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Meat Processing Equipment2013 PRODUCT CATALOG

ContentsContentsAbout Usis a business division under Forcome Co., Ltd. who started froma cargo management business in very niche market. After achievingremarkable success in that area, Forcome Group is writing a new businesslegend. With years of experience and knowledge for serving the outdoorindustry, the whole team spares no efforts in every single day, Forcomepresents in market with Sportsman brand and we have been graduallybuilding the good reputation in outdoor business industry, especially in NorthAmerica.With establishing the new factory in North China, and acquiring maturebusiness from other major players, Forcome has become one of the mostimportant and top manufacturers and distributors of outdoor gear and fittings.Along with our passion and devotion, plus our continuous accumulation andintegration, we’re confident that we can build Sportsman into a strong name inthe outdoor industry not only in North America, but also Europe, Australia andAsia, and other countries.Sportsman is not only a brand of outdoor gear and fittings, but also a completesolution for overseas buyers in product sourcing and development, OEMmanufacturing, consolidation and resources integration, etc. We arecommitted to becoming the best partner by delivering world-class standards ofproducts, services and consistently improving our value for clients.Everything About Outdoor!Quality Products For Your Life!Table of ContentsMeat GrinderManual Grinder & Acss.Food Slicerp4-p7p8-p9p10-13Meat/Bone Sawp14Meat/Bone Saw & Accs.p15Sausage Stufferp16-p18Sausage/Burger Making Accs.p19Meat Tenderizerp20Meat Tenderizer & Jerky Slicerp21Meat Mixerp22Jerk Makingp23Scalep24Vacuum Sealerp25Plastic Dehydratorp26Stainless Steel Dehydratorp27Food Preparationp28Juicer & Fruit Pressp29

Meat GrinderSportsman Pro Series Stainless Steel Meat Grinder, Never Let You Down!The Sporstman Pro Series meat grinder is made of high quality stainless steel, and has an elegant industrial design. A great product for processing yourwild game! We have complete 5 specs. , and you can select the right grinder to fit your needs. Unique design on Wild Bite Auguer and theThree-Plate/Blade design on above #22 grinders assures the superior performance of Sportsman Pro Series meat grinders! Dual-capacitor motor help you deal with possible jamming up when there is small bone in the meat. Simply turn off the machine, and turn it backon, and the grinder will start again immediately. Not necessary to reverse the motor to take out the meat, and then re-grind. Permanantly lubricated gear motor with built in circuit breakerPatent DesignUnique design of 3 plate & blade on #22,#32 and #42 grinders provide superiorgrinding performance. Deal with the toughmeat with tendon easily.4Completely metal gear structure provides extra Super Bite Auger design swallows and eatsdurability. Roller gearings support smooth and more meat at a time. Greatly saves yourtime.quiet grinding.Another view of 3 plate/blade design.1blade is between 2 plates, and meat canbe grinded twice at a time.Item No.Spec.Output HPLbs. per hourMeat Tray Size P85015.5*11*393Net Weight

Meat Grinder#8 0.35HPOur #8 meat grinder is powerful enoughto grind up to 4-6 pounds of meat perminute. Powered by 0.35HPdual-capacitor motor to, easily dealwith meat with tendon. Great forbeginning meat or game processors.Including each of 4.5mm and 9.5mmplates.Item No.: 1A-EG108#32 1.5HP#12 0.75HPThis 0.75HP meat grinder has stronggrinding capacity with a relatively lowprice. Suitable for homeuse, can also beused for butcher shop or restaurant.Easily grinds 7-9 pounds of meat perminute. #12 stainless steel grindinghead. 4.5mm and 9.5mm platesincluded.Item No.: 1A-EG1123 plate/knife structure and dual-capacitor with a permanentlylubricated powerful 1.5HP motor, as well as the super biteauger, together with the big #32 grinder head, making thisgrinder have superior grinding performance. It fits yourneed of lot of game processing as well as commercialmeat grinding demand. Including a stuffing plate, a knife,and each of 4.5 mm and 9.5mm plate.Item No.: 1A-EG132#22 1HPIf you want a powerful grinder, this #22 meatgrinder will meet your needs. The strongdual-capacitor motor and 1 knife between 2plates structure can deal with a lot of meatwith tendon very easily. Capable ofgrinding 10-12 pounds of meet per minute.This unit fills the need of of your gameprocessing needs as well as commercialoutlets. Meat Pan is 15-1/2”L x 11”W x 3”H.Item No.: 1A-EG122#42 1.75HPThis #42 meat grinder has extra horsepower which helps grindan unbelieveable 18-22 lbs. of meat per minute. Larger meatcuts easily get through the huge #42 stainless steel neck.Dual-capacitor motor makes demand of game processing withvarious tough meat. Worry free, super value and great buy.Item No.: 1A-EG1425

Meat Grinder1HP #12Die Casting Alum. Meat GrinderThis 1HP attractively polished aluminum grinder is ideal for restaurantsor small butcher operations. Comes with a stainless steel pan, stomperand extra machine plates. Includes 14mm, 20mm and 22mm stuffingtubes; and 8mm and 4.8mm No. 12 machine plates. Reverse switch.110 volts/60Hz/1 electrical. 200 rotations per minute. Net weight:55lbs. Dimensions: 18"L x 10.75"W x 18.25"H.Item No.: 1A-EG212Die Casting Alum. Meat GrinderThis No. 22 meat grinder has square head neck and built heavy duty.It is powered by 1.5HP powerful motor, and very suitable forrestaurants or butcher operations. Including reverse switch. Motor is110V/60HZ. With stainless steel meat tray, a stomper and extramachine plates. Includes 14mm, 20mm and 22mm stuffing tubes; and8mm and 4.8mm grinding plates. Net weight: 54lbs.Item No.: 1A-EG412 1HP #12Item No.: 1A-EG422 1.5HP #22 (Three Blade Design)Item No.: 1A-EG423 1.5HP #22 (Five Blade Design)Die Casting Alum. Meat GrinderThis No. 22 meat grinder is powered by 1.5HP powerful motor, andvery suitable for restaurants or butcher operations. The reverseswitch: 110V/60HZ. It comes with stainless steel meat tray, a stomperand extra machine plates. Includes 14mm, 20mm and 22mm stuffingtubes; and 8mm and 4.8mm grinding plates. Net weight: 54lbs.Item No.: 1A-EG312 1HP #12Item No.: 1A-EG322 1.5HP #22 (Three Blade Design)Item No.: 1A-EG323 1.5HP #22 (Five Blade Design)Sportsman’s Innovative Multiple Blade /Plate Mechanism, Grinding the Meat30%-50% More Efficient!Patent Design!63 blade/plate structure5 blade/plate structure

Meat Grinder300Watt #5 Plastic Grinderwith fruit strainerEasily core and peel fruits and vegetablesPowerful, 300-watt motor with reverse operationGrinder comes with on/off/reset/reverse switchesLarge hopper with stomper for pushing food throughstrainerThree stainless steel screensItem#1A-PG206550Watt #8 Plastic GrinderThis grinder is the perfect way to create your ownground meats and sausages, spiced and flavored toyour own tasteCome with on/off/reset/reverse switchesEasy for disassembly, clean-up and maintenancestainless steel bodyIncludes detachable aluminum tube, screw,stainless steel cutting bladeItem#1A-PG5080.5HP #12 Plastic Grinder#8 300Watt Meat GrinderThis No. 8 meat grinder is coming with I-Pod finishingtransparent housing with inner silver color. Powered by300W motor and easy to read power indicator. With on/off& reverse switch, and die cast grinder head. Including 3 pcsof stainless steel grinding plates, and plastic sausage stuffingtubes and stomper, high quality stainless steel food tray, andkebab attachment.Item No.: 1A-PG308This grinder in particular is perfect for the home kitchenthat occassionally grinds 10lbs of meat at a time.350 watt motorOn/Off/Reset/Reverse ButtonsStorage compartments for two extra grinding platesand the power cordFully equipped with the following accessories:Three (3) Grinding Plates: Fine (1/8”), Medium (3/16”)& Coarse(5/16”)1 Stainless Steel Cutting BladeThree (3) Stuffing Tubes – Small (1/2”), Medium (3/4”)and Large (7/8”) diameter sausages.Not recommended for grinding bones.Item#1A-PG1127

Grinder AttachmentBurger Press AttachmentYou can use this perfect attachment to make your burgers easily at home with your game meat. It presses1/3” lbs. patties, and has two cavities, pull the slider and one patty is released, then you can make the otherone. Fits Sportsman grinders, vertical stuffers and most other grinders. With 8,12,22 and 32 tube attachmentsincluded.Item No.: 1A-EG002Cuber AttachmentThis cuber attachment can tenderize the toughest meat easily. Chute accepts 1 -1/4” thick and 5” widemeat. 40 stainless steel blades on two rollers works together. Cast iron and nylon body combinationmake it both built to heavy duty as well as save your cost. Optional slicing rollers assembly is available,see cuber/slicers on Page 17.1A-EG003: Tendering Attachment1A-EG004: Jerky Slicing Attachment300Watt #5 PlasticGrinderReverse functionon/off/reset/reverse switchStainless steel bodyDetachable aluminum tube, screwStainless steel cutting bladeItem#1A-PG206 PlasticGrinder with fruit strainerFruit StrainerAttachmentWe have two sizes of fruit strainerattachments available. One fits #8and #12 Sportsman stainless steelmeat grinder, the other fits the #22and #32. It can separate seeds andpeeling from meat and juices of allfruits and vegetables. Use to makesauces, pie fillings, home madeketchup and much more. (bowl isnot included)Item No.: 1A-EG00550lbs. Tilting MixerThis stainless steel mixer can hold 50lbs. meat, and the tilting structure helpyou easily pour out the mixed meat out of the tub. Meat tub has three tiltpositions: 90 115 180 for easy unloading and storage. Flip up latch is foreasy detachment of tub. The tub can be fully removed for easy clean up.Adjustable feet can meet your different requirements on height due touneven surfaces. The mixer can be used in both manually and electrically,can be attached with #12, #22 and #32 Sportsman Stainless Steel MeatGrinders.Item No.: 1A-EG0068

Manual Grinder & Accs.Cast Iron Manual Meat GrinderThe Sportsman old fashion manual meat grinder is made of cast iron with tin-plating to resist stains and corrosion. It comes with 2 grinding plateswith 3/16 hole size for medium coarse grinding and 3/8 hole size for very coarse grinding. Including 3 tubes for sausage stuffing, separately in1/2in., 3/4in. and 7/8in diameter. Disassembles for easy cleanup. Besides being used in manual way, #32 can also be powered with an electricmotor (max. 1 HP, 1700 RPM, motor not included) using the V-belt pulley, to process up to 600 lbs. of meat per hour.Item No.Neck SizeCapacity Per Hour (lbs.)Structure1A-MG105#530Clamp-onItem No.: 1A-MG105Item No.: 1A-MG108S.S. Meat Grinder Stuffing Tube SetIncluding 1-1/4”, 3/4” and 1/2” outsidediameter where casing are applied. Canbe used for Sportsman series manual andelectric meat grinders. Easy to clean.1B-ST108:1B-ST112:1B-ST122:1B-ST132:#8 Tube Set of 3#12 Tube Set of 3#22 Tube Set of 3#32 Tube Set of #22200Bolt-on1A-MG132#32300Bolt-onItem No.: 1A-MG112Item No.: 1A-MG122Item No.: 1A-MG132S.S. Meat Grinder Bell StuffingTube SetIncluding 1-1/4”, 3/4” and 1/2” outsidediameter where casing are applied. Canbe used for Sportsman series manualand electric meat grinders. Easy toClean.1B-ST208:1B-ST212:1B-ST222:1B-ST232:#8 Tube Set of 3#12 Tube Set of 3#22 Tube Set of 3#32 Tube Set of 31A-MG133#32600Bolt-onItem No.: 1A-MG133Plastic Stuffing Tube SetThese stuffing tube set are enclosed withSportsman electric meat grinders, andcan also be used for manual meatgrinders. 2/8”, 3/4” and 1-1/4” diameters.1B-ST308:1B-ST312:1B-ST322:1B-ST332:#8 Tube Set of 3#12 Tube Set of 3#22 Tube Set of 3#32 Tube Set of 39

Food SlicerDecoration Corner ProvidesExtra Protection from Injury7.5” (190mm) Food SlicerThis powerful 150W AC motor slicer can help you to get think-sliced ofmeat, cheese and other foods easily and conveniently. Max power canreach up to 200 Watts. The durable casting aluminum housing andunique design body gives it superior performance. Comes with a 7.5”(190mm) hardened stainless steel blade which is removable for easycleaning. The machine can slice meat and food up to 9/16” (15mm)thick.CUL listed for both U.S. and Canada market.120Volt/60Hz: 80 Watt.GS and CE certified. 230Volt/50Hz: 150 WattItem No.: 1A-FS203Item No.: 1A-FS203A: Safety switch is appliedStainless Steel CarriageNon-Slip FeetSuperior Built Sliding Carriagefor Extra Smoothness and StabilityInfinite Control of Slice ThicknessSimilar to Commercial SlicerSide Knob Leaves Clean Areafor Sliced Food, More SanitarySpecial Curve on Back Bottom MakesSliced Food Easy Rolling into Food Tray7.5” (190mm) Food SlicerSuperior Built Sliding Carriage ProvidesExtra Stability and SmoothnessSafety Switch Applied on 1A-FS203This food slicer comes with a full steel body providing stronger construction. Powerful 150 watts AC motor, and reach up to 200 watts maximum. Equippedwith a 7.5” (190mm) diameter stainless steel blade which is removable for easy cleaning. Simply adjust the thickness up to 1/2” (13mm) easily get yourexpected thin-sliced meat, cheese and other foods.CUL listed for both U.S. and Canada market.120Volt/60Hz: 80 Watt.GS and CE certified. 230Volt/50Hz: 150 WattItem No.: 1A-FS202Special Curve on Back Bottom MakesSliced Food Easily to roll into Food Tray10

Food Slicer1/5HP (150 Watt) & 8-5/8” (220mm) Food SlicerThe unique design robust solid metal slicer is powered by a 150 watts AC motor, and can reach up to 200 wattsmaximum. Professional thickness adjustable system is up to 1/2” (13mm) thick. Hardened stainless steel blade is8-5/8” (220mm) and special designed food table is easily to clean.Item No.: 1A-FS204Item No.: 1A-FS205: Safety switch is applied.Item No.: 1A-FS205Heavy-Duty Food Slicer1/4HP (180 Watt) & 8.7”(220mm)This heavy-duty food slicer is powered by a superiorquality 180 watt which is able to run up to 230 watteven when you block the blade tightly. With8-5/8”(220mm) rotary and removable stainless steelblade for precision slicing. Smooth gliding, largecapacity, stainless steel tray tilts out for easy cleaning.Corrosion resistant coated steel and aluminum housing.Sturdy base and suction cup feet for stable and safeoperation. Food pusher with teeth for controlledslicing. Adjustable thickness control for slicing fromdeli-thin to over 5/8” (15mm) thick. On/off safetyswitch.Item No.: 1A-FS21311

Food SlicerItem No.: 1A-FS3011/5HP (150 Watt) & 6.5” (170mm) Food SlicerThis German designed and quality level metal food slicer is powered by super powerful 150watts DC motor, and can reach up to an unbelievable 250 watts. Infinite control of slicethickness up to 7/8” (22mm) thick. Equipped with vario-electric speed control from 55-110rpm. Coming with 6.5” (170mm) diameter hardened stainless steel serrated blade. Specialdesign and food can be easily rolled in the food tray. Net weight: 14.5 lbs. (6.6kg) Optionaltransparent food tray is available. CUL is available for both U.S. and Canada market. GS & CEcertificate available as well.Serrated Blade Extra SharpItem No.: 1A-FS301Optional Food Tray1A-FS3016.5” (170mm) Food Slicer1A-FS305This food slicer is equipped with 150 watts super power DC motor, max. reaching to 250 watt. Harndenedstainless steel 6.5” (170mm) diameter slicing blade. Vario-electric speed control from 55-110 rpm. Slicing up to3/4” (19mm) thick. Net weight: 14 lbs. Optional food tray is available.Item No.: 1A-FS30512Infinite Thickness ControlVario-Elec. Speed Control

Food Slicer0.4HP (300 Watt) & 10” (250mm) Commercial-Grade Food SlicerThis slicer comes with a complete die-casting body construction that providesextra durability and a strong 300 Watt AC motor. Blade running speed is 300 rpm.Belt drive design secures reliability. Infinite slicing thickness up to 15mm. Sealedsafety switch is applied for commercial use purpose. Tilted food carriage for easyfeeding. Simple to use built-in blade sharpener keeps the blade ultra sharp.Item No.: 1A-FS401 Fixed Blade SharpenerBuilt-in Knife SharpnerTotal Die-Casting Alum. ConstructionSemi-Automatic Commercial Meat SlicerThis series of professional slicers are made by aluminum-magnesium alloy and anodized. It designed with comfortable plastic handle for easyoperation. The strong motor drives the machines very efficiently and provides ultra productivity. Simple to use build-in blade sharpener keeps theblade ultra sharp. Sealed safety swith is water-proof.Item No.: 1A-FS409 1/6HP (120 Watt) & 8.7” (220mm)Item No.: 1A-FS410 1/5HP (150 Watt) & 10” (250mm)Item No.: 1A-FS411 1/3HP (250 Watt) & 12” (300mm)Item No.1A-FS4091A-FS410Blade diameter (ø)inch (mm)8.7” (220mm)10” (250mm)1A-FS41112” (300mm)Motor powerHP (Watt)1/6 HP (120 Watt)1/5 HP (150 Watt)1/3 HP (250 Watt)Cutting Thicknessmm121215Cutting Widthmm160180200WeightKg12.516.523.513

Meat/Bone SawButcher Meat/Bone SawA necessary tool for processing your wild game! Thestainless steel blades cut the meat smoothly. The diecasting stainless steel trigger mechanism wellcontrols blade tension. Comfortable plastic handlehelps for smooth cutting.1A-MS116: 16” Butcher Saw1A-MS125 : 25” Butcher SawHunter’s Favorite Meat/Bone SawThis series meat/bone saw comes with nickel-plated saw frame, and largeblade tightening level which makes blade changing easy.1A-MS216: 16” Butcher Saw1A-MS222: 22” Butcher Saw1A-MS225: 25” Butcher SawTraditionalHunter’s FavoriteMeat pushingguide holdsmeat andkeeps handssafely behindthe saw blade.1HP Meat Saw W/GrinderPowerful 1HP meat saw boasts a cuttingcapacity of 7-1/2”W x 12-13/32” H.Table travel distance is over 8”.Cutterhead speed of 300-400 RPM.Comes equipped with built-in meatgrinder. Stainless steel table and 77-1/2”blade. Cabinet type stand with upperand lower blade guides. Upper andlower aluminum wheels for smoothoperation.Item No.: 1A-MS501140.75HP Elec. Meat SawThis 0.75HP motorized saw is speciallydesigned for hunters and has a splittable to give you a stationary 22-1/2” x9-1/4” back section and a sliding22-1/2” x 8” front section. Movementof the front section allows you to cutpieces of meat up to 8” tall. A 1/2”stainless steel blade makes quick cleancuts through bone and meat.Adjustable thickness guide allows youcut up to 8-1/2” thick. Overall size: 30”Lx 21”W x 59” H.Item No.: 1A-MS502Table StyleProtective coveraround the sawblade for securedsafety. Guide handlehelps for accuratecutting.1HP Table Style Elec.Meat SawThis 1HP elec. meat saw can work wellwith a basic operation table, or work atits own height and give you acomfortable meat processing.Commercial grade die castingaluminum housing and saw blademake it an outstanding machine. Thereis a protective cover around the sawblade for safety, and the guide handlehelps you make accurate cuttingespecially on ribs. 8-1/4” diameter ofsaw wheel and 65” saw wheel length.Net weight: 86lbs.Item No.: 1A-MS503

Meat/Bone Saw & Accs.10-Pk. of Replacement Blades10-pk. of replacement blades is for use withSportsman’s different hand meat saws separatelyon page 14.1B-MS116 :10-Pk. Rep. Blades for 16” Meat Saw1B-MS122 :10-Pk. Rep. Blades for 22” Meat Saw1B-MS125 :10-Pk. Rep. Blades for 25” Meat SawCommercialSaw Blade for Electric SawWe provides extra saw blade replacementsfor all band saws we’re offering.1B-MS501 :Rep. Blades for 1A-MS5011B-MS502 :Rep. Blades for 1A-MS5021B-MS503 :Rep. Blades for 1A-MS5031B-MS504 :Rep. Blades for 1A-MS5041B-MS505 :Rep. Blades for 1A-MS505Metal Boning HookNon-Slip polyethylene handle withstainless 4-1/2” hook. Different handlecolor is available.Item No.: 1A-MS901Industrial Level-The saw blade is made of solid steel, firmand durable.-The bench is made of high quality stainlesssteel, confirms to the internationalsanitation standard.-Built-in waterproof safety device, when themachine outer covering open, it will stopworking.Stainless Steel BoneDuste

Meat Grinder p4-p7 Manual Grinder & Acss. p8-p9 Food Slicer p10-13 Meat/Bone Saw p14 Meat/Bone Saw & Accs. p15 Sausage Stuffer p16-p18 Sausage/Burger Making Accs. p19 Meat Tenderizer p20 Meat Tenderizer & Jerky Slicer p21 Meat Mixer p22

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