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SEDGWICK COUNTY4-H CLOVER TALKISSUE MARCH - 20201: an incandescentparticle2: a glisteningparticle3: a flash of light4: a vital, animating,or activating factorOFFICE STAFFMichelle Simmons4-H Agent(316) 660-0112mdsimmons@ksu.eduEverybody has a spark-something inside thatis good, beautiful, and useful to the world.Sparks illuminate a person’s life and give itenergy and purpose (Benson, 2008)Barbara WingfieldOffice Professional(316) 660-0115bwingfie@ksu.eduAlthough I have only been here four months it is clear to methat the “Sparks” that give energy and purpose to the worldexist among our Sedgwick County 4-H leaders and youth. Itis such a refreshing sight to see leaders lined up at the door toinfluence the lives of our youth. I have enjoyed quite a few4-H events so far and have had the chance to visit with our4-Hers. I see that the amazing people they are growing up tobecome is due to people like you who volunteer their timeand talents with no thought of reward. I am always up for anadventure and excited to see what we can do to “make thebest better.” There is no “thank you” big enough to show youthe gratitude I feel for you but please know that what you doin your 4-H Clubs will have a greater impact than time canmeasure.Janet Donaghue4-H Program Assistant(316) 660 – 0128jdonaghue@ksu.eduSparkle 4-HCathy Jones4-H Program Assistant(316)

Youth Lawn Mowing ClinicAudience - youth 5th -9th gradeMorning SessionMarch 18 9:20 am to 11:30 amRegister hereAfternoon SessionMarch 18 - 1:20 pm - 3:30 pmRegister hereThe cost to register for this event is 10.00 before March 4th and 15.00 if registration is submitted after March 4th. Theregistration payment is required to reserve your seat. 10.00 will be reimbursed to each participant upon completion ofthe clinic, thanks to the generousity of our program sponsors, Shaun and Ashley Weaver.Training will familiarize youth with knowledge of lawn mower safety, lawn mower maintenance, and the business skillsnecessary in order to run their own successful lawn mowing business.4-H Youth Show TheirTalent and Skills!Thanks to all that made the day aHuge Success!

Congratulations to all thatparticipated in 4-H Day. Below youwill find the judging results.Also a big “Thank You” to all thathelped make the day a success!JUNIOR and INTERMEDIATE PROJECT TALKS,JUNIOR DEMOSJocelyn Thompson Delano Intermediate - PurpleJordan Shafer River City Kids Junior - PurpleAnnelise Ibrahim River City Kids Junior - BlueAugustine Kroupa Valley Victors Junior - PurpleMacie Rexwinkle Derby Junior - BlueHudson Bull Achievers Junior - BlueNicholas Oborny Goddard Intermediate - RedMelanie Stockemer River City Kids Intermediate PurpleJennifer Orpin River City Kids Junior - PurplePatrick Gear Andale Jets Junior - PurpleVictor Harding Achievers Intermediate - BlueCatherine Sauber River City Kids Junior – BlueMcKenzie Wyant Derby Junior - PurpleTherese Barnard Goddard Junior - PurpleAmelia Stockemer River City Kids Junior - BlueAbigail Butler Derby Intermediate - PurpleNathan Turner Derby Junior - PurpleJustice Milburn Derby Junior - BlueAsher Turner Derby Junior - PurpleMalia Taylor River City Kids Intermediate - PurpleEvie Wilson Achievers Junior - RedQuintin Wyant Derby Junior - BlueRobby Giebler River City Kids Junior - BlueDamon Smith River City Kids Junior - PurpleMati Durler Colwich Clovers Junior - BlueCora McCurry Colwich Clovers Junior - BlueBrianna Reilly Goddard Junior - PurpleINTERMEDIATE DEMONSTRATIONS and ILLUSTRATEDTALKSGrace Oard Delano Intermediate - BlueLandon Schill Country Kids Intermediate - PurpleZander Dole Colwich Clovers Intermediate - BlueLane Bennett Country Kids Intermediate - BlueElla Giebler River City Kids Intermediate - BlueAdam Bennett Country Kids Intermediate - BlueCamila Brashear Derby Intermediate - PurpleMalachi Rexwinkle Derby Intermediate - PurpleClaire Stockemer River City Kids Intermediate - BlueDamion Barnard Goddard Intermediate - BlueChristian Oborny Goddard Intermediate - RedEthan Crow Achievers Intermediate - PurpleMaggie Butler Derby Intermediate - PurpleChris Mork Achievers Intermediate - RedKalei Fresh Goddard Intermediate - BlueBridget Gear Andale Jets Intermediate - PurpleNicholas Oborny Goddard Intermediate - BlueJosie Croninger Goddard Intermediate - BlueDanielle Turner Derby Intermediate - PurpleFelicity Gear Andale Jets Intermediate - PurpleLarissa Reilly Goddard Intermediate - PurpleCarter Smith River City Kids Intermediate – PurpleSophia Sauber River City Kids Intermediate - BlueJoshua Orpin River City Kids Intermediate - PurpleSENIOR DEMONSTRATIONSKatrina Turner Derby Senior - PurpleRhyelan Bull Achievers Senior - BlueCarlie Schill Country Kids Senior - BlueBrady Hoffman Derby Senior - PurpleLogan Taylor River City Kids Senior - BlueKatie Bennett Country Kids Senior - PurpleAvery Schill Country Kids Senior - PurpleJurney Yung Andale Jets Senior - PurpleHannah Reilly Goddard Senior - PurpleLily Conkling Delano Senior - RedAmy Crow Achievers Senior - PurpleEmma Ewing River City Kids Senior - BlueAlex Mork Achievers Senior - RedEmily Mork Achievers Senior - RedJUNIOR AND INTERMEDIATE READINGSKnox Crouch Valley Victors Intermediate - PurpleGenevieve Crouch Valley Victors Intermediate - PurpleBrenden Crouch Valley Victors Junior - BlueGrace Kroupa Valley Victors Junior - PurpleAugustine Kroupa Valley Victors Junior - PurpleClaire Stockemer River City Kids Intermediate - PurpleMelanie Stockemer River City Kids Intermediate –PurpleBennett Fresh Goddard Junior - BlueZander Dole Colwich Clovers Intermediate - Purple

Wyatt Sauber River City Kids Intermediate - PurpleSophia Sauber River City Kids Intermediate - PurpleElla Giebler River City Kids Intermediate - PurpleJosie Croninger Goddard Intermediate - PurpleKaden Zimmerman Valley Victors Intermediate - PurpleLarissa Reilly Goddard Intermediate - PurpleJamie Lubbe River City Kids Intermediate - PurpleMary Skolaut River City Kids Intermediate – PurpleGrace Oard Delano Intermediate - BlueElizabeth Hornung Derby Intermediate - PurpleKalei Fresh Goddard Intermediate – PurpleVictor Harding Achievers Intermediate - PurpleRuby Blantan Achievers Intermediate - BlueCatherine Sauber River City Kids Junior - PurpleMekenzie Wyant Derby Junior - PurpleAmelia Stockemer River City Kids Junior - PurpleEmily Shurts Delano Junior - PurpleKatelyn Wyant Derby Intermediate - BlueAnna McCurry Colwich Clovers Intermediate - BlueMcKenzie Snell Achievers Intermediate - PurpleLucy Skolaut River City Kids Junior - PurpleJett McCurry Colwich Clovers Junior - PurplePUBLIC SPEAKINGKeaton Donaghue Delano Senior - PurpleLogan Taylor River City Kids Senior - PurpleSENIOR READINGSAnneliese Henderson Achievers Senior - PurpleEmma Ewing River City Kids Senior - BlueJulie Russell Achievers Senior - RedColter Bennett Country Kids Senior - PurpleEvan Snell Achievers Senior - RedBrady Hoffman Derby Senior - PurpleINSTRUMENTAL AND VOCAL SOLOSAmy Crow Achievers Senior - PurpleGrace Kroupa Valley Victors Junior - PurpleAugustine Kroupa Valley Victors Junior - BlueZachary Holmes River City Kids Intermediate PurpleJackson McCurry Colwich Clovers Intermediate - BlueAudrey Liska Achievers Intermediate - BlueLandon Schill Country Kids Intermediate - BlueRebecca Walkup Delano Intermediate - BlueAmelia Young Member at Large Senior - BlueKeaton Donaghue Delano Senior - PurpleJordan Moody Delano Intermediate - BlueKatie Elsken Derby Intermediate – BluePiper Hula Derby Intermediate - BlueHudson Donaghue Delano Intermediate - RedHannah Reilly Goddard Senior – BlueKalei Fresh Goddard Senior - BlueDanielle Turner Derby Intermediate - PurpleKatrina Turner Derby Senior - PurpleVocal SolosCamila Brashear Derby Intermediate - BlueElla Giebler River City Kids Intermediate - PurplePIANO SOLOSKatrina Turner Derby Senior - PurpleAmelia Stockemer River City Kids Junior - BlueMelanie Stockemer River City Kids Intermediate PurpleClaire Stockemer River City Kids Intermediate - PurpleAsher Turner Derby Junior - PurpDanielle TurnerDerby Intermediate – PurpleNathan Turner Derby Junior - PurpleBridget Gear Andale Jets Intermediate - BlueFelicity Gear Andale Jets Intermediate - BlueJustice Milburn Derby Junior - PurpleMaggie Butler Derby Intermediate - BlueAbigail Butler Derby Intermediate - BlueEmily Shurts Delano Junior – PurpleSophia Sauber River City Kids Intermediate - PurpleMary Skolaut River City Kids Intermediate - BlueZachary Holmes River City Kids Intermediate - PurpleGrace Oard Delano Intermediate - BlueRylie Moody Delano Intermediate - BlueHope Milburn Derby Junior - PurpleSamir Awwad Bel Aire Junior - BlueMODEL MEETING, DANCE AND SKITSkitGoddard 4-H Club - BlueDelano 4-H Club - RedValley Victors 4-H Club - PurpleKyran and Cael Pearce - PurpleDanceJamie Lubbe River City Kids Intermediate - BlueTherese Barnard Goddard Junior - BlueTalentSamir Awwad Bel Aire Junior - Purple

Model MeetingDerby 4-H Club - BlueRiver City Kids 4-H Club - PurpleAchievers 4-H Club - PurpleCongratulations on a job welldone!Grand and Reserve ChampionsInstrumentalJunior DivisionGrace Kroupa – ChampionIntermediateDanielle Turner – ChampionZachary Holmes – Reserve ChampionSeniorKeaton Donaghue – ChampionKatrina Turner – Reserve ChampionVocalIntermediateElla Giebler – ChampionPianoJuniorJustice Milburn – ChampionEmily Shurts – Reserve ChampionIntermediateZachary Holmes – ChampionDanielle Turner – Reserve ChampionSeniorKatrina Turner – ChampionJunior Project TalksJennifer Orpin – ChampionAugustine Kroupa – Reserve ChampionIntermediate Project TalksJoscelyn Thompson – ChampionMalia Taylor – Reserve Champion – tieAbby Butler – Reserve Champion – tieJunior DemonstrationsJordan Shafer – ChampionMekenzie Wyant – Reserve Champion – tieDamon Smith – Reserve Champion - tieIntermediate DemonstrationsJoshua Orpin – ChampionLarissa Reilly – Reserve ChampionSenior DemonstrationsHannah Reilly – ChampionAmy Crow – Reserve ChampionSenior ReadingsAnneliese Henderson – ChampionBrady Hoffman – Reserve ChampionPublic SpeakingKeaton Donaghue – ChampionLogan Tylor – Reserve ChampionJunior ReadingEmily Shurts – ChampionCatherine Sauber – Reserve ChampionIntermediate ReadingsMcKenzie Snell – ChampionKnox Crouch – Reserve ChampionModel MeetingAchievers – ChampionRiver City Kids – Reserve ChampionSkitsKyran and Cael Pearce – ChampionValley Victors 4-H Club – Reserve ChampionOther TalentSamir Awwad - Champion

What are Igneous Rocks?Igneous rocks (from the Greek word for fire) form when hot, molten rock crystallizes and solidifies.The melt originates deep within the Earth near active plate boundaries or hot spots, then rises towardthe surface. Igneous rocks are divided into two groups, intrusive or extrusive, depending upon wherethe molten rock solidifies.Knox Crouch presents to Geology Project members on the process that happens.Project members also enjoyed learning about the rock cycle in a chocolate experiment.

OZ-SOME 4-H CAMPThere is a key change with 4-H Camp that you will notice as you read this section. As a camp group, we havemoved from grade to 4-H AGE for eligibility. If you have any questions, please let Michelle know.WANTED: CAMP COUNSELORSIf you are currently 4-H age, 14-18, we need YOU! Camp Counselors are 14-18 years of age (preferencegiven to older youth). Camp will be June 16-19. The counselor application will be online only and will soon beemailed out to all age eligible 4-H members who have completed their 4-H enrollment. Applications will bedue April 23. All counselor applicants must attend the Counselor Training on June 15 and 16 at Rock Springs.Interviews will be scheduled April 27 and 28, watch for signup genius email to schedule a time. Interviews willbe scheduled between 4:00 and 7:00 pm. If these dates and times don’t work for you, contact Michelle( to set up an appointment for an interview. Online form link: -activities/camp/county-camp.html4-H CAMPFour action-packed days await 4-H members ready for exploring Rock Springs 4-H Center, June 16-19! Meetnew and old friends to enjoy swimming and various camp activities when you sign up for 4-H camp. Who cango? 4-H members and their friends who are 4-H age 9-13 may attend. After 2020 – 13 year olds will not beallowed to attend 4-H camp. The cost for a regular camper is 223.4-H ROOKIE CAMPCome one come all youth 4-H age 7-8 years old for an overnight camp. Enjoy swimming and various campactivities when you sign up. This is based on a first come, first served basis, so register early to secure yourspot! This year there will be two sessions for Rookie Camp. The first group will be June 16-17. The secondgroup will be June 18-19. When you register online for camp, you will be asked if there is a session that WILLNOT work for your child(ren). All efforts will be made to accommodate the request above, but there will be nosession preference guarantee. After the registration deadline, you will receive notification for which sessionyour child(ren) has been placed. The cost for a rookie camper will be 108.Important!Registration for 4-H Camp will be online AND we will be using CampDoc again for the medical information process. Registration will openaround March 1 and will close May IP INFORMATION – CAMPERSWhen you register online the code for Sedgwick County campers to apply for the 20scholarship is SEDGWICK.

4-H and Tractor Supply Kick OffSpring & Fall Paper Clover Campaign inSedgwick CountyVisit your local Tractor Supply this spring or fall and purchase a paper clover to helpSedgwick County 4-H members attend 4-H camps and leadership events.Each Spring and Fall, Tractor Supply helps raise money for 4-H programs through thesale of Paper Clovers in their stores. In the most recent campaign, more that 1 millionwas raised nationwide. 90% of funds go back to state and local 4-H programs to supportscholarships for camp and leadership activities. Encourage your club members andvolunteers to participate at their local Tractor Supply Co. store during Paper Clover. Notonly will this help donations and improve relationships with your local store, you willalso have the opportunity to enter the Paper Clover Participation Sweepstakes!Dates for the 2020 Campaigns are:Spring: 4/29/20 – 5/10/20Fall: 10/7/20 – 10/18/20Beef Weigh-inSaturday, March 21, 2020, 9:00am – 11:00amHeartland Veterinary Services2800 N. 247th St. W.Andale, KSPoultry Showmanship WorkshopSaturday April 11, 2020 at 10:00 A.M.KSRE Extension Building- Bison RoomBring your birds and join us for a Poultry Showmanship Workshop presented by KSRE SedgwickCounty 4-H Agent Michelle Simmons.This hands-on workshop will prepare youth and adult leaders how to present poultry projects during ashowmanship contest.For more information please call the KSRE Sedgwick County Extension & 4-H Office at 316-660-0115or email Michelle Simmons at

This is a reminder that the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) training will need to becompleted by May 1 for all county fair livestock showman. If you are receiving this email, your 4-Heris enrolled in a livestock project but is not yet recorded as complete. If they are no longer planning toshow livestock at the county or state fair, please disregard (or let me know and I'll remove you fromthe YQCA list).YQCA is a new multi-species youth livestock quality assurance program that also covers characterdevelopment and communicating with those that are unfamiliar with agriculture. As an Agent, I reallyenjoy the discussion that is a result of this material. This was voted to be a mandatory requirementlast spring in order to help further educate our youth.Michelle Simmons, Sedgwick County 4-H Agent, will be leading the trainings. If you are unable toattend, you will need to complete the online training. Instructions to register for either typeof training can be found at ck/yqca.html, andplease scroll to the bottom to find the links. A few of you have already registered, and that is great!Scheduled Training Dates:March 16, 2020 – KSRE Extension Office, Sedgwick Room, 6:00 pmApril 6, 2020 – KSRE Extension Office, Ingle Room, 6:00 pm

FOOD CHALLENGEThis year’s 4-H Food Challenge was a hit! This funbut competitive event mirrored popular shows found on the FoodNetwork using a mystery ingredient but really turned up the heat onour teams by adding experienced chefs paired with food safetyjudges and presentation judges to elevate the educationalcomponent of the challenge by encouraging our young foodies to make healthier recipes using a mysteryingredient and still deliver fantastic flavors! Many thanks to Chef Pete, Chef Jessie, Cargill InnovationCenter, our volunteers, parents, teams leaders, our sponsors, and our outstanding youth!

Citizenship in ActionFebruary 16 & 17 Kansas 4-Hers “Tackled the Hill” at the Kansas State Capital Buildingin Topeka and were trained on how to use Civic Discourse to find solutions to toughissues such as Mental Health Laws, How to Prevent Mass Shootings, and Land Usage Laws to name a few. KSRESedgwick County 4-H Delegates, Camden Bull, Eric Sprecker, Evan Snell, Alex Mork, Emily Mork, Logan Taylor,and Jacob Gordon met with Senators and Representatives from our district at the Capital Building in Topeka todiscuss views and issues that affect them now and in the future. This experience has empowered our youth byeducating them in the legislative process and encourages them to be knowledgeable and take a stand in thestate and national issues.4-H Discovery DaysWhat: Are You Ready for Discovery Days? Put May 27 - May 29, 2020 on your calendar to be inManhattan on the K-State campus. Discovery Days offers classes and tours about 4-H projects, careers,hobbies, community service and more! You can also share your talents in the Talent Show. Are you readyto dance? Are you ready for some Call Hall ice cream? Are you ready for some great speakers andDiscovery Days Night Live and all the other possibilities in your future? Join us now to enjoy this eventthis summer!When: May 27 - May 29, 2020Where: Kansas State University, Manhattan, KansasWho: Youth who are 13-18 years old as of January 1 of 2020.Registration: Click Here to Register (Registration opens on March 16)Registration Fee: TBD (Many classes have additional fees)Registration Deadline: April 15, 2020 at 11:59PM

Teen Council NewsTeen Council’s Formal Dinner & Dance will be taking place on February 29. We have 58 teens planning toattend. Teen Council members will be enjoying a delicious meal and learning etiquette rules at the MarriottHotel.On Sunday, March 29 from 3-4:30 (weather permitting), we will be cleaning up the Sedgwick County Park. We will meeton the south side of the building and walk over with our trash sacks. Make sure and bring work gloves! We will NOThave a regular meeting in March.Details coming soon for our April meeting!!Working in committeesOctober Teen Council Halloween PartyMaking dog & cat toys to donate to theKansas Humane Society

MarchDeadline – Last day to add or drop projects for current 4-H members, self-service by logging intoyour 4-H online account, after this date program will be locked.(New families should visit clubs in January and February)1All Sedgwick County 4-H scholarships deadline – due to county office1County Camp registration opensTBAState Horse Judging ContestEarly MarchState 4-H Project (KAP) finalists interviews15Deadline for purchase of purebred breeding beef and market steers for county fair entries16Discovery Days registration opens18Lawn Mowing Clinic21Market Beef Weigh In, Heartland Animal Clinic, 9:00 – 11:00 am1April61515182327 -28MayDeadline for Horse I.D. papers to county officeDeadline - for DNA and nomination forms for Market Beef (Market Steers/Market Heifers) forState Fair and the Kansas Junior Livestock Show1Deadlin

Danielle Turner Derby Intermediate - Purple . Katrina Turner Derby Senior - Purple . Vocal Solos . Camila Brashear Derby Intermediate - Blue . Ella Giebler River City Kids Intermediate - Purple . PIANO SOLOS . Katrina Turner Derby Senior - Purple . Amelia Stockemer River City Kids Junior - Blue

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clover clippings added B - control plot; tube cover; clover clippings added. E - control plot; no tube C - clover plot; tube cover, clover clippings added F - clover plot, no tube Nitrogen release over 3 weeks from ambient soil with and without clover, root exclusion tubes, and tube covers. 7/31/2001 46% of clover N mineralized

One of Sedgwick County's main sources of revenue is through travel and tourism. Julesburg, the County seat, is located at the I-80 & 1-76 interchange. Julesburg has the most visited of the 10 . Xtreme Performance, is attached to this letter as Exhibit D. Like Sedgwick County's restaurants and bars, Sedgwick County believes it can provide .

passing clover. He realizes there very small people on the clover who need help so he puts the clover in a safe place. But the other animals don’t believe him. They don’t believe their are people so small that they live on the clover. They think Horton is a fool and they steal the clover and hide it. No one believes Horton but he doesn’t .

and entering the member ID from the Clover Health ID card. Clover Health identification cards contain the following information: Member plan name (e.g., Clover Health Choice PPO or Clover Health Classic HMO) Member first and last name Member ID Plan

3 Clover Mini Feature Guide English 4 Clover Mini Power adapter (US) Power adapter (EU) SIM adapters USB (only for 3G) Hub Receipt paper x2 Clover Mini is a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use payment terminal. It can be used as a cash register and more. On your countertop, Clover

Sedgwick-Rafter cell There are a number of methods available for counting algal cells in samples. The easiest method is using a Sedgwick-Rafter cell. The Sedgwick-Rafter cell is a four-sided counting chamber that is 50 mm long by 20 mm wide by 1 mm deep, giving a bottom area of 1000 mm2, and an internal volume of 1 mL. They have a grid engravedFile Size: 447KB

Feb 02, 2021 · February 2021 Boulder County 4-H Clover Gazette 1 oulder ounty 4 -H Clover Gazette February 2021 oulder ounty Extension OfficeThe Clover Gazette 4-H Newsletter is published 11 times a year by Colorado State University Extension in Boulder

Prior to scheduling a test with this program, you must first make a li- cense application with Sedgwick County. You may contact the County at the following address: Verlyn Lett 1144 S. Seneca Wichita, KS 67213 (800) 527-CODE (316) 383-7502 fax If your application is satisfactory, the Code Council will be notified of your eligibility to test.