The Alphabetic Principle And Advanced Phonics

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The Alphabetic Principle andAdvanced PhonicsLexie DomaradzkiRigorous Reading Webinar (Phonics)March 5th, 2012reachlexie@gmail.comObjectives Understand Alphabetic Principle and AdvancedPhonicsUnderstand how to diagnose phonics issues inorder to strengthen classroom instructionProvide strategies that will ensure strugglingstudents receive extra practice with multi-syllabledecoding1

Poor readers at the end offirst grade Are at very significant risk for long term academicdifficulty. 88% probability of being a poor reader in fourthgrade if a poor reader in the first grade.87% probability of remaining an average readerin fourth grade, if an average reader in the firstgrade. (Juel, 1988)Are likely to require intensive instructional support.Alphabetic Principle andPhonics Alphabetic Principle the concept thatalphabet letters represent speechsoundsPhonics the sound-symbol mappingsystem of correspondence betweenphonemes and graphemes2

ences)(words)SyllablesOnset-rimePhonemesTeach Letter NamesConnect lettersand wel teamsBlendsWord familiesInflectionsSyllable typesMorphemesRoots/affixesWord originPhonicsOrthographyGrade Level EmphasisSkillsWritten ExpressionComprehension Skills andStrategiesPassage FluencyVocabularyAdvanced Phonics/DecodingBasic PhonicsPhonological AwarenessGradeK123456 3

Working Memory and AutomaticityProcessingTaskProcessingTaskWorking MemoryLess Fluent ReaderMore Fluent ReaderPresented by Judy Dodson, Colorado Reading cySequence to Fluency Thanks to LisaThompson, RFRC4

Words in the English Language 50% are wholly decodable 37% are only off by one sound 50% of the words we read are madeup of the first 107 high-frequency words.Most common trouble spots First Grade: Blending sounds togetherV eVowel TeamsSecond Grade and up: Vowel TeamsPrefixes &SuffixesMultisyllable words5

Vowel teams are more thanjust two vowels together Handout #1Think about it Talk with a partner or think to yourself In reading instruction in your school/classroom, When are the vowel teams taught?In what sequence?How often are they reviewed once they aretaught?6



Prefixes and SuffixesWhen students are decoding unknownmultisyllabic words, it is to theiradvantage to know prefixes andsuffixes. Such knowledge will alsohelp in learning the meaning of words.--Chall & Popp, 1996Most frequent prefixesThe 4 most frequent prefixesPrefixMeaningKey WordOrigindis-not, opposite ofdisagreeLatinin-, im-, il-, un-notunfriendlyAnglo-SaxonHandout #29

Most frequent suffixesThe 4 most frequent suffixesSuffixMeaningKey WordOrigin-edpast-tense verbhoppedAnglo-Saxon-ingverb form/present participlerunningAnglo-Saxon-lycharacteristic ofquicklyAnglo-Saxon-s, -esmore than onebooks, boxesAnglo-SaxonPrefix and Suffix Template Have poster up showing prefix/suffixes that have been taught and their meanings.pre unfulrerelesspreunfullessrefulWe are going to practice reading prefixes and suffixes along withrecalling their meaning.I will model the first two for youRead - preMeaning - beforeSlide hand under prefix/suffix twice. One for read. One formeaning. (not word because these are morphemes – ameaningful unit, not a word)These could be taken from the passage that will be read or fromthose that have been taught already.10

Prefixes and Suffixes Use attached sheet for meanings Systematically teach each prefix and suffix Posters placed in classrooms for students to use Copied and given to students to use for helpSyllable Typesclosedhim, mit/tenopengo, lo/cate, jel/lor-controlledlarge, en/ter, mar/ketvowel teamgreen, con/tainvowel-silent ehome, con/caveconsonant-lebot/tle, ta/ble11

Syllable Types Closed syllable – a syllable that ends in a consonant. Itusually has a short vowel sound.Open syllable – a syllable that ends in a vowel (not a vowelteam or r-controlled vowel) An open syllable usually has along vowel sound.Vowel team syllable – a syllable that has a vowel team.The syllable has the vowel team sound.Vowel silent-e syllable – a syllable that contains a VCepattern. The consonant-silent-e syllable will usually have along vowel sound.Your turn to practice Use attached chart Select appropriate syllable type Discuss as a group12

Universal Screening for AlphabeticPrincipal and Phonics AIMSweb LNF, NWF RCBMNWF Accuracy13

LNF AccuracyDiagnosing-(looking forvulnerabilities)Formal or Informal Diagnosis14

Two Types of Diagnostic Assessments Formal Administered by expertsGiven to students with significant and unexplained readingweaknessesMost often are normed and provide percentiles for each skillmeasuredOften used to place students for special servicesExamples are: Woodcock-Johnson, GORTInformal Do not have to be given by expertsProvide information about strengths and weaknesses for specificskillsDesigned to be used to guide instructionMost often do not provide normsDiagnostic Tool- Quick PhonicsScreener Not grade level specificSkill specificShould be used with struggling studentsUsually takes about 20 minutes perchildInformation used for designingintervention or instructional emphasis incore instruction15

Beginning Decoding Survey50 Very EasyOne-Syllable WordsWords and Sentences to Read5 high frequency words5 real words with short vowels & 3 letters5 real words with short vowels & 4 letters(digraphs)5 real words with short vowels & 4 letters(blends)22 one-syllable words in sentences: shortvowels & high frequency words8 nonsense words with short vowels 4 with 3 letters 4 with 4 letters (digraphs)16


Information covered thissession Alphabetic principlePhonicsPrefixes/SuffixesMulti-syllable words Multisyllable templatesDiagnosing student needs18

Comments/Questions Share comments and or questions fromthe information shared todayThank you! Lexie Domaradzki REACH Education Consultingreachlexie@gmail.com425-346-243019

Suffix Meaning Key Word Origin -ed past-tense verb hopped Anglo-Saxon -ing verb form/ present participle running Anglo-Saxon -ly characteristic of quickly Anglo-Saxon -s, -es more than one books, boxes Anglo-Saxon Prefix and Suffix Template Have poster up showing prefix/suffixes that have been taught and their meanings.

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