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Cover PageConfidentialThe Herbal Compliance, Co.Business PlanA Compliance Consultant to the Legal Cannabis/HempIndustry providing consulting services including Designand Buildout, Equipment Fulfilment, RegulatoryCompliance, Remote Inventory Control and Reporting,Vendor Relationship, Brand and Marketing, TaxManagement and Education.Contact InformationCharles CarpenterPresidentcc@herbalcompliance.comToll Free: 1-800-989-9409Office: 870-667-1273Fax: 870-898-08581

Legal PageConfidentiality AgreementThe undersigned reader acknowledges that the information provided by The HerbalCompliance, Co. in this business plan is confidential; therefore, reader agrees not to disclose itwithout the express written permission of The Herbal Compliance, Co.It is acknowledged by reader that information to be furnished in this business plan is in allrespects confidential in nature, other than information which is in the public domain throughother means and that any disclosure or use of same by reader, may cause serious harm ordamage to The Herbal Compliance, Co.Upon request, this document is to be immediately returned to The Herbal Compliance, Co.SignatureName (typed or printed)DateThis is a business plan. It does not imply an offering of securities.2

Table of Contents (pages 3-5)1.0 Executive Summary . 61.1 Objectives . 61.2 Mission. 61.3 Keys to Success . 72.0 Company Summary. 72.1 Company Ownership . 72.2 Startup Summary . 8Table: Startup. 8Chart: Startup . 82.3 Company Locations and Facilities. 93.0 Services . 93.2 Competitive Comparison. 93.3 Sales Literature . 93.4 Fulfillment . 93.5 Technology . 103.6 Future Services . 104.0 Market Analysis Summary . 104.1 Market Segmentation . 11Table: Market Analysis. 11Chart: Market Analysis (Pie) . 114.2 Target Market Segment Strategy . 124.2.1 Market Needs . 124.2.2 Market Trends . 124.2.3 Market Growth . 124.3 Service Business Analysis . 134.3.1 Business Participants . 134.3.2 Distributing a Service . 134.3.3 Competition and Buying Patterns . 134.3.4 Main Competitors . 145.0 Web Plan Summary . 145.1 Website Marketing Strategy . 145.2 Development Requirements . 143

Table of Contents (pages 3-5)6.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary . 146.1 SWOT Analysis . 156.1.1 Strengths . 156.1.2 Weaknesses . 156.1.3 Opportunities. 156.1.4 Threats . 166.2 Strategy Pyramid. 166.3 Value Proposition. 166.4 Competitive Edge. 166.5 Marketing Strategy . 166.5.1 Positioning Statement . 166.5.2 Pricing Strategy . 166.5.3 Promotion Strategy . 176.5.4 Distribution Strategy . 176.6 Sales Strategy . 176.6.1 Sales Forecast . 17Table: Sales Forecast . 18Chart: Sales by Year . 186.6.2 Sales Programs . 186.7 Strategic Alliances . 196.8 Milestones . 19Table: Milestones. 197.0 Management Summary . 207.1 Organizational Structure. 20Org. Chart: Organizational Chart . 207.2 Management Team . 207.3 Management Team Gaps . 217.4 Personnel Plan . 22Table: Personnel . 228.0 Financial Plan . 228.1 Startup Funding . 23Table: Startup Funding. 234

Table of Contents (pages 3-5)8.2 Important Assumptions . 238.3 Key Financial Indicators. 248.4 Break-even Analysis . 24Table: Break-even Analysis . 24Chart: Break-even Analysis . 248.5 Projected Profit and Loss . 258.6 Projected Cash Flow . 26Table: Cash Flow . 26-278.7 Projected Balance Sheet . 28Table: Balance Sheet. 288.8 Business Ratios . 29Table: Ratios . 29-318.9 Long-term Plan . 315

The Herbal Compliance, Co. Business Plan1.0 Executive SummaryThe Herbal Compliance, Co. is a Consulting Company to the legal Cannabis/Hemp industry. It isa compliance consultant, providing solutions to many of the challenging legal and accountingproblems faced by grow houses and dispensaries.Our services are extremely valuable and command a price of 400%-500% of what similar servicesare worth in compliant businesses. Our prices are fair because of the extreme difficulty of being incompliance with conflicting State and Federal laws.Eventually, the Federal government will eliminate the legal conflicts. Until they do, this will beone of the most profitable businesses in the United States. When the change occurs, The HerbalCompliance, Co. will continue providing legal, accounting, and compliance services at a ratecommensurate with compliant businesses and have many more clients. In the long term, we seeourselves as the one stop shop for anyone that wants to enter the Cannabis/Hemp industry.1.1 ObjectivesTwenty-eight states have legalized medical Cannabis. All those states allow grow facilities anddispensaries to operate outside the federal law in the belief that Federal law will change. In themeantime, businesses that are legal in their respective states are illegal federally and are subjectto extreme inconvenience and possible criminal convictions. The rewards can be great but thecosts and liability are onerous due to these conflicts.We can minimalize or eliminate many of these risks by implementing our remote surveillancesystems. We do not “touch the leaf” or work in the facilities. We remotely record and report thecritical facts.1.2 MissionOur mission is to help legal medical Cannabis and Hemp businesses throughout the United Statesremain compliant with the law while also providing solutions to the challenges they encounter.The Herbal Compliance, Co. solves the conflicts between Federal and State law.6

The Herbal Compliance, Co. Business Plan1.3 Keys to SuccessWe believe that our main keys to success include:1. Enter the business well capitalized. Many new businesses fail, and most that fail do so becausethey are underfunded. Our founders have bought over 200,000 of stock to help us enter thebusiness well-funded and clearly establish that our founders are serious about setting the toneof our financial status.2. Register with a top crowd funding portal. We plan to raise an additional 80,000.00 every 30days for the first five years for a total of 1,000,000 per year through crowd funding.3. Obtain legal opinions, copyrights, contracts, and trademarks.4. Begin continuous customer prospecting and an aggressive marketing system.5. Hire additional professionals to implement and supervise customer systems.2.0 Company SummaryThe Herbal Compliance, Co. is an Arkansas C Corporation that consults with companies that arein the legal Cannabis and Hemp business. It was started on January 26th, 2017. We work withlegal medical Cannabis and Hemp businesses throughout the United States. We provideconsulting services via remote computer and surveillance systems that will help them remaincompliant with the conflicting State and Federal laws and provide solutions to the manychallenges they encounter.2.1 Company OwnershipThe Herbal Compliance, Co. is owned by 18 original founders that bought stock and willshare ownership with future stockholders. Seven of the initial stockholders were elected asthe Board of Directors at the stockholders meeting conducted on March 19, 2017. Thefollowing board members were elected officers at the Board of Directors meeting held March19, 2017: Chuck Carpenter, President; Brian Gass, Bart Hamilton, and Steve Smith, VicePresidents and Whitney Gass, Secretary. Additional officers and department heads will benamed as needed.7

The Herbal Compliance, Co. Business Plan2.2 Startup SummaryThe officers will handle day-to-day operations of the business and will work collaboratively toensure that this business venture is a success.It is estimated that the start-up expenses will be 30,000 (including legal costs, trademarks,copyrights, contracts, stock registration, stock certificates, and related expenses). An additionalamount of 170,000 will be required as start-up cash. The start-up costs are to be funded by acommon stock purchase by 18 founders.Table: StartupStartupRequirementsStartup ExpensesLegalStationery velTotal Startup Expenses 15,000 500 1,000 500 600 500 700 11,200 30,000Startup AssetsCash RequiredOther Current AssetsLong-term AssetsTotal Assets 170,000 0 0 170,000Total Requirements 200,000Chart: StartupStartup 200,000 180,000 160,000 140,000 120,000 100,000 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 0ExpensesAssetsInvestmentLoans8

The Herbal Compliance, Co. Business Plan2.3 Company Locations and FacilitiesThe company is located in Horseshoe Lake, AR. We are currently negotiating for office space inCrittenden County, AR. There are twenty-eight states that we will operate in and we may openoffices in those states.3.0 ServicesThe Herbal Compliance, Co. provides consulting services to legal medical Cannabis and Hempbusinesses throughout the United States, such as but not limited to: Design and Buildout,Equipment Fulfilment,Regulatory Compliance,Vendor RelationshipInventory Control and Reporting,Brand and Marketing,Tax managementEducationAs the Federal and State laws change, our services will evolve. We feel strongly that as theconflicts in the law are resolved, we will have established our value to the medical Cannabis andHemp industry and can continue to earn sizeable profits long term.3.2 Competitive ComparisonThe most significant competition is theoretical. The other companies we have identified ascompetition sell books and videos. We bring a new dimension to the medical Cannabis andHemp industry by providing remote surveillance and recording systems that resolve the legalconflicts.3.3 Sales LiteratureThe business will begin with a general corporate brochure establishing the positioning. Thisbrochure will be developed as part of the start-up expenses.Literature and mailings for the initial market forums will be very important.3.4 FulfillmentThe key fulfillment and delivery will be provided by the principals of the business. The real corevalue is professional expertise, provided by a combination of experience, hard work, andeducation. We will hire qualified professionals (attorneys, CPAs, law enforcement, etc.,) forsupport in specialized fields without risking the core values provided to the clients.9

The Herbal Compliance, Co. Business Plan3.5 TechnologyThere are literally thousands of conflicts within the State and Federal laws. Our computer systemsand continuous research will keep our customers in full compliance.3.6 Future ServicesWhen Federal laws eliminate the legal, accounting, and compliance issues that current businessesin the medical Cannabis and Hemp industry encounter, The Herbal Compliance, Co. will continueto operate as a professional consulting company.4.0 Market Analysis SummaryThere are over two dozen states that have legalized medical Cannabis and Hemp with manyothers that are considering legalization. We plan to begin operations in Arkansas, Michigan,Oregon, and Colorado because we have established potential customers in those states.Recent research indicates that the cannabis industry has been growing steadily and rapidly sincethe passage of laws allowing the distribution of medical marijuana. Per Oakland-based marijuanaangel investment network The ArcView Group (Executive Summary, 4th Edition), national cannabissales for 2015 grew to 5.7 billion from 4.6 billion in 2014, fueled by explosive growth in adultuse market, which grew from 373.8 million in 2014 to 1.2 billion by the end of 2015, an increaseof 232%. Demand is expected to remain strong in 2016 with legal markets projected to grow to 7.4 billion, a 29% increase over 2015. By 2020, legal market sales will grow to 20.6 billion, withadult use sales comprising nearly two-thirds of the total market.Twenty-eight states already permit medical cannabis use. With nearly a dozen states debatingchanges to their cannabis laws in the coming year, it will be the tipping point in which manystates transition from cannabis prohibition to some form of regulated legal markets.ArcView reports that Oregon had one of the strongest medical cannabis programs in the nation.Their medical dispensaries saw heightened demand throughout 2016. The medical cannabismarket is projected to reach 330 million by 2020.The Michigan medical market is one of the biggest in the country despite it not being a state-wideregulatory system that licenses dispensaries. It is expected to exceed 500 million in 2016, whichwill account for 10.4% of the total US market.The Arkansas medical marijuana industry is expected to experience a smooth launch and willlikely serve a small. Per initial estimates by Marijuana Business Daily, annual sales via dispensariescould hit 30 million to 60 million a few years after the industry launches. The state's medicalmarijuana conditions list is relatively broad, which could bring many patients into the fold andhelp create a viable market for businesses.10

The Herbal Compliance, Co. Business PlanIt's clear by reviewing the revenue and market value figures that the marijuana industry is poisedfor continued growth. The evolving legal environment, combined with changing public attitudes,and for the medical marijuana industry, the unfortunate prominence of chronic disease are allfactors contributing to a perfect storm to cultivate industry growth. While we have plans to workwithin all 28 states that have legalized marijuana - Arkansas, Michigan, Oregon, and Coloradowill be our starting points. All the data discussed thus far, is a peek into the projection of profitsfor The Herbal Compliance, Co. We believe that every dispensary and grow house is currentlystruggling with the services we offer. Therefore, it can be predicted that our growth will modelthat of the dispensaries and grow houses. We grow as they grow.4.1 Market SegmentationThe Herbal Compliance, Co.'s primary targeted market consists of two groups: dispensaries andgrow houses. There are twenty-eight states that have legal dispensaries and grow housescurrently. We plan to aggressively seek business starting in Arkansas, Michigan, Oregon, andColorado, with the remaining 24 states to follow.Table: Market AnalysisMarket AnalysisYear 1Potential CustomersArkansasMichiganColoradoOregonTotalYear 2Year 3Year 4Year 7.82%7.93%Chart: Market Analysis (Pie)Market Analysis (Pie)ArkansasMichiganColoradoOregon11

The Herbal Compliance, Co. Business Plan4.2 Target Market Segment StrategyThe 28 states that have already legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes are our overall market.However, AR, MI, OR, and CO are our initial target market as we already have contacts in thesestates. As this industry is still relatively new, being well connected is instrumental in positioningourselves for success. Establishing a respected reputation will be achieved not only through ournetwork but also through an aggressive marketing strategy.4.2.1 Market NeedsDue to the nature of the medical Cannabis and Hemp industry and the struggles grow houses anddispensaries encounter, this market desperately needs our assistance in the following categories: Design and Buildout, Equipment Fulfilment, Regulatory Compliance, Vendor Relationship Inventory Control and Reporting, Brand and Marketing, Tax management EducationWhen Federal laws eliminate the legal, accounting, and compliance issues that current businessesin the medical Cannabis and Hemp industry encounter, The Herbal Compliance, Co. will continueto operate as a professional consulting company.4.2.2 Market TrendsTo date, there are no market trends for compliance consulting businesses to the medical Cannabisand Hemp industry. However, the market trends for those businesses are very promising. Everyyear, the profits continue to grow in the legal medical Cannabis business. Profits will likelyincrease at an increasing rate.4.2.3 Market GrowthWe believe our consulting services are necessary for grow facilities and dispensaries to dobusiness in a safe and compliant environment. We are not aware of any companies like ours.However, competition will eventually develop. There are twenty-eight states we can do businessin, and that number will grow. Since we are one of the first in the market, as it grows, we willgrow.12

The Herbal Compliance, Co. Business Plan4.3 Service Business AnalysisThe legal medical Cannabis and Hemp business can be equally lucrative and dangerous. Becauseof the restrictions due to legal conflicts, these businesses cannot do simple day-to-day tasks asbusinesses in compliant industries would. The services that The Herbal Compliance, Co. offerswill not only alleviate legal compliance issues, but will also solve many of the headaches thatdispensaries and grow facilities encounter. The company is confident that this will be a successfulventure because of the professional experience of its founders and the capability of its staff.4.3.1 Business ParticipantsThe legal medical Cannabis and Hemp business is one of the fastest growing and most profitableindustries in the United States. The Herbal Compliance, Co. is an “arm’s-length” consultingcompany that operates remotely. We are not in the medical marijuana industry. We are a servicecompliance company that provides solutions in design and buildout, equipment fulfillment,regulatory compliance, remote inventory control and reporting, vendor relationship, brand andmarketing, tax management and education.Without consulting services like ours, Cannabis and Hemp owners, employees, and customerscould encounter severe and sometimes dangerous situations.4.3.2 Distributing a ServiceThe Herbal Compliance, Co. will have a multi-pronged approach to marketing our services todispensaries and grow facilities: direct sales calls via phone, email, and in persononline through social mediaword of mouthdrip marketing campaigns through email and traditional mail4.3.3 Competition and Buying PatternsThe Herbal Compliance, Co. exists as a consultant "parallel" to a thriving industry with no currentcompetition. This is essentially a blank book in which we hold the pen to write our own story. Weare leaders and the first of our kind!13

The Herbal Compliance, Co. Business Plan4.3.4 Main CompetitorsCurrently, our competition is theoretical. Our competition sells books and videos, whereas wehave a remote hand-on approach. Dispensaries and grow facilities currently manage everythingwe are offering themselves. We will demonstrate how we can do it better, safer, more efficientlyand in compliance. The contacts we have made so far, are desperate for change. The burdens theyencounter every day are exhausting, expensive, and dangerous. It will be easy to choose TheHerbal Compliance, Co. as their compliance consultant.5.0 Web Plan SummaryOur website is an opportunity to offer services available, contact information, and education onmedical Cannabis and Hemp.5.1 Website Marketing StrategyOur website will be promoted on our business cards, social media pages, crowdfundinginvestment portal, and by word-of-mouth.5.2 Development RequirementsThe Herbal Compliance, Co. website is being developed by a national advertising agency. Theyhave a great deal of experience in the medical Cannabis and Hemp business. They understandthe “can and cannots” of social media advertising, email, radio and television. Our in-housegraphic designers have developed logos and images. Our in-house creative writers will developnewsletters, downloadable market research reports and other resources.6.0 Strategy and Implementation SummaryThe Herbal Compliance, Co. will focus on our target market for legal Cannabis and Hempbusinesses in Arkansas, Oregon, Michigan, and Colorado. The goals of the company are dualsided: to offer legal medical Cannabis and Hemp businesses compliant solutions to the challengesthey encounter while providing the convenience of vendor services from one source.Our remote consulting services are unique and necessary to the medical Cannabis and Hempindustry. Our pricing strategy will be to charge a premium at 400%-500% above similar services incompliant industries. The company's aggressive marketing plan will plant the seeds to drive thebusiness results to make our profits grow exponentially year after year.14

The Herbal Compliance, Co. Business Plan6.1 SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)The SWOT analysis provides us with an opportunity to examine the internal strengths andweaknesses of The Herbal Compliance, Co. It also allows us to examine the opportunitiespresented to The Herbal Compliance, Co. as well as potential threats. The four categories arediscussed in detail below.6.1.1 StrengthsThe Herbal Compliance, Co. has a valuable inventory of strengths that will help it succeed. Thesestrengths include: Strong relationships with industry vendors will lead to customers and create an excellentreferral source.The experience of our founders includes legal, medicine, human resources, payroll, insuranceand financial sales, investments, advertising and marketing, and security.We will enter the business well-funded.A competitive advantage, “we are the first of our kind!”Our Founders have invested funds but more importantly, they have committed

Startup Requirements Startup Expenses Legal 15,000 Stationery etc. 500 Insurance 1,000 Rent 500 Computer 600 Other 500 Software 700 Meetings/Travel 11,200 Total Startup Expenses 30,000 Startup Assets Cash Required 170,000 Other Current Assets 0 Long-term As

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