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NIGERIA HEADQUARTERABOUT USJubaili Bros, a leading supplier of power solutions, serves its customers throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. One keyfactor that sets Jubaili Bros apart from other providers is the company's dedication to customer satisfaction, backed with over35 years of experience in the electromechanical field.TIMELINELEBANON1977Jubaili Bros was establishedin the city of Sidon (Saida)Lebanon as a provider ofelectromechanical solutions.UAE1991First International branch inUAE was opened to coverthe GCC market.NIGERIA1996Jubaili Bros was establishedin Nigeria where it successfully met the challenge ofsatisfying high customersexpectations.AFGHANISTAN2002Jubaili Bros started itsoperations in Afghanistanmarket by establishing abranch in Kabul and holdingtrade license No. 1.UGANDATo-date, Jubaili Bros with 23branches in 8 countries and around1500 employees is one of theleading providers of powersolutions in the Middle East, Africaand Asia.www.JubailiBros.com2013To further strengthen it'spresence in Africa and toprovide after sales service toclients (especially telecomcompanies), Jubaili Brosopened a new branch inKampala–Uganda to servethe East African market.QATAR2011Began operations in Qatarby supplying world classpower solutions throughits newly opened branch inDoha.KUWAIT2004Expanded into Kuwait andSouthern Iraq with a branchat Kuwait Free Trade Zone.GHANA2010Jubaili Bros extended itsglobal reach throughoutAfrica with an additionalbranch in Ghana that catersto west and central Africa.

HEAVY DUTY DIESEL GENERATOR SETSPOWERED BY PERKINS ENGINESPerkins is a world leader in theinnovation, design and productionof a wide range of state - of - the art Engines, manufactured atvarious plants in the UnitedKingdom. Perkins Engines areknown the world over for theirfuel - efficiency, ruggedness, andreliable operation under allconditions.HEAVY DUTY DIESEL & GAS GENERATORSETS POWERED BY MTU ENGINESWith the comprehensive choice of power outputs from 1000 to 3000kVA (50 Hz) the new MTU powered generator sets with Series offerthe optimum solution for various applications. The State-of-the-artcommon rail technology sets benchmarks in respect of the efficiency.Verified product design, quality, and performance integrity and cutting-edge emissions control.www.JubailiBros.com

HEAVY DUTY GENERATOR SETSPOWERED BY GEGE is bringing generator technology and performance to the nextlevel. We engineer and build our generators to meet the demandingspecifications that keep you on the leading edge of efficient, reliableoutput. Our equipment installs quickly, integrates easily, operatesreliably and delivers more power.GE Generating Set Ratings Summary: 2870 - 5360 KVAGE Powered - 3 Phase, 380 - 415 V. 50 Hz, Rating at 0.8 PFRatingGEEngine ModelRPMKVAPrimeMG2870GE 16V228100028762301MG3850GE 16V228100038553084MG4000GE 12V250100040163213MG5300GE 16V250100053594287Generating SetKWPrimeWE CONTINUE TO OFFER COMPLETE POWER SOLUTIONS TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERSTHROUGH WELL KNOWN AND TRUSTED BRANDS. www.JubailiBros.com

50HZ13 KVA - 3000 KVAMarapco Generating Sets have providedreliable, dependable and trustworthy powersolutions for the global market since 1994.Jubaili Bros stocks and offers a wide range ofMarapco Brand Diesel Generating Sets,powered by Perkins, MTU engines andcoupled with Leroy-Somer alternators.Designed in compliance with Internationalquality standards, these generating sets arewidely used and appreciated in diversesectors including but not limited togovernments, banking, construction, oil andgas, communication and technology.Jubaili Bros’ clients all across the globechoose Marapco generators for their ruggedconstruction, superior performance andtrustworthy quality.Marapco Diesel Generators are covered withone year warranty against manufacturingdefects, which is in line with manufacturer’swarranty terms and conditions.Marapco Diesel Generators meets the following standards: ISO8528,BS4999, BS5514, IEC60034, VDE0530.POWERED BYwww.JubailiBros.com

Marapco Generating Set Ratings Summary: 12.5 - 2500 KVAPerkins Powered - 3 Phase, 380 - 415 V. 50 Hz, Rating at 0.8 PFGenerating SetPerkinsEngine ModelLeroy SomerAlternator ModelRPMMP12.5 - MP14E403A-15G1LSA40VS21500MP15 - MP16.5E403A-15G2LSA40S3MP20 - MP22E404A-22G1MP30 - MP33E1103A-33GMP45 - MP50E1103A-33TG1MP60 - MP66E1103A-33TG2MP80 - MP88EMP100 - 100.0110.080.088.0StandbyMP135 - MP150 - .0MP180- .0MP200 - 0MP250 - .0MP300 - 64.0MP350 - 0.0MP400 - .0MP450 - .0MP500 - .0MP600 - 8.0MP650 - .0MP725 - 0MP800 - .0MP1000 - .0MP1250- 1100.0MP1500 - 1320.0MP1700 - 01500.0MP2000 - 760.0MP2250 - 02000.0Rating Definitions:Prime: These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in lieu of commerciallypurchased power. 10% overload power is available for 1 hour in 12 hours continous operation.Standby: These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in the event of utility powerfailure. No overload is permitted on these ratings.Note: All ratings @ Factory Standard Conditions.Perkins Powered - 3 Phase, 480 - 208V, 60 HzMarapco Generating sets are also available in 60 Hz on demandSpecifications are subject to change without prior noticewww.marapco.comwww.JubailiBros.com

Marapco Generating Set Ratings Summary: 1000 - 3000 KVAMTU Powered - 3 Phase, 380 - 415 V. 50 Hz, Rating at 0.8 PFRatingGenerating SetMTUEngine ModelLeroy SomerAlternator 4M7515003000.02400.0800.0Marapco Gas Generating Set Ratings Summary: 460 - 2435 KVAMTU Gas Powered - 3 Phase, 380 - 415 V. 50 Hz, Rating at 0.8 PFRatingMTUEngine nerating SetSpecifications are subject to change without prior rime

SOUND ATTENUATED & WEATHER PROTECTIVE ENCLOSURESCustomised enclosures for the Generating Sets provide sound attenuation and weather proofing. The enclosure have a highly functional design that allows foraccessibility and easy entry to the engine for maintenance operations. The careful design ensures the lowest noise level using high density sound absorbingmaterial and highly effective aeration system. Our sound-attenuated and weather-protective enclosures are manufactured from galvanized steel sheet (polyesterpowder painted for rust proof protection.) The presence of heavy duty silencer ensures enhanced performance.Model24/7 AFTER SALES SERVICEWith over 700 highly trained engineers and technicians, Jubaili Brosprides itself in offering excellent after sales service. We have anextensive fleet of fully equipped service vehicles on call 24/7, ensuringour clients' businesses and residences experience minimal poweroutages in the event of an emergency. JB's customers can rest assuredthat their machines are maintained for optimum performance andmaximum life cycle.POWER FOR RENTJubaili Bros offers fast, reliable rental power for standby emergencyrequirements and for special events. Our rental fleet consists of a widerange of Generators up to 1250 KVA in both basic and soundproof, fullymaintained by highly trained engineers and technicians. We also haveauto synchronized units for bigger load demand up to 40MW.We guarantee power on demand.www.JubailiBros.comLengthWidthHeightSP Weight(Kg)Gen Weight(Kg)Fuel Tank(KVA)A(cm/inch)B(cm/inch)C(cm/inch)Capacity (Lit)MP 13-20200/7995/38150/5920400/47555MP 27-60244/9695/38157/62339882/931/981100MP 80-100310/122110/44157/624421010/1127195MP 135-150341/135115/46177/706701544/1592293MP 200-250410/161130/51222/889551995/2099507MP 350-500505/208195/76312/12324503500/4000475MP 635530/208230/91314/12425704801720MP 800740/291235/93360/142310054001260MP 1000-1500810/319245/97390/15448507500/9000N/AMP 20001050330/130450/177845015780N/ASPARE PARTS AND ACCESSORIESAs a market leader of diesel electric power generators, Jubaili Bros'inventory of genuine spare parts is unsurpassed. We supply a completerange of high quality Perkins spare parts for diesel generators. Ourcomputerized re-fill system enables us to regularly monitor our stocklevels, ensuring we have the required spare parts to meet our customers'needs.LOAD BANKSJubaili Bros resistive load banks feature Helidyne (TM) resistiveelements. These elements are made of a corrosion resistant chromiumalloy and are fully supported across their entire length on stainless steelsupport rods with segmented ceramic insulators. Elements are carefullyselected to operate at low temperatures to provide extended, reliableperformance, eliminating the need for a “cool down” period after loadbank operation.

ABB is a global leader in power andautomation technologies. Our solutionsimprove the efficiency, productivity andquality of our customers’ operations whileminimizingenvironmentalimpact.Innovation is at the forefront of what we doand many of the technologies that drivemodern society were pioneered by ABB.TRANSFORMERSABB offers a complete range of power and distribution transformersdesigned to grant the reliability, durability, and efficiency required inutility, industrial, and commercial applications. ABB is a majortransformer manufacturer throughout the world and offers bothliquid-filled and dry-type transformers as well as services for completelife-cycle support, including replacement parts and components.COMPACT SECONDARY SUBSTATIONS (CSS)CSS is a type tested and arc tested assembly comprising an enclosurecontaining medium voltage (MV) switchgear, distribution transformers,low voltage (LV) switchboards, connections and auxiliary equipment tosupply low voltage energy from medium voltage systems. Thesesubstations are typically installed in locations accessible to the public andensure protection for all people according to specified serviceconditions.www.JubailiBros.comMV INSULATED SWITCHGEARSPower distribution solutions for utility and industry, covering also highlydemanding applications, such as data centers, oil and gas, mining,marine and nuclear power. A wide choice of products designed as perIEC, ANSI, CSA, ENA, GB, GOST and other standards.RING MAIN UNIT (RMU)Modern medium-voltage secondary distribution networks demand thatfunctions such as grounding, switching, disconnecting, cableconnections, busbar extension and protection are integrated withincompact, cost-effective and maintenance-free functional units. SafeLinkCB, ABB’s new outdoor ring main unit, which was developed for the 12kV low-end secondary distribution network, does exactly that.

TRANSFORMERS 100 TO A33000V415V500KVA11000V500KVALength (mm) Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight Jubaili Bros stocks and offers a wide range of ABB distribution transformerswww.JubailiBros.com

PANEL BUILDINGJUBAILI BROS (ENGINEERING) LTD IS AN AUTHORIZED PANEL BUILDERFOR ABB LOW VOTAGE PRODUCTSJubaili Bros offers superior quality Change over panels and ATS (AUTOMATIC TRANSFERSWITCH) that automatically transfers load from Main power to emergency power withoutoperator intervention.In addition, a wide range of synchronizing systems are professionally assembled as percustomers’ specific requirements and needs.www.JubailiBros.com

PRODUCT RANGEMANUAL CHANGE OVERABB’s change-over and transfer switches aredesigned to transfer loads from one powersource to another in a wide variety ofapplications.The range includes switches up to 3200Amperes, which can be operated manually,remotely by using a motor or automatically.ATS - SINGLE & DUALABB automatic transfer switches ensure servicecontinuity with a number of built-in, integratedsafety features. The design of ABB automatictransfer switch is advanced and compact,allowing installation in confined spaces atconsiderable savings.The range includes transfer switches up to 6300Amperes.ABB dual automatic transfer switches ensureservice continuity with the addition of a thirdpower source. The design of ABB dual automatictransfer switch is the ultimate solution forapplications requiring minimised power outages.The range includes transfer switches up to 6300Amperes.www.JubailiBros.com

PRODUCT RANGECONSUMER UNITS & DISTRIBUTION BOARDSThe ABB range of sheet steel consumer units anddistribution boards are designed for safety,reliability and availability in the electricalbuilding installation. All ABB consumer unitsincorporate unique design features makinginstallation, modification an easy operation andless time consuming.The range includes distribution boards up to6300 Amperes.www.JubailiBros.comTOTALIZING PANELAlso known as “Common Busbar”; these panelsare often installed, where more than twogenerators are in parallel operations for gettingthe sum of power generated.Our Totalizing Panels range up to 6300 Amperes.

PRODUCTION FACILITYFabricationAssemblywww.JubailiBros.com

POWER SOLUTIONSWE PROUDLY OFFER A WIDE RANGE OF LOW & MEDIUM VOLTAGE PRODUCTS,TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW AND EXPERIENCE TO BRING YOUR PROJECTS TO LIFE2200kVA400/230V3Ø, 50HzG1STEP - UP T12500kVA3Ø, 50Hz2200kVA400/230V3Ø, 50HzG2STEP - UP T22500kVA3Ø, 50Hz2200kVA400/230V3Ø, 50HzSTEP - UP T32500kVA3Ø, 50HzG32200kVA400/230V3Ø, 50HzG4STEP - UP T42500kVA3Ø, 50HzMV SWITCHGEARFEEDER 1FEEDER 2SINGLE LINE DIAGRAMBuilt on a strong foundations of high business standards and superior quality products,Jubaili Bros prides itself in setting the standards for reliable and trust worthy solutions forspecial requirements. We are always ready to provide our customers with diverse andcustomized solutions to meet all electric power distribution and transmission needs; in asmart and safe manner.TURNKEY SOLUTIONS Supply equipment for LV and MV transmission and distribution Rehabilitation and upgrade of exiting systems Design and develop our own solutions to fit with customer needsMV PRODUCTSTHE EXTENSIVE OFFERINGS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: Power & Distribution Transformers Ring Main Units Switchgears [Indoor & Outdoor] Power Cables LV & MV Termination Kits [Commissioning and Installation] Switches, Disconnectors, Sectionalizers& Fused Cutouts Test & Measuring Equipments Energy Meterswww.JubailiBros.com

JUBAILI BROS IN NIGERIABRANCHBRANCHIBADANKANO14 Ring Road, IbadanT: 234 81 40 666666E: jb.ibadan@jubailibros.com4 Bompai Road, KanoT: 234 81 40 555555E: jb.kano@jubailibros.comNIGERIADEALERABUJAAFRIMED1 Suez Crescent, Wuse 4, AbujaT: 234 803 3092531BRANCHAPAPA23 Warehouse Road, ApapaT: 234 81 40 333333E: jb.apapa@jubailibros.comDEALERBENINUYI TECHNICALT: 234 803 3535514BRANCHPORT HARCOURT111 Trans Amadi Industrial LayoutT: 234 81 40 444444E: jb.phc@jubailibros.comHEAD OFFICEIKEJAPlot 2, Ikosi Road, Oregun, IkejaT: 234 814 0 111111E: jb.ikeja@jubailibros.comBRANCHVICTORIA ISLAND291 Muri Okunola Street, Victoria IslandT: 234 81 40 222222E: jb.vi@jubailibros.comGLOBAL REACHLOCAL SUPPORTLEBANON - (5 Branches)SIDON - HEAD QUARTERJubaili Building, Maarouf Saad BoulevardT: 961 7 730871 F: 961 7 720813 E: jblebanon@jubailibros.comGHANAACCRAPlot 43, Spintex Road, Behind Stanbic Bank, P.O. Box CT6154T/F: 233 302 817700 E: jbghana@jubailibros.comUAE - (3 Branches)JEBEL ALI FREE ZONEStreet No. 1241B, Between R/A - 12 & 13, P.O. Box 16520T: 971 4 8832023 F: 971 4 8832053 E: jbdubai@jubailibros.comQATARDOHAAl Jeryan-1 Bldg # 393., Gate 2, 1st Floor, Office No. F12, Salwa RoadT: 974 4 4160121 F: 974 4 4162257 E: jbqatar@jubailibros.comAFGHANISTANKABULYaka-Toot, Jalal Abad RoadT: 93 777753000 / 93 777752000 E: jbafg@jubailibros.comUGANDAKAMPALAPlot 2-4, 7th Street Industrial Area, P.O. Box 515 NtindaT: 256 776999920 / 256 779443360 E: jb.uganda@jubailibros.comKUWAITKUWAIT FREE TRADE ZONET: 965 24610356 / 24318547 E: s/c/JubailiBrosGroupJUNE2016

Perkins Powered - 3 Phase, 480 - 208V, 60 Hz Marapco Generating sets are also available in 60 Hz on demand Specifications are subject to change without prior notice www.marapco.com Generating Set Perkins Engine Model Leroy Somer Alternator Model RPM 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 .

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