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THE DATA SCIENCEAND VISUALIZATIONBOOT CAMPAT UC SAN DIEGO EXTENSIONCURRICULUM OVERVIEWOver the course of the past decade, the explosion of data has transformed nearly everyindustry known to man. Whether it’s in marketing, healthcare, government, or activism –the ability to translate data into insights has quickly become a highly in-demand skillby all. The Data Science and Visualization Boot Camp at UC San Diego Extension is apart-time 24 week program that will empower you to gain the knowledge and skills toconduct robust analytics on a host of real-world problems.The program is designed to fit into your life, whether you’re employed or attending collegefull-time, with convenient weekend and evening sessions.The program is rigorous, fast-paced, and focused on the practical technical skills neededto solve data problems. Throughout the course, you’ll be gaining proficiencies on a hostof marketable technologies like Excel, Python, JavaScript, SQL Databases, Tableau, andmore. Plus, you’ll have an impressive Professional Portfolio and the confidence you needto succeed in the data driven economy. UC San Diego Extension - In partnership with Trilogy Education Services

IS THE PROGRAM RIGHT FOR YOU?Are you a creative, curious, and ambitious professional looking to join the data revolution? If so--orif any of the following describes your situation--enrolling in our Data Science and VisualizationBoot Camp could be a smart career move:You are currently a professional doing work with data, but are looking to advance your careerby building technical skills.You are a manager or professional in a business where data can be used to boost yourcompany’s bottom line.You have interests in visualizing social, consumer, or popular trends.You are looking to enter a new field in healthcare, government, or media and are looking for away to jump in.You are a full-time student, hungry to learn more and expand your skill set. UC San Diego Extension - In partnership with Trilogy Education Services1

THE SKILLS YOU’LL GAINYou will graduate with skills in Data Science and Visualization Boot Camp, including*:Advanced ExcelFront-End Web Visualization Pivot Tables HTML VBA Scripting CSS Bootstrap Dashboarding JavaScript Charting D3.js Geomapping with Leaflet.jsFundamental Statistics Modelling ForecastingPython ProgrammingBusiness Intelligence Software Python 3 NumPy Pandas Matplotlib API Interactions Big Data Analytics with Hadoop Social Media Mining Machine Learning TableauAdvanced TopicsDatabases MySQL MongoDB* Note: These topics are subject to change based on local market demand and the input of hiring partners. UC San Diego Extension - In partnership with Trilogy Education Services2

BUILDING ON THE BASICSFor those first entering the field of Data Analytics, knowing where tostart can be a daunting task. That’s why our curriculum is designedto provide you with a deep foundation on the core technical skillsneeded to succeed in the field. Throughout the program, expect tolearn brand new skills and be challenged in completing difficult “realworld” problems to demonstrate your new abilities. By the program’send, you will have a strong professional portfolio showcasing yourwork. UC San Diego Extension - In partnership with Trilogy Education Services3

REAL PROJECTS, REAL JOBSOur graduates will be qualified for many different roles, including:Data AnalystSystems EngineerData EngineerDatabase AdministratorData ScientistBig Data EngineerData JournalistBusiness Intelligence AnalystBusiness AnalystResearch AnalystSQL DeveloperSoftware Engineer UC San Diego Extension - In partnership with Trilogy Education Services4

WHAT YOU WILL LEARNBy the time you graduate, you can expect to be able to: Employ statistical analysis to model, predict, andforecast trends Use advanced SQL and Mongo techniques to combinemultiple datasets into one so as to create even moreimpressive and comprehensive databasesExpertly build VBA scripts in Excel to automate tediousmanual processes Create basic interactive websites and applications toshow your work to the entire worldUtilize real-world data sources to showcase social,financial, and political phenomena Work with and lead small-scale teams in order tocreate applications and visual datasets Scrape information from web pages in order to collectdata from a wide-variety of online sourcesCreate Python-based scripts to automate the cleanup,re-structuring, and rendering of large, heterogeneousdatasets Interact with RESTful APIs using Python Requests andJSON parsing techniques Communicate and glean new business insights usingenterprise-grade tools like Tableau Create in-depth graphs, charts, and tables utilizing awide-variety of data-driven programming languagesand libraries Analyze social media trends on Twitter and Facebookusing automated programs Use geographic data to create visually exciting,interactive, and informative mapsWork independently or in a group on complex datamining projects Understand the basics of troubleshooting andenhancing legacy code Build custom interactive data visualizations using D3.jsand other JavaScript libraries Write SQL commands to perform Create, Read, Update,and Delete commands UC San Diego Extension - In partnership with Trilogy Education Services5

COURSE STRUCTUREOver the course of 24 weeks, you’ll attend informative lecturesand take part in a variety of individual and team exercises,working independently and in groups, in the classroom and athome. Homework assignments provide an opportunity to applywhat you’ve learned and build on it. The goal is to give you acomprehensive learning experience and true insight into a “day inthe life” of a data professional.DISCUSSIONPROJECT WORKPORTFOLIO PROJECTSInstructor-led discussions cover theYou’ll put classroom teaching into practiceYour portfolio signals to employers thatbackground, history, and use of a newindividually and with a team to work onyou are ready for primetime! You’ll buildtechnology or concept.timed in-class exercisesa substantial portfolio of projects thatand projects.demonstrate your abilities across a widevariety of technologies. UC San Diego Extension - In partnership with Trilogy Education Services6

WE’RE HERE TO HELPAs you move up the learning curve, you’re likely to have questionsaround many of the concepts covered in class. We’re here to help-through in-person and virtual office hours, as well as a dedicated#slack channel where you can get assistance from instructors,support staff and your fellow students. All work is done via Github, soyou can create issues directly on your own projects for instructors toassist you in a truly asynchronous fashion. In addition to learning tocode, you will have access to a set of career services that will help youprepare for technical roles after graduation.Career ServicesPanel Speaker EventAccess to Prospective EmployersCareer CoachingCareer Content and Practice SessionsHigh Impact Career EventsProjects Supported by IndustrySoft Skills TrainingCustomizable Tools and Templates UC San Diego Extension - In partnership with Trilogy Education Services7

BUILDING YOUR PORTFOLIOIt’s a fact: companies care about what you can do, not what you say you can do. For thatreason, our curriculum teaches you how to put what you’ve learned to work on real-world dataprojects, ranging from visualizing bike sharing data in New York City to mapping worldwideearthquakes in real-time. UC San Diego Extension - In partnership with Trilogy Education Services8

BUILDING YOUR PORTFOLIOBank DesertsSocial economists have long noted a trend that in geographic areas with higher poverty rates, there is often a dearth of reputable banks or financialservices. The shortage leads to higher rates of financial victimization in these areas. But how could we show this trend using data? In this activity,you’ll learn how to combine data from the US Census, Google Maps, and Google Places to visualize the relationship between various socioeconomicfactors and the number of banks in a given zip code.Skills NeededObjectives Python Matplotlib Pandas APIs Google Maps Google Places Utilize the Python Requests library to make hundreds of API calls to the US Censusand Google Maps datasets Utilize the Python pandas library to organize the retrieved information by zip codeand socioeconomic factors Build scatter plots to easily communicate the Banking Desert phenomenaEarthquake HistoryData isn’t just about finance and numbers. It can also be used for good as well. In this activity, you will create an interactive visualization of historicearthquakes over time using Leaflet.js, a popular JavaScript geo-mapping library. Your final application will provide a near-live feed of globalearthquakes and their relative magnitudes.Skills Needed ObjectivesHTML Leaflet.js CSS APIs Javascript JSON Harness the power of APIs and JSON to gather earthquake data fromUSGS datasets Utilize Leaflet.js library to create visually compelling, animated maps Embed the created map onto a live web page using HTML and CSSWeb Scraping ApplicationSometimes, data is just out of reach. Whether it’s a social media website that is guarding it’s information, a government agency that has poorlyorganized records, or a cookbook website filled with secret recipes -- data isn’t always accessible by external applications. This is where data scrapingcomes in. Utilizing Python libraries like Beautiful Soup, you will learn to convert data straight from raw HTML into a queryable and storable form,opening up troves of data for your future applications.Skills NeededObjectives Python CSS Scrape your favorite social media website for otherwise inaccessible data Beautiful Soup MongoDB Parse through the retrieved information and store it into a HTMLMongoDB database Create new representations of the data using HTML and CSS UC San Diego Extension - In partnership with Trilogy Education Services9

PORTFOLIO continued.Data Journalism and D3In this activity, you will be taking on the role of a data visualization specialist working for a major metropolitan newspaper. Your editor wants to run a seriesof feature stories about the health risks facing particular demographics of the United States. Using the latest information from two government databasesand the D3 JavaScript library, you will be creating charts and interactive graphs for this important news article.Skills Needed ObjectivesJavaScript and Bootstrap Collect data from two government databasesthe D3 Library Microsoft Excel Store the data within a series of .CSV files Create fully interactive graphs that alter with button-clicks Place all of your information into a mobile-responsive webpageHTML/CSSGame Studio AnalyticsCongratulations! You have landed a job as the Lead Analyst for an independent game company and for your first assignment you have been giventhe difficult task of analyzing data and creating a report for their latest smash hit release. You will be using the Python Pandas Library and JupyterNotebook to create demographic and other financial reports.Skills NeededObjectives Python Jupyter Notebook Pandas LibraryUse Python and the Pandas library to create a report containing a vast amount ofdata Make the data viewable using Jupyter Notebook Find, analyze, and write up descriptions of observable trends in the dataPlotBot5Twitter bots are all the rage these days and, for this assignment, you will be creating an interactive Twitter bot of your very own. This Twitter bot willreceive tweets via mentions and then perform “sentiment analysis” on the first Twitter account specified in the mention. A plot of data will then betweeted out from the PlotBot5 Twitter feed.Skills NeededObjectives Python Tweepy (Twitter) Create your own fully-interactive Twitter bot and to be run off of Heroku VADER Pandas Perform sentiment analysis on Twitter accounts using VADER and Tweepy(Sentiment Analysis) Matplotlib Parse, store, and post to the web on call Heroku UC San Diego Extension - In partnership with Trilogy Education Services10

COURSE CURRICULUM BY MODULEModuleModule 1:Excel Crash Course(Weeks 1-2)Module 2:Python Data Analytics(Weeks 3-9)Module 3:DatabasesDescriptionLearn to do more with Microsoft Excel! In this modulewe’ll be covering advanced topics like statistical modelling,forecasting, and prediction; pivot tables, and VBA scripting.You will even learn to model historic stock trends -- andhopefully, learn to beat the market!!»»Microsoft Excel»»VBA Script»»Statistics ModelingGain a strong foothold in one of the fundamentalprogramming languages of today. In the course of thismodule, you’ll gain deep proficiencies with core Python;data analytic tools like NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib; andspecific libraries for interacting with web data like Requests,BeautifulSoup, and as»»Matplotlib»»Beautiful flet»»Tableau»»Hadoop»»Machine Learning»»Dreaming up something fantastic andunderstanding the bounds of reasonable andachievableDive deep into the most prolific database languages: SQL andNoSQL. Work with MySQL and MongoDB to organize datainto well-structured and easily retrievable data formats.(Weeks 10-12)Module 4:Web Visualization(Weeks 13-19)Module 5:Advanced TopicsBuilding visualizations are of little benefit without a way tocommunicate the message. In this module, you’ll be learningthe core technologies of web development (HTML, CSS, andJavaScript) to create new and interactive data visualizationsthat you can share with everyone on the web!By program’s end, you’ll be immersed in new and in-demandtopics like Tableau, Hadoop, and Machine Learning.(Weeks 20-23)Module 6:Final Project(Week 24)What You’ll LearnBring everything that you have learned in the class altogetherto create an impressive data-visualization application with asmall team! Get creative and come up with something cool toshow off to the whole worl

The Data Science and Visualization Boot Camp at UC San Diego Extension is a part-time 24 week program that will empower you to gain the knowledge and skills to conduct robust analytics on a host of real-world problems.

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