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CAVHCS All-StarsPage 2Events CalendarBack PageEmployees of the MonthPage 3The CAVHCS SaluteSaluting Service with ServiceCentral Alabama Veterans Healthcare System is part of VA Southeast Network (VISN 7)Volume: IV Edition:IIFebruary,February 20102010CAVHCS Stakeholders discuss Performance MeasuresOne of the most essential toolsa health care provider has at his or herdisposal is a strong communication skillset. It’s this simple truth that makes theQuarterly Stakeholders Meetings likethe one held Friday, February 26 heldby Central Alabama Veterans HealthCare System (CAVHCS) so important,because each and every meeting is heldto foster the lines of communication.This quarter’s meeting focusedon Performance Measures, which onface value might seem to be a providercentric topic. However, followingnetwork and CAVHCS updates from Dr.Biro and CAVHCS Associate Director,Ms. Anita Willard, respectively –CAVHCS Chief of Staff Cliff Robinsonexplained to those in attendance howand why performance measures affectsthem personally.By definition PerformanceMeasurement is the process wherebyan organization establishes theparameters within which programs arereaching the desired results. Thisprocess of measuring performance oftenrequires the use of statistical evidenceto determine progress towardspecifically defined organizationalobjectives.With the implementation of theGovernment Performance and ResultsAct (GPRA), public sector agencies likePrimary Care Associate Chief of Staff Dr.Ward Newcomb (r) talks with a smallgroup of Veterans, familymembers andVeteran Service Officers about diabetesduring the recent Quarterly StakeholderMeeting held in the Montgomery VAMedical Center’s Multipurpose room.(Image by Robin Johnson)the Veterans Health Administration(VHA) are increasingly being heldaccountable for achieving outcomes.GPRA focuses on a results-orientedapproach, requiring Federal agencies todevelop performance measures thatinform and guide organizationaldecisions and communicate to a broadconstituency about their success. As aresult of GPRA, all Federal agencies areobligated to provide information toCongress on the effectiveness of theirprograms.The VHA is recognized as aleader in using high standards andtechnology to improve the quality ofhealth care. Over the past seven years,the Institute of Medicine has laudedVA’s use of performance measures toimprove quality as one of the best inthe Nation. It particularly praised VA’sPlease see‘Performance Measures’Page 5Advertising Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits directly to Student VeteransThe Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recentlyannounced a two-month, nationwide advertising campaign toassist student Veterans and servicemembers applying for thePost-9/11 GI Bill.“VA, student Veterans and our schools have madesignificant progress in implementing the GI Bill this spring, butwe still have more to do,” said Secretary of Veterans AffairsEric K. Shinseki. “We won’t rest until all student Veteranshave received the education benefit they earned in defense ofour Nation.”Since inception of this historic new program, VA hasissued nearly 1.9 billion in Post-9/11 GI Bill benefit paymentsand opened the door to higher education to 209,490 people.As of Feb. 12, VA has received spring semester Post9/11 GI Bill enrollments from approximately 180,000 studentVeterans and already paid nearly 90 percent of students. AllPost-9/11 GI Bill participants whose spring enrollments werereceived by Jan. 18 have been paid.“This comprehensive, nationwide advertisingcampaign will help us reach those student Veterans,servicemembers and educational administrators who need helpin understanding the GI Bill and their role in the benefitsprocess,” said Keith Wilson, director of VA’s educationalservice.Social media and online advertising will beextensively used to reach the younger generation ofstudent Veterans. VA will place banner ads on social mediasites such as Facebook, Google, MySpace, Yahoo, andother outlets.The Post-9/11 GI Bill, passed by Congress lastyear, is the most extensive educational assistance programauthorized since the original GI Bill was signed into law in1944.Information about the Post-9/11 GI Bill, as well asVA’s other educational benefit programs, is available at VA’sWeb site, www.gibill.va.gov, or by calling 1-888-GIBILL-1(or 1-888-442-4551).Staff fromMontgomery’sRegional VeteransBenefits Office,issuedhandwrittenchecks lastOctober to ensurePost-9/11 GI Billsupport.(Image by Robin Johnson)

CAVHCS All-StarsTo the Director: This is the most efficient hospital I have visited, especially Primary Care. For always putting theVeteran first, The Red Team in Primary Care is fabulous. -- Signed, George F., Dothan, ALPlease tell Dr. Nelson, M.D. Neurology, that we really appreciated her “in-depth” explanations of the difference betweenParkinson’s and other movement disorder related tremors. Thanks appreciating the notes we brought in and helping us tounderstand the differences in functional and clinical exams. -- Respectfully signed, Mr. and Mrs. William B., Ft. Rucker, ALI would like to take this time to commend you on assembling such a fine staff here at the West CAVHCS Campus.Although I want to especially single out Ms. Mary Pinkard and Ms. Nikki Stoudemire as the most outstanding of the entirestaff. They are both OUTSTANDING! Please tell them to keep up the good work! Also I would like to commend my intakenurse, because I could only remember how bad I felt but the sincere desire of Mrs. Addie Cooper to make things pleasant forme I will forever be grateful and will remember my visit to CAVHCS West. -- Sincerely, Lorenzo A., Stone Mountain, GAMy name is Kenneth W. P., and I have had the most enjoyable and professional service and quality of health care that Ihave ever received and would come back here for the same care or higher. Thank you so much and God bless you and theterrific “same day Surgery” staff on Ward 2A at CAVHCS. -- Signed, Kenneth W. P., Opelika, ALI just wanted to comment on the excellent service that I received from the Occupational Therapy Department. I was metwith a very friendly and courteous staff (even the Volunteers were notable). Thank you for providing us Veterans with suchkindness and consideration in doing a fantastic job. -- With much appreciation, Larry Joe M., Newton, ALTeam CAVHCS joins Scale Back AlabamaWhen you live in the second heaviest state in theU.S., which also ranks fifth in death rates caused by heartdisease, seventh for stroke, and tenth in diabetes – it’sprobably easier to just go with the crowd, but for a team ofCAVHCS employees who join this year’s Scale BackAlabama campaign – they’ve decided join more than 40,000people who last year lost almost 200,000 pounds.“Historically I start some kind of diet as a NewYear’s resolution almost every year,” said Susan Shonk,Nurse Manager, Acute Care, “but this year was a littledifferent sinceI was finally able to motivate my husband togo on a diet with me at the start of the year. We usually dogood dieting together for a couple weeks, but then heusually sabotages me with Mexican food on Fridayafternoons or a big lunch after church on Sunday. So Ithought if I joined this ‘Scale Back’ program it would keepme focused for at least 10 more weeks, and it has. I’ve lost15 pounds since January 1st and I am more motivated thanusual, because I have to go back and weigh in April.”Scale Back Alabama is a public awarenesscampaign hosted by Alabama’s hospitals and the AlabamaDepartment of Public Health. The campaign is broken intotwo levels – individual and team. For every individual whocompletes the 10-week contest and loses at least 10 pounds,his/her name will be placed in a drawing for one of 50 statewide prizes of 100 each.The members of “Team CAVHCS” for this year’sScale Back Alabama campaign are: Patricia E. Adams fromFacilities, Susan Shonk, Rarilyn Young-Myers from PatientCare Services and Mary Vinson both from Acute Care &Specialty Nursing.For the team that maintains all of its originalteam members throughout the contest with each teammember losing at least 10 pounds, the team name will beplaced in a drawing for one of three grand prizes. TheFirst Team drawn will win 250 each, The Second Teamdrawn, 500 per team member, and the Third Team drawnwill win 1,000 per team member.Team CAVHCS is already off to a great start. Thepounds are coming off, and while their respectiveapproaches may be different, their mutual support is aconstant. “I’m walking and using my treadmill at home,”said Adams. “And I’m on a low carbohydrate diet andwalking 2-3miles, 3-4 timesa week on mytreadmill athome,” saidShonk. “Thehardest thing todeal with is notbeing able to eatbread, pasta, riceor sweets. But,to date I have lostThe members of ‘Team CAVHCS’ for12 pounds sincethis year’s Scale Back Alabamathe first of thecampaign are: Patricia E. Adams fromFacilities, Susan Shonk (left/right),year.” PrizeRarilyn Young-Myers from Patientwinners will beCare Services and Mary Vinson bothannounced onfrom Acute Care & Specialty NursingApril 28 inMontgomery. GO Team CAVHCS!The CAVHCS SaluteThe CAVHCS Salute is produced by the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care (CAVHCS) Public Affairs Office.CAVHCS Salute is an unofficial, internal communications publication.Accredited byThe Joint CommissionDirectorAssociate DirectorActing Associate Director, Patient Care ServicesChief of StaffPublic Affairs OfficerCAVHCS Salute - February 2010 EditionGlen E. StruchtemeyerAnita F. Willard, MPHCarolyn Caver-GordonCliff Robinson, MDAl BloomPage 2

Employees of the MonthMs. Brenda WilliamsHRMS, Tuskegee CampusAn old Japanese Proverbstates “One kind word can warm threewinter months.” That is the kind offeeling you receive from BrendaWilliams, Secretary, Human ResourcesManagement Services (HRMS).Mrs. Williams is a consummate professional andprovides service second to none. She greets employees,applicants and other visitors with a smile and a willingnessto provide optimal service. She maintains accuraterecords, schedules numerous meetings, has established afiling system for her office, answers the telephone, assistsbilingual applicants and attends several meetings monthly.And, that’s a very short list of her duties andresponsibilities.Mrs. Williams’ commitment to the HumanResources Management Services is also evident in herability to multi-task. Often she is observed completingseveral tasks at the same time while continuing to maintainher friendly demeanor. While she has only been anemployee with CAVHCS since August 2009, Mrs. Williams’expertise was acknowledged from the beginning due to herability to learn quickly and complete assigned tasks withina timely manner. Mrs. Williams continues to maintain herhigh standards and is a valuable member to the HRMSteam.Ms. Karron Armstrong, LPNPrimary Care, Montgomery CampusThe recipient of employee of theMonth for the Montgomery Campus isMs. Karron Armstrong, LPN, who worksin the Pimary Care outpatient clinics.On February 9, 2010 she was leaving work after hertour of duty and witnessed a car accident at the foot of thehill on VA property. She got out of her car to help. Shebanged on the window of the car to help arouse the personand directed the Fire Department to break the window.Mrs. Armstrong stayed with the person, whohappened to be an employee, and gave information to theEMTs. She then returned to the hospital to inform other staffof the accident. The employee’s family member was calledand informed of the situation and was told which hospital theemployee was transported for treatment.This exemplifies the outstanding service and care ofone employee to help another. Mrs. Armstrong is that kind ofperson and her work here and away from CAVHCS shows herdrive to be the best at her job.Make sure you get two! All VA employees whosepayroll records migrated to DFAS in 2009 willreceive two W-2s. You will get one W-2 from theVA for payroll paid by VA and the second one fromDFAS for the portion of payroll paid by DFAS.Web Site offers Single Access Point for Wounded WarriorsThe federal departments of Veterans Affairs, Laborand Defense recently unveiled an improved Web site forwounded warriors.“VA is committed to tapping into the full powers ofthe Internet to provide accurate, timely, easy to find andeasy to understand information that improves the lives ofVeterans, service members, their families and all who carefor them,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K.Shinseki.The National Resource Directory is acomprehensive, free, online tool for wounded, ill andinjured service members, Veterans and their families.Visitors to the site can find an extensive range ofinformation about Veterans’ benefits, including disabilityand pension benefits, VA health care and educationalopportunities. The site also provides information for thosewho care for Veterans, such as access to emotional,financial and community assistance.The Web site has been enhanced to provide asingle point of access to a wealth of information from morethan 10,000 sites by federal, state and local governmentsand organizations offering services for wounded warriors.“This online directory is an invaluable resource forthose involved in helping service members and Veterans,”Shinseki said. “Reliable information about government andprivate-sector programs can be a priceless tool.”The new design will help visitors find neededresources easily. Other enhancements include a fast,CAVHCS Salute - February 2010 Editionaccurate search engine; a “bookmark and share” capabilitythat allows users to share valuable resources on Facebook,Twitter and other social media sites; and a news feature withupdates on relevant information and events. Resources areadded daily. Visit the site atwww.nationalresourcedirectory.gov.VA RECRUITING PARTICIPANTS FOR 2010NATIONAL VETERANSSUMMER SPORTS CLINICSetting your course for the future is the theme for the3rd National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic to be heldin beautiful San Diego from September 18 – 25, 2010.We’re seeking recently injured Veterans toparticipate in thisrehabilitative event. Helpus get the word out topotential Veterans andvolunteers.Applications for Veteranparticipants and volunteerswill be available uponrequest starting March 1.For more information about the Summer SportsClinic, please see the Web site at www1.va.gov/opa/speceven/ssc/Default.asp, email Tristan.heaton2@va.govor call 858-642-6426.Page 3

CAVHCSPhotoGalleryBlack HistoryMonthObservancesCAVHCS EEO presentedBlack History Monthobservances in the MontgomeryMultipurpose Room andTuskegee Staff Training Room.This year’s theme was ‘TheHistory of Black EconomicEmpowerment.’Keynote speaker, VicePresident for MinorityBusiness Development andLeadership Programs, for theMontgomery Area Chamber ofCommerce, Harold L. Boone,Sr. was joined by the ‘Womenof Gee’s Bend.’Task Force Continues work on Gulf War Illness ReportSecretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinsekiannounced that the department’s Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses Task Force has nearly completed a comprehensivereport that will redefine how VA addresses the pain andsuffering of ill Veterans who deployed during the Gulf War in1990 and 1991.“At VA, we advocate for Veterans – it is ouroverarching philosophy and, in time, it will become ourculture,” Secretary Shinseki said. “Every day we mustchallenge our assumptions to serve our Nation’s Veterans.”The mission of VA’s Gulf War Task Force is toidentify gaps in services as well as opportunities to betterserve Veterans of the Gulf War. Of the almost 700,000 servicemembers who deployed to Operation Desert Shield in 1990and Operation Desert Storm in 1991, there have been 300,000Gulf War Veterans with claims decisions, over 85 percentwere granted service connection for at least one condition,and over 14 percent were not granted service connection forany condition.“We must learn from the past and take the opportunity to anticipate the future needs of our Veterans,” Shinsekisaid. “This new approach is the first step in a still unfoldingcomprehensive plan of how VA will treat and compensateVeterans of the Gulf War era.”The chairman of the Gulf War Task Force is John R.Gingrich, Chief of Staff at Veterans Affairs and retired Armyofficer who served during the Gulf War. “Reaching out toGulf War Veterans is not only essential to our transformationof VA, for many of us it is also personal,” Mr. Gingrich said.“Having commanded troops in Gulf War, and then witnesssome of them fall to mysterious illnesses has been verydifficult to watch. With this Task Force, I am hopeful we canprovide these men and women a better quality of life.”CAVHCS Salute - February 2010 EditionVA’s Gulf War Task Force recommendations build onthe findings from the 2008 VA Research Advisory Committeeon Gulf War Illnesses. The Task Force’s recommendationsinclude:* Improve data sharing with Department of Defense tonotify Veterans of potential exposures, monitor theirlong-term health and inform them about decisionsregarding additional follow up.* Improve the delivery of benefits to Veterans withGulf War-related disabilities bya.Reviewing, and if necessary,updating regulations affecting Gulf WarVeterans.b.Expanding training for VBAexaminers on how to administer disabilityclaims with multiple known toxin exposureincidents.* Improve VA healthcare for Veterans through a newmodel of interdisciplinary health education andtraining.* Increase number of long term, Veteran-focusedstudies of Veterans to enhance the quality of care VAprovides.* Transition from reactive to proactive medicalsurveillance to help better manage Veterans’potential hazardous exposures.* Find new treatments for Gulf War Veterans throughnew research.* Enhance outreach to provide information andguidance to Veterans about benefits and services available tothem for injuries/illnesses associated with Gulf War service.Page 4

VA Swears in New Under Secretary of HealthDr. Robert A. Petzel has taken the oath of office as theUnder Secretary for Health within the Department of VeteransAffairs (VA), stepping up to lead the nation’s largest integratedhealth care system.“Dr. Petzel brings to this position a strong leadershipbackground in caring for Veterans as a longtime health systemmanager in VA,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K.Shinseki. “His commitment to outstanding medical quality andaccess for Veterans will be critical to leading VA in its 21stcentury transformation.”Petzel had been Acting Principal Deputy UnderSecretary for Health since May 2009. Previously, he directedone of VA’s 21 geographic health care networks covering eightmedical centers and 42 community based outpatient clinicsserving Veterans in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota,South Dakota, western Illinois and western Wisconsin.During his decades of service to Veterans in VA, hehas served on numerous advisory committees that guideddevelopment of new and improved health care programs.Board certified in internal medicine, Petzel also has servedpreviously as chief of staff for the Minneapolis VA MedicalCenter.He graduated from Northwestern University MedicalSchool in 1969 and has served on the faculty of the Universityof Minnesota Medical School.More than 8 million Veterans are enrolled in VA’shealth care system, which is growing in the wake of itseligibility expansion. This year, VA expects to treat nearly 6million patients during 78 million outpatient visits and 906,000inpatient admissions.‘Performance Measures’From Page 1use of performance measures, reports, self-assessment tools,site visits, and best practices in the surgical area where theirimpact reduced the number of deaths within 30 days aftersurgery by 27 percent over nine years.VA’s electronic medical record system and bar codingprogram are key components in improving health care qualityand patient safety and have been recognized for advancing theprofession as a whole in the United States. VA’s programs havebeen adopted in other countries, such as Australia, Japan, andDenmark. VA’s research program continues to address healthcare problems that impact veterans and the general population.However, on Friday, February 26 CAVHCS’ use ofPerformance Measures was explained to those in attendance inthe Montgomery VA Medical Center’s Multipurpose Room.During that explanation Dr. Robinson said, “We want to learnfrom you how we can improve and want to provide resourcesfor you to enhance your understanding of your care andclinical services. You have an active role as well, such astaking your medications as needed, getting necessaryprocedures and shots.”To that end, those in attendance broke into focusgroups and discussed Diabetes, Behavioral Health andHypertension. Leading those conversations were Primary CareAssociate Chief of Staff Dr. Ward Newcomb, Mental HealthCAVHCS Salute - February 2010 EditionThe Veterans Health Administration, the 262,000employee component of VA that Petzel now heads, iscomprised of 153 hospitalsnationwide, more than 800geographically separateoutpatient clinics or mobileclinics, and 232 readjustmentcounseling Vet Centers.VA offers acomprehensive spectrum ofcare for Veterans frompreventive services andprimary care to high-techsubspecialty medicine andhospice programs. Backedby a world-class electronichealth records system, careis delivered in settings as diverse as telehealth monitoringof vital signs from a rural Veteran’s home to a network of134 VA community living centers for nursing home care forVeterans in their later years.Enhanced programs for today’s generation ofcombat Veterans include “seamless transition” initiativesto ensure continuity of care from the battlefield tohometown, special screenings for traumatic brain injury,and an enhanced array of mental health services to meetVeterans’ needs as they return to civilian life as well asspecial attention to the needs of women and ruralVeterans.Associate Chief of Staff Dr. Brad Soule and Acute CareAssociate Cief of Staff Dr. Gilmer Rodriguez respectively.Following the separate focus groups all inattendance gathered to discuss the focus group findingsin a single group. During the Stakeholder Meetingadditional educational opportunities were offered byservices ranging from MyHealtheVet and SuicideAwareness to Geriatric Care and even Flu Shots.Following an explanation of howand why Performance Measuresare important to ensuring qualitycare by CAVHCS Chief of Staff, Dr.Cliff Robinson (inset), Acute CareAssociate Chief of Staff Dr. GilmerRodriguez (above, r) discussedhypertension with those inattendance at the latest CAVHCSQuarterly Stakeholders meeting.(Images by Robin Johnson)Page 5

Unfortunatelyif you had anappointmentFebruary 12, youprobably had toreschedule,because of thewinter storm thatcovered parts ofCentral Alabamawith as many as 7inches of snow leaving roadconditions toohazardous ySaturdayFriday23456910111213181920Multiple SclerosisEducation and Awareness aylightSavingTimeBeginsVA CabinetStatus15Patient Safety Awareness WeekFreedom ofInformationDay1617SpringStartsInternational Brain Awareness WeekNational Pulmonary Rehabilitation WeekNational Poison Prevention Week(1989)21 Tuskegee op2627March 25/26TuskegeeBldg orectalCancerEducation andAwarenessMonthwww.preventcancer.orgWomen’s History Month http://www.nwhm.orgAmerican Red Cross Month http://www.redcross.orgNational Kidney Month http://www.kidney.org/Ethics Awareness Month http://www.ethicscheck.comBrain Injury Awareness Month http://www.biausa.orgThe CAVHCS Community Calendar is not intended to be an all-inclusive, official calendar. It is intended rather toprovide a medium for CAVHCS Salute to share upcoming events.If you would like to add a CAVHCS event please email details directly to alan.bloom@va.gov. Submissions are notguaranteed to be published. Editorial considerations will be made for propriety, promptness and print space.CAVHCS Salute - February 2010 EditionPage 6

team members throughout the contest with each team member losing at least 10 pounds, the team name will be placed in a drawing for one of three grand prizes. The First Team drawn will win 250 each, The Second Team drawn, 500 per team member, and the Third Team drawn will win 1,000 per team member. Team CAVHCS is already off to a great start. The

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