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Culinary Knife Skills-State Event OnlyCulinary Knife Skills, an individual event, will showcasethe best of participants’ knife skills. Participants willproduce six uniform pieces for each knife cut meetingindustry standards and demonstrate proper safety andsanitation procedures.EVENT LEVELS LEVEL 2: grades 9-10 LEVEL 3: grades 11-12CAREER CLUSTERS Hospitality and TourismPROCEDURES & TIME REQUIREMENTS1. Participants will bring all necessary tools andequipment, as listed in the eventspecifications. Participants may not bring anyreference materials2. Participants will be well groomed and wearappropriate, clean attire meeting restaurantand hotel industry standards (seeSpecifications).3. At the designated time, participants will have 5minutes to set up the work station, 15 minutesto produce and arrange each of the knife cuts,5 minutes to clean the work area.4. Evaluators will score participants as they workand will complete the scoring within the 5minute clean-up time period.5. Evaluators will have 5 minutes for questionson techniques, procedures, and knowledge.6. The total event time is 30 minutes.ELIGIBILITY & GENERAL INFORMATION1. Spectators are not allowed to observe this event.2. Each participant will have approximately 6’ ofwork station space.3. Participation is open to any nationally affiliatedFCCLA senior or occupations member who mustbe or has been enrolled in a culinary artsoccupational training program or a Family andConsumer Science course preparing member for acareer in culinary arts or hospitality careers.4. Entries will be scored by industry standard andparticipants must follow sanitation procedures.5. Participants must bring one each of the followingvegetables: carrot, potato, onion.

Culinary Knife Skills-State Event OnlySpecificationsSafety and AppearanceClean and appropriate uniform including professional chef attire (chef coat/jacket; industry pants or commercial uniform pants; apron;hair covering or chef hat; closed-toe, low heal, kitchen shoes made with non-slip soles and sealed non-melting uppers(canvas shoes arenot appropriate). Facial jewelry is concealed with bandages. No additional jewelry, with the exception of a watch, is allowed. Facialhair is permitted if appropriate covering is used. Hair is properly restrained with hairnet if hair extends pas the neck line. Minimalmakeup, no cologne or nail polish. Acceptable graphics on the uniform include the FCCLA logo, school, chapter, or state name or logo,and individual name. No additional logos are permitted.Clothing and AppearanceWear appropriate clothing, head covering and shoes, and present a well-groomed appearance.Safety and SanitationKeep work area clean and organized, and demonstrate appropriate safety and sanitationprocedures according to industry standards. Participants have 5 minutes to set up their workarea, and 5 minutes to clean the work area upon completion of the knife cuts.Food ProductionParticipants may bring only the items listed below to the event. No other equipment will be allowed in the competition site.Additional items will be remove from the participants until after the have finished competing. Participants will demonstrate industrystandards in the use of equipment, tools, and techniques.Equipment, Tools andTechniquesUse proper equipment, tools, products, vocabulary, and techniques. No external rules areallowed. Only the following tools are allowed: Vegetable peeler-paring knife-8” or 10” French knife-cutting board and mat,parchment paper and pen, prepared sanitizer, towels, gloves, ½ sheet pan, smallcompost/waste bucket or bowlFood ProductParticipants must bring one each of each of the following vegetables: carrot, potato, onion.No substitutions are allowed. All items must be uncut, whole and unpeeled. No preprocessed items are allowed.Time Management/Scraps andWasting of SuppliesDemonstrate careful planning for completing tasks efficiently. All scraps will be presentedfor evaluation of product waste.Knife Skills/Food PresentationThe participant will present all food times for evaluation of appearance, temperature and waste at the end of the competition.There will be no extra time allowed to complete preparation or presentation. All work must stop at the time limit. Evaluation will bebased on industry standards.Knife CutsA total of six (6) uniform and appropriate pieces are cut from thevegetables to demonstrate three (3) of the following list: Julienne, finejulienne, brunoise, fine brunoise, small, medium large dice, paysanne,batonnet, rondelle, peel and small dice. Event evaluators will determinewhich three (3) cuts from specific vegetables all participants willdemonstrate during the competition. Dimensions are based on theclassical knife cuts described in the American Culinary Federation (ACF)published guidelines. Knife cuts will be displayed on one (1) ½ sheet pan,and all cuts will be identified using the pen and parchment paper.Overall Product Appearance and PresentationPrepare knife cuts consistently, with appropriate proportions.Demonstrate a high quality of workmanship.

Culinary Knife SkillsEquipment Check-in FormName of ParticipantChapter State LevelOnly the following items are allowed in the Culinary Knife Skills. Any additional itemswill not be allowed for competition and must be removed from the participant’ssupplies. Each student must have their own set of equipment and may not share itemsduring competition.Participants bringing all items as required will earn 5 points on the Point SummaryForm. Vegetable peelerParing knife8” or 10” French knifeCutting board and matParchment paperPenPrepared sanitizerTowelsGloves½ sheet panSmall compost/waste bucket or bowlOne each: carrot, onion, and potatoRoom Consultant Initials

STAR Events Point Summary FormCulinary Knife SkillsName of ParticipantChapterStateTeam #Station #CategoryDIRECTIONS:1. Make sure all information at top is correct. If a student named is not participating, cross their name(s) off. If ateam does not show, please write “No Show” across the top and return with other forms. Do NOT change team orstation numbers.2. Prior to the competition, the room consultants will complete an equipment check-in form.3. At the conclusion of scoring, verify evaluator scores and fill in information below. Calculate the final score and ask forevaluators’ verification. Place this form in front of the completed rubrics and staple all items related to thepresentation together.ROOM CONSULTANT CHECKCheck-in0 or 5 pointsRequired Equipment0 or 5 pointsPoints05Did not arrive on time for participant check-in0Did not bring all required equipment perparticipantArrived on time for participant check-in5Brought all required equipment perparticipantROOM CONSULTANT TOTALEVALUATORS’ SCORESEvaluator 1Initials(10 points possible)Evaluator 2InitialsAVERAGE EVALUATOR SCOREEvaluator 3Initials(90 points possible)Total Scoredivided by number of evaluators AVERAGE EVALUATOR SCORERounded only to the nearest hundredth (i.e. 79.99 not 80.00)Gold: 90-100Silver: 70-89.99RATING ACHIEVED (circle one)VERIFICATION OF FINAL SCORE AND RATING (please initial)Evaluator 1.FINAL SCORE(Average Evaluator Score plusRoom Consultant Total)Bronze: 1-69.99Evaluator 2 Evaluator 3 Adult Room Consultant.

Culinary Knife Skills-State Event OnlyRubricName of ParticipantChapterEvaluation CriteriaPoorFairStateGoodTeam #Very GoodExcellentStation #ScoreSAFETY AND APPEARANCEClothing and Appearance0-10 points Standard: Professionalappearance, attire, andgroomingSafety and Sanitation0-10 points Standard: Follows allsafety and sanitationpracticesClean-up0-5 points1-23-45-67-89 - 101-23-45-67-89 - 10123451-23-45-67-89 - 101-23-45-67-89 - 101-2-34-5-67-8-910 - 11 - 1213 - 14 - 151-23-45-67-89 - 101-23-45-67-89 - 101-23-45-67-89 - 10FOOD PRODUCTIONEquipment, Tools, and Techniques0-10 points Selects and uses all toolsand equipment correctlyMise en place, Time Management,Scraps and Waste0-10 pointsKNIFE SKILLS/FOOD PRESENTATIONOverall Product Appearance andPresentation0-15 points Consistent, correct cut andproportion Standard: Extremely highquality workmanshipKnife Cut #10-10 pointsKnife Cut #20-10 pointsKnife Cut #30-10 pointsEvaluator’s Comments:TOTAL(90 pts. possible)Evaluator InitialsRoom Consultant InitialsSTAR Event Coordinator InitialsCategoryComments

Culinary Knife Skills-State Event Only . Culinary Knife Skills, an individual event, will showcase the best of participants’ knife skills. Participants will produce six uniform pieces for each knife cut meeting industry standards and demonstrate proper safety and sanitation procedures.

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