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GrowthZone Sales Funnel Initial Setup

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GrowthZone – Sales Funnel Initial Setup

OverviewOverview of Sales Funnel ModuleInitial Setup Sales SourcesSales StagesSales Opportunity Status ReasonsAuto-RemindersTime-line ItemsSetting up your Sales Proposal Template2

OverviewThe GrowthZone Sales Funnel management tool empowersyou to monetize and track sales opportunities such asmemberships, sponsorships, and subscriptions; track byprogress, probability, sales stage, and lead source.3

Sales Funnel Value Enables tracking of successes and setbacks at any pointProvides an understanding of the conversion rate at every stageOffers an analysis of final sales dataImproves forecasting accuracyAllows for effective decision-making regarding cashflow, budgeting, etc.Helps estimate customer acquisition costsIdentifies the most profitable customer acquisition methodsResults in higher profit margins44

OverviewAll the data related to your sales opportunities is tracked in the database, andyou will easily be able to report on that information for better planning andforecasting5

OverviewFor Example: By tracking estimated close dates and recurring revenue, yougenerate the Sales Funnel report, by month, and use the data for budgetingand forecasting6

What information do you wish to track Sales Source: How did you learn of this opportunity, what avenues are working best foryou? Email Campaign, Cold Call, Trade Show?Sales Category: Organize your sales opportunities. For Example: New Membership,Membership Upgrade, etc.Sales Stages: Allows you to track where you are at (or should be!) in your sales effortsRecurring Revenue/One-time revenue: What is expected revenue if you make the sale?Disposition: What is the likelihood of making the sale?Salesperson: Which of you sales personnel are excelling and which may need assistanceAdditional Custom Fields?7

What information do you wish to track 8


Sales StagesSales stages allow you to identify the level of engagement a prospect has hadwith your sales teamYou may define sales stages that match your business processes. Examples ofstage may include hot, warm, cold and so on. You may customize these tomeet your needsLearn More! Setup Sales Stages10

Sales Opportunity Status ReasonsSales Opportunity Status Reasons allow you to identify why anopportunity may be stuck in a particular statusFor Example, you may have a status called on-hold, and provide areason such as “Expense” that tells you the cost of the sale may be toomuchLearn More! Setup Sales Opportunity Status Reasons11

Sales DispositionAn effective disposition process either reaches the prospect for qualifying,disqualifies them as an inappropriate prospect, or hands them back tomarketing for ongoing nurturing until they’re both qualified and ready to buyFor Example, an opportunity may just not be ready to sign on, so you maychoose to “dispose” of it by catgorizing it as “nurture” or the opportunity isultimately not a good fit so you may wish to categorize it as “Non Member Opp”Learn More! Setup Sales Disposition12

Sales Opportunity - Custom FieldsIn addition to the standard Sales Funnel field, you can track as muchadditional information as needed through custom fieldsFor Example, tracking the industry to which your prospects (andmembers) belong can be useful data in how to focus your memberrecruitment effortsLearn More! Setup Custom Fields13

Tracking Sales Activity – Timeline ItemsAnother thing you will be able to track for each of your opportunitiesis what activities have been performed towards this opportunity14

Tracking Sales Activity – Timeline ItemsFor each opportunity you can maintain a timeline of activities you have performedThis provides visibility into where you are at with an opportunity, but also importantly, aswhat point you were able to achieve sales and the length of time it took to achieve it15

Time-line ItemsIf you have clear expectations of the various activities that must beperformed towards each opportunity, you can pre-emptively createthose timeline items, or they may be created “on the fly” as neededTimeline items may include when this first became an opportunity, whena personal visit has been made or event when you sent the proposalLearn More! Setup Timeline Items16

Stay in touch with your opportunities!On average it takes 8 touches to getthrough and generate a conversion.And you will want to ensure that yoursales team is reaching out frequently17

Sales Opportunity Auto-RemindersUsing the Auto-reminder functionality, rules may be setup tonotify staff of opportunities to which there has been nocommunication in a certain number of daysLearn More! Setup Auto-Reminders18

Create a Sales Proposal TemplateYour sales proposal outlines products and/or services to a prospective member.In your proposal you should re-enforce that the buyer has made the right decisionand detail the benefits of their purchase. While you may have already clinched thesale, a well written sales proposal shows your commitment and professionalismLearn More! Create Sales Proposal Template19


Overview of Sales Funnel Module Sales Sources Sales Stages Sales Opportunity Status Reasons Auto-Reminders Time-line Items Initial Setup Setting up your Sales Proposal Template. 3 Overview The GrowthZone Sales Funnel management tool empowers you to monetize and track sales opportunities such as