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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands on which this newsletter isproduced and distributed. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.Sovereignty was never ceded.Welcome to Edition Number Eight of the Inside Out Newsletter!Hi Everyone!Welcome to Issue #8.A big hello to all thenew members sincethe last issue, great tohear from you all. Wehad a really good time puttingtogether this latest issue becauseas usual lots of inspiring artwork, letters and writing. Tohelp us keep on track with thenewsletter we have set the dates forthe submission deadline and postout deadline, so you have a betteridea of when you’ll be receiving thenewsletter and when to send in submissions. Dates for2019 are:Feb 1st – Submissions deadline for #9Feb 15th - Post Out #9May 1st – Submissions deadline for #10May 15th – Post Out #10Aug 1 st – Submissions deadline for #11Aug 15th - Post Out #11Nov 1st – Submission deadline for #12Nov 15th - Post Out #12Drawing by Simon EvansIn other news we received a 2000 community grantfrom Globe Melbourne (Gay and Lesbian Organisationof Business and Enterprise) with that money we willbuying a scanner, printing and of course stamps,stamps and more stamps!We hope everyone received our Christmas cards andwe are looking forward putting Inside Out into it’sthird year running with you all. We wish you all aHappy New Year!Amanda, Miranda & Inside OutInfo for people Incarcerated in QueenslandIf you are in Queensland and want to contribute to thenewsletter, speak to your parole officer or QueenslandCorrective Services first. The QLD Corrective ServicesAct makes it unlawful to publish a statement from aprisoner (including someone on parole) without thepermission of QCS. However, there are protectionsin the Australian Constitution about freedom ofcommunication, so QCS will need to have a goodreason to stop publication. Please send us yourarticle with any correspondence you have permittingpublication. If you want free legal advice to get yourvoice heard, we recommend you contact Prisoners’Legal Service on the ARUNTA or write to them at POBox 5162WEST END QLD 4101As far as we are aware, other states do not have theserestrictions, however if you want to be certain youmight want to check with a lawyer first.

Ĵ ȱ ȱ ȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱ ȱ Ĵ Letter from Jaely RoseHi Inside-OutMy name is James Rose, also known as Jaely Rose.My good friend Paul West introduced me to thisnewsletter late last year but I have chosen now towrite a letter because I think it will be good to connectwith others who are/may be going through a similarsituation as I am.I am a trans-woman, age 21, who is currentlyundertaking hormone replacement therapy (HRT),and I have another 12-15 months till parole. Andcurrently I am at Port Phillip Prison (Victoria). If youwould like to connect please send me a letter.We will treat all your correspondence as strictlyconfidential, and will only publish letters if there isvery clear permission to do so.James Rose (crn:209087)P.O BOX 376, Laverton 3028 VICLetter from StrangeHello everyone :)Thought I might say a few things about me, but first Iwould like to say hello to a few people. Taryn-Michelle,hi! I was shocked to hear about name change rules,thank you for that info, and btw I would love to hearsome of your poems! To Katelyn, I am really happyto hear about you coming out, well done! Hopingits going well for you, jail can be a difficult place tobe yourself. To James and Rory yous are so adorablewith your love! Best of wishes :) ! Ah, hell, shoutout toeveryone in the last print out of Inside Out, love youall!So, a little bit about me now. 23 years old, father/parent of 3 boys ‘whoohoo!’ Skateboarder, gamer,dancer, singer, writer,lover of all things prettymuch! I enjoy beachwalks, dressing up andextreme pillow fights.Me and my motherare active fundraisersforbreastcancerawareness, and I planon pursuing suicideawareness and postnatal depression.Take careMuch love!Strange xoLetter from NathDear Inside Out Crew!!Gay-day from Dry as a bone Nowra. Though we’vehad a little rain. Hope it fell west of the Great DividingRange!?I tried my hand at art being a typical Ozzie took thePiss out of my homosexuality. I love animals. I have afemale red cattle called Aly. She is being looked afterby a mate till I’m released. She’s a lesbian. She only likesfemale dogs cocks her rear leg when she “Pees”!?Ok. Joke. How many Psychologists does it take tochange a light bulb? Only one. As long as the lightbulb wants to change!A man walked into a Psychiatrist wearing nothingexcept cling wrap wrapped around his waist. ThePsych said “man, before you tell me your problems, Ican clearly see your nuts!!” Ha ha.Thought for the day. Quote “Mark Twain.” There arethree lies. Lies, damn lies and statistics.Ok. All for now. Anyone want to communicate let meknow. Gay, 45 y/o, HIV guy at Nowra, NSW. Lookingfor penpals. Cheers n Beers from the Queer.Nath.everyone,Nathan Penman #592896SCCC, PO Box 538, Nowra NSW 2541Artwork by Simon Evans2

We’ve been hoping to form an LGBTIQ group hereat Acacia which has seemed to have stalled thoughwe live in hope it will eventuate. I believe there is aHi everyone :)I could barely contain my excitement when I received concern about a jail version of eHarmony evolvingthe Winter ‘18 Issue #7. I could almost feel time stop out of it which seems a bit phobic. Nevertheless, theas I began to read, absorbing every word. I am so dream remains alive just as the celebration of LGBTIQhappy to be a part of such a wonderful community. incarcerated community day is still alive.A big heart-warming hello to Amanda, Miranda andthe Inside Out team as well as my brothers and sisters We are coming towards the end of 2018 and as Ilook back i find myself assessing the highs and lows.brought together by solidarity.Thankfully there have been more highs this year andIt’s so great to see so many new contributors to the where the lows were concerned I’ve been able tonewsletter, so many new people which gives testament find the silver lining. Though my appeal failed I didto the amount of people that the newsletter is helping. manage to have it on record all the issues I never gotAs well as the awesome altruistic and caring work to bring up the first time around. Though the peoplethat Amanda and Miranda are doing to bring light who sexually abused me for twelve years when I wasand hope to the LGBTIQ community. A big hello to a child have not been brought to justice, I was ablemy friend and sister-in-green Ashley Markey who to bring my case to the police and it may hopefullyis embracing new found friendships and support. help other victims who have suffered. Though I’veAnother big hello to Strange also, I can relate to your not yet started HRT or seen Specialist Transgenderwoes and I empathise with you greatly, if we do not Psychiatrists I have been able to change my name. Ido so soon we should catch up. I would also like to am half-way through my second year of my universitywelcome Jonathon Trindall, Troy Peters, Katelyne, degree in Business and continuing to get good grades.Simon, Allan, Chanel, Rhianna, Nathan, David I have grown in my faith as a Christian and have madeMcGettigan and Lanie Snell. As well as warm greetings some new pen pals and I have found a communityto the regulars Dean, Damien, Cody, Raymond, James where I am accepted and I am encouraged to be trueand Graham. A smile and a hug for all other readers to myself. Yes, 2018 has been an awesome year.as well. Should anyone wish to contact me to sharein solidarity and friendship you are most welcome Someone recently said to me “Don’t you get sad thatto write to me at Acacia Prison, LMB 1 Wooroloo you do so much to help people and they don’t careWA, 6558. Thank you to all those also for your kind s#*t about you?” I calmly turnedand thoughtful comments of my submissions and to them and said “I don’t doit for a pat on the back, I dowellbeing.it because I care aboutI have some great news I would like to share with people whether or not theyyou all. I succeeded in my application to change my like me or hate me. If I canname (Please God for the last time) to Taryn-Michelle help just one person then myHislop with all the permissions and authorisations in incarceration has not been inplace. The joy I felt was akin to being reborn, only this vain.” There was likely a cusstime around I am able to appreciate the beauty and or two in there, jail being jail,splendor of it. There are many people I owe thanks to but you get the gist. I hopeand they know who they are, but the one I would like and pray I may continue toto thank again is Jennifer. Thank you for the depth of help those who need it now andpost-release.my heart for fighting for my rights.Stray strong and never be afraidto ask for help.In solidarity we find community.Taryn-Michelle HislopThere is some inspiring art work as always. I verymuch like all of it and they have inspired me to workharder at my own creations. It is clear there are somevery talented individuals who are passionate aboutthe LGBTIQ incarcerated community. Simon I adoreyour poster design, it reminds me of a piece myfriend John Ramses did when he was here (he’s goneback to America now) and has reminded me of fondmemories. Thank you.Acacia PrisonLMB 1 WoorolooWA 65583Artwork by Ashley MarkeyLetter from Taryn-Michelle

Letter from PeterLetter from KainMy name is Kain Hackett. I’m a 45 year Aussieguy living in Parklea Correctional Centre till 21stNovember I get out. I’m looking for friendship, possLTR with Mr Right. I’m caring, lovable and kind. I’vebreached my conditions I’ve done 4 months this time.I won’t be back.Hi Inside Out Readers,Since the last edition I have just moved from KarreengaCC to Langi Kal Kal to hopefully finish off the last partof my sentence.Langi took some getting used to as it is an open campset up. There are a lot more rules as you can imagine,I’m hoping to find my own man and even marry one but also a lot more things to do and overall a moreday. I have heaps to offer from my heart. I’m studying relaxed set up.in 2019 to become a Relationships Counselor. I’mwriting here for friendship, true friendship, even Thank you to everyone who sent me letters in regardsmaybe LTR, who knows. I’m Aussie 45 yrs, caucasian, to my last Inside out entry. Please see my details at the65kg 5FT10 tall, straight acting guy, DTW and happy end of the letter for those of you who asked for them.within myself. Please I hope anyone who reads thisthat is Bored Lonely does write to me. I’ll answer all This entry I would like to raise an issue (if it couldbe called an issue) of the way many of the LGBTIQletters.prison community hold ourselves.Kain HackettNSWI have now been in prison for 2 years. I have done timeat 3 different prisons, MAP, Karreenga and now LangiKal Kal. I’ve met heaps of different people in here,Trans, Bi, Gay and Queer. I must admit I have neverhad any trouble with my sexuality in prison. This I’mvery grateful for as I am aware that some of you have.I think the reason this if for me is that I’ve verycomfortable with my sexuality. I am who I am, I’m gaybut don’t rub it in people’s face. Many men that I meetask me “should I keep my sexuality a secret?”Many officers have told them to “keep it to themselves,”“ Keep it secret, you may be in danger.” In some casesor prisons this could be true! However my advice tothem is, you make your own decision, sometimeskeeping secrets or telling lies rubs people in here thewrong way, making them distrusting of you. This cansometimes be more dangerous.At the end of the day it is no one else’s business andyou should take your time to make your decision .Ask advice from people similar who you trust! Talk toPrograms and Medical, teachers or officers. Hopefullyyour prison has an LGBTIQ Peer Listener.Trust is a huge issue as to tell you the truth. Themain group of people that I have had problems withare other Gay or Bi men either through jealousy oruneducation, I really don’t know.Artwork by Joe Salazar4

Another issue I see within the prison system isthe huge amount of LGBTIQ people sleeping withhuge amounts of other prisoners. Yes, I believe thatas long as it’s consensual and safe people should beallowed to sleep with as many people as they want.But please have in mind that actions like these affectus all. Unfortunately this paints us all with the samebrush. Let’s start being a support for each otherinstead of destroying our good work. Let’s not givethem anything to pin us. Be who you are, but respectyourself and your body.Letter fromfrom Red-ZhuanLetterRadhuanHello to everyone, especially Amanda and Miranda(are you two actual identical twins? Cause your namesare rhymes) xDHi to Taryn, Strange, Codie, Peter, Paul Westie, RiRiand especially Ahmed Azil. First of all I would like tohighlight here that I’m eager to know Ahmed Azil. Idid try to write you a letter but the prison returnedit back to me as likely they can’t trace where you are.Oh, sorry where’ my manner I’m Red some calledme Malaysia (because that’s where I came from). I am30 years old, I’m half Portuguese/ Javanese and Malayand I am a Muslim. And I’m not entirely “out” yet still in da closet :( Just to put a picture in your head,that I’m kinda a Bi. But I’m more into women. I’mdoing 5 years already and still have 2 years until mybottom.“Stay Postive. Stay Fighting. Stay Brave. StayAmbitious. Stay Focused. Stay Strong.”Thank you,Peter CarrCRN 210476Langi Kal KalIt’s hard living like this, it’s like being a superherothat required you wearing a mask. That mask itselfnot for you but to protect people whom you loved. IfI came “out”, quiet possibly my parents and nana arethe one took the biggest impact of all Ever since Iknowing that I am kinda different, I tried to be moreheterosexual and masculine. But I realised the moreI tried the more likely I become what I’m afraid of.For those who already knew what I am, please don’tbother to show my Muslim housemate that I wrote allthis essay. They might kicked me out from the cottage,I don’t want to end up seeking for a place to stay whenI don’t necessarily have to do so.“Ask Phoenix’’ Idea for NewsletterAny advice you need that you think would be helpfulor personal things. It doesn’t matter what, I’m morethan happy to help. Never give up, always follow yourdreams.Quote of the day: Blood makes you related, but loyaltymakes you family.From PhoenixI wanna share a few things to you all. In Malaysia,most of a LGBTIQI use their own terms or code. Forinstance, if it happen to you that a bloke/ woman thatwalks past you, doesn’t matter if they are your mateor your friend’s mate. If you curious about his “status”you’ll asked your mate “is he PLU?” What does PLUmeans? It means “is he People Like Us?”Someone did write for me on issue #4 or #5 but Iremain anonymous. And right now I thought that Ihave to clear the air. Rightio, I have nothing else tosay and those who agreed that newsletter have tobe given out once every two months instead of threeplease raise your dick! :DRadhuanRed-zhuan Mahat (201258)Karreenga Correctional CentrePO Box 1044, Corio Vic 3214Red.Sent from Ashley Markey5

ȱ ȱȱ ȱ ȱ ȱȱȱȱ ȱPoem by Phillip JenkinsCommited to shadowlandswalking the dead as horny demonicfigures bite at closed eyesjesus feeds on leftover carcass,rank,he see’s in me what I saw in youand I know this is where my lovebelongsdecaying diabolicalyou are the universepink planktonunpastedTransgender Me - By Taryn-MichelleIn 2015 I came out as a transgender woman (MtF)and since then I have struggled to verbalise thethoughts, feelings and day to day issues I have comeacross since embracing my gender identity. I decidedto immortalise some of these issues into a paintingcalled “Transgender Me” - A graphite interpretationin metallic colour over monochrome.Starting from the background I began with two sidesof light and dark to represent happy and sad, or goodand bad. I then used a combination of vines, leaves andflowers to portray to the viewer the belief that beingtransgender or queer is perfectly natural. The ninesmall butterflies symbolise my children at the time ofincarceration. Seven step children and two biological.The butterflies vary in colour and intensity so as torepresent their individuality and their freedom to bewho they are.The center piece represents the transition from maleon the left, to female on the right. I decided to usethe gender stereotyped colours on the wings, not forconformity but more as a statement of the “pigeonhole’society places on gender. Which is exactly why I placedleaves over the genitalia of the female side becausesociety will accept male nudity yet frown upon femaleexpressionism, almost as if people are ashamed ofhow they came to be.Self portrait by Damien Linnane6

Hidden RainbowsOn the outsideRainbow colours can be seenOn the insideSubdued tones of grey and greenWhile outside - smiles aboundAnger and Hate are all that’s foundOn the insideTears are hidden, faces stoneNo weakness or emotions shownThe atmosphere always feels like rainStoic faces hide the painBut even inside, the sun rays can shine throughWhile outside still - some get blueThe rainbow paints the hearts of thoseWho, when outside - it freely grows.Artwork by Simon EvansBy David McGettiganYou Are by Raymond DicksonRyan you are the oneI love with all my mightThe oneI’m thinking every nightThe oneThat helps me make things rightThe oneI dream of when I sleep at nightThe oneI think of when I hug mypillow tightThe oneI’m not giving upwithout puttingup a fightLove you,DickoArt by Damien Linnane. See more on [email protected] by Ashley Markey7

ShatteredBy Taryn-MichelleContent warning: The following writing contains references to sexual and physical abuseFor this reason I set each half of the room, a child’s room, my roomas it looked and would’ve looked. The left being as it lookedgrowing up conforming to being a male with all the decorand trappings of a boys room but with a bit of pink hereand there as a way of expressing my most inner self. Theright side of the painting is your typical girl’s room all niceand pink with flowers and butterflies and pink Barbie car. Idid not put anything male on this side as it represents thetrue me. Even the superhero poster on the wall is genderspecific. Superman on the left and Supergirl on the right.8Rose Artwork by Ashley MarkeyI created this painting as a way for me to work through the difficulty of trauma that I suffered as a child betweenthe age of 4 and 16 years when I was sexually abused, tortured and violently mistreated. I spent my childhoodin fear of the next attack. The next hit or the next time I would be caught unawares and subjected to the evilintentions of those who I looked to for protection and safety. I chose to bifurcate the painting to highlight thefact that abuse and domestic violence can happen to either sex, and also to illustrate that I am transgender.Even at the age of 4 I knew that I was different but had no words to express what I was going through.

12 Unbelievable Facts About LGBT Rights InAustralia - Sent in by Cody Jarvis7. Until a landmark decision in 2013, transgenderchildren had to get approval from the Family Courtto access puberty blockers – a reversible medicaltreatment that delays the onset of puberty.1. It wasn’t until 1997 that Tasmania decriminalisedsex between men – the last Australian state to do so.8. Once aged 16, transgender children can accesshormone replacement therapy and physicallytransition. However, they can only do this via theFamily Court – essentially, a judge decides if they arecompetent to transition, not medical professionals.2. NSW, Victoria and South Australia are the onlystates where people convicted of having gay sex canhave their convictions removed. For everyone else, itremains on their record.3. Tasmania is the only state where it is illegal forreligious organisations to discriminate against LGBTpeople.9. Men who have had sex with other men in theprevious year cannot donate blood as they are a highrisk HIV group. This is the case regardless of whetherthey are in an HIV-free and monogamous relationship.4. In Queensland, the age of consent for anal sex is 18,whereas for vaginal and oral sex it is 16. This appliesto everyone, not just gay men – but it certainly affects 10. Same-sex couples cannot adopt children inQueensland, Victoria, Northern Territory and Souththem more than other groups.Australia.5. Transgender people must undergo costly andinvasive sex reassignment surgery before they can 11. Same-sex stepparents cannot legally adopt theirchange the sex on their birth certificate in every state partner’s children in Queensland, South Australia orthe Northern Territory.but the ACT.12. It wasn’t until 2008 that people in same-sexrelationships gained the same rights as heterosexualcouples in regards to superannuation, tax,immigration, social security and other aspects ofCommonwealth law.6. Transgender people who married prior totransitioning are not legally able to change theirdocumented sex – they must divorce their spousefirst, or continue to have a non-preferred sex on theirdocuments.Artwork by Nath Penman9

All By MyselfDeserted, Left Alone, IsolatedNo news heard or communicatedWhere is the love?At least from above.My God is always there.All it takes is a prayer.My lover is gone.It’s time to move onTo friends whom I know carePeople who will always be therePositive people around mePositive energy, surround me.I want to be able to smileAnd I think I will - in a whileBut right now, just let me beLife will start again, when I’mfree.Artwork by Simon EvansBy David McGettiganMy 2 Lil’ Baby Bro’sYou are my all time best Lil BabyBro’s in the whole universe, andwhenever I think about you, I justsmile. You bring me joy to myheart. Sammy and Mikey, you’reboth beautiful and adorable, kindhearted, miss you everyday. Weare worlds apart but close in ourhearts. I wish you were both herewith me now, but one day soonyou will be and I’ll never let yougo.Artwork by Damien LinnaneWhen I first spoke to you, youboth were so caring and understanding, helpful as well, alsoyou helped me with my sexuality,which means a lot and has foreverchanged my life for the better. I’mnothing without you in my life.Always keep your head up andnever give up in life no matterwhat happens in this world, knowthat I’m always in your hearts.From: Phoenix10

During World AIDS Day 2018, you will hear of lotsof speeches that define co-mordidities, increases incancer presentations, escalation in the deteriorationof immunity systems and maybe some discussion onmental health and HIV Cognitive Deterioration fromthe specialists and professionals that work in HIV andHIV fields at the present time. You will hear speechesaround PrEp and Truvada.What World AIDS Day means to me.World AIDS Day: Let’s stop criminalizing HIVstatus vs Victorian HIV Strategy 2017 - 2020This year, we celebrate as HIV survivors, World AIDSDay 2018 , with the theme “Everybody Counts”.There are still countless numbers of Victorian LongTerm Survivors, that live isolated and disconnectedlives and predominantly because of their HIV Status.Many have lost their identities that once connectedthem to community and to services that identifiedthem with a sense of belonging, advocacy and care.Many have lost their identities and formed newidentities as part of the wider community. This typeof change has created further disparity, isolation andloneliness. It has not always been a positive change inidentity as a means of trying to be counted.You hear lots.but there will be lots missing that youdon’t hear.What you won’t hear.are the lost and disconnectedvoices that still live in our communities, but havebecome forgotten.who have become isolated.who have become lonely.who have lost theirconnections to their own identities and who have losttheir connections to community and to the servicesthat once supported them as “warriors”.In many instances, where help is sort.many findthat they are ‘Out of Scope’.‘Out of Scope’ withservice providers, advocates, communities andorganisations that once embraced and competed fortheir engagement.I like to use the term “warriors”, because if we don’trecognise the history and the commitment and theengagement of these lost and isolated warriors, wewouldn’t have the cleaner treatments or the visionthat we have today with respect to care and treatmentsaround HIV and AIDS. It was these “warriors” thathave created a future from their own pasts and wherethey were the future of HIV and AIDS and where theystill are.It’s ok to move on. But it’s certainly not ok to forget thepast and the legacy of the past, they remain, isolated,forgotten and in many instances disconnected.The story below is as current now as it was when it waswritten two years ago. *Editors note: Parrish’s 2nd articlewill be published in issue #9*I share, this because I haven’t seen changes that weneed as a community. We talk a lot about it, but Ihaven’t seen the changes that we celebrate.Changes in the names and platforms of peak HIVorganisations where any reference to HIV or AIDShas been removed from the new naming rights oforganisations, has not only been disrespectful. Ithas also cemented stigma and created a furtherunjustifiable and undignified hardship for those manythat remain disconnected, isolated and immune nowfrom the communities that once recognised them andonce supported them.We lack vision. We lack opportunity. We lackeducation. Medical Professionals starting theirjourneys lack the knowledge and the respect of thepast.We are a funny tribe. We take for granted thatwe have often solved the problems of the past, becausewe have progressed so far. Often though, it the pastand the legacies of the past that still remain essentialand just as important for the future.As we celebrate World AIDS Day 2018. Lets considerthe theme ‘Everybody Counts’This is what the realities of ageing is actually like as along term survivor of HIV and AIDS in Victoria.11By Parrish Charles

Let’s Play, What’s That Song?!Submission from Taryn-Michelle.How to play: Guess the missing word for the “Chorus Line” and write the Title and Singer/Band in the spaceprovided :) Answers on page 21. No Peeking!1) “Don’t t p t in ing about t m r r o ”Title: D n’t t pBand/Singer: Fl t o d M c2) “P t On Y u Boots And a d e, Ride h t M s ang Out The h te”Title: E e tric o eoBand/Singer: e Ke n g an3) “I’m G n a Love o or ve And E er, Fo e er And E er m n”Title: Fo e er And E er m nBand/Singer: an y Tr vi4) “So G d ye e l w Br c Road, W e e The D g of S ci ty Howl”Title: G d ye e l w Br c RoadBand/Singer: E to J h5) “ Can Your H r o B y”Title: H rBand/Singer: E r q e I le ias12

Colouring-infrom Simon Evans‘Camp Comic Comedy’by Nath Penman13

Support and Resourceful Information/Organisationswithin the LGBTQI Community - Sent in by Cody JarvisQlifeGay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia (GALFA)T: 1800 184 527PO Box 51Newtown NSW 2042QLife provides anonymous, LGBTI peer support andreferral for people wanting to talk about a range of issuesincluding sexuality, identity, gender, bodies, feelings orrelationships. QLife services are free and include bothtelephone and webchat support, delivered by trainedLGBTI community members across the country. Ourservices are for LGBTI individuals, their friends andfamilies, and health professionals.PO Box 3066VIC, 3163 Australiawww.galfa.org.auCharitable foundation whose purpose is to provide fundsfor charitable activities/organisations which have as theirsole or chief purpose/outcome, the good and bettermentof the LGBTQI and allied communities, in Australia.Victorian AIDS Council Counselling ServicesT: 1800 134 840T: (03) 9865 6700Level 5, 615 St Kilda RdMelbourne VIC des confidential counselling to individuals forpeople people who have a AIDS/HIV in the LGBTQ communityNational LGBT Health [email protected]: (02) 92062054PO Box 51,Newtown, NSW 2042The National LGBTI Health Alliance is the nationalpeak health organisation in Australia for organisationsand individuals that provide health-related programs,services and research focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual,transgender, and intersex people (LGBTI) and othersexuality, gender, and bodily diverse people andcommunities.Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria (GLHV)T: (03) 92855382Level 1, 215 Franklin St,Melbourne 3000Australiawww.glhv.org.auGLHV is a health and wellbeing resouce unit. Theydevelop training and health promotion rescouces andwork to improvie health across the communityA Gender Agenda (AGA)T: 02 6162 1924PO Box 4010Ainslie ACT2602 Australiawww.genderrights.org.auAGA is a peer-based community organisation in theACT that works with the intersex and gender diversecommunity. This includes intersex people, transsexuals,transgender people, cross-dressers and other gendervariant or gender non-conforming people. Servicesinclude: Support and Advocacy Services, Workshopsand Community Events, Information and Resources,Training and Community Education, Human Rightsand Law Reform, Professional engagement with HealthPractitionersTransfolk WAPO Box 90, Midland DC, WA [email protected] of WA is a support service for all transgenderpeople and their loved ones in Western Australia. Theorganisation provides accessible safe spaces wheremembers can expect dynamic peer support.ACONT: 1800 063 060PO Box 350Darlinghurst NSW1300 Australiawww.acon.org.auNew South Wales based health promotion organisationspecialising in HIV prevention, HIV support and lesbian,gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) health.Offers a range of programs and services across metro ®io

your poster design, it reminds me of a piece my friend John Ramses did when he was here (he’s gone back to America now) and has reminded me of fond memories. ank you. We’ve been hoping to form an LGBTIQ group here at Acacia which has seemed to have stalled though we live in hope it will eventuate. I believe there is a

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May 02, 2018 · D. Program Evaluation ͟The organization has provided a description of the framework for how each program will be evaluated. The framework should include all the elements below: ͟The evaluation methods are cost-effective for the organization ͟Quantitative and qualitative data is being collected (at Basics tier, data collection must have begun)

On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

MARCH 1973/FIFTY CENTS o 1 u ar CC,, tonics INCLUDING Electronics World UNDERSTANDING NEW FM TUNER SPECS CRYSTALS FOR CB BUILD: 1;: .Á Low Cóst Digital Clock ','Thé Light.Probé *Stage Lighting for thé Amateur s. Po ROCK\ MUSIC AND NOISE POLLUTION HOW WE HEAR THE WAY WE DO TEST REPORTS: - Dynacó FM -51 . ti Whárfedale W60E Speaker System' .

Glossary of Social Security Terms (Vietnamese) Term. Thuật ngữ. Giải thích. Application for a Social Security Card. Đơn xin cấp Thẻ Social Security. Mẫu đơn quý vị cần điền để xin số Social Security hoặc thẻ thay thế. Baptismal Certificate. Giấy chứng nhận rửa tội

More than words-extreme You send me flying -amy winehouse Weather with you -crowded house Moving on and getting over- john mayer Something got me started . Uptown funk-bruno mars Here comes thé sun-the beatles The long And winding road .

Phần II: Văn học phục hưng- Văn học Tây Âu thế kỷ 14- 15-16 Chương I: Khái quát Thời đại phục hưng và phong trào văn hoá phục hưng Trong hai thế kỉ XV và XVI, châu Âu dấy lên cuộc vận động tư tưởng và văn hoá mới rấ

Food outlets which focused on food quality, Service quality, environment and price factors, are thè valuable factors for food outlets to increase thè satisfaction level of customers and it will create a positive impact through word ofmouth. Keyword : Customer satisfaction, food quality, Service quality, physical environment off ood outlets .

May 09, 2021 · “Acknowledge Me efore Others” May 9, 2020 9:30 AM Service As We Gather Jesus said, “I tell you, whoever publicly acknowledges Me before others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before the angels of od (Luke 12:8).” Every day, each of us is called upon to publicly acknowledge Jesus by what we say and what we do.

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Lời Nói Đầu K inh Bát-Nhã (Prajna) đƣợc lƣu hành rất sớm tại Ấn độ. Khoảng 700 năm sau khi Phật diệt độ (cuối thế kỷ II đầu thế kỷ III Tây lịch), lúc Bồ-tát Long Thọ

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1.2. Chương Trình 0% Lãi Suất Ưu Đãi Mua Sắm không áp dụng cho Chủ thẻ Tín Dụng Thương Mại. The Installment Plan With 0% Interest is not applicable for HSBC Business Credit Card. 1.3. Loại tiền tệ được sử dụng trong Chương Trình 0% L

For centuries, Baccarat has been privileged to create masterpieces for royal households throughout the world. Honoring that legacy we have imagined a tea service as it might have been enacted in palaces from St. Petersburg to Bangalore. Pairing our menus with world-renowned Mariage Frères teas to evoke distant lands we have

HƯỚNG DẪN LỰA CHỌN DÂY & CÁP HẠ THẾ DÂY & CÁP HẠ THẾ A/ LỰA CHỌN DÂY & CÁP : Khi chọn cáp, khách hàng cần xem xét những yếu tố sau: - Dòng điện định mức - Độ sụt áp - Dòng điện ngắn mạch - Cách lắp đặt - Nhiệt độ môi trường hoặc nhiệt độ đất

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Ipsos contacted a national sample of 1,048 small business owners in the United States with annual revenue between 100,000 and 4,999,999 and employing between two and 99 employees, as well as 342 interviews of Hispanic small business owners, 307 interviews of Black small business owners and 114 interviews of Asian American small business owners.