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Annual Report 2009Volume IIIAnnual Report 2009 Volume IIIEuropean Investment Bank Group European Investment Bank Group European Investment Bank Group European Investment Bank GroupAnnual Report 2009European Investment Bank Group European Investment Bank Group European Investment Bank Group European Investment Bank Group EIB – 0 5/2010 – E NQ H -AC -1 0 - 0 0 1 -EN- CISSN 1725-3632Volume IIIStatistical Report

Annual Report 2009European Investment Bank Group European Investment Bank Group European Investment Bank GroupVolume IIIStatistical ReportThe EIB Group’s 2009 Annual Report consists of three separatevolumes:–  the Activity and Corporate Responsibility Report, presenting theEIB Group’s activity over the past year and future prospects;–  the Financial Report, presenting the financial statements of the EIBGroup (under IFRS and EU Directives), the EIB, the Cotonou Investment Facility, the FEMIP Trust Fund, the EU-Africa InfrastructureTrust Fund, the Neighbourhood Investment Facility Trust Fundand the EIF, along with the related explanatory annexes;–  the Statistical Report, presenting in list form the projects financedand borrowings undertaken by the EIB in 2009, together with alist of the EIF’s projects. It also includes summary tables for theyear and over the last five years.The Annual Report is also available on the Bank’s website(

EIB Group2Statistical Report 2009EIB Group: key statutory figuresEuropean Investment BankActivity in 2009(EUR million)Projects approvedEuropean UnionPartner countries103 89893 61510 283SignaturesEuropean UnionPartner countries79 10270 5058 597DisbursementsEuropean UnionPartner countries54 02248 8985 123Resources raised (before swaps)Core currencies (EUR, GBP, USD)Other currencies79 38670 2059 182Situation as at 31.12.2009OutstandingsLoans disbursedLoans to be disbursedFinancing from budgetary resourcesBorrowings324 15081 8431 416305 758Own fundsBalance sheet totalNet profit for yearSubscribed capitalof which called up37 954361 8711 877232 39311 620European Investment FundActivity in 2009SignaturesVenture capital (39 funds)Guarantees (22 operations)3 0317332 298Situation as at 31.12.2009PortfolioVenture capital - assets under management (307 funds)Guarantees - positions (168 operations)17 6974 10313 594Accumulated signaturesVenture capital (307 funds)Guarantees (168 operations)5 13613 987Own fundsBalance sheet totalNet profit for yearSubscribed capitalof which called up1 0151 157-72 940588

Statistical Report 2009ContentsEuropean Investment BankEuropean Union Czech Republic Denmark Germany Estonia Ireland Greece Spain France Italy Cyprus Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Hungary Netherlands Austria Poland Portugal Romania Slovenia Slovakia Finland Sweden United Kingdom 233 South-East Europe Eastern Europe, Southern Caucasus and Russia Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Countries ACP/OCT South Africa Asia and Latin America353839414445 Belgium BulgariaPartner CountriesStatistical Supplement47European Investment FundEquity Signatures65Guarantee Operations66Conversion rates67EIB Group Addresses683EIB Group

Statistical Report 20095EIB GroupEuropean Investment BankFinance contracts signed for capital investment totalled EUR 79 102 million. These operations give rise to financial commitments for the Bank and are accounted for in its balance sheet.The EIB cooperates closely with a large number of financial institutions and commercial banks, with which itconcludes credit lines for financing small and medium-scale projects in the industrial, services, health, education and infrastructure sectors. It also provides loans earmarked for specific projects through the intermediaryof financial institutions and commercial banks.The EIB also grants direct loans to firms or public authorities where the projects are clearly in line with its priorities.European UnionGeographical breakdown of finance contracts signed (EUR million)Amount2009%Amount2005-2009%5 4071 8276 7671 37836 8599692 8205 57141 45823 66035 1306121 4291 2978807 2792035 2056 63814 10210 9894 3891 9859703 8494 26320 406100.0Belgium (BE)Bulgaria (BG)Czech Republic (CZ)Denmark (DK)Germany (DE)Estonia (EE)Ireland (IE)Greece (GR)Spain (ES)France (FR)Italy (IT)Cyprus (CY)Latvia (LV)Lithuania (LT)Luxembourg (LU)Hungary (HU)Malta (MT)Netherlands (NL)Austria (AT)Poland (PL)Portugal (PT)Romania (RO)Slovenia (SI)Slovakia (SK)Finland (FI)Sweden (SE)United Kingdom (GB)EFTA (1)1 7551741 8604229 8028421 0201 61810 4946 2909 6872022851 1694881 8891 8121 9264 7843 7481 4735383661 1451 1355 n Union70 505100.0–(1)  Financing operations in the members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) equivalent to operations in the EuropeanUnion.In the following lists,the Community policyobjectives with which loanscomply are indicatedby these symbols in theright-hand column.convergencetransport projectof common interestenergy projectof common interestenvironmentand sustainablecommunitiesknowledge economySMEUnless otherwise indicated,credit lines cover a numberof sectors and objectives.Amounts relating toprojects appearingin these lists are expressedin EUR million.As round figures are used,it is possible that the totalsdo not correspond tothe sum of the individualamounts.

EIB Group6Statistical Report 2009BelgiumFinance contracts signed: 1 755 millionIndividual loans:Credit lines:1 530 million225 million 200920082007200620051 7551 418928581725Individual loansGas storage, transport and transmission throughout BelgiumFluxysConstruction of two combined cycle gas-fired units in Lelystadt-Flevoland (Netherlands),combined cycle gas-fired unit in Amercoeur-Hainaut and blast furnace residue gas-firedunit at Arcelor plant in Ghent (Belgium)Electrabel SA120.0Construction and operation of first phase of Belgium's second large offshore wind farmSpecial purpose entity/fund300.0Financing of small and medium-scale renewable energy projectsDexia Banque Belgique150.0Construction and rehabilitation of regional wastewater treatment facilities in Flemish regionAquafin NV100.0Construction and modernisation of sewerage networks in Flemish region, comprising Eastand West Flanders, Antwerp, Flemish Brabant and LimburgAquafin NV200.0Upgrading of drinking water supply networks in Greater LiègeCompagnie IntercommunaleLiégeoise des Eaux120.0Urban regeneration comprising demolition, upgrading and repair of social housingand associated social and urban infrastructure in Walloon regionSociété Wallonne du Logement250.0Modernisation, refurbishment and reconstruction of 7 500 rented social housing unitsVlaamse Maatschappij voor SociaalWonen NV200.0RDI in fields of cancer diagnosis and therapy on various sitesIon Beam Applications S.A.50.0R&D in field of hardware and software for virtual simulation, prototyping and testingtechnologies in Leuven (Belgium), Brasov (Romania) and Lyon (France)LMS International NV15.0ING Bank N.V.75.025.0Credit linesFinancing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEsFortis Banque SA150.0RDI in fields of cancer diagnosisand therapy on various sites,BelgiumRehabilitation of three majorjunctions on Sofia’s road network,Bulgariaconvergencetransport project of common interestenergy project of common interestenvironment and sustainable communitiesknowledge economySME

Statistical Report 2009BulgariaFinance contracts signed:Individual loans:Credit lines:174 million44 million130 million 7EIB Group200920082007200620051744551 1086030Individual loansRehabilitation of three major junctions on Sofia's road networkSofia Municipality43.5Credit linesFinancing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEsCzech RepublicErste Group Bank AGEurobank EFG Bulgaria AD50.0Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD40.0Bulgarian Development Bank AD25.0Alpha Bank AE10.0Finance contracts signed: 1 860 millionIndividual loans:Credit lines:5.01 602 million259 million 200920082007200620051 8601 1111 5999591 237Individual loansUpgrading and extension of electricity distribution network across large part of CzechRepublicČEZ Distribuce, a.s.300.0Rehabilitation of regional road networkJihočeský krajUpgrading and extension of water and sanitation systemsCzech Republic117.3Infrastructure reconstruction measures following damage caused by June 2009 floodsin Moravia and South BohemiaCzech Republic267.8Cofinancing of multi-sector investment programme in South Moravia regionJihomoravský kraj75.6Plzen's multi-sector investment programme to improve urban infrastructureMěsto Plzeň76.5Framework loan for financing priority small and medium-scale urban regeneration projectsStatutární město Olomouc38.6Construction and upgrading of brick and roof tile production plants in several easternEuropean countriesWienerberger AG25.0RDI activities and modernisation of manufacturing facilities for production of new modelsin Mlada BoleslavŠkoda Auto a.s.150.0Financing of national investment programme of Czech Republic in areas of health, socialprotection, culture and public administrationPublic Entities543.2Financing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEs, mid-cap companies orpublic authorities in Czech Republic and SlovakiaVšeobecná úverová banka a.s.Financing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEsČeská spořitelna, a.s.200.0Erste Group Bank AG40.07.6Credit linesconvergencetransport project of common interestenergy project of common interestenvironment and sustainable communities18.8knowledge economySME

EIB GroupStatistical Report 20098DenmarkFinance contracts signed:Individual loans:Credit lines:422 million372 million50 million 2009200820072006200542237920932335Individual loansResearch and development activities concerning pump products and technology,mainly in product development centre in BjerringbroGrundfos Management A/S80.5RDI focusing on wind turbine design, manufacturing and operationVestas Wind System A/SRDI in field of precision instrumentation and controlsSpectris plc11.1RDI concerning separation, heat transfer and fluid handling technologies at technicalcentres in Lund and TumbaAlfa Laval AB30.0Ringkjøbing Landbobank A/S50.0250.0Credit linesFinancing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEsConstruction of containerterminal at deepwater portof Wilhelmshavenon German Bight, Germanyconvergencetransport project of common interestenergy project of common interestenvironment and sustainable communitiesknowledge economySME

Statistical Report 2009GermanyFinance contracts signed: 9 802 millionIndividual loans:Credit lines:7 297 million2 505 million 9EIB Group200920082007200620059 8026 9196 5366 5627 040Individual loansUpgrading and expansion of municipal and regional power, gas and district heating gridsin and around MainzStadtwerke Mainz AG110.0Construction of photovoltaic solar plant in Brandenburg regionInfrastruktur Turnow GmbH & Co. KG110.0Fund for purchasing carbon credits generated by Programmes of Activities and KyotoProtocol mechanism projects located in least developed countriesSpecial purpose entity/fundUpgrading and expansion of existing Berlin Schönefeld airport to become new single"Willy Brandt" Berlin-Brandenburg International AirportFlughafen Berlin-Schönefeld GmbH582.5Widening of A5 motorway between Baden-Baden and OffenburgLand Baden-Württemberg225.0Upgrading of Frankfurt Airport to accommodate Airbus A380Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport ServicesWorldwide230.0Construction of container terminal at deepwater port of Wilhelmshaven on German BightFreie Hansestadt Bremen50.062.4Land Niedersachsen262.6Small and medium-scale road works in BrandenburgLand Brandenburg200.0Upgrading and expansion of Europe's largest inland portDuisburger Hafen AGRollout of very high-speed glass fibre broadband networks (VDSL technology)Arcor AG & Co. KG410.0Rollout of alternative broadband access network infrastructure in Munich and AugsburgStadtwerke München GmbH100.0Rehabilitation and extension of water and sewerage networks and refurbishment andupgrading of water and wastewater treatment plants in Berlin and neighbouring areasin BrandenburgBerliner Wasserbetriebe - Anstalt desöffentlichen Rechts130.0Rehabilitation and extension of water and sewerage network in DresdenStadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH74.0Upgrading of flood prevention infrastructure and investments in water sector in NorthRhine-WestphaliaLand Nordrhein-Westfalen200.0Urban renewal programmes in BrandenburgInvestitionsbank des LandesBrandenburg174.0R&D concerning drive train components for automotive industry (engines, powertransmissions)Volkswagen AG400.0RDI activities focusing on formulation and carrier technologies for hospital care inMelsungen (Hessen)B. Braun Melsungen AG95.0R&D expenditure on medical care, clinical nutrition, infusion therapy andbiopharmaceuticals during period 2007-2009Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA50.0Fresenius Kabi AG50.0Fresenius Biotech GmbH50.0RDI in field of precision instrumentation and controlsSpectris plc15.0Construction of containerboard production plant in EisenhüttenstadtProgroup AG98.3Product RDI activities focusing on heat exchange technologies at several technical centresGEA Group AG150.0Construction of plant manufacturing high-purity solar-grade silicon for use in photovoltaicindustry in Nünchritz (Saxony)Wacker-Chemie GmbH400.0Construction of manufacturing facilities for photovoltaic wafers, cells and modules in Erfurtand Arnstadt (Thuringia)Robert Bosch GmbH450.0convergencetransport project of common interestenergy project of common interestenvironment and sustainable communities60.0knowledge economySME

EIB Group10Statistical Report 2009GermanyRDI activities aimed at optimising fuel efficiency and lowering carbon dioxide emissions inautomobile sector in StuttgartDaimler AG400.0RDI relating to domestic heating and cooling systems, mainly on Remscheid siteVaillant GmbH120.0R&D concerning safety equipment for passenger carsAutoliv ABR&D activities for development of electric city car and associated design and engineeringwork for new environmentally sustainable production and assembly line in MunichBMW Finance N.V.400.0R&D focusing on new pharmaceutical compounds in three therapeutic areas: centralnervous system, metabolic disorders and respiratory diseasesC.H. Boehringer Sohn AG & Co. KG400.0Support for 2009-2011 RDI activities concerning energy efficiency of car interiors andelectrical equipmentFritz Dräxlmaier GmbH & Co. KG50.0RDI relating to payment and data transfer securityGiesecke & Devrient GmbH80.0RDI concerning highly innovative portfolio of medical device technologies on EindhovenHigh Tech CampusKoninklijke Philips Electronics NV74.0RDI relating to materials and technologies in group's core business areasThyssenKrupp AG210.0RDI aimed at improving energy efficiency of commercial vehicles (trucks and buses)MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG300.0RDI activities focusing on vehicle thermal control mainly on Stockdorf site (Munich)Webasto AG50.0RDI in field of specialty chemicals in several countriesIsrael Chemicals Ltd19.3Implementation of bespoke e-commerce platforms within EU-27, supporting commercialsupply, ordering and delivery processesOtto GmbH & Co KG50.0Saxony-Anhalt's investment in public sector researchLand Sachsen-Anhalt365.0Financing of small-scale infrastructure projectsLandesbank Hessen-ThüringenGirozentrale200.0Financing of small and medium-scale infrastructure projectsBremer Landesbank KreditanstaltOldenburg-Girozentrale200.0Financing of small-scale projects in energy sectorCommerzbank AG250.0Financing of small-scale projects in environment sectorCommerzbank AG130.0Financing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEsLandeskreditbank BadenWürttemberg - Förderbank200.0Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein200.0Commerzbank AG200.0Unicredit Leasing GmbH150.0NRW Bank200.040.0Credit linesLandwirtschaftliche Rentenbank200.0Financing of promotional programmes for SMEs, mainly in BavariaLfA Förderbank Bayern150.0Financing of public, semi-public and private sector projectsThüringer Aufbaubank75.0Financing of investments in knowledge economy in Federal State of HessenWirtschafts- und InfrastrukturbankHessenconvergencetransport project of common interestenergy project of common interestenvironment and sustainable communities350.0knowledge economySME

Statistical Report 2009EstoniaFinance contracts signed:Individual loans: 842 million842 million11EIB Group200920082007200620058428740Individual loansUpgrading of power transmission and distribution networksEesti Energia AS150.0Expansion of container terminal at Muuga port and construction of new dry bulk quaysat Paldiski South portAS Tallina Sadam40.0Construction and purchase of ro-pax ferry for operation on Tallinn-Stockholm routeTallink Grupp AS90.0Expansion of Muuga portAS Tallina Sadam11.5Cofinancing of priority investments in Estonia under National Strategic ReferenceFrameworkRepublic of EstoniaIreland550.0Finance contracts signed: 1 020 millionIndividual loans:Credit lines:760 million260 million 200920082007200620051 020450345576429Individual loansConstruction of new 500 MW east-west power interconnector between Ireland and Wales(United Kingdom)Eirgrid Plc300.0Construction of wind farmsElectricity Supply Board200.0Construction of new terminal at Dublin AirportDublin Airport Authority plc260.0Bank of Ireland100.0Credit linesFinancing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEsUlster Bank LtdAllied Irish Banks p.l.c.60.0100.0Upgrading of power transmissionand distribution networks, EstoniaConstruction of wind farms, Irelandconvergencetransport project of common interestenergy project of common interestenvironment and sustainable communitiesknowledge economySME

EIB Group12Statistical Report 2009GreeceFinance contracts signed: 1 618 millionIndividual loans:Credit lines:583 million1 035 million 200920082007200620051 6181 1657551 137895Individual loansUpgrading and extension of electricity transmission and distribution grids throughoutGreecePublic Power Corporation S.A.250.0Construction of first line of Thessaloniki's metro systemAttiko Metro SA250.0Upgrading and expansion of Pier 1 of Piraeus portPiraeus Port AuthorityModernisation of aluminium processing plant located on existing secondary aluminiumsmelting site in Oinofyta (Viotia)Elval Hellenic Aluminium Industry SA7.0Modernisation of aluminium processing plant located on existing secondary aluminiumsmelting site in Oinofyta (Viotia)Symetal Aluminium Foil Industry SA12.0Construction of seven buildings for Hellenic Fire Service in various Greek regionsHellenic Republic55.09.4Credit linesFinancing of small and medium-scale projectsPancretan Cooperative BankFinancing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEsMarfin Egnatia Bank S.A.Lease financing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEs15.080.0Alpha Bank AE250.0Agricultural Bank of Greece SA100.0EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A.200.0National Bank of Greece SA250.0Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd30.0Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd60.0EFG Eurobank Ergasias Leasing S.A.50.0Construction of first lineof Thessaloniki’s metro system,GreeceConstruction of metro line 9in Barcelona, Spainconvergencetransport project of common interestenergy project of common interestenvironment and sustainable communitiesknowledge economySME

Statistical Report 2009SpainFinance contracts signed: 10 494 millionIndividual loans:Credit lines:7 994 million2 500 million 13EIB Group2009200820072006200510 4948 5737 1447 6477 600Individual loansFinancing of campaigns for prevention and extinction of forest fires and rehabilitationand reforestation of over 5 110 ha of El Rodenal burned forest area (Castilla-La Mancha)Comunidad Autónoma de Castilla-LaManchaUpgrading and extension of national electricity transmission network and internationalinterconnectionsRed Eléctrica Corporación S.A.100.0Upgrading and expansion of electricity transmission and distribution networks throughoutSpainEndesa Red, S.A.U.150.0Upgrading and extension of gas transmission networkEnagás SA275.0Construction of small-scale concentrated solar power plant with nominal productioncapacity of 17 MWe in La Monclova, municipality of Fuentes de Andalucía, betweenCórdoba and SevilleGemasolar 2006 SAConstruction of eight large grid-connected wind farms on inland sites in Spanish regionsof Andalusia (seven units) and Castilla-La Mancha (one unit)Special purpose entity/fund148.3Development of energy efficiency and renewable energy potential in CataloniaCaja de Ahorros y Pensiones deBarcelona La Caixa125.0Increase of pumping and generating capacity of three hydropower plantsIberdrola S.A.300.0Construction and operation of light metro line in Greater SevilleMetro de Sevilla SociedadConcesionaria de la Junta deAndalucía SA10.0Series of small and medium-scale public transport projects in Barcelona metropolitan areaGeneralitat de Catalunya35.0Expansion and upgrading of port of La CoruñaAutoridad Portuaria de A Coruña20.0Medium-scale rail infrastructure projects to modernise and upgrade regional metric railnetwork in Basque CountryComunidad Autónoma del País Vasco225.0Four road schemes in Catalonia regionGestió d'Infraestructures, S.A.110.0Acquisition of air and maritime equipment for natural disaster prevention and alleviationSociedad de Salvamento y SeguridadMarítimaConstruction of second San Sebastián bypass (Basque Country)Territorio Histórico de Guipúzcoa200.0Acquisition of rolling stock for high-speed railway lines (priority TENs)Renfe-Operadora480.0Expansion of Tenerife and Fuerteventura airports on Canary IslandsEnte Público de AeropuertosEspañoles y Navegación Aérea - AENA80.0Extension of two lines of Madrid's underground rail networkMadrid Infraestructuras del Transporte77.2Construction of high-speed rail link between Seville and AntequeraComunidad Autónoma de Andalucía200.0Construction of new high-speed railway line between Madrid and Valenciaand refurbishment of Valencia stationAdministrador de infraestructurasferroviarias650.0Construction of metro line 9 in BarcelonaGeneralitat de Catalunya200.0Extension of Bilbao's metro networkBizkaiko Garraio PartzuergoaConsorcio de Transportes de Vizcaya125.0Construction of expressway between Lorbé and A6 motorway in La Coruña province(Galicia)Comunidad Autónoma de Galicia50.0Seaward expansion of Las Palmas port in Canary Islands, including constructionof new breakwater and additional terminal infrastructureAutoridad Portuaria de Las Palmas50.0Expansion of container/multipurpose/short-sea shipping facilities and improvementof road and rail connections at port of BarcelonaAutoridad Portuaria de Barcelona - APBconvergencetransport project of common interestenergy project of common interestenvironment and sustainable communities25.080.089.5150.0knowledge economySME

EIB Group14Statistical Report 2009SpainUpgrading and extension of air traffic control facilitiesEnte Público de AeropuertosEspañoles y Navegación Aérea - AENA450.0lmprovements to road network in Castilla-La Mancha regionComunidad Autónoma de Castilla-LaMancha90.0Rollout of converged fixed-mobile broadband telecommunications network by FranceTelecom España throughout SpainFrance Telecom España SA500.0Expansion and upgrading of water supply, treatment and transmission networkin Barcelona provinceAguas Ter-Llobregat164.0Improvement of wastewater treatment in GaliciaComunidad Autónoma de Galicia150.0Construction of wastewater treatment plants, interceptors and collectorsin Castilla-La ManchaAguas de Castilla-La Mancha180.0Acquisition of fleet of energy efficient vehicles for urban sanitation servicesFCC Medio Ambiente SA175.0Framework loan for financing small and medium-scale projects, mainly in healthand education, RDI, culture, public services and environment sectors in NavarreComunidad Foral de Navarra200.0Framework loan for financing priority small and medium-scale urban regeneration projectsin BarcelonaAjuntament de Barcelona50.0Financing of small and medium-scale human capital, urban renewal, transportand environmental projectsGeneralitat de Catalunya300.0Framework loan for financing small and medium-scale infrastructure projects in AsturiasregionPrincipado de AsturiasFinancing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEs in various sectorsin Aragón regionComunidad Autónoma de Aragón200.0Expansion of oil refinery in BarcelonaPetróleos del Norte SA300.0RDI activities focusing on mechanical and electrical components of wind turbinesat Gamesa plant (Pamplona)Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica60.0Modernisation of existing cement plant in Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Catalonia,15 km from BarcelonaCementos Molins S.A.60.0R&D activities aimed at reducing carbon emissions and developing electric vehiclesNissan Motor Ibérica S.A.R&D relating to automobile parts designed to reduce weight and emissions and improvesafetyCie Automotive SA54.0RDI in field of specialty chemicals in several countriesIsrael Chemicals Ltd10.8RDI in fields of renewable energy, water treatment and infrastructureAcciona S.A.185.0Construction of local and university hospital for Asturias regionPrincipado de Asturias115.0Construction of hospital on greenfield site to replace existing establishment in Palma,MajorcaConcesionaria Hospital Son Dureta S.A.Construction, refurbishment and extension of pre-school, primary and secondary educationand vocational training buildings and related infrastructure in Madrid regionComunidad de Madrid320.0Construction and upgrading of primary, secondary and special schools throughoutCatalonia regionGeneralitat de Catalunya115.0Banco Santander SA100.090.0200.070.0Credit linesFinancing of small and medium-scale infrastructure projectsBanco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA200.0Financing of public projects carried out by local authorities, mainly in convergence regionsDexia Sabadell S.A.200.0Financing of small and medium-scale projectsInstitut Catalá de FinancesFinancing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEs in GaliciaInstituto Galego de PromociónEconómicaconvergencetransport project of common interestenergy project of common interestenvironment and sustainable communities50.0200.0knowledge economySME

Statistical Report 200915EIB GroupSpainFinancing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEs, mainly in BasqueCountryLuzaro Establecimiento Financiero deCrédito SA50.0Financing of small and medium-scale projects in Valencia regionInstituto Valenciano de Finanzas100.0Financing of small and medium-scale projects carried out by SMEsBanco de Sabadell200.0Caja de Ahorros de Galicia100.0Banco Popular Español SA200.0Institut Catalá de Finances100.0Instituto de Crédito Oficial500.0Instituto de Crédito y Finanzas de laRegión de Murcia50.0Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedadde Navarra150.0Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedadde Madrid200.0Montes de Piedad y Caja de Ahorrosde Ronda, Cádiz, Almería, Málaga yAntequera100.0Expansion of container/multipurpose/short-sea shippingfacilities and improvement of roadand rail connections at portof Barcelona, Spainconvergencetransport project of common interestenergy project of common interestenvironment and sustainable communitiesknowledge economySME

EIB Group16Statistical Report 2009FranceFinance contracts signed: 6 290 millionIndividual loans:Credit lines:5 340 million950 million 200920082007200620056 2904 6534 1384 4004 179Individual loansModernisation and expansion of power plants in three French overseas departments(Réunion, Guadeloupe and Martinique)EDF Production Electrique InsulaireSAS500.0Replacement of obsolete uranium enrichment facility in Tricastin, Rhône Valley(south-east France)Société d'enrichissement du Tricastin200.0Upgrading and expansion of power transmission network in FranceRTE EDF Transport400.0Framework loan for financing part of photovoltaics plan of Poitou-Charentes regionCrédit Agricole SA200.0Construction of new expressway (Route des Tamarins) on western fringe of islandof RéunionRégion de la Réunion75.0Extension of Bordeaux's tram systemCommunauté urbaine de Bordeaux40.0Extension and modernisation of public transport infrastructure in Greater LyonSYTRAL Syndicat Mixte des Transportspour le Rhône et l'AgglomérationLyonnaise350.0Extension of Paris's orbital tramway line (T3) between Porte d'Ivry and Porte de la ChapelleVille de Paris500.0Acquisition of 35 motor-coach trains for regional express train (TER) networkRégion Picarde120.0Framework loan for financing public investment in water and sanitation sectorsCrédit Agricole SA150.0Construction and rehabilitation of public buildings in accordance with more stringentenvironmental and energy efficiency standards than those currently in forceBPCE175.0Construction and refurbishment of social housing stock throughout FranceBPCE125.0Construction of infrastructure and public amenities under sustainable urban renewalschemesPublic Entity(ies)600.0R&D activities to develop improved contrast agents for medical imagingGuerbet SAR&D activities for developing automobile engines meeting EURO 5 and 6 standardsPeugeot Citroën Automobiles SA400.0Two R&D programmes to develop new generation of civil aircraft enginesSnecma300.0Development of electric cars and specific R&D programmes aimed at reducing CO2emissionsRenault400.0R&D concerning safety equipment for passenger carsAutoliv ABRDI aimed at improving engine efficiency and vehicle safetyValeoReconstruction and modernisation of Marseille hospitals (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region)Assistance Publique - Hôpitauxde MarseilleConstruction of 33 upper secondary schools and international school to cater mainly forchildren of researchers of various nationalities working on ITER nuclear project in south ofFranceRégion Provence-Alpes-Côte d’AzurConstruction of hospital (R.

Annual Report 2009 Statistical Report . Investment Bank Group European Investment Bank Group European Investment Bank Group European Investment Bank Group Annual Report 2009 Volume III Annual Report 2009 . RDI focusing on wind turbine design, man

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