000 each, and hiringanother high level trainer for 5,000 a month for 5 months, just to learn what it took tolaunch my own virtual coaching program the exact way I dreamed and envisioned.So once I learned it all, I codified it all, wrote it as a 250 page book, then decided topublish it. And I’m proud of that book. It’s the most intensive, revealing, and actionablebook on the market for how to create an online coaching program.So although you haven’t probably heard of me before today, it’s not because I haven’tbeen quietly successful. But it just hasn’t been in the internet marketing niche.Instead, for several years, I was the world’s foremost go-to person for learning articlemarketing and converting article marketing leads to dollars. I no longer focus on articlemarketing because most people aren’t willing to write 5-8 articles per day, no matterhow much money it makes them, so I just don’t focus on that anymore.So now that I’ve shared with you why I’m not well-known in the internet marketinglaunch market, and why the profitable guru model just doesn’t feel right to me, my guessis you are ready for me to share with you the model I personally use to monetize newsubscribers at very high levels ( 20 - 50 per subscriber) and do it very quietly behindthe scenes?Ok, I’ll dig in:

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouHere’s the model:You must sell multiple products, and you must have a coaching program. You must havea conversion funnel that converts people to first-time buyers within 14-30 days. And youmust have a powerful, scientifically designed email campaign that predictably turnspeople into buyers within the first 14-30 days they are on your campaign.Here’s why:The email box is highly profitable, and hence it is bombarded by emails from yourcompetitors everyday. And if someone has been getting your email for more than 30days and has not bought from you, they probably never will.Now, I know that’s not what you’ve likely heard from other marketers. They tell you tohave a long term campaign that sends several emails a week for years, and eventuallypeople will buy.But let me ask you this: think about your last 5 purchases online. Were they from peoplewhose lists you were on for months or years, or from someone you just met that is ableto teach you something no one else could?My guess is that although you might be opening those emails sent from people youadmire and trust, you aren’t buying from those emails. And your clients and subscribersaren’t either.So why are people still sending those emails?Because they’ve been told it works. Because an occasional buyers buys. But do youknow what? That occasional buyer, had they been removed from the list if they hadn’tbought after 30 days on the list, would have found a way back onto your list anyhow.I’ve seen it time and time again.You see, I regularly remove everyone from my list who joins my list and doesn’t buy thefirst product within 30 days. That’s right, if they don’t buy in 30 days, they come off mylist.And I’ve proven time and time again that the ones who really want to learn from me, willget back on my list. And when they get back on my list, they buy.But if they stayed on my list, and get hammered with email after email, day after day,they never buy.So taking people OFF my list increases long run sales.

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouHere’s another way to look at it:Let’s say you get 1000 new subscribers each month.If you run a normal campaign, and try to make money long run, you make about 2 persubscriber, per month, right?So the first month you have 1000 subscribers, you make about 2,000.The second month you have 2,000 subscribers, you make about 4,000.After about 6 months, attrition catches up, so you cap out at about 6,000 subscribers,making 12,000 a month.But since these people have been on your list for 6 months, you have to keep comingup with new offers and creating new products to sell to them, month after month, just tokeep them buying.And their open rate and click through rate goes down and down and down.So you cap out at about 12,000 per month, writing 10-20 emails per month, andconstantly creating products or hunting for affiliate products to sell.Maybe you know how that feels, it’s really frustrating.And because you are wanting to build long term, strong relationships so these peoplewill keep opening your emails month after month in the future, hoping they will buy fromyou (it’s that old hopeful psychology we talked about earlier), you really hold back fromsending too many emails the first 30 days because you don’t want to chase them off orturn them away.But . . . the first 30 days is when they are most responsive!Open rates the first 30 days are 20% - 50% and click through rates are 10% - 20% ormore!But after 30 days, they have dropped to 5% - 10% for open rates, and even lower forclick through rates.But that backend is where most of your emails are going out!

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouMonth after month after month!But imagine instead that your goal were to make 20 - 30 per subscriber the very firstmonth - the first 30 days on your list - and you are committed to removing someonefrom your list if they don’t buy within 30 days - you would be free to go ALL OUT to getthem to become a buyer within 30 days, right?Think about this:If you send out 20 emails a month for 6 months, with an average click through rate of5%, 100 subscribers would be about 12,000 emails over 6 months, for 600 clicks.If you convert at 5% to 100, then you would make 30 sales of 100 over 6 months for 3,000 total sales after 6 months.But what if you were to send 3 emails a day (yes, it can be done) for 30 days, which is90 emails in 30 days (instead of 120 emails in 6 months) but instead of a 5% clickthrough rate, you get closer to 10% because it’s the first 30 days - so for 100subscribers you have 9,000 emails in 30 days, and at1 0% click through rate you get900 clicks in 30 days instead of 600 clicks in 6 months - and at the same 5% conversionrate to 100, you make 45 sales in 30 days.Even if you made the SAME number of sales in 30 days as you made in 6 months wouldn’t it be better to make the money in 1 month instead of 6 months?I think so.And that’s what I do.3 emails a day for 30 days. Then take them off my list.I make more money in 30 days then I used to make in 6 months with the same leadsource.And many times someone who was removed from the list because they didn’t buy, runsacross one of my articles or WSOs in the future, resubscribes - and because Idisappeared on them, unlike the rest of the people who have been hammering them tobuy - they feel compelled to buy from me and they become buyers the 2nd time around.Folks, this model works.It’s what I do.

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouIf you aren’t sure about the numbers, read the last couple pages again. Take notes.Write out the conversions.By the way, you might be asking, well don’t people unsubscribe if they get 3 emails aday?Yes, under 2 conditions:1) you send blatant sales letters begging them to buy. Then they unsubscribe.2) They don’t want to learn from you.Here’s the thing: if you send valuable content - powerful training like this, that reallyeducates people, and they STILL decide to unsubscribe, then they probably wouldnever have bought anything anyway.Think about that: if they don’t want to read your good content, they probably will neverbuy anyway. So why leave them on your list, sending them 10 emails a month that theywill never buy from anyway.But if someone really likes what you are teaching them, they will read 3 emails a day and they will buy.Do you want to know how I discovered this?When I was a wet-behind-the-ears beginner marketer I made the mistake of writing 3email campaigns and creating 3 opt in forms and in my articles I would lead people tosign up for 1 of the 3 of those campaigns (that was when you could put 3 links in aresource box at ezinearticles). Each opt in form was for a different topic, so I thought ifthey didn’t subscribe to one, they might subscribe to another. So I thought I would getmore signups, but not the same person subscribing to all 3.But many people subscribed to all 3, so guess how many emails they got each day? 1from each campaign! 3 emails.But when I ran my sales numbers and looked at who bought what, guess who boughtthe most from me?People who were on ALL 3 LISTS, getting 3 emails a day!Guess who was the next group down?The people who subscribed to 2 lists.And the people who subscribed to one list bought the least!

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouI NEVER would have thought that to be the case. Logic tells us the people who signedup for more campaigns would have unsubscribed and never bought.But in reality, yes, more people unsubscribed from those lists - but more importantly,more people BOUGHT if they were on 3 lists instead of one.That was a huge marketing lesson for me.And it was actually the first step in my process to getting to the point where I wouldrather send 3 emails a day and make 20 per subscriber within 30 days instead ofmaking 20 per subscriber over 6 months.The second lesson was when I learned that if you take people OFF the list after 30 daysif they don’t buy, the ones who REALLY want to be on your list will find a way back on.And the third lesson was when I realized the cash flow lesson.Here is the cash flow lesson:If you make 20 per subscriber in 6 months, and it costs you 2 per subscriber to getsubscribers, you make a 90% net profit, and have a 1000% ROI.Cool. But it takes 6 months to do it.But if instead you make the SAME money in the first 30 days - you make MORE moneyin 6 months.The reason is cash flow.If you make it in 30 days instead of 6 months, you can re-invest.It works like this:

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouImagine you have 2000 to invest upfront (of course, you can start from scratch or 100or whatever, but it takes even longer than the description below, but the concept is thesame)So you get 1000 subscribers the first month with your 2000 investment.And each month you make 2,000 from those first 1000 subscribers.And then let’s assume you reinvest 2,000 each to get more subscribersMonth 1Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5Month ibers100020003000400050006000Investment 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000Revenue 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000Net Profit0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 2,000 6,000 12,000 20,000 30,000Total NetProfitNow let’s assume instead that you make the full 20 per subscriber the first month,instead of at a monthly rate of 2 per month per subscriber, this is what this looks like:Month 1Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5Month ibers100010001000100010001000

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouMonth 1Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5Month 6Investment 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000Revenue 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000Net Profit 18,000 18,000 18,000 18,000 18,000 18,000Total NetProfit 18,000 36,000 54,000 72,000 90,000 108,000In the second spreadsheet above, we deleted all the subscribers after the first month ifthey didn’t buy.And yet still we see that total revenue in a 6 month period is more than triple therevenue of the basic mail-them-for-6-months model most everyone else is using.Now, maybe you are thinking, ok, but I’m starting from scratch, I’m only going to invest 100 a month to get this going And the truth of the matter is - without drawing a spread sheet for that - if you simplylook at the first spreadsheet, divide all numbers by 20 ( 100 is 1/20th of 2000), you willhave a pretty accurate representation of where you would be after 6 months ofmarketing. 30,000/20 1,500 in total revenue after 6 months. Subtract out all yourwebhosting fees, training fees, autoresponder fees, etc. - and you aren’t making anymoney in 6 months.But contrast that to starting with 100 - and reinvesting 50% of revenue for just 2months, then leveling out at the 3rd month at 2,000 new investment using the 30 daymodel, check out what happens:Month 1Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5Month rs505001000100010001000

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouMonth 1Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5Month 6Investment 100 1,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000Revenue 2,000 10,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000Net Profit 1,900 19,000 18,000 18,000 18,000 18,000Total NetProfit 1,900 20,900 38,900 56,900 74,900 92,900As you can see, by using a model that is very aggressive during the first 30 dayssomeone is on your list, the profit margins are so strong that after just 2 months of reinvesting 50% of revenue, you are on track after just a couple of months to generatinga net profit of 18k month after month.Now, obviously, these spreadsheets are for illustrative purposes only. Spreadsheetsdon’t make you money.You have to have the right emails for the 30 days, you have to have the right products tosell at the right price points, to make this kind of money.If you have 1/2 the emails, maybe you only make 1/2 the money. If you have 1/2 theproducts or sell for less, then you make less.But hopefully by seeing this illustration, you get a clearer picture of the value ofmaximizing revenue in the first 30 days, instead of trying to break even after 6 months.And like I said, in order for you to generate any profit - let alone the levels I just showedyou for example - you have to have the profit pieces in place:1) You have to have 3 products to sell2) You have to have a backend coaching program to sell3) You have to have the 30 day email campaign that is aggressive, builds relationshipfast, and gets people to buy your 3 products and join your coaching.So the next thing I’ll show you here is why you need 3 products and why you need acoaching program (I’ve already shown you why you need the 30 day email campaign)

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouHere’s why you need 3 products to sell:If you only have (1) product you won’t make these numbers.Imagine a 5% conversion rate on a 97 product:100 subscribers 500That is 5 per subscriber.We’ve been talking about 20 per subscriber.The only way you can get to 20 per subscriber with the one product would be to sell20% of your subscribers.As you know if you have been in the business very long, it’s not going to happen.So you have to have multiple products.You have to have something for people to buy who DON’T buy your 97 product.This can be done a couple of different ways:1) It can be done by having a 2nd 97 product that you sell to ANOTHER 5 % of yourlist, and/or to people who bought your first product. This could account for another 5per subscriber in revenue (100 subscribers -- 5 buy 2nd product at 97 500/100 5 per subscriber2) This still leaves you short. By a lot.So here’s what I recommend instead:-- Have a 297 product that 3 people out of 100 buy - so out of 100 subscribers, youget 900 in additional revenue from that 2nd product - bringing your 30 day revenuetotal to 14 per subscriber.Now, we are still short of 20 per subscriber, and that is where having a coachingprogram is critical.But before I share with you some numerical scenarios, I want to be very clear aboutsomething: regardless of the money - you need to have a coaching program.The reason for this is that, frankly, your products are not probably changing lives.Sure, your clients might like them.

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouThey might learn from them.But what happens most of the time is that someone reads your products, listens to yourproduct, or watches your product, and thinks “that is great information, let me put it touse” and then they go to implement what you have taught.And they get stuck.It happens almost 100% of the time.No matter how good your product is, if they can’t ask you questions and get some help,they get’s probably happened to you.You’ve bought great training.Studied it.Implemented it.But it just didn’t get you the results it should have.Not because it was bad training.But because you didn’t have access to the seller - the master, the expert, the guru,whatever you call him or her - to ask a few questions and customize things.You needed coaching.And we’re not talking about break-the-bank 5,000 coaching (I’ve already shared why Idon’t like that model) - but just some simple access. And something affordable.And your clients need that too.And the price point I have found that works at a high conversion rate is 97 a month.At 97 a month, your clients can afford it, so they stay in month after month.And at 97 a month, they don’t expect you to spend hours and hours with them.At 97 a month, you can literally hold ONE phone call each week or month - answerquestions live to any one who asks - and people who need help will get on the call.

The Insider Report About What The Gurus Do and Don’t Tell YouYou make 97 a month times the number of people in the program - and the only timeyou spend on the coaching program is the 1-2 hours per week when you hold a liveconference call where everyone in your program can call in with questions.And most people never come to the call live. They listen to the recording. So you canhave 100 people paying you 97 a month and only about 5 will have a question eachweek.I hope I’ve convinced you it’s easy to do.Because that’s what I think holds most people back from having a coaching program.But all you need is a few people for each 100 subscribers, to join your program - andyou are easily at that coveted 20 p

the blank, facebook marketing, twitter marketing, WSO marketing, article marketing, . marketing or twitter marketing or article marketing or google proof seo, whatever, it won’t make them money. Because they don’t have a system in place to monetize whatever it is. . A funnel that looks like this:

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