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Natives of Texas 2020 PricelistCall for AvailabilityLand 830 896 2169Cell 830 377

2020 pricelistPERENNIALS Page 1AmsoniaBig red sageBlack daleaBlack eyed susanBlack foot daisyBluebellsBrazos penstemonButterfly milkweed (A. tuberosa)Cardinal flowerCedar sageCopper Canyon DaisyCut leaf daisyDaminitaDwarf petunia ‘Katie’Flaxleaf boucheaFluttermillsFour nerve daisyFoxglove (P. coebea)FrogfruitGayfeatherGolden eyed daisy V. stenolobaGregg's MistflowerGrey shrub sageHavard penstemonHeartleaf hibiscusHorse herbIngido SpiresIronweed (V. lindheimeri)Larkspur (D. carolinianum)La Trinidad SageLittle pink SageLindheimer’s sennaLyreleaf sageMajestic sage (S. guaranitica)Maximilian sunflowerMealy Blue sageMexican bush sage (S. leucantha)Mexican marigoldMexican Red SageMountain PeaPigeonberryPink GuaraPink lantanaPowis Castle ArtemisaPrairie phlox (P. pilosa)Prairie goldenrodPrairie verbenaPurple skullcapPurple coneflower4 InchSize/Price in 1 Gal 2 Gal 3 Gal 5 888887 gal10 gal15 Gal 20 gal30 gal45 Gal

PERENNIALS Page 2Red columbineRock roseRock DaisyScarlet penstemonSimpson rosinweedSkullcap (Pink,Purple,cream)Snake HerbPERENNIALSShowy menodoraSquare-bud primroseTall VerbenaTexas betonyTexas LantanaTexas Star hibiscusThoroughwortTropical milkweedTurk’s capVerbena (erecta)VioletWhite gauraWhite milkweedWhite winecupWinecup (purple)Wooly Butterfly BushYellow columbineZexmenia4 inch1 Gal 2 Gal8888888888888888888888888883 Gal125 gal7 gal10 gal1812121212FERNSClover fernRiver fernMaiden Hair Fern88812SHRUBSAgaritaAmerican BeautyberryAromatic sumacBeach VitexBird of Paradise (yellow-red)Blue Shrub sageButtonbushCanyon mock orangeCenzioCherry Sage (Gregg sage)Coral BeanCoralberryEvergreen sennaEvergreen SumacFlame AcanthusFragrant mimosaFragrant 202020Little leaf sumacMexican oreganoMountain mahoganyMountain 015 Gal20 gal30 gal45 Gal

PERENNIALS Page 3RosemarySilktasselTexas barberryTexas indigo bushVitexYellow bellsYellow buckeye1 Gal81010101010102 Gal 3 Gal 5 gal 7 gal 10 gal12203015203015253045152530152025152015203015 Gal 20 gal30 gal 45 galOTHERSBear Grass Nolina texanaDevil’s Nolina linderheimeriiFalse AgaveRed 1515151515152515151515202520Soft leaf YuccaYellow 'red' yuccaSotolTwisted YuccaCentury plantTREESAnachuaArizonia CyprressBurr OakAnacacho orchid treeBald cypressBig tooth mapleBlanco crabappleCarolina buckthornCedar elmChinkapin OakCreek PlumDesert WillowEve’s necklaceEscarpment cherryFlame leaf sumacGolden ball lead treeHop treeKidneywoodLacey OakLittleleaf walnutLoquatMadroneMexican buckeyeMexican plumMexican redbudMexican White OakMountain LaurelMulberryPinyon remotaPossumhaw hollyPride of barbadoRetamaRoughleaf 50120100180300120120120120120120120120120100250600

PERENNIALS Page 41 Gal2 Gal3 Gal5 galRusty black-hawSmoke treeSoapberrySpicebushTexas AshTexas persimmonTexas PistachioTexas 2020202020207 gal40453030303030303030VINESAlamo vineCardinal climber VineCoral honeysuckleCoral VineCross vineCypress vineLindheimer morning gloryMustang GrapePassionflower (affinis , lutea,teniloba, caerulea)Purple leatherflowerScarlet leatherflowerSnapdragon vineWhite bush honeysuckleYellow passionflowerGRASSBig BluestemBig muhlyBlue gramaBushy bluestemEastern gamaGulf muhlyInland SeaoatsIndian grassLittle bluestemPine muhlySeep muhlySwitchgrassWeeping 20202020201215152020203015203030303010 gal15 Gal 20 gal1201201201001201205010012030 gal 45 Gal

2020 pricelist Size/Price in PERENNIALS Page 1 4 Inch 1 Gal 2 Gal 3 Gal 5 gal 7 gal 10 gal 15 Gal 20 gal 30 gal 45 Gal Amsonia 8 12 Big red sage 8 12 Black dalea 8 Black eyed susan 8 Black foot daisy 8 Bluebells 8 Brazos penstemon 8 Butterfly milkweed (A. tuberosa) 8 12 Cardinal flower 8 12 Cedar sage 8 Copper Canyon Daisy 8 12 Cut leaf daisy 8 Daminita 8 12 Dwarf petunia ‘Katie’ 6

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