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More time on the road Illustrated Parts ListRTO-12513July 2007

ContentsHow To Use The Illustrated Parts List .3IPL LOCATION ASSISTANCE .4Appendix.52

How To Use The Illustrated Parts ListThe information contained in this document is subject to frequent updates. Therefore, for the latest information available, please visitthe interactive Electronic Parts Catalog at Designation or Nomenclature For information regarding Model Designation and Nomenclature, visit and Assemblies (K/A's) Kits and Assemblies contain groups of individual or assembled parts developed for optimal replacement or repair of a serviceproblem.Kits and Assemblies are shown with applicable parts groupings in the parts listings.Identifying Kits and AssembliesA- Part numbers beginning with the letter 'A' are pre-assembled Production AssembliesK- Part numbers beginning with the letter 'K' are kits that are not assembledS- Part numbers beginning with the letter 'S' are pre-assembled Service Assemblies Note: Some Production Assemblies do not begin with a letter prefix (Midrange only).Illustrations Illustrations show parts in assembly groups.Item numbers on illustrations correspond with parts listings on pages adjacent to the illustration.Notes are included on illustrations where additional information is needed.Parts ListingParts listings are defined by parts groupings and are broken down by service assemblies. Parts listings identify a part for servicing withthe following categories Item Number - corresponding with numbers on illlustrations for part identification. Current Part - indentifies part as it is available for service. Description - specifies part name or description. Replaced Part - quantity quantity required for assembly. Quantity - defines unique characteristics or requirements. Notes - indicates Kits or Assemblies that contain a particular part. Kits/Assy's Where Used3

Group: IPL LOCATION ASSISTANCEPlease follow the instructions below to locatethe Illustrated Parts Lists for the following models:RT-12513RTF-12513RTOF-12513RTO-125131. Go to www.roadranger.com2. Click on Literature Center tab (second from right)3. Choose Product Catagory - Transmissions4. Choose Content Type - Illustrated Parts Lists - Click GO5. Select Product Catagory - 13 Speeds6. Scroll to bottom of the listing and locate TRIP-06027. After locating TRIP-0602 click on Free Downloadto view a printable PDF file.12513-05-04IPL LOCATION ASSISTANCEItem4Current PartDescriptionIPLINFORMATIONIPL LOCATIONASSISTANCEReplaced PartQty.1NotesKits/Assys WhereNeeded

AppendixAir Line TubingChoosing nylon tubing for air linesUse the following chart to specify theEaton Fuller nylon tube appropriate toyour vehicle's air system.5/32" Air Line and Harness CombinationsLine TypeLine ColorOrder Part No.LengthSupply PortRed (S) Black (P)5260150 ftSplitter Deep ReductionBlue (SP) Green (H/L)5270150 ftSupply Splitter PortRed(S) Blue(SP) Black(P)7460150 ftOrder Part No.7512075320757207552080120Length50 ft50 ft50 ft50 ft50 ft5/32" Air LinesLine TypeSupplyPortSplitterDeep ReductionSheathingLine ColorRed (S)Black (P)Blue (SP)Green (H/L)1/8" Air LinesLine TypeLine ColorOrder Part No.LengthSupplyPortWhiteBlack685268201350 ft50 ft8000050 ftSheathing10650-1/92 AL Chart5



Copyright Eaton and Dana Corporation,2007. EATON AND DANA CORPORATIONhereby grants its customers, vendors, ordistributors permission to freely copy,reproduce and/or distribute this documentin printed format.THIS INFORMATION ISNOT INTENDED FOR SALE OR RESALE,ANDTHIS NOTICE MUST REMAINON ALL COPIES.For spec’ing or service assistance, call 1-800-826-HELP (4357) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Mexico001-800-826-4357), for more time on the road. Or visit our web site at Eaton, Dana and other trusted partners providing the bestproducts and services in the industry, ensuring more time on the road.8 2007 Eaton Corporation · All rights reserved.Eaton Corporation Truck Components Operations P.O. Box 4013 Kalamazoo, MI 49003 U.S.A.

Illustrations show parts in assembly groups. Item numbers on illustrations correspond with parts listings on pages adjacent to the illustration. Notes are included on illustrations where additional information is needed. Parts Listing Parts listings are defined by parts groupings and are broken down by service assemblies.

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How To Use The Illustrated Parts List Ordering Eaton Parts This parts book is organized in sections according to parts servicing requirements. Use the Contents or page headings and colored tabs to find information. Use this book to order parts for your Eaton Axle.

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