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Weight Loss SmartSite Sample Marketing PlanA marketing plan provides a written description of the marketing opportunities, objectives, strategies, tactics and priorities to achieve growth andfinancial goals for clinical services. Having a plan is essential to communicating with internal audiences about the marketing activities, resourcesand budget commitments to effectively build business. It also serves as a roadmap for how marketing initiatives will be implemented, monitoredand controlled. The following is an example of a plan to position and promote your Weight Loss SmartSite as an essential volume-buildingmarketing tool for your bariatric surgery program.Marketing SituationOur hospital - Smith Hospital - established a weight loss program in 2008 with the recruitment of three board-certified bariatric surgeons. Weoffer four weight loss surgery procedures (Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, lasparoscopic gastric bypass andlaparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy), and have been designated a Center of Excellence by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery(ASMBS) for each of the past two years. Additionally, we’ve developed a full suite of support services to support patients before and aftersurgery. These include nutrition counseling, discounted fitness club memberships and support groups.Since the beginning of the program, we have experienced steady growth and developed a network of loyal referring physicians. Today, SmithHospital has xx% of the weight loss surgery market share in our primary service area, and xx% in our secondary. Weight loss surgery contributes xx to net revenues and produces a margin of xx% - one of our highest margin clinical programs.Now we are facing increased competition for bariatric surgery volumes, primarily from Jones Hospital, who has recruited an additional bariatricsurgeon and plans to open a second outpatient surgery center in our primary service area. With these new competitive challenges, acomprehensive and targeted marketing and sales effort will be required to maintain our market position and continue on our growth trajectory.Copyright 2012 Ebix, Inc.CONFIDENTIAL1

Marketing SolutionOur new on-line Weight Loss SmartSite will boost the overall performance of our marketing and sales strategies by attracting consumers early intheir consideration and decision processes for weight loss surgery and connecting those patients to our doctors and surgical services.This service will set us apart from the competition by: Providing a convenient, accessible and easy-to-navigate weight loss surgery resource centerEngaging consumers through free assessments that provide customized recommendationsLinking weight loss surgery prospects to our surgeons and other weight management servicesMarketing Goals Position Smith Hospital as the preferred brand for weight loss surgery in our service areaMaintain our position as the market share leader in the primary marketGrow our position in the secondary marketMarketing Objectives Increase weight loss surgery volumes (be specific – by what volume or percentage metric?)Increase on-line visits to our website (be specific – by what percentage over historic patterns?)Increase conversions of on-line visitors to information seminars and physician appointments (by what percent?)Copyright 2012 Ebix, Inc.CONFIDENTIAL2

Target Audiences Obese adults, primarily womenA study of industry data highlights that the most likely candidates for bariatric surgery (based on need and ability to access services) arewhite (75%), female (upwards of 80%), middle-aged, privately insured (82%), and from the highest income bracket. Surgeons surveyedcite higher success rates in patients who are under 60 years old, female, have a high self-esteem, good mental health, a satisfactorymarriage, high socio-economic status, who are self-critical and cope in a direct and active way, are not too obese, were obese before theage of 18, suffer from and are concerned about their obesity, have realistic expectations and undisturbed eating behaviors. Referring physiciansooo Primary care physicians in primary and secondary marketsOB/GYN physicians in primary and secondary marketsSpecialists treating patients with obesity-related health risks Endocrinologists Cardiologists Pulmonologists OrthopedicsSmith Hospital employees and volunteersSmith Hospital’s 7,000 employees and volunteers are connected to thousands of people and organizations across our service area. Theyare a built-in word of marketing force and advocacy group for weight loss surgery to help obese family, friends and neighbors. [Hospital Name]’s Past and Current PatientsoThe internal CRM system is the best resource for targeting past and current patients who may have bariatric service needs.Copyright 2012 Ebix, Inc.CONFIDENTIAL3

Marketing Strategy and ActionsSmith Hospital will employ a multi-channel marketing promotions strategy to drive consumers to the Weight Loss SmartSite, connect consumersto our information sessions and physicians, and convert those that are eligible for surgery.ActionsPromote the launch of the Weight Loss SmartSite to target audiences, emphasizing the assessments andcustomized reports as differentiating features: Use internal CRM to identify specific past and current patients who may need bariatric services Target news media, health and medical bloggers; invite on-line “tours” of the site Announce the new site in the employee newsletter; provide links on the Intranet Announce the new site in the community and donor newsletters Use social media channels to announce the new programIncrease target segment awareness and trial of the SmartSite, emphasizing the free on-line assessment toincentivize traffic from obese consumers considering weight loss surgery: Promote through traditional multi-media channels (print, outdoor, direct mail, etc.) Reach target customer markets through on-line advertising Reach and engage consumers through social media marketing Profile weight loss surgery success stories Identify high-impact locations for POS promotions (e.g. waiting rooms)Promote the SmartSite to target physicians in the primary and secondary markets, positioning theSmartSite as an additional tool to assist physicians in counseling patients on obesity and weight losssurgery options: Mail or email announcements about the launch of the SmartSite Train physician sales and referral development liaisons on the site’s functions Provide patient fact sheets, wall posters and rack cards for physician waiting rooms Hold an information luncheon for physician office managers and clinical staff; invite formerweight loss surgery patients to tell their “story”Copyright 2012 Ebix, Inc.CONFIDENTIALTools Press release External newsletter article Internal newsletter article Blog announcement Facebook announcement Twitter announcement Print adOutdoor posterDirect mail postcardWall posterBrochure/rack cardBanner adsSocial media promotionsLetters to physiciansWall posterBrochure/rack cardPatient fact sheet4

Success suresNet Operating Revenue from Bariatric SurgeryContribution Margin/EBIDABariatric Surgery Market Share IndexBrand PositionOverall Preference for BariatricsOverall Preference Bariatrics/WomenLikelihood to Recommend/PatientsBaritric Surgery Volumes/IPBariatric Surgery Volumes / OPSmartSite VisitorsSmartSite Assessments CompletedSmartSite Information Session Registration ConversionsSmartSite Doctor’s Appointment ConversionsProjected Return on Marketing InvestmentBaselineYear 1Year 2Year 3Monitoring and ControlResults from the bariatric surgery marketing strategy will be monitored and reported on a quarterly basis. Trended data will be shared with theclinical, administrative, physicians and service line leaders, and provide a platform for discussion adjustments to the on-going marketingstrategy.We will also closely monitor new competitive developments and advise accordingly.Copyright 2012 Ebix, Inc.CONFIDENTIAL5

Action Planning TemplateMARKETING INITIATIVE: (FILL IN NAME)Marketing Objective:Marketing Tactic:Desired Outcome:Responsibility Assigned To:#Action Steps:STARTENDTarget Completion Date:Assigned To:Resources/Budget:Status:12345678910Other instructions or comments:Copyright 2012 Ebix, Inc.CONFIDENTIAL6

Weight Loss SmartSite Sample Marketing Plan A marketing plan provides a written description of the marketing opportunities, objectives, strategies, tactics and priorities to achieve growth and financial goals for clinical services. Having a plan is essential to communicating with internal audiences about the marketing activities, resources

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