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Property Inventory Control . 1I. Inventory Control System . 1II. Agency Property Control Officer . 2III. Inventory Control Officers and Agents . 2IV. Labeling of Inventory . 2V. Instructions for Completing Property Inventory Control Forms . 3VI. Entering Equipment into the System . 3A.Reportable Property (Tangible Assets) . 3B. Non-Reportable Property . 3VII. Transferring Equipment within the System . 4A. Sending Facility/unit/division . 4B. Receiving Facility/Unit/Division . 4VIII. Disposition . 4IX. Declaration and Approval of Surplus Property . 5A. Definitions . 5B. Declaring State Property Surplus . 5C. Request for Approval to Sell or Transfer Surplus Property . 5D. Surplus Property Transfer Form. 6E. Methods of Disposal of Surplus Property (OAC 260:105-3-1.) . 6F. Approval by the Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) . 6G. Prohibitions . 6H. Completion of Sale or Transfer . 7I. Record Keeping . 7X. Annual Internal Audit. 7XI. Audits . 7XII.References . 7XIII. Action . 8Referenced Forms . 9Section-12 Fiscal ManagementOP-120801Property Inventory ControlACA Standards: 2-CO-1B-08, 5-ACI-1B-13, 4-ACRS-7D-25, 4APPFS-3D-12, 4-APPFS-3D-26Scott Crow, DirectorOklahoma Department of CorrectionsPage: 1Effective Date: 09/24/2020Signature on FileProperty Inventory ControlAll Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) facilities/units will maintain a currentinventory of all tangible assets owned by the agency as well as other property that, wheninitially received or purchased by the agency, had a cost or value of 2,500 or more. Thisinventory consists of machinery, equipment, implements, tools, furniture, vehicles,weapons and other apparatus that may be used repeatedly without material impairmentof its physical condition and with a calculable period of service. (2-CO-1B-08, 5-ACI-1B13, 4-ACRS-7D-25, 4-APPFS-3D-12)I.Inventory Control SystemThe chief financial officer (CFO) will maintain the automated property inventorysystem for the agency.

Section-12 Fiscal ManagementOP-120801Page: 2Effective Date: 09/24/2020Each facility/unit/division head will ensure:II.A.A “Property Inventory Control” (PIC) form (DOC 120801A, attached), isproperly prepared for each item of reportable property and submitted to theproperty control officer (PCO). Additions, transfers, or dispositions ofproperty will be made using the PIC form.B.All property is labeled with a 12- to 13-digit alpha numeric identification (ID)number; andC.An annual property audit is completed by their facility/unit/division.Agency Property Control OfficerThe CFO will appoint a designee as the agency’s PCO. This individual isresponsible for the scheduling and general operation of the inventory controlsystem, inputting property additions, transfers, and deletions into the automatedproperty inventory system. The PCO will also prepare annual inventory controlprintouts and furnish them to all ODOC facilities/units.III.Inventory Control Officers and AgentsEach facility/unit will designate an inventory control officer (ICO) who maydesignate one or more inventory control agents (ICA) to maintain inventory recordsfor that affected area’s property.The ICA will prepare PIC forms (DOC 120801A) and label the property. Eachbusiness manager will utilize the Standard Item Classification for Inventory andProperty Control (SICIPC) Manual dated March 31, 2015, which contains theinventory classification codes, cost codes, source codes and disposition codesneeded to complete the PIC forms.IV.Labeling of InventoryA. Tag Numbers1.Each tag number is unique to a particular piece of equipment/item.Tag numbers cannot be reassigned to another piece of equipmentwhen the original is sold, surplused, transferred, returned to vendoror disposed of in any manner. Transferred items retain the originaltag number.2.All property (except for meat plant processing equipment, handguns,vehicles and irrigation pipe) will be labeled or marked with a 12- to13-digit alphanumeric number code that permanently identifies theproperty.3.All 800 MHz two-way radios will receive tag numbers by thefacility/unit/division ICO.

Section-12 Fiscal ManagementV.OP-120801Page: 3Effective Date: 09/24/2020Instructions for Completing Property Inventory Control FormsThe SICIPC Manual provides completion instructions as specified in “Instructionsfor Completing Property Inventory Control Forms” (DOC 120801B).VI.Entering Equipment into the SystemThe PIC form, prepared for new property, will be retained by the facility/unit/divisionand a copy will be sent or emailed to the agency PCO. The purchase order number,if applicable, must be provided.A.Reportable Property (Tangible Assets)1.B.The reporting threshold for all agencies, as required by the Office ofManagement and Enterprises Services (OMES), Division of CapitalAssets Management (DCAM), is 2,500.00 for each item. Thetangible asset inventory reports will be submitted annually to DCAMin accordance with Title 74 O.S. § 110.1 and OklahomaAdministrative Code (OAC) 260:110-1-1.a.Tangible assets refers to: machinery, implements, tools,furniture, livestock, vehicles and other items that the agencymay use repeatedly without impairment of its physicalcondition and which have a calculable period of service andan original acquisition cost exceeding the designatedreporting threshold amount (Title 74 O.S. § 110.1 (D) and(OAC) 260:110-1-1).b.The tangible asset threshold does not apply totelecommunications and electronic information technologyapplications as specified in Title 62 O.S. § 34.12., Subsection6., which requires maintenance of “a directory for the followingwhich have a value of five hundred dollars ( 500.00) or more.”2.Weapons, bulletproof vests, two-way radios, and cameras areconsidered reportable property, regardless of purchase price.3.Any item of a sensitive nature purchased for less than 2,500.00,requires close scrutiny. The facility/unit/division heads will determineto include this item in the inventory system.Non-Reportable PropertyNon-reportable property includes:1.Fixed building equipment, (e.g., central heat and air unit, hot watertank, plumbing fixtures or drinking fountains); and

Section-12 Fiscal ManagementVII.Page: 4Effective Date: 09/24/20202.Any equipment that attaches to or is a part of another piece ofequipment, such as a vehicle motor or air conditioner compressor.3.Property that does not require reporting by the reporting threshold, 2,500.00 or more, should be inventoried at the facility/unit/divisionlevel for risk management purposes. Methods of inventory are:a.Agency inventory;b.Separate inventory with cost included; and/orc.A 360 video of facility/room with documentation ofcost.Transferring Equipment within the SystemA.B.VIII.OP-120801Sending Facility/unit/division1.When property is transferred from one facility/unit/division to another,the sending ICO or ICA will complete section two of the PIC form andforward to the PCO.2.The PCO will retain a copy of the PIC form and forward a copy to thereceiving unit.3.The sending unit will be responsible for the transferred property untilsections 2 and 3 of form DOC 120801A have been completed.Receiving Facility/Unit/Division1.The receiving facility/unit/division will complete section 3 of the PICform, retain a copy and forward a copy to the PCO.2.When the transfer is entered into the automated system, the PCOwill stamp “Entered” on the copy of the form. The copy of the formwill be retained by the PCO and copies sent to the sending andreceiving ICO.DispositionTo complete the disposition of property the ICO will complete section 4 of the PICform and apply a two-digit disposition code provided in the SICIPC manual toidentify the reason for disposition of the item.A.The signature of the facility/unit/division head will be required for dispositioncodes of items with the following codes: 04, 06, 16, 17, 18, and 20.

Section-12 Fiscal ManagementIX.OP-120801Page: 5Effective Date: 09/24/2020B.The inventory tag number, description of property, and serial number (ifapplicable) in section one of the form must be completed along with sectionfour.C.A copy of the PIC form must be sent to the PCO and a file copy retained.Declaration and Approval of Surplus PropertyPursuant to the Oklahoma Surplus Property Act [Title 74 O.S., § 62.1 et seq.] andthe OAC 260:105-3-1 Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) StateSurplus rule, a facility/unit/division will determine when its personal property issurplus property. The facility/unit/division surplus property will be disposed of inaccordance with the rules promulgated by the DCAM Administrator of SurplusProperty.A.B.Definitions1.Administrator — DCAM staff designated by the director of thedepartment to oversee the State Surplus Property Program.2.Agency surplus officer — ODOC staff authorized by the CFO to signthe “Surplus Property Transfer” form on behalf of the agency. (OAC260:105-3-1)3.Facility/unit/division surplus officer — ODOC staff designated by thefacility/unit/division head to serve as the surplus officer for thefacility/unit/division.4.Surplus property — Items, commodities, materials, supplies orequipment a state agency owns and determines to be excess,obsolete, antiquated, unused or not needed. (Title 74 O.S., § 62.2.2)Declaring State Property SurplusState-owned property will not be destroyed, sold, transferred, traded in,traded, discarded, donated or otherwise disposed of without prior writtenapproval of the DCAM administrator of Surplus Property. This rule appliesto and includes any residue that may be remaining from agencycannibalization of property. (OAC 260:105-3-1)C.Request for Approval to Sell or Transfer Surplus Property“Surplus Property Transfer” forms requesting approval to sell or transfersurplus property will be submitted by the facility/unit/division surplus officerto the agency surplus officer via email in the forms original .xls format.1.Vehicle disposal requests will be submitted per OP-120401 entitled“Fleet Management, Section IV., on DCAM-Form-SS-001V.xls

Section-12 Fiscal ManagementOP-120801Page: 6Effective Date: anage documents.php?id 188).D.2.Computer disposal requests will be submitted on a DCAM form( documents.php?id 188)3.Electronic storage media (E-Media) disposal requests will besubmitted on a separate DCS-Form-SS-001A.xls, Attachment (A).DCAM Central Purchasing Division has created SW794, Contract#1932 to comply with Title 62 O.S. § 41.5a-4-State Policy andProcedures for the Destruction or Disposal of Electronic StorageMedia (E-Media). E-Media not receiving certified documentation ofdestruction will be sent to DCAM Surplus Property for disposal.4.With prior approval from the inspector general, as required by OP040106 entitled “Purchase, Use and Control of Firearms andSecurity Equipment,” firearms will be disposed of per OklahomaSurplus Property Act [Title 74 O.S., § 62.1 et seq.] and the OAC260:105-3-2 DCAM State Surplus rule.Surplus Property Transfer FormThe DCAM “Surplus Property Transfer” forms, DCAM-Form-SS-001A.xlsand DCAM-Form-SS-001V.xls, are located on the DCAM ge documents.php?att id 18682)E.Methods of Disposal of Surplus Property (OAC 260:105-3-1.)The method of disposal of surplus property must be approved by the DCAMadministrator for surplus property in accordance with (OAC) 260:105-3-1prior to disposal of state property by a state agency.F.G.Approval by the Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM)1.Once received from the facility/unit/division surplus office, theagency surplus officer will submit, by email, the appropriate “SurplusProperty Transfer” form for approval by the DCAM administrator.2.Upon approval, the agency surplus officer will email the DCAM“Surplus Property Transfer” form to the facility/unit/division surplusofficer with disposal instructions.Prohibitions1.A donation of state property to private individuals, for-profitorganizations, or state employees is prohibited.

Section-12 Fiscal Management2.H.I.OP-120801Page: 7Effective Date: 09/24/2020The sale of state property to state employees is prohibited unlessitems are sold at announced public sales or auctions.Completion of Sale or Transfer1.Checks received by the facility/unit/division for the sale or transfer ofstate property will be made payable to the order of the DCAM statesurplus and forwarded, along with the sale receipt, to DCAM statesurplus.2.Upon the completion of approved disposal of state property, thefacility/unit/division will be responsible for the removal of suchproperty from the agency’s official inventory.Record KeepingA copy of the approved DCAM “Surplus Property Transfer” form and anyreceipt for sale of the state property will be maintained in accordance withGRDS 2-43 Surplus Property File.X.Annual Internal AuditAnnually, each facility/unit/division will receive an inventory control printout.Utilizing this printout, facility/unit/division staff will audit the affected area’s propertyinventory and make necessary adjustments (new equipment not listed, transferred,sold, surplused, keystroke errors, etc.). All necessary adjustments will beforwarded to the agency PCO within two months of receipt (OAC 260:105-1-1). (2CO-1B-08, 5-ACI-1B-13) Corrections will be made in red ink.XI.AuditsThe agency’s financial internal audit team will conduct an annual audit of theinventory control system at each facility/unit/division. (2-CO-1B-08, 4-APPFS-3D26)XII.ReferencesPolicy Statement No. P-120100 entitled “Management of State Funds and Assets”OP-040106 entitled “Purchase, Use and Control of Firearms and SecurityEquipment”OP-120401 entitled “Fleet Management”Title 74, §110.1 and § 110.2OAC 260:110-1-1 State Inventory

Section-12 Fiscal ManagementOP-120801Page: 8Effective Date: 09/24/2020 Units/Finance/Statewide Inventory of Assets.htmlStandard Item Classification for Inventory and Property Control ManualXIII.ActionThe division head is responsible for compliance with this procedure.The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the annual review and revisions.Any exceptions to this procedure will require prior written approval from the agencydirector.This procedure is effective as indicated.Replaced:Operations Memorandum No. OP-120801 entitled "PropertyInventory Control” dated August 8, 2018Distribution: Policy and Operations ManualAgency Website

Section-12 Fiscal ManagementOP-120801Page: 9Effective Date: 09/24/2020Referenced FormsTitleLocationDOC 120801A“Property Inventory Control”AttachedDOC 120801B“Instructions for Completing PropertyInventory Control �DCAM-FORM-SS-001V.xls“Vehicle Surplus Property Transfer DCAM FormForm”SurplusPropertyTransfer DCAM Form

property inventory system. The PCO will also prepare annual inventory control printouts and furnish them to all ODOC facilities/units. III. Inventory Control Officers and Agents Each facility/unit will designate an inventory control officer (ICO) who may designate one or more inventory control agents (ICA) to maintain inventory records

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