Drawing Up Your Human Resource Policy & Handbook

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AdVision Management ServicesCOURSE TITLEDrawing Up Your Human Resource Policy & HandbookINTRODUCTIONHR Policies are the organisation's top management philosophy and general guidelines as to aims,objectives, responsibilities and accountabilities regarding the organisation's prerogatives and itsemployees entitlements and benefits at all levels.The Employee Handbook on the other hand contains the specific terms and conditions ofemployment. This handbook forms the bulk of the employment contract the other part being theemployment appointment letter.These two documents are fundamental to every organization even though the content andstandards may vary widely according to differing needs and requirements.About the ProgrammeThis programme shows what factors need to be taken into account in drawing up HR policies and theemployee handbook. It also discusses related legal and human issues and gives an insight into markettrends in HR policies and employee benefits.As it is strategic in nature, this workshop will appeal to HR Policy decision makers and thoseresponsible for drafting them.Why Attend This ProgrammeA well-developed HR policy would provide clear direction for management decision, while a clearlywritten employee handbook would provide transparency for better communication andemployee relations.Page 1

AdVision Management ServicesCOURSE OBJECTIVEAt the end of the programme, participants are able to develop HR policies regarding:Definition and limitation of HR Policies and Employee Handbook.Identification of areas of responsibility for the HR Department.Identification of job functions and establishing accountability andresponsibility of employees carrying out HR functions.Defining aims or purposes of functions and levels of responsibility and authority.Identification of legal and market-standard benefits and entitlements foremployees and defining their aims and purposes.Establishing administrative policies procedures for availing of the benefits andentitlements and establishing the paper trail.Developing the employee handbook.Legal issues surrounding various policies.COURSE OUTLINESPART A: Policies on Management Prerogatives1) IntroductionDefinition of HR PolicyDefinition of Employee HandbookLimitation of HR Policies and HandbookOrganization structure & levelsJob Grades & Salary GradesEmployees protected under the Employment Act 1955, Labour Ordinances (Sabah2004) & (Sarawak 2005)2) Policy on EmploymentWho prepares job descriptions and job specifications.Dates for reviewing JD & JS.Procedure for requisition of employeesComposition of panel of interviewersTypes of contractsOther terms and conditionsApproving authority & signatoriesLegal issues3) Policy on Training & DevelopmentWho is eligible for training & developmentCompanys on-the- job and off-the-job training and developmentApproving authority4) Policy on Performance AppraisalsAppraisal dates for probationers & confirmed employeesWho appraisesPage 2

AdVision Management ServicesLinking increments & bonuses to performanceApproving authorityLegal issues5) Policy on TransfersWho is eligible for transfers?Procedure to apply for transfersLegal issues6) Policy on PromotionsWho is eligible for promotion?Procedure in applying for promotionApproving authorityLegal issuesPART B: Policies on Employee Entitlements & Benefits7) Policy on Normal Hours of Work and OTNormal working hours & daysOT RatesProcedure for OT claimsApproving authorityRecordsLegal issues8) Policy on Rest Days, PH & OTRest Days entitlementPublic Holidays entitlementRate for work done on Rest Days & PHProcedure for claimsApproving authorityLegal issues9) Policy on Annual Leave EntitlementAnnual Leave entitlementEncashment of annual leaveApplication procedureApproving authorityRecordsLegal issues10) Policy on Special LeaveUnpaid LeaveUnrecorded LeavePaid leave for other purposesProcedure for applicationApproving authorityLegal issues11) Policy on Medical BenefitsHospitalisation & Non-hospitalization Sick LeaveProlonged illness leaveMedical TreatmentPage 3

AdVision Management ServicesPanel doctorsApproving authorityLegal issues12) Policy on Maternity BenefitsMaternity Leave for current / deceased / ex-employeesMaternity Leave entitlementConditions for paid Maternity LeaveConfinement benefitApproving authorityLegal registersLegal issues13) Policy on Allowances & Other BenefitsTypes and quantum of allowances & benefitsConditions for allowances and benefitsProcedure in claimsApproving authorityLegal issues14) Policy on DisciplineListing major and minor misconductRules of disciplineSteps before taking disciplinary actionTypes of disciplinary actionApproving authorityRecordsLegal issues15) Policy on Grievance HandlingGeneral grievance procedureApproving authorityRecordsLegal issues16) Policy on Resignations / RetirementNotice periodRetirement ageGolden handshakeOther retirement benefitsExtension of service after retirementApproving authorityLegal issues17) Policy on Termination of Contracts & RetrenchmentNotice period for termination and lay-offRate of termination and retrenchment benefitsConditions for termination and retrenchment benefits entitlementLIFO & FIFOVoluntary Separation SchemesStatements and recordsApproving authorityLegal issuesPage 4

AdVision Management Services18) Policy on Employee HandbookScope and limitation of handbookGeneral and specific aims of handbookTerms and conditions of employmentOther information that may be includedApproving authorityLegal issuesWHO SHOULD ATTEND?HR ManagersHeads of HR DepartmentHR Executives / HR AssistantsPolicy Decision MakersMETHODOLOGY2 days of lectures, case studies and discussion groups.VENUE, DATE & TIMEVenue : Hotel Royal (KL) (in front of Bukit Bintang Monorail Station, Beside Lot 10)Date : 23 & 24 September 2013Time : 9:00am to 5:00pmCURRICULUM VITAE OF TRAINER – Cyril PagadalaCyril comes with more than 18 years of real hands-on work experience in Human ResourceManagement, Operations, Customer Service and Administration.His work experience covers various industries such as the banking, manufacturing, hospitalityand other service industries He has worked for both local and multinationals and in both smalland large companies.He started off his career with the United Asian Bank (now CIMB Bank). He then joined theRaintree Club, and then joined an international glove manufacturer, Moldip (a subsidiary of thePirelli Group of Companies, Italy). He then joined the Air Keroh D’ Village Resort Melaka andthen proceeded to become the Director of HR and Administration of the Sri Arteessee Group ofCompanies involved in many different types of businesses. He then became a lecturer and isnow a corporate trainer.His tenure in organizations has provided with him deep insight and lasting exposure to variousproblems and solutions of different kinds.He has gone through the whole gamut of HRM functions including: setting up the HRDepartment A-Z with appropriate systems in a new organization as part of start-up operations,designing policies and procedures, writing operational procedures, designing performanceappraisal standards, managing recruitment and selection, setting up wage systems, designingmotivation strategies, reducing employee turnover, training handling misconduct, takingdisciplinary action, conducting the domestic inquiry, handling grievances, carrying outnegotiations with trade unions and collective agreements, etc.Page 5

AdVision Management ServicesHe has always involved himself in the operations of the various businesses and has such hasseen him managing operational functions alongside HRM in line with his belief that all managersshould know the other business functions and strategies of the organization. He therefore wasinvariably involved in sales and customer relations.As a post-hands-on experienced senior manager with a BA (English) and MA (Human ResourceManagement), his lecturing experience covers both local and foreign qualifications forUniversity Sains Malaysia, Association of Business Executives (UK), Institute of AdministrativeManagement (UK), University of Norththumbria (UK), University of Tasmania and local colleges.He has taught English and business communication to local and foreign students particularlyfrom China, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan He has trained and facilitatedBusiness English, Business Communication, Letter & Report Writing and related programmes forfresh graduates under the PSMB approved Unemployed Graduate Training Scheme.In the field of corporate training he has trained and facilitated training in many specialisedareas such as job skill analysis, interview skills, HR planning, compensation, performancemanagement, people development & motivation; Employment & Industrial Laws; Managerial &Supervisory Skills; Customer Relations; Soft Skills; English and Business Communication.He delivers and facilitates the programmes in a simple, easy-to-understand way and willinglyshares knowledge. Due to his real hard-knock work experience, he is able to provide manysimple solutions to work challenges.His participants range from CEOs, managers, executives, supervisors to clerks and professionalengineers, lawyers and computer specialists. He has many repeat clients. Maybe this is due tohis simple philosophy: “SHARE REAL WORK KNOWLEDGE”. Perhaps a cue may also be takenfrom a participant: ‘I NEVER KNEW THIS WAS SO EASY!’He has trained large, small and medium-sized local and multinational organizations from variousindustries. Some of them are: CCM Chemicals, Ornasteel Enterprise Corporation, FELDA,Euratech (M), MBF Cards, Telekom Malaysia, PERODUA, RHB Bank, Optimax Eye SpecialistCentre, Hotel Maya, Tanjung Rhu Resort, Prestar Steel Pipes, Company Commission Malaysia,Manulife, TNB, Malaysia AIDS Council, Malaysia Newsprint Sdn Bhd, Equatorial Hotel, BCPetrochemical, Wonder Bowl, Schaefer Kalk (M), Guardian Venture (M), Kudrat Maritime,Bumimetro Construction, Sinora, Global Airfreight, Shangrila Hotel, Hitachi Chemical, RedtoneTelecommunications, Multipurpose Insurance, Pacific Regency Apartments, STT Technologies,Fujiya Constructions, Boulevard Hotel, EON, Cargil Palm Products, Petronas, Hospital PantaiIndah, Country Heights Resorts, YTL Land, Sime Kansai, Samsung Electronics (M), JVC Video (M),Kelab Sukan Cahaya, UPD Systems, Takaful Nasional, Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, JobStreet.com, Inti College, Toshiba, Sara Lee, MISC, Vacances, Malaysian Biotechnology Sdn Bhd,BABA Products, Japan Travel Bureau, MBB, Canon, NIKKO Hotel, Cadbury, Dewan Bahasa danPustaka, Ministry of Local Government and Housing, Income Tax Board, Airod, Job Hunt,University Islam International, Genting Sanyen, Dumex, Clara International, Honda, PerwajaSteel, Sony, Continental Sime Tyres, Eurogain Consulting, Sabah Tourism Board, Mines Resort,Subang Jaya Medical Centre, Dumex, STAR Cruises, Nando’s, EPF, Hitachi, etcRegistration FormPage 6

AdVision Management ServicesYes! We are interested in attending the 2-Day Course for Drawing Up Your Human Resource Policy &Handbook dated 23 & 24 September 2013.CONTACT DETAILSCompany :Address :Email :Tel No:Fax No:Contact Person:Designation:PARTICIPANT DETAILSParticipant 1:Designation:Participant 2:Designation:Participant 3:Designation:Participant 4:Designation:Participant 5:Designation:PAYMENTRinggit MalaysiaCheque No.:Signature & Company StampADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS:Payment: The fee is payable upon registration and paid in advance to the event. Cheque should be crossed and made payableto ADVISION MANAGEMENT SERVICES.Cancellation: Please inform us in writing if you intend to cancel. No refunds or carry forward are given to cancellations bydelegates less than 7 days before the event. A 25% administration charge will be retained on other cancellations. Pleasesubstitute an alternative delegate if you wish to avoid cancellation penalties.Disclaimer: “AdVision Management Services” reserves the right to change the date and to cancel the program shouldcircumstances beyond its control arise. It also reserves the right to make alternative arrangement without prior notice shouldit be necessary to do so.AdVision Management ServicesB-5-8, Plaza Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480Kuala Lumpur.Call Us at 03-6280 8654Fax Us at 03-6280 8404Email Us at : [email protected]

Business English, Business Communication, Letter & Report Writing and related programmes for fresh graduates under the PSMB approved Unemployed Graduate Training Scheme. In the field of corporate training he