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Apple Affiliate ProgramBrand and Photography Guidelines

ContentOverview3Promoting apple.com4Apple Logo5Apple Web BannersBest Practice6Design Mistakes to Avoid7Layout Mistakes to Avoid8Apple Product PhotographyOverview9Best Practice10Mistakes to Avoid11Your Content12Linking to apple.com13Using Trademarks and Credit Lines14Prohibited Activity16More Information16Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography Guidelines2 is the world’s #1 resource for purchasing Apple products online. When your company is approvedto use an Apple-provided asset, such as a web banner or badge to direct your customers to, it’simportant to use those assets as directed and approved in these guidelines.These guidelines are for use by companies thatpromote Apple and link directly from theirwebsite, mobile site, or app to shop or the Apple Store app.Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography GuidelinesTo represent Apple correctly on websites, mobilechannels, advertising, and other marketingcommunications, these guidelines should befollowed wherever an Apple banner, badge,or text link to is used.3

Promoting apple.comWhen describing shopping with Apple, thefollowing phrases can be used:Shop apple.comShop the Apple websiteShop Apple onlineShop the Apple Store appShop with Education PricingThe name of the company, Apple, should alwaysremain in English, independent of the languagein which it appears.Examples of scenarios to avoidScenarios to AvoidHere are some common mistakes to avoid whenyou promote Apple product offers in yourcommunications: Do not incorporate Apple assets (Applebanners, the Apple logo, or Apple productphotography) in headlines or body copy.Exceptions will be made upon review andwritten approval. Do not use headlines, copy, or images fromApple’s website. Do not suggest ownership or customization For example, do not say “Use pointsto shop at” Instead say “Use yourpoints to shop at”Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography Guidelines4

Apple LogoBest PracticeOnly Apple and its authorized/approved licensees may use the Apple logo in advertising, promotional, and sales materials.The Apple logo may only be used as follows.Do’sDon’ts Use the Apple logo in the size provided. Do not place the Apple logo within a banner. Use one Apple logo in a collection of logosidentifying companies related to the affiliateoffer. Do not use the Apple logo as part of yourmenu options. One Apple logo can be used on a pagededicated to Apple product promotions.Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography GuidelinesExamples of scenarios to avoid Do not use the Apple logo as a navigationdevice. Do not place the Apple logo within editorialcontent.5

Apple Web BannersBest PracticeDo’sDon’ts Use only current web banners available fromthe affiliate platform. Do not repeat a banner multiple times on thesame page. Display only one Apple banner on a web page.For example, you can display one iPod or oneMac banner on a web page, but do not displayboth banners. Do not alter the banner size or layout to fityour web page. If you need a size that is notprovided, please contact your affiliate team. The Apple banner must be placed in theadvertising area at the top or side of the webpage above the fold. Use Apple banners at the size provided. Your website should reflect your company’sunique corporate identity.Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography Guidelines Do not translate an Apple banner on yourown. Do not place an Apple banner within anotherbanner. Do not add violators, type, or graphics to anApple banner. Do not place other banners or messages in anApple banner. Do not distort an Apple banner. Do not remove an Apple product photo froman Apple banner and use it. Do not display only a portion of an Applebanner. Do not use Apple-provided banners as yourprimary source of content. Apple banners aredeveloped to support your content and directcustomers to the correct location Never use Apple headlines and copy as if theyare your own. Do not use pop-up or pop-under banners topromote Apple products.6

Apple Web BannersBanner Design Mistakes to AvoidNEWDo not place an Apple banner within anotherbanner.Do not add violators, type, or graphics to anApple banner.Do not place other banners or messages in anApple banner.Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography Guidelines7

Apple Web BannersLayout Mistakes to AvoidDo not use multiple Apple banners to createyour web page content. Your web page shouldfeature content created by your company.Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography GuidelinesThis example leads with an Apple bannerfollowed by an editorial headline, suggestingthat Apple has endorsed or provided theeditorial content. It must be clear to readers thatthe affiliate is the source of the content.Do not remove an Apple product photo from anApple banner and use it alone. Do not rearrangethe elements of a banner or create a newbanner. Never display only a portion of an Applebanner.8

Apple Product PhotographyOverviewEvery aspect of Apple photography, fromframing and composition to lighting and cameraangle, is carefully controlled by Apple. Whenyour company is approved to use Apple productphotos it is important to use them as shown inthese guidelines.Using Apple-provided product photographyThe Apple-provided product photographsshown in these guidelines are for use only byApple Affiliate Publisher partners (affiliates) thathave agreed to the terms and conditions of theApple Affiliate Publisher program and have beenapproved to participate in the program. Thephotos can also be used by third-partycompanies that have permission from Apple.You must follow these guidelines wheneverApple-provided product photographs are used.Apple reserves the right to withdraw permissionto use the photographs anytime their use isinconsistent with these guidelines or isotherwise deemed inappropriate by Apple.Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography Guidelines9

Apple Product PhotographyBest PracticeApple Product PhotographyUse only current product photos designated foruse by Apple affiliates and provided through theprogram platform and data feed.Never download or copy images Do not produce your own photos ofApple products for merchandising use; use onlythe assets provided by Apple when linking Never use Apple’s lifestyle or otherpromotional imagery.Placement and sizeApple product photos must not dominate yourweb page. They must always be subordinate toyour company or store identity and cannot takethe place of that identity. Photos are provided tosupplement content that is clearly related toApple products. Always use Apple productphotos at the size provided and show theproducts in their entirety. Apple products shouldbe presented in correct proportions to oneanother. Never enlarge or reduce product photofiles.Keep Apple Photos CurrentApple continually updates the product photosthat are available to affiliates. Do not showoutdated Apple products. Use only the mostcurrent Apple product photos provided by theapproved affiliate vendor in your region.For editorial purposes, use photographyprovided by Apple Public Relations (PR) Affiliate Program Brand and Photography GuidelinesEach Apple product photo must be placed near content related to that product. For standard salesand merchandise listings, use only one photo of a particular Apple product on a web page. Onlyshopping comparisons can display an additional photo of the same product in each vendor listing.10

Apple Product PhotographyMistakes to AvoidAvoid these common mistakes when usingApple product photos. Do not place an Apple product photo on abusy, colorful, textured, or patternedbackground. Apple product photos can beplaced only on a white, off-white, light gray, orblack background. Do not alter Apple product photos or addtype, violators, or other graphics.Do not place type, graphics, or other elementson Apple product photos.Do not place Apple product photos ona busy, colorful, or cluttered background.Use the background provided by Apple aspart of the photo. Do not animate or enhance Apple productphotos. Never place a product photo from the AppleAffiliate Program within editorial content.Apple product photos obtained through theaffiliate program are for use only with salesand merchandising content. Use only the screen shots (images shown onthe screen of the featured product) providedby Apple; do not alter them or create yourown screen images and place them on Appleproduct photos.Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography GuidelinesApple product photos provided to affiliatesfeature a solid white or solid black backgroundto make it easier for customers to see theproduct.Make sure you use Apple product photosat the size provided. Do not enlarge them.The photos should appear crisp andclearly legible.11

Your ContentTypographyAll headlines and body copy on your website that refer to Apple or to any Apple product should beformatted in a manner that is consistent with your company’s identity. Do not imitate Apple typography.Apple uses a proprietary version of the Myriad font. Apple affiliates are not permitted to use this font in theircommunications. To avoid customer confusion, do not use other versions of Myriad, such as Adobe Myriad, inyour communications.Social Marketing PolicyAll posts on social media networks promotingApple products or promotions should be preapproved in writing. Any approved posts shouldrefer and link to content on your site. Apple doesnot allow affiliates to use social media posts tosolely promote and link directly to Marketing PolicyEmail marketing content promoting Appleproducts must be pre-approved. Content shouldlink to your site. Apple does not allow affiliatesto use email and newsletters to link directly Approved Offer CopyWhen writing about Apple products, do notmisrepresent Apple or exaggerate the offer. Hereare a few rules to follow.Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography GuidelinesOffersApple does not issue promotional codes,coupons, or vouchers, so do not represent ouroffers as coupons, vouchers, discounts, or promocodes. If necessary you can use the term “Offers”.Price LanguageFor Apple Education Pricing, "Save with Appleeducation pricing," or "Save on a Mac" isrecommended. Do not refer to the pricing as aneducation discount.Other prohibited terms Discount(s) coupon(s) coupon code(s) promo code(s) voucher(s) voucher code(s) Apple cash back Do not use exclamation marks to representApple offers (e.g. Hot!!)12

Your ContentBest PracticeApple affiliates must adhere to the criteria below when developing content for their website, email, and apps. Content including articles on the publisherwebsite should show new information andcurrent articles. Cannot contain any rumors regarding Apple. Cannot contain any article encouraging jailbreaking content for Apple products.For publisher sites that have a page dedicated topromoting Apple, a full list of Apple valuepropositions must be presented. This can beprovided by the Apple Affiliate Program accountrepresentative in your region.The Apple Affiliate Program only supports onlinepromotion of and the Apple Storeapp. Any offline marketing communicationsmust be pre-approved in writing. Cannot have content that supports a specificreligious group or a political party. No sexual or violent content. No illegal software or content download sites.Linking to apple.comApple banners and logos are provided via code from the affiliate program interface and contain a link to thecorresponding page on Do not host a banner or badge outside of the Apple Affiliate Programhosted links. Apple product-related text in body copy can also link to link an Apple banner to an Apple reseller’s web page. Instead, use a banner provided by the reseller.Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography Guidelines13

Using Trademarks and Credit LinesA trademark can be a name, a logo, or even a slogan – any word, symbol, or device used to identify acompany’s products or services and distinguish them from those of other companies. Because trademarksare essential in building strong brands, they are extremely valuable assets. It is important that you useApple trademarks carefully to prevent customer confusion about ownership and responsibility, and toprotect the investment Apple has made in its trademarks.Trademark SymbolsUse the appropriate symbol (TM, SM, or @) the firsttime any Apple trademark appears in your copy.Refer to the Apple Trademark List for correct trademark symbols.Do not use these trademark symbols incommunications that will be distributed outsidethe United States. Do not add trademarksymbols to Apple banners, the Apple logo, orother Apple-provided assets.Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography GuidelinesCredit linesInclude credit lines in all communications, listingthe Apple trademarks that appear in your copy.Always list Apple and the Apple logo. Refer tothe Apple Trademark List at for the correcttrademark names and status. Make sure thespelling, capitalization, and punctuation arecorrect. Place the trademark credit lines withother legal notices in your communications.14

Selecting a website addressYour website’s address, or domain name, is subject to Apple’s Trademark Guidelines at ies.html. You may not select an identical or virtually identical Appletrademark as a second-level domain name for your website. However, you may incorporate Appletrademarks in your domain name if you meet all the following criteria: Your domain name does not consist solely ofan Apple trademark or trademarks. Your site is editorial and/or providesinformation about Apple’s products. Your site is not a commercial website or an ecommerce website that sells products orservices online. Your domain name or website does not implyor create a sense of endorsement by,sponsorship of, or false association with Appleor Apple products or services. Not acceptable for any website:imac.comimacapple.comNothing in these guidelines authorizes you touse Apple trademarks in your business name orproduct names, as detailed in Apple Not acceptable for an e-commerce Acceptable for an editorial, informationalwebsite:For more information about using Appletrademarks, visit es.htmlIf you have questions after you have reviewedthe information provided on the Apple legalwebsite at, contact theApple Trademark Department via email( Allow up to one week toreceive a reply.appleinfo.commacdeals.comiphonenews.comApple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography Guidelines15

Prohibited ActivityApple specifically prohibits any affiliates on the Apple Affiliate Program to: Buy traffic from spyware vendors. Bid on Apple trademarks on search engines and networks. Use any type of “spyware” software, adware, browser hijackers, “malware” or SPAM. Use toolbars (Apple should not be included in any loyalty program toolbars) or Adware, “loyalty programs,“and similar software automatically invoking affiliate links when users request merchants' sites. Load affiliate links invisibly, without an affirmative end-user click on an affiliate link (“cookie stuffing”). Load affiliate links in popups and pop unders, without an affirmative end-user click on an affiliate link. Promote Apple on social networks without prior approval from your Apple affiliate manager.More InformationIf you need more information or have questions about using these guidelines, contact the Apple Affiliate Programrepresentative in your region. 2016 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Apple TV, iMac, iPod, iTunes, Mac, and MacBook are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S.and other countries. iPhone and MacBook Air are trademarks of Apple Inc. Apple Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and othercountries. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies.Any statement made by an Apple representative that contradicts these guidelines is expressly unauthorized and disclaimed by Apple.Apple Affiliate Program Brand and Photography Guidelines16

The Apple logo may only be used as follows. Do’s Use the Apple logo in the size provided. Use one Apple logo in a collection of logos identifying companies related to the affiliate offer. One Apple logo can be used on a page dedicated to Apple product promotions. Don’ts Do not place the Apple logo

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