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SICO Room Service TableEnhance theDining Experience.FOURUNIQUEDESIGNSA Room Service Table Designed to Deliver a Premier Dining Experience.A smartly designed and smooth-rolling room service table from SICO offers user-friendly ease for staff andguests alike — from your first-floor kitchen to your top-floor suites. Choose from a variety of options to fityour specific needs. A SICO Room Service table moves subtly, smoothly and quietly and optional unit-to-unitconnectors also allow one person to pick up or deliver a train of multiple tables — saving time and labor.Nest for StorageTables nest in a minimum of 7" (18cm) foreach additional table.Convenient Storage RacksStore and transportfood warmers out of sight.Flips up for unobstructed seating7525 Cahill Road, Minneapolis MN 55439 1.800.328.6138CustomizableAlmost 200 laminates, 12 Armor-Edge colors, and 4 frame finishes. 2020 SICO Inc.

Features, Advantages & BenefitsTable TopTransport & StorageSICO ARMOR-EDGE : The most durable edgeavailable. Proven track record for long-term durability.Provides an incredibly tough edge to take hardeveryday use without damage. Hermetically seals thetabletop for sanitary purposes and prevents moisturefrom entering table top core.Swivel Casters: Tables roll quietly on 4" diametergray resort wheels, designed to easily roll over roughterrain. Constructed for durability and easy cleaning.One person can easily roll and maneuver tablessmoothly into service or storage. No need for tablecaddies. Non-marring casters protect the floor.Larger resort casters available.High-pressure Laminate: Tough .04" (.10cm)thickness high-pressure laminate for added durabilityand long-term wear. A large variety of striking colorsand patterns are available to fit any cafeteria decor.Folds for Storage: Tops fold vertically for tightstorage. This allows tables to nest with only7" (18cm) more space for each additional tablein storage.Solid MDF Core: Laminate tops are made withextremely durable ¾" (1.9cm) MDF core materialthat is stronger than plywood or particleboard andresists warping.Table Frame SupportOval Tube Frame: Aesthetically pleasing designmanufactured using 16-gauge steel providesstrength and durability.Rigid Vinyl Backer Sheet: Far superior to all typesof paper backers. Applied to the underside of thetabletops for moisture control and easy cleanup(including gum removal), stain resistance andfantastic appearance.Center Leg Design: Gives your guests extra leg room.Finishes: Nickel chrome plated or black powder-coatFinished Frame/Legs for durability, appearance,and ease of cleaning. Other elegant powder-coatfinishes available.Square or Oval Shaped Table Option: Comfortableseating for four won't crowd your guests. The ovalshape makes it easier for guests to reach everythingon the table.Vinyl Coated Storage Rack: Storage racks flip up toallow unobstructed seating. Provides extra storagefor room service equipment like food warmer storageunits during transport.Tamper Proof Expansion Rivets: Fasten tabletopfirmly to the frame and will not work loose likeordinary screws.Aircraft Lock-nuts: Tamper-resistant lock-nuts areused at all pivot points and won’t loosen over time.Table LeavesConvenient Folding: Table leaves can be folded downfor transport and folded out for serving. Tri-Fold tableleaves can lock in the upright position for returning to thekitchen, greatly reducing breakage or spillage.Unit-To-Unit Connectors (Optional):Allows for one in-roomdining attendant to deliverand pick up a train of multipletables. Saving time and labor.7 Gauge Vertical Hinges: Extra heavy hinges won’t trapfood while providing strength, security and durability.WarrantyRetractable Bar: Holds table leaves in place when tableis in fully flat position.Protected by a 3-Year warranty against manufacturer’sdefects. Lifetime warranty on welds.7525 Cahill Road, Minneapolis MN 55439 1.800.328.6138 2020 SICO Inc.

SpecificationsDescriptionModel No.WeightTri-Fold OvalTRT82FSC?02BG65 lbs.Tri-Fold SquareTRT82FSE?02BG65 lbs.Bi-Fold OvalTRB82FSC?02BG63 lbs.Bi-Fold SquareTRB82FSE?02BG63 lbs.Optional Table Guide:Add a character (T) to the endof the Model No.(29kg)? - Customization Option(29kg)(28kg)(28kg)In Use DimensionsTable NameABCDTop LengthTop WidthTop HeightTop Width (Leaves Folded)Tri-Fold Oval36" (92cm)42" (107cm)30" (76cm)Up: 28" (71cm) / Down: 23" (59cm)Tri-Fold Square36" (92cm)36" (92cm)30" (76cm)Up: 28" (71cm) / Down: 23" (59cm)Bi-Fold Oval36" (92cm)42" (107cm)30" (76cm)Down: 23" (59cm)Bi-Fold Square36" (92cm)36" (92cm)30" (76cm)Down: 23" (59cm)BCAD7525 Cahill Road, Minneapolis MN 55439 1.800.328.6138 2020 SICO Inc.

Storage DimensionsTable NameABCDEFootprint LengthFootprint Width(Single Unit)Add'l FootprintLength (per table)Add'l FootprintWidth (per table)HeightTri-Fold Oval42" (107cm)28.5" (72cm)3" (8cm)7" (18cm)44" (112cm)Tri-Fold Square36" (92cm)28.5" (72cm)3" (8cm)7" (18cm)44" (112cm)Bi-Fold Oval42" (107cm)28.5" (72cm)3" (8cm)7" (18cm)44" (112cm)Bi-Fold Square36" (92cm)28.5" (72cm)3" (8cm)7" (18cm)44" (112cm)(Single Unit)(Folded)DBAEC7525 Cahill Road, Minneapolis MN 55439 1.800.328.6138 2020 SICO Inc.

Laminate OptionsTable Leg/Frame OptionsChrome (B)Silver ( J )Copper (K)Visit to see our collectionof almost 200 standard table laminates.Black (D)Table-Top Armor-Edge OptionsBlack (02) Standard EdgeGrey (03)Burgundy (04)Dark Blue (05)Brown (06)Berry Blue (08)Purpleicious (13)Green Apple (11)Orange Zest (10)Shadow Gray (12)Red (14)7525 Cahill Road, Minneapolis MN 55439Blue Sky (07) 1.800.328.6138 2020 SICO Inc.

WANT TO FIND OUT MORE?Visit to see more fromour wide variety of innovative productsthat can launch your space to the next level.7525 Cahill Road, Minneapolis MN 55439 1.800.328.6138 2020 SICO Inc.RST IS - R4 - 12/20

SICO Room Service Table Enhance the Dining Experience. A Room Service Table Designed to Deliver a Premier Dining Experience. A smartly designed and smooth-rolling room service table from SIC

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