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WELCOMEDirector’s messageBradfield Senior College is a senior high school specialising in the creative industries, located at TAFE NSW St Leonards.We cater for students in Years 11 and 12 and provide an independent, personalised approach in a mature learningenvironment.Bradfield encourages: a deeper level of collaboration between students and teachers as a segue into the work environment greater autonomy and an active role in all areas of managing the college the development of transferrable employability skills in critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication,and creativity to better equip students for life after the HSC.As well as a strong academic focus, our aim is for students to be inspired, innovative, and connected.Our focus on cross-discipline and real world projects, provides opportunities for students to perform, design, create,make, and become innovative thinkers. With a focus on an audience as the motivator, students have the chance to exhibittheir work and obtain feedback from industry and community, as they transition from school to work and further study.We look forward to welcoming you into the Bradfield Senior College community.Meredith Melville-JonesCollege Director1

CONTENTSTHE BRADFIELD EXPERIENCE3PERFORMING ARTS5DESIGN AND VISUAL ARTS6STEM AND DIGITAL MEDIA7BUSINESS AND SERVICE INDUSTRIES8HSC SUBJECTS9The Bradfield Cultural Principles Everyone has a story We are always open to learning Everyone is valued We're respectful and genuine We all make BradfieldThe Bradfield Advantage Dedicated teachers who are experts in their field A mature learning environment Career planning Personal development Smaller class sizes Individual mentoring Flexible HSC over 2-4 years TAFE NSW diploma and degree pathways to design, digital media,allied health, and other careers. ATAR pathways to university2

THE BRADFIELDEXPERIENCEThe Bradfield Approach to Projects and Creativity in Senior School EducationThe future of study and work is multi-disciplinary: cross functional teams will work collaboratively to tackle newchallenges and solve new problems. At Bradfield, we know that we have a role to play in providing students with anindustry-focussed senior school experience that helps them to navigate an ever-changing work environment.Bradfield, under a joint agreement between the Department of Education and TAFE NSW, delivers the HSC andvocational courses, with a strong creative industries specialisation in areas such as fine arts, design, digital media,fashion, filmmaking, performance (dance, music, musical theatre, drama), and the entertainment industry.Our focus is the integration of academic results, personal development, and career outcomes. We use real worldprojects to integrate theory with practical courses, and support students as they build portfolios and developtransferable employability skills alongside their regular HSC courses.Project work is key to our approach. Every Friday, our Year 11 students work on a project for an external audience,allowing them to apply skills learned throughout their HSC and vocational courses. Each year since 2016, we havestaged an event for the Vivid Ideas program in the Vivid Sydney festival. Students choose a primary interest area,then work in groups using processes such as future thinking, design thinking, and project management to create anexhibition. Industry and community partners provide masterclasses in skills development, brainstorm concepts andideas, and provide feedback on project progress.In Year 12, students work on an annual Soirée event, where they explore conceptual and design thinking to developtheir major works. Again, industry and community play a major role in giving feedback and developing skills.Studying the HSC at Bradfield is about providing a transition from traditional schooling, to more of a simulatedworkplace experience.Project Work at BradfieldPrepare for the commercial world in our unique program that makes you work ready. One day a week, every Year 11student will cover: Career planning Interpersonal skills including communication, creativity, conflict resolution, flexibility Employability skills Resume and job interview experiences Individual, group and peer mentoring Certificate II in Career Preparation Certificate I in Information and Digital Technology 2 units HSC Work Studies Up to 70 hours of work placement3

The Space 90 seat performance space Art and design exhibition gallery Dance studio Digital Media labs Music recording studio Cinema room Five music rehearsal rooms Flexible learning spaces Radio recording studio and edit suite Dedicated learning centre Photographic studio and dark room Student lounge Design workshops with digital fabric printer External performance space Fully equipped art studios Multi-purpose games courtThe SupportSTUDENT DEVELOPMENT UNIT (SDU)The SDU is our large, vibrant teacher supported area where you can find help with your course work, personal orcareer counselling or just escape to a quiet space.THE BRADFIELD STUDENT PLANAs a Bradfield student, you will receive your own study plan that ensures your learning needs are supported, and thatthe right learning experience is provided to you.Your plan will help you to explore career options, to discover more about your skills and strengths, and will help tosupport your HSC studies.TAFE NSW ST LEONARDS LIBRARYAccess the latest hard copy and electronic resources including books, magazines, programs on TV and radio, DVDs,and catalogues.STUDENT PORTALOur student portal allows you to keep track of your progress, access timetables, attendance, exam timetables,assessment schedules, class notes, and college notices.STUDENT ASSOCIATIONBenefits include discounted parking, college BBQs, charity events, and college student awards.4

PERFORMING ARTSOur performing arts program offers you a practical approach to the HSC, while helping you start building a career inthe performing arts industry. Bradfield’s record of exceptional HSC results is a testament to this approach, and hasseen graduates become successful performers, actors, dancers, musicians, and TV presenters.We pride ourselves on attracting teaching staff who are experts in their fields, working alongside industry professionals.Our facilities are purpose built and include a dance studio with sprung floor, music and radio recording studios, rehearsalrooms, sound editing facilities, and a performance space with industry standard lighting and audio technology.As a performing arts student, you are provided performance opportunities at the college and in the wider community.Students perform at regional dance and drama festivals, band competitions, music gigs, film competitions, and film festivals,culminating in a college-run showcase highlighting the talents of all performing arts and entertainment students.HSC AND VOCATIONAL SUBJECTSYOUR POTENTIAL CAREER Dance Actor/performer Lighting designer Drama Audio technician Musician Entertainment Choreographer Music promoter Music Industry* Composer Music teacher Music 1 Dance teacher Radio producer Music 2 Dance studio director Musical Theatre Performance* Director for film, TV,radio, or theatre Theatre and eventproducer Screen and Media (Film and Radio)**Subject is non ATAR. Stage manager Film producer Vocalist Instrumentalist5 Sound designer Events management

DESIGN AND VISUAL ARTSDesign and visual arts offer an incredible variety of careers in the ever evolving creative industries. Explore differentfields and build your portfolio while completing your HSC. You will develop creativity and critical thinking skills that willhelp you take advantage of the many opportunities in this field.Our teachers are passionate, industry experienced artists and designers, who are involved in their own professionalpractices.We hold an annual design and visual arts exhibition to showcase the work of graduating students. Our design andvisual arts students have been consistently featured in the annual, state-wide HSC Art Express exhibition.Convert your ideas into prototypes and products using the latest technology, such as a digital fabric printer, a plasticvacuum former, and a 3D scanner and printer. You can explore your creativity using the latest industry standardsoftware and photographic equipment in our custom built design, visual art, photomedia, and technology studios.HSC AND VOCATIONAL SUBJECTSYOUR POTENTIAL CAREER Contemporary Visual Arts* Architectural modelmaker Design and Technology Architect Design Fundamentals* Art director Fashion and Textiles* Art and design teacher Food Technology Industrial Technology Multimedia Photography (Video and Digital Imaging) Visual Arts*Subject is non ATAR.* Artist: painter,printmaker,performance artist,multimedia artist,sculptor Arts administrator:community artsorganiser, critic, curator,gallery administrator,museum educator CinematographerDesign can be art. Design can beaesthetics. Design is so simple,that’s why it is so complicated. Designer: graphic designer,fashion designer, furnituredesigner, industrial designer,interior designer, jewellerydesigner, landscapedesigner, textile designer Display artist: set designer,prop designer, stylist Visual merchandisor Illustrator Photographer:advertisement photographer,editorial photographer,event photographer,photojournalist, scientificphotographer, sportsphotographer Storyboard artist,concept artistPaul Rand,Graphic designer and art director6

STEM AND DIGITAL MEDIASeventy five per cent of the fastest growing occupations require STEM skills 1 and knowledge. These industries aregrowing rapidly, and require motivated, imaginative graduates with an eye for detail and a willingness to work hardto achieve results. At Bradfield, you can develop your STEM skills to industry standards, opening up your optionsfor employment and further study.You will build and develop your own apps, develop skills in coding, create interactive multimedia products, andlearn project management skills.At TAFE NSW St Leonards, you will also have direct access to further study pathways, including TAFE NSWdiplomas and degrees.HSC AND VOCATIONAL SUBJECTSYOUR POTENTIAL CAREER Biology App developer Network administrator Design Fundamentals* Computer animator Production crew worker Design and Technology Digital artist Social media manager Entertainment Games developer Set production worker Extension English 1 Games designer Set designer Extension English 2 Instructional designer Sound engineer Industrial Technology Multimedia Journalist Stage manager Information Digital Technology (DesignAnimation) Multimedia designer Web designer Multimedia programmer Writer Investigating Science Mathematics Media Communications* Screen and Media (Film and Radio)* Software Design and Development*Subject is non ATAR.After growing wildly for years, thefield of computing appears to bereaching its infancy.John Pierce,Engineer and author17Becker, K and Park, K.; Effects of integrative approaches among STEM subjectson students’ learning, Journal of STEM Education 12, July - September 2011.

BUSINESS AND SERVICE INDUSTRIESBusiness subjects build your general knowledge and critical thinking, while developing skills in research, problemsolving, and communication. These skills are all transferable into employment and further study.HSC AND VOCATIONAL SUBJECTSYOUR POTENTIAL CAREER Business Studies Accountant Human resource manager Community and Family Studies Advertiser Lawyer Legal Studies Business consultant Marketer PDHPE Business owner Welfare officer Society and Culture Entrepreneur Community service workerI’ve really enjoyed my timeat Bradfield. Being able towrite, produce, record andperform songs togetherwith my peers, was a reallyfun experience.Max, Year 128

HSC SUBJECTSBradfield has a wide choice of subjects that cater to both academic and vocational outcomes. Ancient History English Studies Music 1 Biology Food Technology Music 2 Business Studies History Extension PDHPE Community and Family Studies Industrial Technology Multimedia Dance Investigating Science Photography, Video and DigitalImaging Design and Technology Legal Studies Drama Mathematics Advanced English Advanced Mathematics Standard 1 English Standard Mathematics Standard 2 English Extension 1 Mathematics Extension English Extension 2 Modern History Society and Culture Software Design andDevelopment Visual Arts Work StudiesStudent intakesThe HSC at Bradfield is generally a two year program. Pathways HSC allows the course to be completed in 2-4 years.9YEAR 11INTAKEPreliminary HSC students start in January each year.YEAR 12INTAKEHSC students start in October each year.Limited places are also available for January intake, subject to courses chosen.STUDYONESUBJECTYou can stay with your current school and enrol at Bradfield as an external student, to study singlesubjects, such as dance, software design and development, and multimedia.

UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL.IT STARTS HERE.Visit our website to find out about: Application process Online registration for Open DayBUILDINGS A, C AND DLearning and Innovation CampusTAFE NSW St Leonards213 Pacific HighwaySt Leonards 2065BOOK A CAMPUS TOURGo to bradfield.nsw.edu.auor call 9942 0399All courses are subject to demand.An additional application form and portfolio is required for some courses.

Design Fundamentals* *Fashion and Textiles Food Technology Industrial Technology Multimedia Photography (Video and Digital Imaging)* Visual Arts *Subject is non ATAR. Designer: graphic designer, fashion designer, furniture designer, industrial designer, interior designer, jewellery designer, landscape designer, textile designer

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Case Study Audio Visuals: Kodak VS Fuji; Airbnb Realize the impact of creativity & innovation on your organization 10 min. Find value in whatever resources you have Realize that constraints are the mother of creativity 20 min. 20 min debrief Creativity & Innovation Competencies Assessment Unleash your unseen creative strengths

Social Psychology of Creativity: A Consensual Assessment Technique Teresa M. Amabile Brandeis University Although personality research has made much progress in developing an indi-vidual-difference psychology of creativity, the nature of this phenomenon can only be fully illuminated if a social psychology of creativity is developed as well.

Creativity, voice, and knowledge sharing wedescribeempirical evidence regarding the role of employee voice and knowledge shar-in fostering creativity and innovation. 2.1. Creativity and innovation Creativity is the generation of novel and useful ideas or solutions to problems (Amabile, 1983; Sternberg, 1988; Weisberg, 1988). On the other hand,

early childhood setting in relation to creativity (see 9, 13, 15–18). Both creativity and play require imagination, insight, problem solving, divergent thinking, the ability to experience emotion and to make choices (19). This does not mean that all play involves creativity. Prentice (18) suggests that active

Journal of Creative Behavior and the Creativity Research Journal – several handbooks (e.g., Sternberg, 1999), and even a two-volume Handbook of Creativity (Runco & Pritzker, 1999). Although some psychologists might argue that the creativity still deserves more research than it currently

75 Quotes about Creativity and Innovation 1. “There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progre

Oct 27, 2014 · [email protected] The Boston Consulting Group 1 Radical Innovation, Part I: Unleashing Creativity You can’t legislate creativity or innovation. “But you sure as heck can take whatever creativity exists in an organization and kill it very quickly,” says Kimberly A. Wagner, a partner and a managing

The first element was a unique, original or novel idea, the second element was an idea with a meaningful functional use and . definition of creativity provided by Sir Ken Robinson is a good fit for the purposes of this article and henceforth we will be understanding creativity on the basis of that definition. Creativity, as he defines it in his

To cultivate innovation/creativity in the workplace certain leadership behaviours should be practised: Encouraging employees to challenge the status quo 11 Tan, Gilbert, Managing Creativity in Organizations: a Total System Approach, in: Creativity and Innova

What learning environments are conducive to the development of creativity skills? As positive reports began to emerge regarding the impact on pupil learning that a focus on creativity brings4, international research shifted its focus to identifying and describing the learning environment in which creativity skills appear to thrive.

Educational Leadership 70.5 (2013): 28-34. Burkus, David. The Myths of Creativity: The Truth about How Innovative Companies and People Generate Ideas. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2014. Sawyer, Keith. "The Cognitive Neuroscience of Creativity: A Critical Review." Creativity Research Journal 23.2 (2011): 137-154. Sawyer, R. Keith.

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Therefore, a concept analysis of creativity in nursing care can help us to distinguish the concept from other similar borderline concepts, describe it in the nursing care domain, and provide a foundation for further research (Walker & Avant, 2019). Therefore, this study aimed to clarify the concept of creativity in nursing care based on Walker

Viktor Lowenfeld . Art educator Artist Psychologist Author Born in Linz, Professor Austria in 1903. Famous for children development and growth in term of art and creativity. Died at Pennsylvania, United Stated in 1960 Books: The Nature of Creativity(1939) Creative and Mental Growth (1947) Your Child and H

have related creativity to intelligence factors (Mussen, Conger, and Kagan, 1974; Wallach and Kogan, 1965). Depending.on the definitions of creativity, a variety of procedures could be developed to train and assist those behav iors. Regardless of the definitions of creativity, the basic

1. Describe the four basic elements of the system for understanding creativity. 2. Explain what the terms creativity, problem solving, and creative problem solving mean and their implications for managing change. 3. Describe how creativity and problem solving relate to making change happen.

Introduction to Description Logic Szymon Klarman (part of the content based on the tutorial by Stefan Schlobach) [email protected] VU University Amsterdam, 2009-2012. [email protected] Introduction to Description Logic Plan for today Tableau algorithm for ALCwith empty TBoxes Soundness, completeness, termination Reasoning w.r.t. non-empty TBoxes Szymon Klarman 1 / 1. [email protected] Introduction to .