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Master in International ManagementSales & MarketingDigital Business“The world in a classroom.”International Business

IE Business School01/02Master in International ManagementChoose one of three different specializations:

IEMaster inInternationalManagementQUICK FACTSType: Full-TimeProfile: Young graduates with 0-2 years of work experienceLength: 10 months*Intakes: February and SeptemberLanguages of instruction: English, Spanish or BilingualAdmissions Period: Rolling admissions process, no deadlinesCampus: Madrid*Optional Beyond Borders Experience, extending learning experience with a minimum of 3-month duration

IE Business School03/04Master in International ManagementA word fromour Dean

The world is changing quickly andso are the challenges that facetomorrow’s leaders. In response to thisdevelopment, IE Business School hasdesigned the Master in InternationalManagement as an innovative andinternational business program forhigh performing individuals. We helpstudents develop an entrepreneurialmindset and a strong foundation ofmanagement skills to succeed in a dynamic, global, and diversebusiness environment.As working across international borders increases, so does thedemand for capable leaders with an international perspective.Students of the Master in International Management acquirethe necessary skills to be effective in an international settingthrough a global community on campus and a network ofalumni in more than 100 countries.In our aim to make business education as relevant as possible,we employ a host of innovative learning tools and methods thatredefine how business is studied and how insights are shared.In the Master in International Management, students learnthrough multimedia simulations, case study discussions, andinteractive workshops. Learning comes from opportunities toexperience what real business situations are like.Furthermore, our goal is to foster an entrepreneurial mindsetamong our students. We connect theory with practice, infusingentrepreneurship education throughout our curriculum andall extra-curricular activities. Thus it is not surprising that manyMaster in International Management students choose to starttheir own business upon graduation.The Master in International Management offers a host of optionswhich allow students to personalize the program in orderto maximize its benefit based on their interests, needs, andaspirations. In the Specialization Period, for instance, studentscan develop their expertise in Sales & Marketing, DigitalBusiness, or International Business. They may also choose tostudy the program in English, in Spanish or a combination ofboth languages (bilingual format).Finally, IE Business School is considered one of the leadingbusiness schools in the world by international journals suchas Bloomberg Businessweek, Financial Times, The Economist,or Wall Street Journal, and by international companies andorganizations actively recruiting our graduates. By studying atIE Business School, students graduate with a brand recognizedfor its excellence among recruiters.In addition, the intensive cultural experience of living in Madrid– the vibrant capital of Spain – and living the Spanish way of lifewill transform students’ perspective and broaden their capacityfor adaptation.We look forward to welcoming you soon.Martin BoehmAssociate Dean, Master in International Management

IE Business School05/06Master in International ManagementWho is theMaster in InternationalManagement for?Aimed at recent university graduates and young professionals at the start of their career, with 0 to 2 years ofprofessional experience. The program is designed for high performing individuals with an entrepreneurialspirit who want an innovative and challenging business program and seek to broaden their scope ofopportunity.

Class ProfileUndergraduate Degrees Law 3%Geographic Distribution* 48% BusinessScience 4%SpainI 9% EnglishI 57% SpanishAfrica and Middle EastI 12% EnglishI 0% SpanishOther 5%North AmericaI 9% EnglishI 1% Spanish5%Humanities8%Social ScienceEngeneering 10%17% EconomicsAge 80% range Average Latin AmericaI 17% EnglishI 40% SpanishAsia PacificI 10% EnglishI 0% SpanishEuropeI 43% EnglishI 2% SpanishDiversity 21-25 years23 yearsProfessional Experience International Students Nationalities 70%48Gender Average 1 yearMale Female 58%42%*Master in International Management class of 2011 (English & Spanish tracks).“IE Business School truly defines the word “Diversity” for me. With the majority of my classmateseach representing a different nationality, it brings a unique balance to the classroom, inspiringdifferent thoughts and opinions. As an international student myself, the fear of isolation iseasily diminished knowing that many of my peers are walking in my shoes.”Odette CareyBahamas. Class of 2009.

IE Business School07/08Master in International ManagementTerm I: FundamentalsFebruary IntakeFebruary - AprilMay - JulySeptember - DecemberCorporate Immersion Week (CIW)START MODULESummer BreakJanuary - MarchWinter BreakCorporate Immersion Week (CIW)September IntakePre-Program (Optional)Intensive Spanish ClassesQuantitative Methods (Online)Term II: Core ManagementLanguage Classes (English / Spanish)Week 12345678910111213141516Program Structure171819202122

Global Immersion Week (GIW) (February and September intakes)23Term III: Specialization PeriodEnglish or SpanishBeyond Borders ExperienceOptionalSeptember - DecemberJanuary - MarchApril - JulySeptember - DecemberFinal Exam and GraduationSales & MarketingI September intake: English or SpanishI February intake: EnglishDigital BusinessI September intake: EnglishInternational BusinessI September intake: English or SpanishI February intake: English or Spanish2526272829303132II. Social Impact ProjectIII. Dual-Specialization**For the February Intake, the DualSpecialization takes place from Aprilto JulyInternational Exchange24I. International Exchange32Minimum of 3 monthsThe Beyond Borders Experience (BBE) (Limited places available)The optional Beyond Borders Experience opens up a world of choices which complement your studies at IE Business School, furtheringyour academic knowledge whilst offering the experience so essential to put your knowledge into practice.You will be able to choose from a host of personalization options:Dual-SpecializationThe Dual Specialization provides a unique opportunity for studentsto pursue a diverse set of academic interests. Instead of specializingonly in one academic area such as Digital Business, InternationalBusiness, or Sales & Marketing students can gain expertise in twoacademic areas in less than 18 months.The most challenging questions and problems of our time cannotbe addressed by one profession. As a consequence, recruitersincreasingly demand candidates with expertise in multiple anddiverse areas. The Dual Specialization of the Master in InternationalManagement offers an answer to this demand by bridgingacademic areas and by providing students with the knowledge andskills of different academic areas. The Dual Specialization clearlyimproves a student’s job opportunities due to specializing in twoareas instead of one.International ExchangeStudents may opt to study abroad at one of our partner institutionsduring the Specialization period or the BBE.This additional international learning experience adds not onlyrange and depth to the program but also wider networkingopportunities after graduation. For an updated list of partnerschools, please visit Impact ProjectThe next generation of business leaders are compassionate, sociallyaware and want to make money, but not at any cost. The SocialImpact Project provides participants the opportunity to engagein a 6-week immersion experience in an emerging economy,giving them the opportunity to work in the space where businessmeets the social sector. Whether you’re interested in CorporateResponsibility, Sustainability, Non-Profit work, or simply want togain experience in the citizen sector, the Social Impact Project willhelp you meet your goals.

IE Business School09/10Master in International ManagementCustomizeYour Program

Language and Specialization OptionsSeptember IntakeLanguageEnglishSpanishFebruary IntakeEnglishCore PeriodSpecializationSales & MarketingDigital BusinessInternational Business“One of the elements of the Master in International Management that I found most appealingwas the Beyond Borders Experience (BBE) Module. I participated in a project with a renownedNGO, something that will surely provide me with the experience I need to continue in the sector.The possibility to customize my program to fit my needs and ambitions was an invaluablefeature of the Master in International Management at IE Business School.”María Alejandra ZapataVenezuela. Class of 2008.The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Houston, USA.Spanish

IE Business School11/12Master in International ManagementSales & MarketingBe an expert in the latest marketing and commercial trendsWhy study this specialization?The scope of today’s marketing challenge is breathtaking, and proliferation is the reason. Recent advancesin technology, media, and distribution have created an explosion of new customer segments, sales andservice channels, marketing approaches, as well as products and brands. But despite better informationabout customers and lower cost of communication, marketing to consumers and businesses is becomingmore complex and difficult every day. Marketers, even the most sophisticated, are struggling to keep up.The same picture holds true in business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) industrieswhich are as varied as packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, and retail banking.Within this new context, rather than just relying on traditional marketing approaches, which have becomeless effective, marketers need to adopt a more proactive approach towards marketing their productsto consumers and businesses. Marketers have to develop new techniques and skills to transform thisproliferation into an opportunity rather than a threat.The Sales & Marketing specialization will help mould versatile professionals who are competent inconfronting these new challenges and who have a strategic vision to profit from this proliferation. Thespecialization will focus on the acquisition of relevant skills and competencies that distinguish effectivesales and marketing managers in the face of the 21st century.

“The Sales & Marketing specialization equipped me to launch my careerin the Category Management department at Colgate Palmolive and nowat L’Oréal. Armed with resources from insightful classes and lectures,experienced and talented classmates, and international seminars, IEBusiness School served as a unique passport to the professional world.”Maya ElaramouniLebanon. Class of 2007.Brand Manager L’Oréal.“The Sales & Marketing specialization is an excellent opportunity to implement ourbelief that the business community and the academic world can form a powerfulcombination in generating new talent. It will act as a catalyst to expand on andstrengthen the knowledge and skills of future directors in the field of sales andmarketing, while fostering corporate social responsibility.”Giuseppe TringaliCEO. Grupo Telecinco and Publiespaña

IE Business School13/14Master in International ManagementWhat you will learn?Develop the skills to leverage social media and newtechnologies to conduct marketing research and to learnabout the needs of your customersDesign sustainable marketing strategies considering theproliferation of customer segments, marketing channels, andmeans of communicationUnderstand the key principles in designing brand strategiesto fence of new entrants or to challenge incumbents intraditional industriesCreate world class customer experiences in order to win theloyalty game against your competitorsGain a better understanding of how to design marketingcampaignsNurture your skills to innovate and to be creative in order todeliver the products and services customers demand in themarketLearn how to capitalize on the opportunities offered by digitalmarketingWho are the top employers of our students?Adidas, Carrefour, Elizabeth Arden, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, LVMH, Nivea, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Unilever.“I’m currently working at L’Oréal as senior product manager. My responsibility is tooversee both ongoing product strategy and new launches of the anti-aging skincarecategory under L’Oréal’s Dermo Expertise brand for the Thai market. The sales &marketing specialization equipped me to be a better, more well-rounded marketingprofessional with a sound working knowledge not only of my chosen specializationbut also of business management, thus preparing me to meet the challenges of thereal marketing world.”Patr BhalakulaThailand. Class of 2009

The Sales & Marketing Specialization comprises the following subjects:Feb - JulSept.IntakeSept - MarTerm III: Specialization PeriodEnglish or SpanishBBEOptionalSept - DecJan - MarApr - JulSept - DecI September intake: English or SpanishI February intake: English Knowing the Marketand Consumer Creativity & InnovationManagement Product & BrandManagement Services Marketing Channel Management Sales & Key AccountManagement Integrated MarketingCommunication Search EngineMarketing Pricing Marketing StrategySimulationFinal Exam and GraduationFeb.IntakeGlobal Immersion Week (GIW) (February and September intakes)Core PeriodI. InternationalExchangeII. Social ImpactProjectIII. DualSpecialization**For the February Intake,the Dual Specializationtakes place from Aprilto JulyLanguage Classes (English / Spanish)Week1 to 222324252627282930313232The structure and/or content may be altered depending on the faculty, market dynamics and company demands.Minimum of 3 months

IE Business School15/16Master in International ManagementDigital BusinessExplore the innovation process andhow companies are moving to acollaborative network that solves theneeds of consumers, employees, and otherstakeholdersWhy study this specialization?We live in an era of constant change. Entire industries emerge or are being destroyed by the advent of newtechnologies. The transformation and challenges we are witnessing are similar to the development of the firsttelephone or TV network, the main difference being that the changes are happening much faster. From retailing totelecommunications, proven business models are challenged and shaken by rapid technological change.In such an environment, the only professionals to succeed are those who are prepared to foresee importanttechnological changes and are capable of implementing their vision of the future. Digital Business students willdevelop an understanding of the trends behind this transformation and an integrated view of the market, and willacquire an understanding of how to grow a business in an industry marked by technological change. The challengelies in the ability to understand those challenges and be prepared to react quickly to develop new businessopportunities.This program allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the strategic approaches that successfulcompanies formulate in order to manage the myriad of opportunities and challenges they face, and to linkinnovation and execution in a fast-changing industry. It includes hard and soft skills which will equip students withthe necessary abilities to excel in an environment of constant technological change.

“The Digital Business (DB) specialization provided me with great tools to work in a changingtechnological environment. Every kind of company needs to be able to understand andimplement technology; the DB specialization provides you with the knowledge, skills andvision to always be one step ahead. Be prepared to work hard and learn from top professorsand classmates. It will be an experience that will change your life.”Alberto SandovalEcuador. Class of 2008.Country Manager at BusinessWise Ecuador.“Accenture’s dual commitment to people and innovation underpins our strong support andenthusiasm for this. The specialization in Digital Business provides participants with a uniqueforum where they can enhance their development and learning. We are confident that we arefulfilling an important role; equipping tomorrow’s leaders with the tools and knowledge theyneed to thrive in the digital economy.”Pedro JuradoManaging Director Accenture

IE Business School17/18Master in International ManagementWhat you will learn?Skills required to manage any company in the differentscenarios of the digital economyKnowledge that can generate new competitive advantageand new business models for companies that want toimplement or are using innovative digital tools in the form ofnew channels of sales and distribution, marketing, informationsystems and communicationGain a deep and broad understanding of the changes broughtto the market by new social and technological trends: fromweb 2.0 to social networking, from twitter to mobile gamesThe technical competencies required to meet the challengesof the marketplace and fully understand the scope oftechnological changeA global vision of what a converging enterprise should be, byunderstanding a new 2.0 customer, culture and technologyfrom a different perspectiveThe capacity to respond with integrated and innovativeservices and productsTechnological and digital evolution scenarios and theirbusiness impactWho are the top employers of our students?Accenture, Amadeus, Everis, Elogos, Ericsson, Google, IBM, Jazztel, Nokia, Telefonica.“After graduating from IE Business School I joined Ericsson. The DB specialization providedme with a solid understanding of the industry. My efforts paid off in less than one year. I amnow being a regional Middle East HR Business Partner, responsible for talent managementfor the same region - one of 10 in Ericsson globally.”Tamer ZikryEgypt. Class of 2008. HR Business Partner, Ericsson Lebanon.

Sept.IntakeCore PeriodFeb - JulSept - MarTerm III: Specialization PeriodEnglish or SpanishSep - DecBBEOptionalJan - MarApr - JulSept - DecI September intake: English Digital BusinessStrategy Conversations with theNew Customer Mobile Business Trends Managing theInnovation Process Shaping the Impactof Disruptive Challenges andTechnologiesOpportunities forthe Media Industry Building an OnlineDistribution StrategiesBusinessfor TechnologyProducts Digital MarketingFinal Exam and GraduationFeb.IntakeGlobal Immersion Week (GIW) (February and September intakes)The Digital Business Specialization comprises the following subjects:I. InternationalExchangeII. Social ImpactProjectIII. DualSpecialization* Social WebManagementLanguage Classes (English / Spanish)Week1 to 222324252627282930313232The structure and/or content may be altered depending on the faculty, market dynamics and company demands.Minimum of 3 months

IE Business School19/20Master in International ManagementInternationalBusinessBecome a Global Manager willing to livein a world of permanent evolutionWhy study this specialization?Globalization has led to fundamental changes in the economy, our social life, and our cultural habits,leading to increased complexity in many aspects. This development requires decision makers in businessand society to update their knowledge continuously and to develop their capabilities in order to masterunprecedented challenges.Students of International Business will acquire the necessary skills to meet the challenges of a businessenvironment that has become increasingly global in any given functional area of the firm. The program isdesigned to prepare global and multicultural professionals who feel comfortable to work in more than onecorner of the global marketplace.

“Business knowledge is no longer enough to succeed. Studying the specialization inInternational Business not only equipped me with knowledge but also afforded theopportunity to develop skills and competencies. The program included training dayswith experts who enabled us to master a specific subject from all perspectives and indeep detail. We also had the opportunity to learn and practice skills such as negotiation,feedback, leadership, networking, and cross-cultural teamwork.”Sergej VohrinsLatvia. Class of 2008. Amadeus IT Group.“The workload was tremendous and rigorous, which probably makes my currentposition seem less stressful. The student body was also very diverse, with an incrediblemix of nationalities, which is crucial to understanding today’s truly global economy.”Kai Ting HsuTaiwan. Class of 2008.

IE Business School21/22Master in International ManagementWhat you will learn?Learn how to structure and manage international companiesNurture the skills to negotiate in multicultural environmentsLeverage the trend for increased internationalization in order toidentify new business opportunities in the global marketplaceLearn how to approach human resource management in atransnational and diverse environmentBe aware of how to use technology and information systemsas a competitive advantageDevelop the skills to analyze the political, economic, legal, andcultural aspects of the places where you will be operating andtheir implications for developing a successful enterpriseDevelop the necessary skills to develop and managemultinational projectsGain an understanding of the financial risks and opportunities ofdoing business internationally

The International Business Specialization comprises the following subjects:Feb - JulSept.IntakeSept - MarTerm III: Specialization PeriodEnglish or SpanishBBEOptionalSept - DecJan - MarApr - JulSept - DecFinal Exam and GraduationFeb.IntakeGlobal Immersion Week (GIW) (February and September intakes)Core PeriodI September intake: English or SpanishI February intake: English or Spanish Management Control Project Management Corporate Strategy Knowing the Marketand Consumer Talent Management Business & ServiceInnovation Financial Markets Country Analysis Marketing StrategySimulation Business, Government,and SocietyI. InternationalExchangeII. Social ImpactProjectIII. DualSpecialization**For the FebruaryIntake, the DualSpecialization takesplace from April to JulyLanguage Classes (English / Spanish)Week1 to 222324252627282930313232Minimum of 3 monthsThe structure and/or content may be altered depending on the faculty, market dynamics and company demands.Who are the top employers of our students?CEMEX, IMS Health, Indra, KPMG, Loewe, Roche Farma, Roland Berger, Santander Global, Siemens, Vodafone.

IE Business School23/24Master in International ManagementEnhance YourCareerOpportunities

How will this program benefit you?Let’s face it – at least one of the reasons you attend business school is to enhance your career prospects. At IE Business School we willprovide you with the competitive edge to succeed in the job market. Some of the resources we provide to kick-start your career are:The Careers Management Center has designed a comprehensiveprogram exclusively for the Master in International Management– the Career Strategy: Personal and Professional Developmentworkshop series – to help students discern and achieve their careergoals. As part of the Master in International Management studentsparticipate in workshops and activities to develop their skills inareas such as networking, interviewing, résumé and cover letterwriting, and negotiations.Students of the Master in International Management haveaccess to IE’s Careers Management Center and its trained careercounselors. These career counselors are available to work withstudents one-on-one along every step of their career trajectoryfrom initial self-assessment through the job search and beyond.During the first week of October, IE is the venue for itsInternational Careers Fair, an event which serves as an interfacefor leading companies from different sectors and IE students.Attended by over 100 companies, the International CareersFair is the leading fair of its kind for master students in Business School is considered one of the world s leadingbusiness schools by international journals such as BloombergBusinessweek, Financial Times, The Economist, or Wall StreetJournal, and by international companies and organizationsactively recruiting our graduates. By studying at IE BusinessSchool, students graduate with a brand recognized for itsexcellence among recruiters.

IE Business School25/26Master in International ManagementBy studying at IE Business School, students gain accessto over 40,000 alumni spread across more than 100countries. Becoming part of this community, which includesworld leaders in corporate, non-profit, and governmentorganizations, will be a valuable asset for a Executive Insight Series which provides studentswith frequent opportunities to hear from national andinternational business leaders about their careers and thechallenges of their industries. The Executive Insight Seriesadds a new dimension to the educational experience at IEBusiness School, allowing students to learn firsthand frombusiness leaders and innovators.The Corporate Immersion Week (CIW), offer students theopportunity to get an inside view of a company’s operations.Recent immersion visits include the Madrid Stock Exchange,Accenture, or the Airport of Madrid.Our Master in International Management students get handson experiences by working on real-life projects. At the sametime, these are excellent networking opportunities to securea job even before graduation. Recent projects include workfor L’Oréal, Coca-Cola, and Proctor & Gamble.Students constantly participate in, and win, businesscompetitions like the Master Minds Challenge by Novartis,the Blackberry Challenge, and the Nokia Business Challenge.After completing the academic program, students have theoption to embark on an internship and gain work experience,applying the theory learned in the classroom to practice.For a complete Placement Report please visit our webpage:

Master in International Management Corporate Partners“The combination of an integrated knowledge of management gained during the Masterin International Management program, the soft skills gained during my previous AIESECexperience and my industrial engineering background has played a pivotal role in mysuccess. I strongly believe that all these skills will serve to add value in a pharmaceuticalbusiness, where demographic change, technological development and stricter regulationwill shape a new model for the industry.”Kelly FungVenezuela. Class of 2009. Roche Pharmaceuticals.

IE Business School27/28Master in International ManagementLarry Page & Sergey Brin, founders of Google were awarded IE Honoris CausaWhy chooseIE Business School?

RankingsIE Business School is recognized by the international press, who rank IE as a leading international business school. Master in Finance MBA Executive MBA European Business Schools2nd worldwide 3rd in Europe, 8th worldwide 7th worldwide 5th worldwide Distance Learning International Executive MBA1st worldwide MBA1st worldwide September, 2009 MBA3rd worldwide August, 2011 MBA4th worldwide May, 2011 Business School2nd in Europe, 3rd worldwide September, 2011 Ranking of Non-US school3rd worldwide November, 2010Innovation and InternationalizationIE Business School shapes leaders that promote innovation andchange in organizations, equipping them with an entrepreneurialmindset that generates employment, wealth and social wellbeing. Founded in 1973, the school has undergone a rapidprocess of growth and internationalization and is now recognizedas one of the world’s leading business schools.AccreditationIE is accredited by theworld’s three leadingaccreditation bodies.June, 2011January, 2011October, 2010December, 2010February, 2010IE Business School FacultyOur international faculty is comprised of entrepreneurs,executives, academic experts and authors published in topjournals. Many IE Business School professors have held executivepositions in start-up companies or multinationals. They bringintellectual diversity and different perspectives of the businessenvironment to the classroom to create a rich and challengingbusiness program.AACSB InternationalEQUISAMBAAssociation to AdvanceCollegiate Schools of BusinessEuropean Quality Improvement SystemAssociation of MBA s

IE Business School29/30Master in International ManagementEntrepreneurial StudiesFounded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.While entrepreneurship is commonly seen as an activity, at IEBusiness School we think of it as a mindset. Being an entrepreneurdoes not necessarily mean starting your own business, althoughmore than 10 percent of IE Business School graduates do justthat. To further build on this entrepreneurial spirit, IE BusinessSchool has an Entrepreneurship Department with a teamcomprising over 100 external tutors who serve as mentors duringthe development of business plans. At IE Business School youwill have access to training programs in the fields of corporateventuring, family venturing and independent venturing whichwill allow you to turn your dreams and passions into real tive LearningThe teaching methods used in the Master in InternationalManagement are based on practical and interactive learningprocesses. Although almost all IE classes rely on the case methodto drive the learning experience, professors also frequently useother techniques, such as role playing, multimedia applications oronline business simulations. IE classes are not abstract or focusedon theory. Instead, you will learn concepts, tools and theoreticalfoundations of management through the examination of realcompanies in the real world. At IE, students are continuouslynurtured by a broad variety of methods fostering teamwork,decision-making skills development and open-mindedness.Com

Business, or International Business. They may also choose to study the program in English, in Spanish or a combination of both languages (bilingual format). Finally, IE Business School is considered one of the leading business schools in the world by international journals such as Bl

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MBA and business master's program types (46%). An additional 19 percent are only considering business master's program types. Over the last five years, consideration of the traditional business master's program types—including Master of Accounting, Master of Finance, and Master in Management—has remained stable or declined.

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