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Teach Writing, Inspire Writing, Improve Writing.

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Writing ResourcesWritingTeach writing, inspire writing, improve writing.GRADE 1COMMON CORE EDITIONCOMMON CORE EDITIONWriting powers understanding.Key Features Reading and strategy response logs Practice for phonics, vocabulary,and comprehensionREADER’S & WRITER’S NOTEBOOK TEACHER’S MANUAL Grammar and writing processlessons, with cumulative reviews Spelling practice with resourcesand reviews Research practice pages Answer key for all practice pages1ISBN-13: 978-0-328-48475-1ISBN-10:0-328-48475-X921st CenturyWriting Online9 0 0 0 0780328 484751G1 RWN TM CVR.indd 11/11/12 1:43 PMReader’s & Writer’sNotebookWriting Rubrics andAnchor PapersProofreading MarksTake OutUppercase letter .AddPeriodCheck spellingInsert quotes#Insert spaceLowercase letterNew paragraphInsert apostrophe/¶”’The study even gave researchers an unexpected surprise. insniffing the samples, the dog kept stopping at one which doctorshad said was cancer free. The trainers became frustrated they;thought the dog was not doing well on the test. However, just to beWriting Transparencies Online/DVD-ROMcontainpatient’ssure, they sent the sample belonging to the patient back to the labs’for further tests. It turned out that this patients sample did contane Pearson Education, Inc.4 ’ nosecancer, which had been undetected before. The dogs had been right. Unit 2 Horse HeroesWriting to SourcesWriting: Edit9CReading Street SleuthSCOTT FORESMAN READING STREETGRADE 4COMMON CORE EDITIONCOMMON CORE EDITIONA comprehensiveapproach to integrating theCommon Core State Standardsinto your programOnline Essay ScorerKey Features Practice in argument, narrative andexpository writing Structured writing process lessons Guidance for self-evaluation Publishing and extension activities4ISBN-13: 978-0-328-68632-2ISBN-10:0-328-68632-89 0 0 0 09780328 686322RS G2-G6 CC NA WritingResearchHandbook.indd 42/4/11 2:20 PMWriting andResearch HandbookOnline Journal“Writing 016Copyright Pearson Education, Inc., or its affiliates. All rights reserved.GS ReaBro581L145ReadingStreetRTI REV Writing.indd 2-326/04/2016 14:56

Getting StartedDaily and Weekly WritingPreparing for the road ahead.Mentor, model, and motivate!Reading Street Common Core helps you teach writing explicitly andintentionally beginning in the earliest grades. Students will learn to read likewriters, write every day, and use grammar and mechanics to serve their writing.Students need to read and study writers. They need goodwriting models. Welcome to Reading Street!Read likea writer!Rules of the Road1Write every day2Write opinion/argument pieces3Write informative/explanatory pieces4Write narratives5Practice the writing process6Participate in research and writing projects7Take part in writing workshops8Understand grammar and mechanicsCOMMON CORE EDITIONCOMMON CORE EDITIONKey Features Reading and strategy response logs Practice for phonics, vocabulary,and comprehensionREADER’S & WRITER’S NOTEBOOK TEACHER’S MANUAL— Jeff Anderson, M.Ed.Author and National Literacy Staff DeveloperProgram Consulting AuthorThe weekly selection is a mentortext for teaching writer’s craft. Eachweek students focus on a differenttype of writing and interact withmodel text.GRADE 1“Successful writing instruction calls for helpingchildren experience success as writers—with inspiringwriting, use of model texts, and positive feedback.”Mentor Text andStudent Models Spelling practice with resourcesand reviews Research practice pages Answer key for all practice pages1Graphic OrganizersVisual scaffolds develop goodwriting traits, such as focus,ideas, and organization. Grammar and writing processlessons, with cumulative reviewsISBN-13: 978-0-328-48475-1ISBN-10:0-328-48475-X9G1 RWN TM CVR.indd 19 0 0 0 0780328 4847511/11/12 1:43 PM1GS ReaBro581L145ReadingStreetRTI REV Writing.indd 4-126/04/2016 14:56

Daily and Weekly WritingFollow the “right” writing plan.How do I teach the new Common Core writing standards?Follow Reading Street every day and every week.Writing to Sources Equal balance of instruction in argument/opinion,informative/explanatory, and narrative writing. Write in response to multiple texts and cite textbased evidence. Students can maintain their own online writingportfolio in their interactive notebook.Writing Mini-LessonsDaily 10-minute lessons helpyou teach good writing traitsand the craft of writing. Traits: Focus/ideas,organization, voice, wordchoice, sentences, conventions.DAY 1Common CoreState StandardsWriting 2. Write informative/explanatory texts in which they namea topic, supply some facts aboutthe topic, and provide some senseof closure. Writing 7. Participate inshared research and writing projects(e.g., explore a number of “how-to”books on a given topic and use themto write a sequence of instructions).Writing Craft: Drafting strategies,revising strategies,editing strategies.Review Key FeaturesReview key features of a description with children. You may want to postthese key features in the classroom to allow children to refer to them as theywork on their descriptions.Key Features of a Description tells about real people or things uses descriptive wordsConnect to Familiar TextsUse examples from “Helping Hands at 4-H” (Unit 2) or another expositorytext familiar to children. In “Helping Hands at 4-H,” the writer describes whatchildren in 4-H do. The writer tells about real people and real things and useswords to describe what children do.RoutineQuick Write for FluencyTeam Talk1. Talk Read these questions aloud, and have other children respond withdescriptive words.What does your favorite animal look like?How does your favorite food smell or taste?Quick Write for Fluency RoutineTalk, write, share! Encourage fluent writingwith this easy-to-do daily routine.2GS ReaBro581L145ReadingStreetRTI REV Writing.indd 2-32. Write Have children write a short sentence to answer one of the questions.Make sure their sentences include words that help the reader see and feelwhat the writer is describing.3. Share Partners can read their answers to one another.Routines Flip Chart326/04/2016 14:56

Daily and Weekly WritingMore writing for group time.can be a home for hawks, too. They buildnests in the cactus’s arms.Bats can help make new cactuses.Writing helps students explore what they read.Have you ever seen a cactus before?Bats like to eat the whiteReadingStreetturnsstudentsintogrowwritingA cactus is a spiky desert plant. You mayflowers thaton the detectives.have seen a small cactus sitting in a potcactus. Then, the bats flynear a window. But did you know there isaway. They drop seedsa cactus that can grow to fifty feet tall?Practice Stations provide differentiatedwriting activities. Online Journal activitiesprovide instant engagement.all over the desert. OneIt is called the saguaro cactus. It isBe growa Sleuthof those seeds mayinto a cactus! Students use textual evidenceas clues, ask questions, andlearn to support their case.can be a home for hawks, too. They buildnests in the cactus’s arms.Bats can help make new cactuses.green and has longHavearms.It also hasyou ever seen a cactus before?Bats like to eat the whiteA cactus is a spiky desert plant. You maymany sharp spines.But that doesn’thave seen a small cactus sitting in a potflowers that grow on thea window. But did you know there isstop the saguaro nearcactusfrom makinga cactus that can grow to fifty feet tall?away. They drop seedscactus. Then, the bats flyall over the desert. OneIt is called the saguaro cactus. It isof those seeds may growplenty of animal greenfriends!and has long arms. It also hasinto a cactus!Be a Sleuthmany sharp spines. But that doesn’tThisstop the saguaro cactusfrom tallmakingcactusplenty of animal friends!makes aThisnicehometall cactusLook for Clues What clues can help you learnhow cactuses are useful to animals?Be a Sleuthmakes a nice homeLook for Clues What clues can help you learnhow cactuses are useful to animals?for birds.for birds.TheTheAsk Questions List two more questions youhave about desert plants and animals.Ask Questions List two more questions youhave about desert plants and animals.woodpecker peckswoodpeckerpecksa hole in the cactus.Make Your Case Do you think cactuses aremore important to the desert than trees are to theforest? Why or why not?This hole can be useda holeforinthecactus.a nest.A cactus30Independent PracticeMake Your Case Do you think cactuses are31more importantto the desert than trees are to theforest? Why or why not?This hole can be usedfor a nest. A cactus3031DAY 5Access for AllAdvancedGroupTime Plan Reading Street Sleuth Leveled Reader DatabaseIDENTIFY NOUNS Have children return to the text of “The Friendly Cactus”to find and list singular nouns. Then have children make the singular nounsplural. Repeat the process having children find and list plural nouns in theselection. Then have children write the singular form next to each plural.2 Text-Based ComprehensionREREAD “The Friendly Cactus” Have partnersreread “The Friendly Cactus.”SMALL Group TiMeeLeveled activitieshelp all studentswrite opinionsand argumentsin response tothe text.Pearson eText1 Build Word KnowledgePractice Singular and Plural NounsEXTEND UNDERSTANDING Talk together aboutwhy a cactus might be considered both friendly andunfriendly.PERFORMANCE TASK Prove It! Ask children todraw a cactus that is being used by more than onedesert animal. They should label their drawings. Havechildren use the text and other references to drawand label their pictures. Encourage them to labelseveral items and to use complete sentences to describe actions. Look forevidence that children understand the relationship between the cactus and theanimals.COMMUNICATE Invite children to share their drawings with the group andread their labels. Encourage children to look for similarities and differences intheir drawings.3 Inquiry: Extend ConceptsCOMMUNICATE Have children share their inquiry projects on food chains inone plant-and-animal community.More Reading forGroup TimeLife ScienceAllAboutFood ChainsPerformanceTasksADVANCED Extend Concept Vocabulary Review Target SkillUse this suggested Leveled Readeror other text at children’s instructionallevel.Use the Leveled Reader Database forlesson plans and student pages for AllAbout Food Chains.Life in the ForestRDG13 TE01 U2W5EM SGA.indd 854GS ReaBro581L145ReadingStreetRTI REV Writing.indd 4-5SG 85Reading Streetscaffolds learningand promotesindependence.The goal is college andcareer readiness.Students defend theiropinion through oralpresentations, projects,and writing tasks.14/01/12 5:28 PM526/04/2016 14:56

Unit WritingThe process of writingneeds to be taught.“Prepare a new generation ofstudents for the reading and literacyskills that will define their future.”— Donald Leu, Ph.D.University of ConnecticutProgram AuthorGood writers follow a plan. Reading Street helps youintroduce and teach the writing process.WritingStroneet ReadingWriting on ReadingUSDAILYDAILY WRITING FOCQuick Writes for FluencyStreetUNIT WRITING FOCUSUSWEEKLY WRITING FOCWRITING FOCUSPatternsWriting Forms andQuick Writes for Fluencyon a different Instruction focusesproduct each week.WEEKLYing ProcessWRITINGWritWriting Forms and PatternsCOMMON CORESTATE STANDARDS FOR SENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTSPROCESS WRITING STEPPlan and PrewriteDraftCCSS Writing 5.CCSS Writing 2.a.;CCSS Writing 2.c.g procthe steps of the writinpacing helpMini-lessonsandweekmodels One-week and twoallowsof this(see the backstudentslearnkeyTab)featuresandWritinglessons to be used inorganizationalpatterns.shops.Workessng procwritisteps of theUsementortexteveryweek as a TheDraft, Revise,are Plan and Prewrite,modeltoexemplifytheent.traits of goodPresEdit, and Publish andess Productswriting. Grade 4 Writing Procde personal narrative,incluGrade4 Products n,includecompare letters,expository compositio, persuasivedrama,ast essay, storypoems,essays,instructions,and contrrt.ent, and research repoand argummore. Grade 4 Organizational Patternsinclude cause and effect, sequence,compare and contrast, main ideaand details, narrative story structure,CESS WRITINGPROandmore.FOR UNIT 3TIPSargument,prewrite, help themAs students prepare toa compare and contrastidentify the features ofessay.towriting, show them howAs students draft theirusing a Venn diagram.categorize their idease their drafts, share withBefore students revisg verbs.them examples of stronwriting, share with themAs students edit theirding the sentence-byediting strategies, incluegy.sentence editing stratg,to publish their writinWhen students are readyself-evaluation.have them complete a Six writing process lessons providestructure to move students throughthe steps of the writing process.Writing ProcessLessons One-week and two-week pacing(see the back of this Tab) allowslessons to be used in WritingWorkshops.The unit writing process The steps of the writing processstructureare lessonPlan and providesPrewrite, Draft,Revise,Edit,toandPublishand Present.helpwriterssupport Grade4 WritingProductsideaswithProcessreasoninginclude personal narrative,and evidence.expository composition, compareand contrast essay, story, persuasiveargument, and research report.CompareWriting 5. Contrast EssayCCSS andReviseCCSS Writing 5.Edit6.PROCESS WRITINGCCSS Writing STEPSPublish and PresentPlan and PrewriteDraftReviseEditPublish and Present6GS ReaBro581L145ReadingStreetRTI REV Writing.indd 6-7Collaborative lessons helpstudents collect, analyze, andsynthesize information usingthe Internet.Writing Processdens proviInstructionfocusesona differentlesso Six writing processstudents throughto moveweek.structure eachproductess.COMMON CORESTATE STANDARDS FORENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTSTIPS FOR UNIT 3 PROCESS WRITINGCCSS Writing 5.As students prepare to prewrite, help themidentify the features of a compare and contrastessay.CCSS Writing 2.a.;CCSS Writing 2.c.As students draft their writing, show them how tocategorize their ideas using a Venn diagram.CCSS Writing

SCOTT FORESMAN READING STREET ISBN-13: ISBN-10: 978-0-328-68632-2 0-328-68632-8 9 780328686322 90000 4 RS_G2-G6_CC_NA_WritingResearchHandbook.indd 4 2/4/11 2:20 PM Writing and Research Handbook Reading Street Sleuth Online Journal Online Essay Scorer Writing Transparencies Online/DVD-ROM 21st Century Writing Online Writing powers understanding.