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National Community Development Association Strategic Plan .

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National Community Development AssociationStrategic Plan 2020-2025Mission Statement: To assist local governments to achieve high-quality, locally responsive programs formaking communities better places to live and work, particularly for low and moderate-income people.TOP PRIORITIESENHANCE TRAININGS AND CONFERENCESTrainingLeadership TrainingNew Training CoursesTraining CertificationMember Participation in Conference Agenda DevelopmentConferencesProfessional Development Track at ConferencesPre-Conference TrainingRETAIN/GROW MEMBERSHIPRegional DevelopmentFocus on Large EntitlementsMember Feedback on ServicesADVOCACYAdvocacy for Programs and FundingRegulatory ReformStrengthen Grassroots VoiceBUILD ORGANIZATION CAPACITYIncrease Staff SupportAttract Leaders to the Subcommittees and National BoardREBRANDING/MARKETINGNCDA Recognized BrandMembership Marketing Through Social MediaDigital Marketing1

GOAL 1: ENHANCE TRAINING AND CONFERENCESStrategy: Provide Leadership TrainingAction Step: Hire a consultant to develop a NCDA Leadership Academy Leadership Trainingo Overall leadership developmento Leadership development within community developmento Special track for young professionalso Special track for NCDA subcommittee members, board members, and ExecutiveCommittee Advocacy Training (political and relationship skills) Succession Planning (grooming new staff) CertificationWhen:By December 2021 – consultant hiredBy May 30, 2022 – Leadership Academy draft outline completedBy June 30, 2022 – PPD Subcommittee reviews draft outlineBy November 30, 2022 – Leadership Academy plan completedBy January 30, 2023 – plan approved by PPD SubcommitteeBy January 30, 2023 – plan approved by BoardBy June 30, 2022 – plan approved by BoardBy June 30, 2025 – plan implemented/Leadership Academy beginsWho: Executive Director/Staff/PPD SubcommitteeStrategy: Offer New Training CoursesAction Step: Poll members to identify training needsWhen: OngoingWho: NCDA staffAction Step: Develop new training courses Cross-cutting requirements training (Davis Bacon, Section 3, Environmental) ESG, HOPWA training Training for CHDOS Pandemic planning Fair housingWhen: By June 30, 2025Who: PPD Subcommittee/NCDA staff2

Strategy: Training CertificationAction Step: Obtain national accreditation for NCDA’s training coursesAction Step: Expand test/certificate for NCDA’s 3-day training coursesWhen: By June 30, 2025Who: NCDA staffStrategy: Annual Training PlanAction Step: Develop an annual plan for providing training throughout all ten regions.When: OngoingWho: NCDA staffStrategy: Online TrainingAction Step: Convert NCDA’s onsite training into an online platform. Our goal is to get back to providingon-site training but, in the interim, we need to provide online training for members.When: By June 30, 2021Who: NCDA staff/PPD SubcommitteeStrategy: Track Driven ConferencesAction Step: Incorporate the following tracks into the Winter and Annual conferences. Develop logos foreach track. Professional Development Tracko Professional development (CD director caucuses)o Professional development for senior professionalso Introductory course on working with HUD Community Development Track Housing Track Economic Development TrackWhen: OngoingWho: NCDA staff/PPD SubcommitteeStrategy: Offer Pre-Conference Training at ConferencesAction Step: Continue preconference training at the Winter and Annual conferences.When: OngoingWho: NCDA staff/PPD SubcommitteeStrategy: Member Participation in Conference Agenda DevelopmentAction Step: Survey members to build conference agendas that are relevant to the membership andthat attract potential new members (including young professionals). Ensure the agenda attracts avariety of interests – front line staff, directors, fiscal staff, and persons who administer programs otherthan CDBG.3

When: OngoingWho: NCDA staff/PPD SubcommitteeGOAL 2: GROW/RETAIN MEMBERSHIPGrow membership by 5% annually.Grow MembershipStrategy: Regional DevelopmentAction Step: Hire a consultant to develop a plan to increase the participation of the non-active regionsin NCDA and develop regional leadership. The consultant should be familiar with NCDA and themembership. Possibly pay members to be regional coordinators.When:By September 30, 2021 – consultant hiredBy May 30, 2022 – plan developedBy June 30, 2022 – plan approved by BoardBy June 30, 2023 – plan implementedWho: Executive Director/Membership SubcommitteeStrategy: Attract Large EntitlementsAction Step: The same consultant would also create a membership marketing plan to attract largeentitlement communities (populations over 250,000).When: By June 30, 2022Who: ConsultantStrategy: Market to Non-MembersAction Step: Market training/conferences to non-membersWhen: OngoingWho: NCDA staffAction Step: Market membership to non-members (including new entitlements)When: OngoingWho: NCDA staffAction Step: Continue orientation for first-time conference registrants/new membersWhen: OngoingWho: Executive Director/Membership Subcommittee co-chairsAction Step: Develop a social media plan for marketing to non-membersWhen: By June 30, 2021Who: NCDA staff/Membership Subcommittee4

Action Step: Appoint youth leaders to lead young professional marketing and membershipWhen: By June 30, 2021Who: Executive DirectorRetain MembersStrategy: Obtain Member Feedback on ServicesAction Step: Survey members every two years to identify needed services and products.When: By September 30th annuallyWho: NCDA staffGOAL 3: ADVOCACYStrategy: Promote NCDA’s Advocacy AgendaAction Step: Create an advocacy action site on NCDA’s website similar this site to engage members inpromoting NCDA’s advocacy agenda. This platform would also be used to engage NCDA members inNational Community Development Week to strengthen our grassroots voice.When: By December 30, 2020Who: NCDA staffStrategy: Develop and promote policies that protect and promote our core programsAction Step: Develop a set of annual legislative and regulatory priories for approval by the policysubcommittees and Board of Directors at the Winter Conference.When: By December 30st annuallyWho: Community Development/Housing/Economic Development Subcommittees/NCDA staffAction Step: Continue to lead the CDBG Coalition and participate in other national coalitions thatpromote our core programs.When: OngoingWho: Executive DirectorAction Step: Engage Congressional offices and HUD staff to promote our policies and priorities.When: OngoingWho: Executive DirectorAction Step: Review, analyze, and respond to Federal Register rules and notices and to legislation.When: OngoingWho: NCDA staff5

GOAL 4: BUILD ORGANIZATION CAPACITYStrategy: Increase staff supportAction Step: Continue to contract out for staff services (training/conference planning/development,accounting, technology, etc.)When: OngoingWho: Executive DirectorAction Step: Outsource strategic priorities (development of the leadership academy, organization of thenon-active regions, membership marketing plan)Who: Executive DirectorStrategy: Attract Leaders to the Subcommittees and National BoardAction Step: Develop a leadership course (as part of the NCDA National Leadership Training Academy)to attract and build leaders to the subcommittees and national board from all regions of the country.When: By June 30, 2024Who: ConsultantGOAL 5: MARKETING AND REBRANDINGStrategy: NCDA Recognized BrandAction Step: Create a subcommittee to discuss rebranding of NCDAWhen: By June 30, 2021Who: NCDA President/Executive DirectorStrategy: Membership Marketing Through Social MediaAction Step: Use social media to market training, conferences, and membership to non-membercommunitiesWhen: OngoingWho: NCDA staffAction Step: Create video/materials to attract young professionalsWhen: By June 30, 2023Who: Membership Subcommittee/NCDA staffStrategy: Digital Marketing/CommunicationAction Step: Develop a social media content calendarWhen: By June 30, 2021Who: NCDA staffAction Step: Hire a public relations person for crisis communicationWhen: By September 30, 2021Who: Executive Director6


Membership Marketing Through Social Media Digital Marketing . 2 GOAL 1: ENHANCE TRAINING AND CONFERENCES . By June 30, 2022 – PPD Subcommittee reviews draft outline By November 30, 2022 – Leadership Academy plan completed By January 30, 2023 – plan approved by PPD Subcommittee . Develop a social media plan for marketing to non-members .