DBT-CEV Has Installed More Than 15,000 Stations In 33 .

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DBT-CEVYour e-mobility expert since 1992Discover our electric vehicle charging infrastructure portfolio

A large EV charging solutions portfolioNormal, accelerated & quick charging pointsSolutions for residential (from 3 to 7 kW)NORMAL AT ACCELERATED CHARGE, FROM 1 TO 8 HOURSGarages, private parking lotsEV StreamSolutions for public areas (from 3 to 22 kW)Public parking lots, commercial areasGNSSolutions for private fleets (from 3 to 22 kW)Commercial fleet wharehouses, corporate parking lotsQUICK CHARGE, LESS THAN 30 MINUTESWallbox Solutions for quick charging (43 kW AC and 50 kW DC)Service stations, service areas, railways stations, airports, main highwaysUniversalQuickChargerDual DCQuickChargerAC/DCQuickChargerDCQuickCharger

EV charging solutions for any usePrivate, public, fleet and quick charging for electric vehiclesCharging for residentials: Garage (house) Private parking lots (residentiel areas) Recommanded for private useEasyto useSmallfootprintEconomicalCharging for public areas: Outdoor or indoor parking lots, workplaces Any retail, distribution, hotel, restaurant business Recommanded for "out of home" antCharging for fleets: Commercial fleet warehouses Corporate fleet parking lots Recommanded for "centralized" fleetsAccesscontrolNetworkedQuick charging: Service stations, service areas Railway stations, airports, main highways Recommanded for high-trafic areasModerndesignNetworked

The Universal Quick chargerInnovative, communicant and reliableUniversalThe DBT-CEV universal quick charger iscompatible with all the electric vehicles currentlysold on the market and tested with new modelseven before they are marketed. It is interoperableand also compatible with all back office softwaresin addition to OCPP.ReliableAll the company’s quick chargersinstalled in Europe and aroundthe world have been upgradedto enable all its customers andpartners to benefit from the bestof DBT-CEV technology, based onfeedback and in-the-field expertiseacquired over a period of threeyears in 33 different countries.IntuitiveThe customer path has beendesigned to enable the userto access charging quicklyand easily via an LCD screenindicating the various startingand disconnection procedures.CustomisableThis charger’s design facilitates its integration in theurban landscape. It is available in several configurationsdepending on the operator’sneeds. The universal quickcharger is the most sophisticated charger in a range offour different versions: standard DC, Dual DC, AC/DCand tri-standard (UniversalQuick-Charger).Easy maintenanceDesigned with both the user andthe operator in mind, the DBTCEV universal quick charger hasa supervision system called DMS(DBT Monitoring System) whichindicates the current statusand availability of the station.This connection also enableseasy remote updating of itssoftwares.RobustAll DBT-CEV chargers complywith the IP55 standard, theIK10 standard are equipped withstainless steel in order to resist torough climatic conditions.

Discover DBT-CEVThe experience of a pioneer.For smart and sustainable e-mobilitySince the launching of the first electric vehicle initiatives in the early1990's, DBT-CEV has developed a wide range of charging solutionsfor rechargeable electric and hybrid vehicles. The company now presents the biggest choice of charging stations in Europe and participates in increasingly ambitious projects.DBT-CEV has installed more than 15,000 stations in 33 countriesaround the world since 1992, constituting the biggest fleet of terminals ever developed. 1,553 of these are “quick charging” infrastructures. DBT-CEV has in particular developed universal quick chargersto meet the requirements of the European Commission, which advocates the installation of multi-standard solutions.These stations include the three worldwide standards, Combo, ACand CHAdeMO, compatible with 98% of electric vehicles.This spirit of innovation has made DBT-CEV the leading company inits field, capable of participating in worldwide terminal deploymentprojects. The main supplier for local authorities, network managersand commercial fleets, DBT-CEV also equips service stations, railway stations, airports and national retailers.

PIRIS S.A.C/CIUTAT DE GRANADA Nº7408005 BARCELONATel: 34 93 244 06 66 - info@piris.comWWW.PIRIS.COMDBT-CEV SASPARC HORIZON 2000 - 62117 BREBIERESTel : - dbt-cev@dbt.frCrédits photo : DBT-CEV, Laurent Ghesquière photographewww.dbtcev.fr

DBT-CEV has installed more than 15,000 stations in 33 countries around the world since 1992, constituting the biggest fleet of termi-nals ever developed. 1,553 of these are “quick charging” infrastruc-tures. DBT-CEV has in particular developed universal quick chargers to meet the requirements of the European Commission, which advo-

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DBT-CEV – Parc Horizon 2000 – 62117 BREBIERES – Tél : (33) – Fax : (33) – Web : www.dbtcev.fr – Mail : dbt-cev@dbt.fr *average charging time for an EV with 24kW/h battery Cold Option : Increase the temperature protection until -30 C Salt Option : Increase the charger protection against corrosion due to salt

DBT-CEV – Parc Horizon 2000 – 62117 BREBIERES – Tél : (33) – Fax : (33) – Web : www.dbtcev.fr - Mail : dbt-cev@dbt.fr RAL9003 IP55 Acier Inoxydable Intérieur et extérieur 1840 x 705 x 728 mm 1 ou 2 points de charge 2 prises AC de 20 à 43kW / DC de 20 à 44kW

Le terme « DBT » ou la « Société » désignent la société DBT (Douaisienne de Basse Tension ; Le terme « le Groupe » renvoie à l¶ensemble constitué de la société DBT et de ses filiales (hors participations minoritaires) DBT Ingénierie, DBT CEV et DBT USA détenues respectivement à 99,99%, 100 % et 100 %.

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DBT-CEV has emerged as an industry stronghold for EV charging stations across Europe by selling a high-performance, innovative range of products suited to both existing and upcoming models on the market. By addressing the industry challenges with innovation, DBT-CEV is emerging as the market leader in high-speed charging stations for EVs. In an

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DBT CEV, c’est 2 20 ans d’expériencedans la mobilité électrique Plus de 10000 bornes installées 450 villes, 17 pays équipés 70% du CA réalisé à l’export Une fabrication 100% française www.dbtcev.fr photo

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