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NSK Q 001ySUPPLIERUncontrolledCopQUALITY ASSURANCE MANUALDecember 13, 2001NSK Ltd.-1-

NSK Q 001SUPPLIERUncontrolledCopyQUALITY ASSURANCE MANUALDecember 13, 2001NSK Ltd.-2-

SUPPLIER QUALITY ASSURANCE MANUALCONTENTSPageBasic Requirements for Quality oProcess Design ��・・・・・・・・・・・・・12Process Change �・・・・・・・・・16Initial Product ・・・・・・・・・・19Disposition When ��・・・・・・・・・21Subcontractor �・・・・・・・・・・・・・26Quality Control StatusReport for Critical ControlonProcedure ⅣProcedure ⅤlledCop[2] Procedures for Quality ・・・・・・6Procedure Ⅰ Registration of Persons inCharge of Quality �・・・・・・・・・・・・6Procedure Ⅱ Preparation of re Ⅲ Preparation of Quality AssuranceProcedure ⅥncProcedure ⅦUProcedure ��・・・・・・28-3-

SUPPLIER QUALITY ASSURANCE MANUAL[I] Basic Requirements for Quality Assurance1. ScopeThis quality assurance manual specifies the basic requirements for the qualityassurance with each supplier (hereinafter called supplier) who supplies goods toCopyNSK Ltd. (hereinafter called NSK).This quality assurance manual is intended to assure 100% non-defective productsby establishing a companywide quality assurance structure to ensure quality, cost,and timely deliveries in accordance with NSK’s basic policies. In this manual,“quality assurance” shall be regarded as the objective, and “quality control” as themeans to achieve it.lled2. Basic Requirements for Quality Assurancencontro2.1 Responsibility for Quality AssuranceEach supplier shall bear full responsibility for quality assurance in the productionof products and parts to be supplied to NSK. To help assure the quality of allproducts, the supplier shall assign a person to be in charge of quality assurance andreport the details to NSK.U2.2 Establishing Quality Assurance Systems (Organization and Function)Each supplier shall establish a quality assurance system with which they are able toensure quality that conforms to NSK’s drawings and purchasing specifications (PS)throughout the entire production process, and strive to maintain and improve it.2.3 Quality Control ProceduresSuppliers shall establish procedures to ensure quality control for each of thefollowing items and closely follow them.(1)Control of Specifications, Drawings, etc.For NSK’s drawings and purchasing specifications and the supplier’s standards,drawings, etc. for production and inspection, the latest ones shall be filed andmaintained in appropriate places and regularly revised or discarded.-4-

(2)Control of Equipment and Measuring InstrumentsFor production and inspection, the equipment and measuring instruments necessaryto secure the desired quality shall be provided, and maintained in good condition atall times. Especially for testing, calibration or inspection, adequate controls andtime limits shall be determined and observed.(3)Technical Capabilities of Operators and InspectorsOperators and inspectors who have sufficient technical capability for productionyand inspection shall be utilized. Also, the necessary education and training shall besystematically provided.Control of SubcontractorsIn order to ensure the capability of subcontractors, the necessary controls shall beestablished and enforced for the selection of suitable suppliers, quality checks, etc.(5)Control of materials, parts and productsmaterials, parts and products are kept(6)Control of Production ProcessesIn order to secure the desired quality, inspections and tests shall be made at thespecified control points during production in accordance with the QualityAssurance Process Design Diagram or Inspection Standard on the basis of thePurchasing Specifications. For critical control processes, great importance shall beattached to it and special controls shall be observed.ncontrolledCop(4)U(7) Process Change ControlThe process change shall be checked with not only the competent department butalso the relative departments for the influence due to change by establishing acertain rule in advance. The data of old/new process shall be compared andchecked, and shall confirm for difference between old and new products but not forcompliance with the standard. Prior to process change, the process changeapplication shall be submitted to NSK for approval according to the Procedure IV.(8)Initial Product ControlWhen starting mass production of a new designed products and when changingprocesses or design during mass production, sufficient study and preparations of-5-

process controls shall precede production in order to secure the proper quality andto stabilize production early.(9)Lot Control (Charge Control)Lot controls are generally maintained for major processes such as material, heattreatment and machining etc. in order to stabilize quality and detect defectivematerials early. Adequate quality records shall be kept.opy(10) Control of Defective ProductsDefective products shall be clearly distinguished, and the storage area shall besuitably located to prevent outflow. Reworked parts and floor parts also shall beclearly distinguished.When the defective products have been supplied to NSK or when there issuch a possibility, the supplier shall notify NSK of the details immediately.tro2)lledC(11) Handling of Abnormalities1)The procedure for handling abnormalities when they occur duringproduction shall be clarified.The method of disposal of abnormal products shall be recorded and stored.The instant that an abnormality is detected, stop production and take thenecessary countermeasures, then segregate the abnormal lot from the rest.These two rules shall be understood by all the operators.(12) Controls to Prevent Different Materials, mixed products (similar products) andunprocessed parts from Becoming MixedUncon3)When two or more types of materials are used in production processes, thematerials shall be clearly distinguished, and every possible means shall be used toprevent different materials from becoming mixing. The mixed products andunprocessed parts from becoming mixed also shall be considered. similarly.(13) Control of Designated Critical ProductsFor designated critical products (products required safety critical, productsdesignated for laws or regulations, specifically designated products, and productsrequiring additional controls), special controls shall be established in accordance-6-

with the standards designated by NSK.3. Quality Control ProceduresSuppliers shall follow each of the following procedures. Procedures 3-4 and 3-6should be done immediately every time it is called for. For other items, followNSK’s instructions.Registration of persons in charge of quality assurance3-2.3-3.3-4.3-5.3-6.3-7.3-8.Preparations of Inspection StandardsPreparation of Quality Assurance Process Design DiagramProcess change procedureInitial product control procedureDisposition when defects occurSubcontractor Utilization ReportQuality Control Status Report for Critical Control ProcessesFor the forms needed for these procedures, copy the forms in this report.lledCopy3-1.ontro4. Submitting Inspection ReportsEach supplier shall submit an Inspection Report for each lot delivered to NSK. If aspecial form is specified in the Purchasing Specifications, etc., follow the form.Unc5. Plant Audit and Attendance During InspectionsNSK shall periodically or whenever NSK believes it is necessary, performsuppliers’ plants audit or attend inspections.5th Version Revised on December 13, 20014th Version Revised on May 24, 19943rd Version Revised on July 1, 19862nd Version Revised on December 26, 19851st Version Established on April 21, 1980NSK Ltd.-7-

UncontrolledCopyQuality Assurance Division-8-

SUPPLIER QUALITY ASSURANCE MANUAL[2] Procedures for Quality ControlProcedure 1. Registration of Persons in Charge of Quality Assurance1. ScopeThis quality assurance manual specifies the procedure whereby suppliers informNSK of the persons in charge of quality assurance.Copy2. PurposeSuppliers shall inform NSK of the persons in charge of quality assurance tofacilitate smooth cooperation concerning the various matters for quality assurancefor the supplied materials.lled3. Responsibility and Selection of Persons in Charge of Quality AssuranceThe manager of quality assurance shall be fully responsible for all qualityassurance operations by the supplier. For the selected person, a leader in the qualitytroassurance department is preferable.ncon4. Selection of Assistant manager of Quality Assurance(1) The person in charge of operations (Chief of the Quality Assurance Division)who is in a position to take effective action shall be assigned to be the Assistantmanager of Quality Assurance.U(2) In the case of a trading firm, the person in charge of quality assurance at themanufacturer’s mill shall be assigned to be Assistant manager of QualityAssurance.5. Reporting ProcedureSuppliers shall enter the name of the company, company seal, office, name, stamp,phone number for contact, and date of selection of the Manager and AssistantManager of Quality Assurance in the “Selection or Alternation or QualityAssurance Manager Report” shown in Form 1, and submit it to NSK’s qualityAssurance Division.For the Assistant Manager of Quality Assurance, enter the name of the plant underhis supervision or the manufacturer.-9-

UncontrolledCopy6. Alteration Report ProcedureWhen there is an alteration in the Manager or Assistant Manager of QualityAssurance due to a change in the supplier’s organization or for other reasons,encircle “Alteration” on the Selection or Alteration of Quality Assurance ManagerReport as shown on Form 1 and submit it to NSK’s Quality Assurance Divisionusing the same procedure as in item 5.- 10 -

Issue No.NSK Ltd.To:PlantManager, Quality Assurance DivisionIssuing dateName of companyOfficeIssuersSelection or Alteration of Quality Assurance Manager ReportopyWe inform you that we selected/changed the manager of Quality Assurance as follows:Name of officePhone No. for contactNametroName of officelleSelection/Change datePhone No. for contactonAssistantmanager ofquality assuranceCNamedManager ofquality assuranceSelection/change datencPlant under his supervision or manufacturer’sLocationUName of officeNameAssistantmanager ofQuality assurancePhone No. for contactSelection/change datePlant under his supervision or manufacturer’sLocationNSK Q 001 Form 1- 11 -

SUPPLIER QUALITY ASSURANCE MANUALProcedure II Preparation of Inspection Standards1. ScopeThis quality assurance manual specifies the methods to prepare and submitInspection Standards for products and parts to be supplied to NSK by suppliers.opy2. PurposeThe purpose is to clarify the inspection procedures used by suppliers to ensure thefinal quality of the products and the parts.lledC3. Preparation ProceduresThe Inspection Standards should generally be prepared using one sheet for eachproduct No. For common types of products, however, these may be preparedusing a single sheet.ontro4. FormatForm 2 is a reference form for Inspection Standards. However, the format normallyused by the supplier may be used if it satisfies the contents of the reference form.Unc5. Submission and Approval5.1 SubmissionIf the supplier is requested by NSK in the Purchasing Specifications, etc. to submitInspection Standards, the supplier shall submit them in duplicate to the QualityAssurance Division of NSK before the products are delivered.5.2 ApprovalThe Chief of the Quality Assurance Division of NSK shall sign them to indicateapproval after checking the details and return one copy to the supplier. For thesubmitted Inspection Standards, NSK shall handle them with care.6. Re-submission due to AlterationWhen there is an alteration in the Inspection Standards, re-submit the newInspection Standards immediately. For handling alterations in processes, refer toProcedure Ⅵ, “Process Alteration Procedure”.- 12 -

INSPECITON STANDARDSProduct No.MaterialPartsDateDrawing No.NSKPurchasingSpecification Inspection methodInspectionlevelCInspection firmationRevisionsSymbolNSK Q 001 Form 2- 13 -

SUPPLIER QUALITY ASSURANCE MANUALProcedureⅢ Preparation of Quality Assurance Process Design Diagram1. ScopeThis quality assurance manual specifies the methods to prepare and submit QualityAssurance Process Design Diagram for products and parts to be supplied to NSKby suppliers.Copy2. PurposeEach supplier should prepare quality assurance process design diagram clearlyshowing the quality assurance methods used in each products and parts productionprocess by the Inspection and Production Divisions in order to have an overallunderstanding of the quality assurance activities in all production processes.lled3. Preparation ProcedureThe quality assurance process design diagram should generally be prepared usingtroone sheet for product No. For common types of products, however, these may beprepared using a single sheet.Uncon4. FormatForms 3 , 4 and 4A are reference forms for quality assurance process designdiagram. However, the format used by the supplier may be used if it satisfies thecontents of the reference forms. In the Process column on the list, the supplier mayenter the process diagram symbols of JIS Z 8206 and define them.5. Submission and Confirmation5.1 SubmissionIf the supplier is requested by NSK in the purchasing Specifications, etc. to submitQuality Assurance Process Design Diagram, the supplier shall submit them induplicate to the Quality Assurance Division of NSK before any products aredelivered.5.2 ConfirmationThe Chief of the Quality Assurance Division of NSK shall sign them to indicateapproval after checking the details and return one copy to the supplier. For the- 14 -

submitted Quality Assurance Process Design Diagram, NSK shall handle themwith care.6. Re-submission due to AlterationWhen there is an alteration in the quality assurance process design diagram,re-submit new quality assurance process design diagram immediately. For handlingUncontrolledCopyalterations in processes, refer to Procedure Ⅳ, “Process Alteration Procedure”.- 15 -

Quality Assurance Process DiagramNo.Product No.Date of checkingSketchChecking divisionIssue datePrepared byCheckedbyExaminedbyExaminedbyHistory ofrevisionFunctionProcessControl d(relatedto causes)to ency of checkingInitialInter- FinalCheckproducts mediate products on of revision/Approved byControl methodManufac soninchargeofcheckProcess Remacapabil- rksityJobinstruction No.UncontrolledCopySymbols Name ofonprocessprocess (suppliers ofchartfacilitiesandmachines)ApprovedbySymbols onprocess chartCheck of processing& qualityIdleQuantityinspection Stored 十 Qualityinspection〇 ConveyanceSimple devices to prevent defectsDivisionWorking div.Inspection div.WorkerSet bySection leaderStaffChief of div. 〇 〇 NSK Q 001 Form3- 16 -

Product No.Quality Assurance Process DiagramQuality assurance process diagram No.Manufacturing drawing No.PC No.Delivered toDate of issue of latesteditionDate of checkingSketchEditionPageDate of preparationChecking divisionPrepared byChecked byExaminedbyExaminedbyApproved byExaminedbyPrepared byApplicationFunctionName ofprocess(suppliers offacilities andmachines)Control itemsConditionQualitycontrol(related tocharacteristicscauses)(related to sProcessstandardAdjustmentlimitControl methodSetting limitFrequency of checkingSetting value InitialInterFinalCheckproducts mediate products ethodPerson incharge binstruction sschartSymbols on processchartCheck of processing& qualityQuantityinspection Qualityinspection〇 ConveyanceIdle Stored Simple devices to prevent defectsDivisionWorking div.Inspection div.Worker Set by Section leader StaffChief of div.〇 〇 NSK Q 001 Form 4- 17 -

Product No.ProcessstandardControl methodSetting limitFrequency of checkingSetting value InitialInterFinalCheckproducts mediate products umentRecordingmethodPerson incharge ofcheckProcesscapabilityRemarksJobinstruction dardsllePersoninchargetroControl itemsConditionQualitycontrol(related tocharacteristicscauses)(related to effects)onName ofprocess(suppliers offacilities andmachines)PagencSymbolonprocesschartQuality assurance process diagram No.UQuality Assurance Process DiagramNSK Q 001 Form 4A- 18 -His-toryofrevision

SUPPLIER QUALITY ASSURANCE MANUALProcedure Ⅳ Process Change Procedure1. ScopeThis quality assurance manual specifies the procedure which NSK suppliers shouldfollow in order to change production processes.opy2. PurposeThe purpose is to prevent deterioration of quality from occurring when changingprocesses, operating conditions, etc. in the production and inspection processes inorder to simplify production reduce costs, or improve quality.lledC3. Types of Process Change Requiring Approval or ReportThe types of process changes that require application to NSK for approval or reportand the levels of application are shown below.Level ofapplication(1) Major changes of material (such as changes in material Approvalmanufacturer on raw material procurement).(2) Changes in critical control processes such as casting, forging, Approvalheat treatment, welding, plating, rubber vulcanizing, surfacetreatment, etc.(including renewal of seal dies and plastics)(3) Changes in production place or subcontractor.Approval(4) Major changes in equipment, control items, control standards, Reportetc. as specified on the Production Process ControlList(machining, assembling, etc.).(5) Changes in inspection methods for finished productsReportIn the case of parts designated by NSK as critical, approval should be obtainedUncontroTypes of process changesalso for Items (4) and (5).4. Process Change ProcedureWhen suppliers change any processes, encircle the words “Application forapproval” or “Report” in the “Level” space on the process change application (Form 5),according to the level of application and submit the original to the quality assurancedivision of NSK through the division of NSK which placed the order. The applicationfor approval should be submitted about 45 days before.- 19 -

5. Enforcement of Process Change(1)NSK shall approve or reject the process change with the Process ChangeReply shown at the bottom of Form 4. The supplier will make the change ifapproved after their receipt of the Process Change Reply.(2)In the case of reports, suppliers shall make the change after submitting theapplication for the change in process to NSK. However, if additional data,revision of the process-change, etc. are requested by NSK, they shallinform them in the process change reply.UncontrolledCopy6. Delivery of Parts After Process ChangeWhen suppliers deliver parts to NSK, made after process change, the supplier shalluse special controls such as recording the production conditions and inspection resultswithin the process and perform initial product control in accordance with procedure V,“Initial Product Control Procedure”.- 20 -

PROCESS CHANGE PLANNSK Ltd.To:PlantQuality Assurance Dep’t.Issue No.Issuing dateName of CompanyOfficeIssuersProduct No.:Parts:Reason for Change:New processQuality characteristicswhich will be affected:Productioncapacity:Process Change PlanningnconMass production with processbefore changeMass production with processafter changeTrial mass productiontrolledCOld processopyDescription of Change:Mass productionUItems and method of trial measurement:Possible problems after change:With reference to the above process change plan, we confirm as follows:Change Condition:NSKCordinatingPlant Dep’t.RecipientsNSK Q 001 Form 5- 21 -

APPLICATION FOR PROCESS CHANGE APPROVALNSK Ltd.To:Issue No.ApprovalIssuing dateReportName of CompanyOfficeWe hereby apply for your approval since wewould like to change the process as follows:Product No.:Parts:IssuersReason for Change:New processQuality characteristicswhich will be affected:daySupply schedulefor material withprocess changeonMonthMonthtroProcesschangeschedulelledCOld processopyDescription of Change:dayAttached dataProcess Change ReplyncTo:With reference to the aboveReceiptUprocess change Application, wereply as follows:No.IssuancedateNSK OfficeApproval or rejectionof change:Conditions for Change:Approved ・ RejectedRecipientsNSK Q 001 Form 6- 22 -

SUPPLIER QUALITY ASSRUANCE MANUALProcedure V Initial Product Control Procedure1. ScopeThis quality assurance manual specifies the procedure which NSK suppliers shoulduse in order to specially control initial products.opy2. PurposeThe purpose is to make quality assurance more certain by specially controllinginitial products.dC3. Definition of Initial Products“Initial products” means materials that are produced during a specified period oftime after production starts or changes and generally includes the following items:trolle(1) Products designed newly :Producta which is produced in accordance with a trial manufacturingspecification, etc.ncon(2) Products from new supplier:Material which has been produced by a new supplier.(3) Products following process change:UProducts produced after a production process alteration approved by theProcess Alteration Procedure.(4) Products following trial manufacturing :Products for which a countermeasure has been taken to correct defectiveproducts.4. Control of Initial ProductsThe “control of initial products” means special controls to secure the desiredquality, stabilize production early, and eliminate factors that increase cost. Thecontrol period for initial products is shown below.- 23 -

Type of productsExamplesDesignated criticalproductsSymbolProducts required/HO/safety criticalProducts designated/HOU/for laws or regulationsSpecifically/SHA/designated products/AJ/etcProducts required/ /additional controlFor more than three monthsafter initial continuousproduction or more thanthree lotsFor more than one monthafter initial production ormore than one lotopyStandard productsInitial productControl periodlledCThe control of initial products shall be performed for the above period from thestart of production of newly developed material, trial manufactured material,material from new supplier, and material following countermeasure, or after receiptof the Process Alteration Reply.Uncontro5. Initial Product Supply ProcedureWhen supplying initial products, the actual products, invoice and Inspection Reportshall indicate that they are initial products (newly developed products, trialmanufactured products, products from new supplier, or products followingcountermeasure).- 24 -

SUPPLIER QUALITY ASSURANCE MANUALProcedure Ⅵ Disposition When Defects Occur1. ScopeThis quality assurance manual specifies how NSK’s suppliers should respond whendefective products or parts for NSK are discovered.opy2. PurposeThe purpose is to prevent defective products from being supplied to customers andto prevent recurrences.dC3. Report and Disposition When Abnormality OccursWhen a supplier detects an abnormality in production and the defective lot hasalready been supplied to NSK, or when there is such a possibility, the supplier’sperson in charge of quality assurance shall notify NSK orally or by telephoneontrolleimmediately. Then, he shall enter the following information in the AbnormalityOccurrence Report shown in Form 7 and send it to the Quality Assurance Divisionof NSK and the Quality Assurance Division in the plant concerned immediatelyand then receive instructions for disposition from them.nc(1) Circumstances surrounding defect and presumed cause(2) Date of supply, supplied quantity, type of lot No.U(3) Supplier’s tentative disposition and final disposition of the supplied products.4. Report on Countermeasures for DefectThe supplier shall prepare a report concerning the cause of the abnormality andcountermeasures within 10 days (if, however, another time limit is specified byNSK, the specified date) after the abnormality occurs and receive approval fromthe Quality Assurance Division of NSK.5. Supply of Products after CountermeasuresBefore supplying products after taking countermeasures, follow Procedure V,“Initial Product Control Procedure”.- 25 -

To:Issue No.FAILURE OCCURRENCEINFORMATIONItemIssue DateName of CompanyParts No./Production No.Issued byProduct No.Lot No.Quantity SuppliedDate SuppliedCopyDescription of Failure:onUncTentative Measures:Disposal of Already-Supplied Parts:trolledAssumed Cause:※Space to be Completedby NSK:Date ConfirmedSectionConfirmedConfirmed bySupplier should submit Recurrence Prevention Measure Sheet to NSK by(DistributionNSK Q 001 Form 7- 26 -)

Procedure for formDefective Purchased Part Recurrence-Prevention Countermeasure SheetSubjectProcessProductNo(1) This form should be completed by the section for the defects. Checked by the subcontractor’s qualityassurance section, and the(2) If available space is not sufficient, attach additional sheets.(3) In 5, indicate whether the inspection standards and quality assurance process chart are available.If available, indicate whether or not they are adequate.(4) In 7, present a characteristic diagram.(5) In 9 and 10, show the planned schedule for each item. For the ”confirmation follow-up (2)”, indicate 1 2,・・・corresponding to those shown in the table directly below(6) The countermeasure in 9 and 10 should be名Deliverd to.1.How was defect found?2.Scope of scheduleConfirmationfollow-upDate confirmedDate preparedResponsible sec.Sec. Prepared 1 2y 39.Causes of occurrence and countermeasures4.Process investigationC3.Result of investigation of defective productop 4Preventive measures and posal of semi-finished and supplied parts5.Maintenance of standardsInspection standardsReasons for being unable to detect faultsPreventive measures and ollow-up(2)UQualityAssuranceProcess Sheet10.Reasons for being unable to detect faults and countermeasuresnc7.Temporary measuresontrolledCauses of occurrencePersonInchargeWorking Instruments7.Investigation of contributing factors8.Production simulation tests and resultsContributing factors11.Extension to other lines and processes12.Related dataDocument No.Type of data。Note(1) Attach detailed information(2) Attach copies of revised portions of quality assurance processchart, working instructions, instruction book, etc.Evidence based on investigation resultsDistibuted to: [supplier]--NSK production--NSK QA Sec.Planning- 27 -NSK Q 001 Form 6

SUPPLIER QUALITY ASSURANCE MANUALProcedure Ⅶ Subcontractor Utilization Report1. ScopeThis quality assurance manual specifies the method of reporting that NSK’ssuppliers should follow to utilize subcontractors for outside services (hereinaftercalled subcontractors) for materials, products and parts to be supplied to NSK.Copy2. PurposeWhen a supplier entrusts a portion or all of the processing to a subcontractor, thesupplier shall report it to NSK beforehand, and NSK shall advise the supplier onthe utilization of the subcontractor, if necessary, in order to help the supplier withits quality assurance system.d3. Reporting ProcedureontrolleWhen a supplier is requested by NSK in the Purchasing Specifications, etc. tosubmit a Subcontractor Utilization Report, the supplier shall enter the necessarydata in the Subcontractor Utilization Report shown in Form 9 and submit it to theQuality Assurance Division of NSK.4. Re-submission due to AlterationncFor alteration of a subcontractor, the supplier shall follow Procedure Ⅳ, “ProcessAlteration Procedure”, and if the subcontractor Utilization Report has beenUsubmitted, re-submit it.- 28 -

SUBCONTRACTOR UTILIZATION REPORTNSK Ltd.To:Issue No.Issue dateName of companyOfficeIssuersName of SubcontractorNSK PurchasingSpecification No.Address. Phone tsyProduct No. or Type of products:Comments*Attached the company history of subcontractor* NSK CommentsNSKReceivingPostSpaces marked * : to be filled in by NSKNSK Q 001 Form 9- 29 -

SUPPLIER QUALITY ASSURANCE MANUALProcedure Ⅷ Quality Control Status Report for Critical Control Processes1. ScopeThis quality assurance manual specifies the procedure which the supplier shouldfollow in order to submit the Quality Control Status Report for Critical ControlProcesses to NSK.dCopy2. PurposeEach supplier shall report to NSK on the equipment, test instruments, operators,inspectors, etc. in production processes such as welding, heat treatment, platingthat are controlled by the supplier, in which the internal quality of materials shouldbe assured, and in specific inspection processes (hereinafter called Critical ControlProcesses) which confirms the effectiveness of magnetic particle inspection,ultrasonic inspection, eddy current inspection, etc. NSK shall advise the suppliertrolleconcerning the control of the critical control processes, if necessary, in order tohelp the supplier with its quality assurance system.UNSK.ncon3. Reporting ProcedureWhen a supplier is requested by NSK in the Purchasing Specifications, etc. tosubmit a Quality Control Status Report for “Special Process”, the supplier shallenter the necessary data

This quality assurance manual specifies the methods to prepare and submit Quality Assurance Process Design Diagram for products and parts to be supplied to NSK by suppliers. 2. Purpose Each supplier should prepare quality assurance process design diagram clearly showing the quality assurance methods used in each products and parts production .

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