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COMPUTER GRAPHICS : A MCQ SET1.a.b.c.d.The graphics can beDrawingPhotograph, moviesSimulationAll of these2.a.b.c.d.Computer graphics was first used byWilliam fetter in 1960James fetter in 1969James gosling in 1991John Taylor in 19803.a.b.c.d.The component of interactive computer graphics areA light penDisplay unitBank of switchesAll of these4.a.b.c.d.Personal computer become powerful during the late19601970198019505.Three dimensional computer graphics become effectiveIn the latea. 1960b. 1980c. 1970d. 19506.a.b.c.d.7.a.b.c.d.8.a.b.c.d.9.which environment has been one of the most acceptedtool for computer graphics in business and graphicsdesign studiosgraphicsMacintoshquakemultimediaGraphics is one of the major key element indesign of multimedia applicationFiveThreeFourEightThree dimensional graphics become popular in gamesdesigning , multimedia and animation during the late1960197019801990a.b.c.d.The quake , one of the first fully 3D games wasreleased in year199619761986199910.a.b.c.d.Types of computer graphics areVector and rasterScalar and rasterVector and scalarNone of these1 Code: RBMCQ120211.a.b.c.Vector graphics is composed ofPixelsPathsPaletted.None of these12.a.b.c.d.Raster graphics are composed ofPixelsPathsPaletteNone of these13.a.b.c.d.Raster images are more commonly calledPix mapbitmapboth a & bnone of these14.a.b.c.d.Pixel can be arranged in a regularOne dimensional gridTwo dimensional gridThree dimensional gridNone of these15.a.b.c.d.The brightness of each pixel isCompatibleIncompatibleBoth a & bNone of these16.a.b.c.d.Each pixel has basic color componentsTwo or threeOne or twoThree or fourNone of these17.a.b.c.d.The quantity of an image depend onNo. of pixel used by imageNo. of line used by imageNo. of resolution used by imageNone18.a.b.c.d.Higher the number 0f pixels, the image qualityBadBetterSmallerNone of above19. A palette can be defined as a finite set of colors formanaging thea. Analog imagesb. Digital imagesc. Both a & bd. None of these20.a.b.c.d.Display card areVGAEGABoth a & bNone of above21. Display card is used for the purpose ofa. Sending graphics data to input unitDownloads from: books/

COMPUTER GRAPHICS : A MCQ SETb.c.d.Sending graphics data to output unitReceiving graphics data from output unitNone of these22. Several graphics image file formats that are used bymost of graphics system area. GIFb. JPEGc. TIFFd. All of these23. The GIF format is much to be downloadedor uploaded over the wwwa. Slowerb. Fasterc. Mediumd. None of these24.a.b.c.d.Once a file is saved in JPEG format ,some data is lostTemporarilyPermanentlyBoth a & bNone25.a.b.c.d.EPS image file format is used forVector graphicsBitmapBoth a & bNone of theseRavishBegusarai26.a.b.c.d.TIFF (tagged image file format )are used forVector graphicsBitmapBoth a & bNone of these27.a.b.c.d.EPS meansEntire post scriptEntire post scaleEncapsulated post scriptNone of these28.a.b.c.d.The additive color models use the concept ofPrinting inkLight to display colorPrinting lineNone of these29.a.b.c.d.The subtractive color model use the concept ofPrinting inkLight to display colorPrinting lineNone of these30.a.b.c.d.Color apparent in additive model are the result ofReflected lightTransmission of lightFlow of lightNone of these31. Color apparent in subtractive model are the result ofa. Amount of Reflected light2 Code: RBMCQ1202b.c.d.Transmission of lightFlow of lightNone of these32.a.b.c.d.Two dimensional color model areRGB and CMKYRBG and CYMKRGB and CMYKNone33.a.b.c.d.RGB model are used forComputer displayPrintingPaintingNone of these34.a.b.c.d.CMYK model are used forComputer displayPrintingPaintingNone of these35.a.b.c.d.The intersection of three primary RGB color producesWhite colorBlack colorMagenta colorBlue color36.a.b.c.d.The intersection of primary CMYK color producesWhite colorBlack colorCyan colorMagenta color37. The RGB model display a much percentage ofthe visible band as compared to CMYKa. Lesserb. Largerc. Mediumd. None of these38. Color depth can be defined by which can bedisplayed on a display unita. Bits per pixelb. Bytes per pixelc. Megabyte per pixeld. None of these39.a.b.c.d.Each bit representOne colorTwo colorThree colorNone40.a.b.c.d.RGB true color model has color depth24bit32bit64bitNone41.a.b.c.d.CMYK true color model has color depth24bit32bit64bitNoneDownloads from: books/

COMPUTER GRAPHICS : A MCQ SET Code: RBMCQ120242.a.b.c.d.Grey scale images have a maximum color depth of8bit16bit24bit32bit52. The electron beam in DUST is designed to draw directlytoa. Phosphorb. Storage meshc. Glassd. None43.a.b.c.d.Graphics with limited features is known asActive graphicsPassive graphicsGrayscale imageNone of these53.a.b.c.d.The second grid in DUST is calledPhosphorStorage meshCollectorNone44. Computer of present time have much higher memoryand storage capacitya. Much smallerb. Much biggerc. Much slowerd. None54. To increase the energy of these slow moving electronand create a bright picture in DUST , the screen ismaintained at aa. Low positive potentialb. High negative potentialc. High positive potentiald. None45.a.b.c.d.CRT meansCommon ray tubeCathode ray tubeCommon ray tubeNoneRavishBegusarai46.a.b.c.d.Refresh CRT consist ofGlass wrapperThe phosphor viewing surfaceThe electron gun assemblyAll of above47. The amount of time the phosphor produce light or shineis controlled by chemical composition of the phosphor.This is known asa. Persistenceb. Resistancec. Generatorsd. None48. The electron beam in a color picture tube isrefreshed times in a second to make videorealistica. 15 timesb. 25 timesc. 35 timesd. 45 times49.a.b.c.d.DUST meansDirect view storage tubeDomain view storage tubeDirect view store tubeNone50.a.b.c.d.DUST is rarely used today as part ofInput deviceOutput deviceDisplay systemsNone51.a.b.c.d.In DUST , is there refresh bufferYesNoBothNone355. A major disadvantage of DUST in interactive computergraphics isa. Ability to selectively erase part of an imageb. Inability to selectively erase part of image fromscreenc. Inability to produce bright pictured. None56.a.b.c.d.Interactive graphics is useful inTraining pilotsComputer aided designProcess controlAll of these57.a.b.c.d.The origin of computer graphics was developed in195019601970199058.a.b.c.d.The term business graphics came into use in late195019601970199059.a.b.c.d.Computer graphics is used in many DTP software asPhotoshopPaint brushBoth a & bNone of these60. Any CRT based display must be refreshingleast times a seconda. 20b. 30c. 40d. 1061. The standardization is neededa. To make application programs more portableDownloads from: books/at

COMPUTER GRAPHICS : A MCQ SETb.c.To increase their utilityTo allow them to useenvironmentd. All of theseindifferentapplication Code: RBMCQ120271. A shadow mask CRT has phosphor color dots ateach pixel positiona. 1b. 2c. 3d. None of these62.a.b.c.d.GKS stands forGraphics kernel systemGraphics kernel standsGeneric kernel systemNone of these63.a.b.c.d.GKS was developed by theInternational standards organizationNational standard organizationBoth a & bNone of these64.a.b.c.d.The resolution of raster scan display isLowHighMediumNone65.a.b.c.d.Random scan systems are designed forLine drawing applicationPixel drawing applicationColor drawing applicationNone of these66.a.b.c.d.Solid pattern in random scan display is to fillDifficultEasyNot fillNone of these75. Which technique of color CRT is used for production ofrealistic imagea. Shadow mask methodb. Beam penetration methodc. Both a & bd. None of these67.a.b.c.d.Raster scan is expensive than random scanMoreLessBoth a & bNone76.a.b.c.d.In which method of CRT, convergence problem occurBeam penetration methodShadow mask methodBoth a & bNone of these68. Two basic technique for producing color display with aCRT area. Shadow mask and random scanb. Beam penetration method and shadow maskmethodc. Random scan and raster scand. None of above77.a.b.c.d.Beam penetration method is used inRandom scan systemRaster scan systemBoth a & bNone of these78.a.b.c.d.Shadow mask method is used inRandom scan systemRaster scan systemBoth a & bNone of these79.a.b.c.d.Graphics data is computed by processor in form ofElectrical signalsAnalog signalsDigital signalsNone of these80.a.b.c.d.An example of impact device isElectrostatic printerInkjet printerLine printerLaser printer69. In beam penetration method of color CRT, two layer ofphosphor coated area. Red and blueb. Red and greenc. Blue and greend. None of theseRavishBegusarai70. In beam penetration method of color CRT, which layer isred and which is greena. Outer is red and inner is greenb. Inner is red and outer is greenc. Inner is red and inner is greend. None472. Which color is produced with the green and red dotsonlya. Blueb. Yellowc. Magentad. White73.a.b.c.d.Which color s produced with the blue and red dotsBlueYellowMagentaWhite74. Cyan color is produced when the blue and green areactivateda. Equallyb. Unequallyc. Both a & bd. NoneDownloads from: books/

COMPUTER GRAPHICS : A MCQ SET81.a.b.c.d.To generate the characters , which are requiredHardwareSoftwareBoth a & bNone of these Code: RBMCQ120291.a.b.c.d.LCD are commonly used inCalculatorsPortableLaptop computersAll of these82. The method which uses array of dots for generating acharacter is calleda. Stoke methodb. Bitmap methodc. Star bust methodd. None of these92.a.b.c.d.LCD is an deviceEmissiveNon emissiveGas dischargeNone of these83.a.b.c.d.The hardware devices containColor printer / black white printerPlottersBoth a & bNone93.a.b.c.d.Plasma panel is an deviceEmissiveNon emissiveExpensiveNone84.a.b.c.d.An example of black and white laser printer isHP 4000QMSBoth a & bNone94.a.b.c.d.Plasma device convertsElectrical energy into lightLight into electrical energyLight into graphical energyNone of these85.a.b.c.d.An example of color printer isHP 4000QMSBoth a & bNone95.a.b.c.d.Plasma panel have resolutionHighGoodBoth a & bLow96.a.b.c.d.Plasma panel are also calledLiquid crystal displayGas discharge displayNon emissive displayNone of these97.a.b.c.d.The basic graphical interactions arePointingPositioningBoth a & bNone98.a.b.c.d.GUI meansGraphical user interfaceGraphical user interactionGraphics uniform interactionNone99.a.b.c.d.Which one is the basic input device in GUIMouseGraphics tabletVoice systemTouch panel86. Non impact use various techniques to combine threecolor pigment to produce a range of colorpatternsa. Cyan , magenta and yellowb. Cyan , white and blackc. Cyan , white and yellowd. Black , magenta and yellow87.a.b.c.d.Printers produce output by eitherImpact methodNon impact methodBoth a & bNone of these88. What is name of temporary memory where the graphicsdata is stored to be displayed on screena. RAMb. ROMc. Frame bufferd. None89. The division of the computer screen into rows andcolumns that define the no. of pixels to display a pictureis calleda. Persistenceb. Resolutionc. Encapsulated post scriptd. None90.a.b.c.d.LCD meansLiquid crystal displaysLiquid crystal dataLiquid chrome dataNone5100.Pen or inkjet plotters use the following devicesa. Drumb. Flat bedc. Both a & bd. None of theseThanksDownloads from: books/

Interactive graphics is useful in a. Training pilots b. Computer aided design c. Process control d. All of these 57. The origin of computer graphics was developed in a. 1950 b. 1960 c. 1970 d. 1990 58. The term business graphics came into use in late a. 1950 b. 1960 c. 1970 d. 1990 59. Computer graphics is used in many DTP software as a .

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