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Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Social StudiesEnduring IssuesA Workshop by GED Testing Service2 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.1

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Session Objectives Explore thinking and readingskills in social studies Identify strategies andactivities to build socialstudies content knowledge Integrate graphic literacy intosocial studies content Share resources3Why study history? gQ3pagHPrMY4 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.2

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018We are not makers of history. We are madeby history.- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.5Quick Overview Social Studies Practices Focusing Themes High Impact Indicators6 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.3

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018What Should I Teach?Social Studies Content(GEDTS Assessment Guide – Social Studies)Social StudiesFocusing Themes7Social StudiesPracticesStudents apply skills of analyzing and evaluating tocreate meaning and understandingGo for the Big Ideas of Social Studies Understand the importance of focusing themes to Cover big concepts Focus on distinct subsets of ideas with topics Understand the need for students to build social studiespractices Use close reading skills to enhance understanding ofprimary sources Have students read like a historian Incorporate visual literacy as a regular part of instruction8 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.4

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Social Studies ThemesSocial Studies Example TopicsCivics & Gov’t(50%)Focusing ThemesDevelopment of Modern Libertiesand Democracy DynamicResponses inSocietal Systems Types ofmodern andhistoricalgovernmentsStructure anddesign of U.S.governmentUS History(20%) Political parties, campaigns, and electionsContemporarypublic policyEconomics(20%)Geography &World(15%)Key historicaldocumentsCivil War andReconstruction Key economic events thatshape Americangovernmentand policiesWorld War I & IICold War FundamentaleconomicconceptsEconomiccauses andimpacts of war Developmentof classicalcivilizationsBordersbetweenpeoples andnationsHumanmigrationHigh Impact Indicators Important skills that arewidely applicable May currently receivelight coverage during GED test preparation Lend themselves tostraightforward instruction10 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.5

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Social Studies High Impact Indicators SSP.2.a Determine the central ideas or information of a primary orsecondary source document, corroborating or challengingconclusions with evidence. SSP.2.b Describe people, places, environments, processes, andevents, and the connections between and among them. SSP.3.c Analyze cause-and-effect relationships and multiplecausation, including action by individuals, natural and societalprocesses, and the influence of ideas. SSP.5.c Analyze how a historical context shapes an author's pointof view. SSP.8.a Compare treatments of the same social studies topic invarious primary and secondary sources, noting discrepanciesbetween and among the sources.11EnduringIssues andPrimarySourcesBuilding understanding and engagingstudents12 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.6

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018What Are Enduring Issues?An enduring issue is a challenge orproblem that a society has faced anddebated or discussed across time. Anenduring issue is one that many societieshave attempted to address with varyingdegrees of successThe enduring issues found in the SocialStudies test include: An individual’s rights versus the good ofthe community Separation of powers Checks and Balances States’ rights versus federal power13Why Are Enduring Issues Important?Provides basic framework to assiststudents in acquiring skills of connecting andassessing cause and effect Identifying and discussing importantissues throughout American historyReinforces ideas and beliefs on whichour government and political system isbased14 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.7

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018What is a primary source?PrimaryPrimarySourceSources?15Why use Primary Sources?Primary sources Engage students Connect past to present Help develop critical thinkingskills Enable students to constructknowledge16 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.8

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Sample Tool for Close Reading17Observe What did you notice first? Describe anything aboutthe text that looksunfamiliar. How is the informationarranged?QUESTIONOBSERVEREFLECT18 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.9

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Reflect What was the purpose ofthe document? Who was the audience? What events werehappening around thecreation of thisdocument?QUESTIONOBSERVEREFLECT19Question What claims does the authormake? What evidence does theauthor use to support thoseclaims? What else do you wonderabout it? Who? What? Where? When?Why? How?QUESTIONOBSERVEREFLECT20 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.10

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Using the ProcessReview the excerpt of the primarysource assigned to your group.Use the Observe – Reflect – Questionprocess to analyze the source.Be prepared to share.QUESTIONOBSERVEREFLECT21Take aThematicApproachBuild activities around a central idea.22 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.11

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/201823Do you know the A, B, Cs of the “FoundingFathers?”Historian Richard B. Morris in1973 identified the followingseven figures as the keyFounding Fathers: JohnAdams, Benjamin Franklin,Alexander Hamilton, John Jay,Thomas Jefferson, JamesMadison, and GeorgeWashington.24 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.12

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Did you know?6’ 3½”John Adams became a grammarschool teacher after graduatingfrom Harvard.5’ 7”George Washington was the onlyFounding Father who did not goto college.John Adams and ThomasJefferson both died on July 4,1826 – the 50th anniversary of theDeclaration of Independence.George Washington did not like toshake hands and would bowwhen meeting someone.5’ 4”25James Madison was responsiblefor writing 12 amendments to theConstitution. Ten of them becamethe Bill of Rights.James Madison said thatcongressional pay should bebased on average price of wheatduring past six years.6’ 2½”In his 8 years in office, ThomasJefferson spent 11,00 ( 219,000today) on wine.Which Founding Father are You? foundingFatherShort.cfm26 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.13

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Engage with the SourceDidyouknow?ThreePurposes The constitution Introduceincludes a little over4,500 words. Explain DescribeIt was written on foursheets of papers. Written in 1787, it isthe oldest writtenconstitution in theworld that is still in use.2728Student Activity - Break it DownWhat does each phrase in the Preamble really mean?We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establishJustice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote thegeneral Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, doordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.14

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Explore the BasicsCoin MoneyEstablish the BudgetRegulate CommerceCongressDeclarewar and support an army and navyMake other laws to carry out powersArticleIAct as Commander-in-ChiefMaintain cabinet of advisersNegotiate treatiesPresidentAppoint Supreme Court JusticesExecute lawsArticle IIArticleIIIArticleIV29 Interpret the meaning of lawsDecide whether a law is relevant to aparticularset of factsCourtsRule on how a law should be appliedDetermine whether a law is constitutionalCreate and enforce their own lawsStatesRespectlaws of other statesExtradite criminalsHave a representative governmentFollow “supreme law of the land”RIGHTSRESPONSIBILTIESBill of RightsVoteLife, Liberty, and PropertyFreedom of ReligionFreedom of Speech and PressRight to Bear ArmsRight to Assemble and PetitionRight to Trial by JuryProtection from UnreasonableSearches and SeizuresPay TaxesObey LawsServe on Jury30 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.15

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Voting – Your Voice31Let’s Take a Look32 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.16

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Why, Oh Why?16TH AmendmentThe Congress shall havepower to lay and collecttaxes on incomes, fromwhatever source derived,without apportionmentamong the several States,and without regard to anycensus or enumeration.33Build Economics rganizeTier idenceGraduatedTaxDetermineTier 2InvestmentMonopolyEvaluate academic vocabularyExplainHigh-Utilityfound in many content texts,cross-curricular termsPer erpretTier 1Everyday words, familiar to most students primarilylearned through 4 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.17

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018History Repeats1929200835Don’t Forget Maps!36 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.18

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Maps of the World37Graphics inSocial StudiesBuilding understanding and engagingstudents38 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.19

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018GED Sample Social Studies Questions –Look Familiar?39Strategy for Making Inferences Step 1: Gather clues and read “betweenthe lines.” Step 2: Reach conclusions based onevidence and reasoning (Ask: Does itmake sense?)40 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.20

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Teach Inferences from Simple to ComplexInference Finding the CluesFrom Simple rtparagraphsLonger, moreintricatepassages –fiction/mysteriesLonger, moreintricatepassages nonfiction41Using Photographs What do you observein this picture? What does it remindyou of? What is thephotographer’spurpose? What inferences canyou make based onwhat you see in thispicture?42 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.21

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Using Photographs What do you observein this picture? What does it remindyou of? What is thephotographer’spurpose? What inferences canyou make based onwhat you see in thispicture?43Improving Graphic/Visual Literacy44 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.22

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018What is the Cartoonist mor and IronyStereotypes45Teaching Inference through EditorialCartoons46 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.23

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018https://ged.com4748 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.24

Social Studies – Enduring Issues7/2018Thank you!Communicate with GED Testing Service communications@ged.com49 Copyright GED Testing Service LLC. All rights reserved.25

What Are Enduring Issues? 13 An enduring issue is a challenge or problem that a society has faced and debated or discussed across time. An enduring issue is one that many societies have attempted to address with varying degrees of success The enduring issues found in the Social Studies test include: An individual’s rights versus the good of

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