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InstaBuilder 2.0 USER’S GUIDE1

Table of ContentsCover Page . 1Table of Contents . 2InstaBuilder 2.0 Funnels . 3How to Create a Funnel . 3How to Manage Funnels . 5How to Manage Funnel Pages . 6InstaBuilder 2.0 USER’S GUIDE2

InstaBuilder 2.0 FunnelsA funnel is a powerful marketing approach implemented through a series of pagesdesigned to engage prospects to perform an action that would eventually lead into aconversion. However, building the pages would require a tedious job especially if youare planning to build a series of 5 pages for instance.With the PRO version of InstaBuilder 2.0, creating funnels has never been this fast andeasy. All it takes are just but few clicks and all your funnel pages are ready for you toedit and publish.How to Create a FunnelThis guide assumes that you have already installed and activated the Pro version ofInstaBuilder 2.0.1. Hover your cursor on the InstaBuilder 2.0 menu item in the left admin panel thenclick Funnels.InstaBuilder 2.0 USER’S GUIDE3

2. To create a new funnel, click the green Create New Funnel button. Funnel Name. Supply this field a unique name that you can use to distinguish itfrom the rest should you have a couple of ones built. Funnel Type. From the dropdown, select what type of funnel you would like tocreate. InstaBuilder 2.0 supports the following: Optin Funnel. Sales Funnel. Webinar Funnel. Launch Funnel. Template Sets. Choose from the dropdown the template set you would like toapply to your funnel. InstaBuilder will automatically search for similar templates toapply for each page but you will still be able to set your own preferred templates.Note that once you have created the funnel, the template set option will no longerbe available when you manage the funnel. Instead, you would have to choose atemplate for each funnel page.InstaBuilder 2.0 USER’S GUIDE4

Funnel Pages. The funnel pages are enclosed in images each containingdropdown for page selection depending on what type of funnel you are creating.By default, InstaBuilder automatically creates the basic and default pages uponselection of the funnel type but you can customize it according to your preferences. Clicking the file icon below each funnel page image lets you choose thetemplate to use for the individual pages if you prefer not to use any templatesets. If you have selected a template set, choosing a template will override thetemplate assigned to the page. The plus icon next to the file icon lets you add a new page after the page. The minus icon deletes the page. This icon will not be available on the firstpage of the funnel.3. Once all necessary details and settings are in place, click the blue Create Funnelbutton to create your funnel.How to Manage Funnels1. To manage your funnels, hover your cursor on the InstaBuilder 2.0 menu item fromthe left admin panel then click Funnels.2. Once inside the funnels page, you can see all the funnels you created in a table.The last column, Action provides options in every row that will help you manageyour funnels. The first icon allows you to edit your funnel. Clicking it redirects you to thepage where all your funnel pages are listed. From this page, you can add,delete and manage the pages for this particular funnel. The gear icon contains two options. The first one, Duplicate lets you copy thefunnel selected. The last one is Delete Funnel that permanently removes thefunnel from the table so proceed with caution.InstaBuilder 2.0 USER’S GUIDE5

How to Manage Funnel Pages1. To manage funnel pages, navigate to the funnel page by moving your cursor on theInstaBuilder 2.0 menu item from the left admin panel then click Funnels.2. Once you are inside the funnel page, click the edit icon of the funnel where thefunnel pages you would like to manage are located.3. By default, the funnel pages are set as draft and if you have not chosen a templateset for your funnel pages, each funnel page will show a choose template link soyou can assign a template for each. Also note that when a specific page has not yetbeen assigned a template, options such as Stats and other Page Settings will notbe available.4. If there is not a template assigned to a funnel page yet, click the choose templatelink or the edit icon under the action column of the funnel pages table. Notethat when you choose to click the edit icon, after you select a template, you willautomatically be redirected to the InstaBuilder 2.0 visual editor.InstaBuilder 2.0 USER’S GUIDE6

Once a template has been selected, you should see a message just like below ontop of the funnel pages table. Click the link to edit the page.5. Click the chain icon if you would like to update the permalink of a specific funnelpage. This should open up a popup window where you can change the permalinkas desired.Once you have set the permalink, click OK to update it. Lastly, click close to exit thewindow.6. Click the Stats icon to check the performance of each funnel page. When clicked,this will redirect you to the funnel page’s main stat page that contains detailedinformation on the page’s performance and a link that includes other relevantinformation such as traffic sources and traffic location.7. Click the gear icon to view more options to manage the funnel page.InstaBuilder 2.0 USER’S GUIDE7

Duplicate. This option allows you to create a copy of the funnel page. Add Split Variation. This option enables you to add a split test variation of thefunnel page so you can test which one best converts and you can then switchover to the best performing one. Save as HTML. This option generates an HTML version of the funnel page thatyou can save to your computer for whatever purpose you would like to makeuse of it. Remove From Funnel. Clicking this option will remove the funnel page fromthe funnel and bring it to the Ungrouped Pages. Note that removing a pagefrom the funnel is irreversible and once it goes to the ungrouped page, youcan no longer bring it back to the funnel. So proceed at your own risk. Publish. Publishes the funnel page so it is accessible to your visitors. Delete Page. This option permanently deletes the page from the site unlikeremove from funnel where you can still access it on a different page. So,proceed with extreme caution.InstaBuilder 2.0 USER’S GUIDE8

8. To add a new funnel page from the current list of pages, click the Add New Pagelocated below the funnel pages table.9. If you would like to export all of the funnel pages to HTML format, click the orangeExport Page(s) To HTML. Note that this option will not apply to all pages unless ithas been published. Additionally, the time it takes to export the pages will dependon the number of pages in the funnel.10. You can bulk delete funnel pages by ticking its respective checkboxes then clickthe red Delete Selected button.InstaBuilder 2.0 USER’S GUIDE9

Optin Funnel. Sales Funnel. Webinar Funnel. Launch Funnel. Template Sets. Choose from the dropdown the template set you would like to apply to your funnel. InstaBuilder will automatically search for similar templates to apply for each page but you will still be able to set your own preferred templates.

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