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User Experience Brief

Project:Table of bout this DocumentStakeholder InterviewsCustomer InterviewsCompetitive AnalysisCompetitive Analysis (Cont.)B2B Sales Funnel - InitialPersonasScenariosCore Website InteractionSecondary Website InteractionSummary of PersonasTom Leonard: PersonaTom Leonard: Scenarios A-BTom Leonard: Scenario CChris Hart: PersonaChris Hart: Scenarios A-BTony Lee: PersonaTony Lee: Scenarios A-BEllen Long: PersonaEllen Long: Scenario AEllen Long: Scenarios B-CEllen Long: Scenario DJack Yates: PersonaJack Yates: Scenarios A-BCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience 950Date / Version: May 24, 2010Page:2of1.03 50Jack Yates: Scenario CSteve Nance: PersonaSteve Nance: Scenarios A-BSteve Nance: Scenario CWill Ortiz: PersonaWill Ortiz: Scenario AWill Ortiz: Scenario BWill Ortiz: Scenario CWill Ortiz: Scenario DPatti Carson: PersonaPatti Carson: Scenario AInitial Findings and StrategiesCompany ValuesCapabilitiesCapabilities (Cont.)Visual AssetsContent Management System (CMS)Lead Management / CRMSearchCase StudiesLanguage / InternationalizationSubsidiariesB2B Sales Funnel - RevisitedConceptual Design 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:About this DocumentCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefThis document is intended to provide the following for the CrowleyWebsite Redesign project:·A summary of the initial research completed thus far·Detailed personas and scenarios·High-level user experience strategies to be followed throughout thedesign and development of the website(s)Date / Version: May 24, 2010Page:3of1.03 50Following approval of this document, conceptual wireframes and creativedesign comps will be created to document the experience.While some high-level wireframe sketches are included, they are to beconsidered preliminary and directional—not final. 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Stakeholder InterviewsCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:4of1.03 50Stakeholder InterviewsRoundarch interviewed a number of Crowley stakeholders. Topicsincluded:·····Customer characteristicsImpressions of CrowleyCurrent website usageCommunication externally and internallyWebsite “wish list”Crowley Business UnitParticipantsCorporate CommunicationsCraig Cox, Jennifer Kimble, Daniel Mock, Mark MillerPetroleum ServicesDorine Tessier, Elizabeth CarlsonLogisticsKen Black, Greg SmithGovernment ServicesSteven AtkinsonShip ManagementNick Orfanidis, Sharon Timmons, Sharon Baris, Mike GolonkaAccounting Services and PurchasingJeronimo Garcia, John Azzo, Linda McKenzie, Hannibal Garces, Jose Santiago, Natalie ThriftHuman ResourcesTricia Pelger, Zoraida Jirau, Margaret Reisner, David Holden, Brian LeeLiner ServicesTricia Loveless, Rob Clapp, Brad Brown, Laura KellyVessel Management (Marine Technical Consulting)Jonathan SmithCustomer ServiceLasonya HillTitan SalvageAmit WahiCustomized BrokersNelly YuntaShip Assist and Escort ServicesScott Hoggarth, John GearySSQEStephen Wilson, Pam McElroyMarine Contract and Energy Support ServicesMike GriglioniPetroleum ServicesMike Mendenhall, Bob Cox, Craig Tarka, Bill Holland, Bill HillJensen MaritimeJohan Sperling, Camilla HvedingShared Services - El SalvadorAzucena HernandezLatin America - Panama and Costa RicaJorge CampabadalLatin America - Northern ZoneClaudia KattenLatin America Logistics - GuatemalaMiguel Artiga 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Customer InterviewsCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience Brief“Customer” is a broad term that primarily included Crowley’s clients, butalso other potential users of the website such as recent hires andbusiness partners.Date / Version: May 24, 2010Page:5of1.03 50Topics included:·····Working relationship with CrowleyImpressions of the companyCommunication habitsCurrent website usage—Crowley’s and othersWebsite “wish list”Company NameParticipantRelated Crowley Service / Business UnitHanesbrandsRick PrestonLogisticsAlaska Tanker CompanyBob WenzSafety, Security, Quality & EnvironmentalNational Shipping AgenciesTorey PrestiShip ManagementCruise WestWilco VanBoheemenJensen Maritime ConsultantsRyan AirStarr van MersbergenCrowley Petroleum DistributionTransmarine Navigation CorpLon CainShip Assist and Escort ServicesChina ShippingKevin CarrollLiner ServicesFruit of the LoomOleh KoropeyLiner ServicesTJXBrian LawsonLiner ServicesHeerema Marine ContractorsAlbert WijninckxCrowley Marine Services - Energy Marine ServicesDnB NORNikolai NachamkinBanking & FinanceWorld Shipping CouncilAnne KappelIndustry AssociationO’Neale’s TransportPatrick NeugentAgentGordon, Grant & Co.Rhett Chee PingAgentCrowleyDaniel AllenHuman Resources (recent hire)CrowleyJim O'LearyHuman Resources (recent hire) 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Competitive AnalysisCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefIn order to determine where Crowley stands amongst its industries interms of web presence, we conducted a competitive analysis of a varietyof marine services websites. For this analysis we used the websites ofnine companies that compete with Crowley in some area of the marineservices industry.These companies’ sites were evaluated using the following parameters:·········Home PageNavigationSearchContent: Corporate InformationContent: Services OfferedOrganization of ServicesPress, Publications and Social MediaCareer InformationContact InformationOSGSeaboard MarinePage:6of1.03 50The scoring of the sites were based upon a scale of 1-5, where 1 was anunusable or lacking feature and 5 was industry leading and engagingfeature.From the competitive analysis, we found that most websites within themarine services industry lack richness in their design. These sitesincorporate minimal interactivity and use of multimedia. Amongst theindustry, larger organizations like Foss and OSG seemed to have betterwebsites. Most sites also seemed to lack search capabilities.Recommendations for Crowley included having a uniform layout acrosssubsidiaries, laying out services across a variety of axes, and improvingthe look & feel of the site. The raw scores for each of the websites canbe found below. For a more detailed breakdown of this analysis, pleasereview the Competitive Analysis presentation.SvitzerFossDate / Version: May 24, 2010Horizon LinesDamcoAHLAPL LogisticsRobert Allan 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Competitive Analysis (Cont.)Crowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:7of1.03 50Scoring DamcoAPLLogisticsRobert AllanCrowleyHomePage4331433333Navigation te4332344333Content:Services3332334334Organization ofServices3332344332Press andSocial nformation3342343342Look 12.92.8Search 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:B2B Sales Funnel - InitialCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefThe B2B Sales Funnel models the process of—and typical stageswithin—B2B sales. Unlike B2C sales, B2B sales are often characterizedby collective decisions made by groups of people, as opposed toindividuals. Moreover, a B2B sale rarely has an eCommerce componentat its heart. Rather, B2B sales themselves are much more likely to occuroffline.Date / Version: May 24, 2010Page:8of1.03 50The following model documents typical stages of the B2B sales decisionmaking process. At the end of this document, we will revisit the funnel toidentify Web features and functions that could support each stage in thatprocess.In the B2B-focused scenarios that follow in this document, the relevantstages of the funnel are indicated in the orange band.Sales ProcessStep1. Find2. Appraise3. Contact and Engage4. Decide5. Offline Sale6. Post-Sale ServiceFocusIdentification ofpotential suppliersQualification ofidentified suppliersEvaluation of credibility andbeginning a relationshipAssessment of bestoption among rangeof optionsValue and efficiencyOngoing communicationand self serviceAimLocate potentialsuppliersEvaluate services forappropriateness forprojectTalk to a “real person” toestablish a relationship andgather detailsEvaluate Crowley incontext of othervendors (or incontext of doingnothing)Obtain best value formoneyUnderstand project status atall timesFaith in integrity ofdelivery promiseMaintain communicationchannelsReach informeddecisionEstablish details orworking relationshipEasily adjust detailsSafety informationLegal agreementsAccess to personnel emand status updatesAnswers to follow-upquestions ppraise initial level ofserviceRule out poormatchesNeedConsultation on beststrategyFindability, e.g.,personal referral orWeb searchengineDetailed capabilitiesHigh-levelinformation aboutservices, i.e., “Dothey do this?”EquipmentspecificationsDemonstration ofexperienceHigh-level rate contactinformation and quickresponseTailored information onservicesPricingAvailabilityEasy account / billingaccessSelf-service orderingInformation oncomplementary servicesPersonal connection 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:PersonasCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:9of1.03 50What is a persona?When do we employ personas?A persona is a narrative user profile that serves to embody a collection ofparticular behaviors and attributes. The persona provides an aggregateidentity that, along with other members of a persona set, can serve torepresent the key needs and behaviors of an entire audience.Personas are useful at all times since, given their representative nature,they can serve to remind the business of its target audience. However,personas are most directly useful in the early requirements and designphases of projects where they can directly inform the creation anddevelopment of a product or service.The personas are based primarily on the stakeholder and customerinterviews conducted during the first three weeks of this project.Why are personas useful?In the Web design process, the loudest voices tend to get the greatestamount of attention. This may drive a tendency to prioritize and designfor edge case needs that may not be representative of “true” customerneeds. At the same time, it is difficult to focus on and design for a largeand diverse audience, and the individual tends to get lost within a sea ofvaried users.How do we use personas?The primary purpose of personas is as a design tool to ensure betterunderstanding of user needs and behaviors by the business. The bestway to do this is to absorb them, and then consider them when makingtactical decisions regarding services that affect them. Instead of “Weknow our users want x,” consider “Persona A clearly has this need, andhere’s how we can solve for that.”The persona process aggregates an array of characteristics to evolvecomposite users, mitigating the potential for bias and allowing us to see,understand, and solve for actual client needs. At the same time personasconsolidate a myriad array of potential users into a handful ofrepresentative personalities, allowing us to focus on and design forindividuals. 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:ScenariosCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:10 of1.03 50What is a scenario?Why do we use scenarios?A scenario is a sequential description of how a persona accomplishes atask. It describes the user’s interactions with the website, as well asinternal workflow processes. The scenarios described here areaspirational, in that they describe a vision of how the website mayfunction in the future—not how it works now.Scenarios expand the personas by outlining key tasks each persona maycomplete on a day-to-day basis. Like personas, scenarios are used asan input into design of the system—helping to ensure that the sitesupports completion of the user tasks outlined in the scenarios.Important Notes·The personas and scenarios in this document are not intended torepresent all—or even most—of Crowley’s current business units.Rather, they are meant to document the key types of interactionsthat the user base is likely to exhibit on the site.·These scenarios reference functionality and systems that may beoutside of the scope of Roundarch’s current engagement withCrowley. They are included to represent an ideal future state of thewebsite(s). 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Core Website InteractionCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:11 of1.03 50The interviews and other research described above suggest that themajority of Crowley’s Web users follow the same basic interactionpattern. It can be summarized as follows:OfflineExistingfamiliaritywith CrowleyPhonecontactOROnlineFind websiteFor many users, the journey is simple: find the relevant servicedescription, learn enough to decide it’s worth pursuing, and contactCrowley to continue the engagement process. There isn’t much“functionality” involved—the prospect needs just the right amount ofinformation to move forward. From there, it’s a very consultative sell byCrowley and the transaction has moved entirely off-line.LocaterelevantserviceReview / evaluatecontentEmailcontactAccordingly, many of the scenarios below include this basic interaction.The team needs to be vigilant about not losing sight of this coreinteraction pattern—making sure to optimize each step of the onlineexperience illustrated above. 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Secondary Website InteractionCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefIn addition to this core website interaction, a smaller—but veryimportant—population of users will return to the siterepeatedly for more robust functionality.Within Liner Services and a handful of other service lines, customers willuse the site as a launching pad into extranet functionality on a day-to-daybasis.Date / Version: May 24, 2010Page:12 of1.03 50Current and future features included in this interaction pattern include:·····Shipping order placementShipment track and traceAccount and billing inquiriesProject collaboration, e.g., file sharing and commentingFuel ordering and account managementTherefore, some scenarios also focus on these other types ofinteractions that suggest a richer Web experience.OfflineExistingfamiliaritywith ntserviceReview /evaluatecontentEmailcontactOnlineTransactions 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Summary of PersonasCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:13 of1.03 50NameRoleCrowley Service(s)Tom LeonardVP of Transportation, Large Apparel RetailerLiner Services, LogisticsChris HartOwner, Small Shipping CompanySalvage and Emergency Response (Titan)Tony LeeContract Manager, Prime ContractorGovernment ServicesEllen LongJob ApplicantHuman Resources, IntranetJack YatesConsumer / Small Business OwnerAlaska Fuel DistributionFreight Services (Vehicle Transport)Steve NanceSmall Business Owner, Marine ProvisionsSupplier / Vendor ServicesWill OrtizLogistics Sales Associate, CrowleyContent Management System (CMS)Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Patti CarsonJournalist, Consumer PublicationCorporate Communications / Media 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Tom Leonard: PersonaTomLeonardVP ofTransportation,Large ApparelRetailerDay-to-DayAs a VP of Shipping for a largeAmerican retailer, Tom isresponsible for all of the company’sshipments to and from CentralAmerica, where their apparel isfabricated. He oversees themovement of approximately 2500containers per year.Crowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:14 of1.03 50GoalsFrustrationsNeeds·Peace of mind about the safetyand timeliness of his shipments·Delays due to weather ormechanical difficulties··Easy booking and accountingprocesses·Inaccurate or incompleteinformation about the status ofhis goods in foreign portsComprehensive informationabout carriers’ capabilities,including vessel sizes/capacities,routes, and sailing schedules··Full visibility into all of hisshipments at every stage oftransportEasy-to-find, single login to all ofcarrier’s extranet servicesDifficulty contacting his carrierduring non-business hours·On-demand access to trackinginformation without picking up thephone·“Push” alerts for importantannouncements or serviceupdates·24/7 contact information forurgent issues·Seamless integration betweenocean and on-shoretransportation··Unexpected changes in serviceor pricingCurrent SituationTom’s company is interested infinding a new carrier to handle theirCentral America transportationneeds. While they haven’t workedwith Crowley in the past, Tom“always knew about Crowley”throughout his 25 year career inthe marine industry—and considersthem to be a reputable company.“I just need to know where my stuff is.” 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Tom Leonard: Scenarios A-BCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:15 of1.03 50Tom LeonardCrowley Services: Liner Services, LogisticsLeads follow-upvia CRMa1Although Tom isgenerally familiar withCrowley’s services, hewants more information.He Googles “Crowley”and clicks on the firstresult— the site, a link to findservices “by location”catches his eye, so heselects it.a3He chooses CentralAmerica from a map ofCrowley’s servicelocations, and selects“Liner Shipping Services”from a list of services.a4He reviews an overviewof the relevant servicesand a master sailingschedule—with agraphical route map.Navigation bylocationSEOFindb1After establishing acontract with Crowley forweekly services, Tomreceives emailinstructions for activatinghis account and logginginto than following thelink in the email, he justtypes intohis browser. He sees aprominent area on thehome page where hecan log in directly—anddoes so.Appraiseb3Tom’s first three tripswith Crowley are alreadyin progress, so he seeslinks to each one on hiscontrol panel. For eachship, he can see a list ofall his containers as wellas an approximatelocation of the vessel onits route map.a5Satisfied that Crowleycan meet at least hisbasic needs, he clicks anemail link and submits aninquiry. He receives anautomated emailacknowledgement andpromise that Crowley willget back to him within 24hours, along with acontact name and phonenumber if he needs tofollow up sooner.Contact and Engageb4One of his shipmentshas already arrived atthe port in El Salvador,and he can see that eightof the ten containershave been picked up bythe local truckingcompany, but tworemain. He makes a noteto call his contact in theport.Shipment trackingPost Sale Serviceb5He then clicks a“Booking” link andschedules an additionalvessel for next month, ashis company is openinga new store and has alarger shipment thanusual. Finally, he seesan “Account” link, so heclicks that and sees thathe has an invoiceawaiting payment.Shipment bookingPost-Sale Service(Continues below)Post SaleService 2010Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Tom Leonard: Scenario CCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:16 of1.03 50Tom LeonardCrowley Services: Liner Services, LogisticsCross-sell contentc1A few months into theworking relationship,Tom goes to check asailing schedule.Adjacent to theinformation he’s lookingfor, he sees a “Did YouKnow?” area mentioningthat Crowley handlesinland transportation andcustom house brokerageas well.c2This reminds him thathe’s been having sometrouble with his truckingcompany, so he clicksthe link and lands inCrowley LogisticsServices. Theinformation thereexplains the wide rangeof Crowley’s capabilitiesoutside of oceantransportation.Appraisec3Because the liner shippingarrangement has beengoing well—and he likesthe idea of consolidatinghis transportation needswith one vendor—he callshis Crowley Liner Servicescontact to ask aboutsetting up additionalservices.Contact and EngageDecidec4His Liner Services repinforms Tom that he canhelp him with LogisticsServices as well;business developmentpersonnel are no longerassigned to a specificbusiness unit. Aftermeeting to review thelogistics help he needs,Tom arranges for airfreight and inlandtrucking.Offline Salec5On his next login, Tomsees a new tab for“Logistics Services,”where he’s able tomanage his account justas he’s already doingwith Liner Services.Shipment trackingPost-Sale ServicePost Sale ServicePost SaleService 2010Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Chris Hart: PersonaChris HartOwner, SmallShippingCompanyDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:17 of1.03 50GoalsFrustrationsNeeds·A safe and dependable fleet··Assistance in developing hisemergency response plan·Preparedness. He hopes to neverhave an emergency, but wants tobe ready just in caseUnaware of the best processfor emergency responseplanning··Difficulty reaching somevendors when he has timesensitive needsReal-world training in how tohandle a crisis·Dependable 24-hour access to allemergency response partners·Day-to-DayChris owns and operates a shippingcompany of eight vessels. He ispersonally involved in all aspects ofthe operation, from finance to dailyoperations.Crowley Website RedesignThe confidence of both hisinvestors and his employees·Employees who feel thatnothing negative can everhappen so they don’t want toplan for itCurrent SituationWhile his fleet is relatively small, hetakes safety very seriously. To thatend, he is reviewing all of his safetyand emergency planningdocumentation. He is beginning theprocess of finding a partner toassist with these efforts.“I hope I never have an emergency on myship, but I need to be prepared just in case.” 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Chris Hart: Scenarios A-BCrowley Website RedesignDate / Version: May 24, 2010Document: User Experience BriefPage:18 of1.03 50Chris HartCrowley Services: Salvage and Emergency Response (Titan)Case studiesa1In the process ofdeveloping a morerobust vessel responseplan (VRP), Chris talks tothe protection andindemnity (P&I) club towhich his companybelongs. They suggestcontacting Titan Salvage.a2He Googles “TitanSalvage” and goesdirectly reads a number ofcase studies where Titanmanaged complexsalvage operations. Healso notices theiremphasis on safety, thefact that they are part ofCrowley, and their highprofile appearances onSalvage Code Red(which he makes amental note to record onhis DVR).SEOFindb1About a year later,one of Chris’sships runsaground off thecoast of Texas lateat night. Whilethankfully therewere no injuries,the ship wascarrying toxicchemicals so theprimary concernwas a spill.b2The ship masterremembers somedetails from the VRP(without pulling itout) and calls thelocal Coast Guardfirst. He then pullsupTitanSalvage.comon his iPhone.b3Titan’s 24-hourphone number isprominentlydisplayed on themobile version ofthe home page,so he calls andgets a live voiceon the first ring.a5Titan suggests thatChris’s company run asafety drill a coupleweeks later, whichproves to be helpful infinding additionalshortcomings in theiremergency procedures.Leads follow-upAppraiseContact and Engageb4After getting thedetails, Titan has asalvage vessel onthe way within 30minutes. Chrisreceives a textalert with thedetails, includingtheir anticipatedarrival time.24/7 contactinformationContact and Engagea4Chris sends an inquirythrough the email formprovided, and gets a callback from a Titanrepresentative within anhour. Chris lists Titan inhis final VRP, which isavailable on the bridge ofeach ship.Mobile alertsDecideOffline SalePostb6 Sale ServiceTitan safelyremoves thegrounded shipwith noenvironmentalimpact.b5Titan’s crew arrivesand begins theoperation. A localgovernment officialwho comes tosurvey the situationsees the Titanvessel. Uponreturning to hisoffice, he goes tocheck thecompany’squalifications in casehe has to answerany questions aboutthe incident.FindPost Sale Service(Continues below) 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Tony Lee: PersonaTony LeeContractManager, PrimeContractorDay-to-DayTony is a Contract Manager withina major prime contractor, engagedwith the US Maritime Administration(MARAD). He is tasked withmonitoring and responding to safetyissues on a number of commercialvessels that contract with MARAD,and fairly new to the job. One of hislong-term goals is to establishrelationships with dependablesuppliers for the many contractneeds that arise.Current SituationOne of the ships under Tony’sresponsibility has experienced amajor mechanical failure at sea. Hismost pressing need is towing thevessel. However, this incident isonly the latest in a long line ofissues with this ship. He feels thathe may need to address underlyingpersonnel and maintenanceproblems.Crowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:19 of1.03 50GoalsFrustrationsNeeds·Continued successfulrelationship—and morebusiness—with the USgovernment·Intense scrutiny of hisdecisions by the governmentagency’s Contract Officer·Dedicated government-focusedcontent and that comprehensivelyaddresses his needs··Working with less experienced,higher risk vendors·A roster of established,dependable, US-based vendorswith proven track recordsA single point person to managethe disparate aspects of anyproject·Suppliers who use their owninternal jargon, rather than theUS government’s establishedterminology·A documented history ofsuccessful government projects·Vendors who “speak the samelanguage” to ensure that hisneeds are understood·One-stop consulting on complexmarine program managementinitiatives“I want a partner with proven governmentexperience over a wide range of projects.” 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Tony Lee: Scenarios A-BCrowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:20 of1.03 50Tony LeeCrowley Service: Government ServicesIn-site searcha1Without a lot of time forresearch, Tony asks hisContract Officer about asupplier who might beable to assist with towinga ship. The officerremembers that MARADhad done similar projectswith Crowley in the past,although he hasn’t hadany direct interactions.a2Tony enters “Crowley”into his search engineand goes While hecan easily see thatCrowley provides a widerange of services, he’sinterested specifically intheir work with thegovernment.a3He tends to rely on search,so he enters “Government”into the site’s search box.The first result ishighlighted as a “Best Bet”and leads to theGovernment Servicespage. He sees all of therelevant informationconsolidated there,including Crowley’s GSASchedules documentation.There are also a number ofdetailed past performancecase studies whereCrowley has providedsimilar services.SEOFindb1After confirming that thetow operation isunderway, Tonyremembers that hewanted to check outsome of the othergovernment content onthe Crowley site. He, so hereturns there.Find(Continues below)Appraiseb2He reads through theinformation and learnsthat Crowley provides awide range of services inthe government space.b3He spends a little time inthe company history areaas well, learning thatCrowley has been inbusiness in the US forover one hundred years.a4Wanting some additionalobjective information,Tony goes andsearches on Crowley. Hefinds that Crowley hasdone millions of dollarsworth of work with thegovernment over thepast few years.a5He calls the phonenumber listed on theGovernment Servicespage, and immediatelygets a governmentspecialist. They arrangefor the ship towing, whichwill commence the nextday.Case studiesContact and Engageb4He emails theGovernment Servicesrep at Crowley to startthe process of engagingthe company for crewing,ship maintenance, andon-shore logistics.DecideOffline SaleContact / inquiryprocessCompanybackgroundNavigation byindustryAppraiseContact and Engage 2010 Roundarch, Inc.

Project:Ellen Long: PersonaEllen LongJob ApplicantDay-to-DayUntil recently, Ellen worked as anAssistant Port Engineer with a LinerServices company in Los Angeles.She had been working with them forfour years, ever since she wasrecruited on campus at theCalifornia State University whereshe received her B.S. in MarineEngineering. Her old job involvedassisting the Senior Port Engineersin managing repairs, maintenanceand record-keeping.Current SituationHer company went through afinancial crisis and had to sell anumber of their vessels. As a result,several engineers including Ellenlost their jobs. She is now lookingfor a job in the Seattle area whereher parents live. She has uploadedher resume to multiple job portalsincluding and SeattleJobs.Crowley Website RedesignDocument: User Experience BriefDate / Version: May 24, 2010Page:21 of1.03 50GoalsFrustrationsNeeds·Quickly find a new job thatleverages her past experienceand also provides competitivepay··An easy way to pinpoint jobs thatsuit her education andexperience··Work for a reputable organizationthat offers her a stable careerand allows her to achieve herlong-term career goalsCareer websites that providedetailed information not justabout the specific job but alsoabout the organization, theirculture, and their standing in thecommunity·A means to talk to an insiderwithin the organization bothduring the application/interviewprocess as well as while makingthe decision to accept an offer·Permanently settle down in theSeattle area near her familyToo many job portals on theWeb, all with their ownregistration and applicationprocesses, which are timeconsuming and complicated·Company websites lackingsufficient career information,making it difficult for her to findjobs that suit her profile.·Inability to get a feel for anorganization befo

May 24, 2010 · The B2B Sales Funnel models the process of—and typical stages within—B2B sales. Unlike B2C sales, B2B sales are often characterized by collective decisions made by groups of people, as opposed to individuals. Moreover, a B2B sale rarely has an eCommerce component at its heart. Rather, B2B sales themselves are much more likely to occur offline.

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