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Thank you for choosing Forex Robotron, the ultimate automated forex tradingsolution for the EURUSD & GBPUSD, 5 minute charts!Recommended to use default settings, only change license and lots/risk.This guide will help you get setup and running in just 5 minutes. If you have anyquestions please email support@forexrobotron.comCopyright (c)

Account ActivationBefore you start using Forex Robotron on your account(s) you need to with your MetaTrader account number(s) alongwith your transaction id so that we can authorize and activate your accountto use Forex Robotron. Once we have received your request we aim toactivate your account number for you to use Forex Robotron on yourMetaTrader account within 24 hours. You will receive an email with yourlicense number once authorization is complete and you will then be able to useForex Robotron on your account. Each mt4 account requires a unique licensenumber.Please contact us if you wish to change the mt4 account number or if you needadditional license(s).*VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION*Please read the following carefully. This is very important if you are to havesuccess with Forex Robotron. The following information is worth the price tagalone.Every single trading system will have periods of drawdowns or stagnation. Thiscan be days or weeks even months when the trading results are at break evenor a small loss. THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL! There is no trading system thatdoes not go through such periods and you MUST NOT give up when thishappens or else you WILL NEVER make profit from trading. You will move fromsystem to system going round in circles and wasting your time.Forex Robotron is a LONG TERM fully automated trading solution that must begiven time to produce its fantastic results. DO NOT give up if you have a fewlosses. Look at the following screenshot for examples of how the robot can gothrough periods of stagnation and drawdown yet still make HUGE gains in thelong run. Those who understand this reap all of the rewards!Copyright (c)

You will see months where there was a small loss, now if you would havestarted trading with Robotron on that month then you probably would havegiven up and asked for a refund! That would have been a HUGE mistake, justlook what happened after if you would have kept trading with it! It made backthe losses and A LOT more profit on top. Those successful traders who aremaking lots of money are those who understand this. They know that therewill be such times and they take it as part of trading knowing that in the longrun the results will still be fantastic.Again, days, weeks and even months with no profit can happen BUT if you lookat the overall longer term picture, the gains are EXCELLENT. Just ensure thatyou are patient and you will reap the rewards. Otherwise, you will never find atrading solution that works for you as ALL will have such period. I cannotemphasise this enough, trading requires patience and discipline, so haveconfidence in Robotron and use it for LONG TERM realistic trading results. Donot panic after a few losing trades.In extremely extensive testing I have seen Robotron go through week’s evenmonths of stagnation but just look how much money it made in total! JustCopyright (c)

because you did not make 100% in the first 2-3 weeks, it does not mean youwill not make good gains in the following weeks.A very important factor to also consider is Forex Robotron uses a tight stop lossand is very low risk so even in periods of stagnation and draw down, youraccount is still safe and ready for the profitable periods that follow.So, you could have a 0% week (break-even), followed by a -5% week andperhaps then you would be writing off the robot and emailing for a refundright? WRONG, if you leave it the next week could easily be a 15% week andthe 4th week 20%. That is a total 30% gain in just 1 month! Now, if you hadgiven up on week 2 you wouldn’t know this and would have missed out. Youwould have gone onto the next robot you like the look of and done the samething over and over again – then wonder why you do not get anywhere intrading.BE PATIENT & GIVE IT TIME – THIS IS A LONG TERM INVESTMENT THAT CANMAKE YOU PROFIT CONSISTANTLY.I have emails from happy users every single day thanking me for ForexRobotron and telling me the impressive gains it has made for them on theirreal accounts. I can tell you this for sure, the ones who are most happy are theones who trust the robot to do its thing and give it plenty of time. They see thebigger picture and long term results rather than over reacting. The wholepurpose of having a fully automated trading solution is to reduce stress fromyourself, so do not worry; let Robotron do its thing.I hope that has been made clear to you and that you “get it”. Many tradersalready know and understand this but I wanted to include that information inthis manual for those who jump from system to system and expect to make amillion in one week – be realistic and you will reach your financial goals withRobotron when you give it time.If for any reason you want to discuss or verify your results with me please feelfree to send me an email and we can discuss in detail. I can check your setup iscorrect with team viewer or by reviewing screen shots or trading statements.Copyright (c)

*TRADING HOURS*Forex Robotron trades 21-22 GMT when USA DST is on (i.e. summer) and 22-23When USA DST is off (i.e. winter). DST is automatically adjusted for you. You donot need to adjust the hours during summer or winter.These are by far the best trading hours for Forex Robotron that produceenough trades with very high accuracy. You do not need to over trade to makelong term trading profits.You only need to have your mt4 terminal running at these hours or outsidethese hours if there are open trades for Forex Robotron to manage. If you wantto back test Robotron in the strategy tester then you will need to use GMTdata with DST auto offset or adjust the trading hours for your brokers historicaldata (ONLY for back testing).Copyright (c)

ECN Broker & Trading AccountsA forex broker allows you to open trading accounts and trade forex throughthe internet using a trading platform such as MetaTrader 4. You can trade on ademo account to begin with and move over to a live account when you areready. There are many forex brokers to choose from and before you begintrading, be sure your broker meets certain criteria. They should provide lowspreads, low commissions, fast execution and no limitations on stops. A brokerwith an ECN/STP environment is your best choice as they will give you fastexecution, little slippage, tight stops and tight spreads. One of the best brokersthat we can recommend to open an account with is IC Markets They haveabsolutely no restrictions and provide amongst the best possible conditions forforex expert advisors.Copyright (c)

If you are already familiar with Meta Trader and have it installed on yourcomputer, you can skip this section. If not, then please thoroughly read thissection for instructions on how to install the Meta Trader trading platform andhow to activate the robot.Click here to download the free Meta Trader trading platform which we willuse to run the robot. You will need to open a demo or live account to gainaccess to the Meta Trader 4 download.After you have downloaded Meta Trader 4, followed the setup instructions andthe installation is complete, launch Meta Trader 4.When you launch Meta Trader you can login to your demo or real account.Click file – login and then enter your Meta Trader 4 account details.Copyright (c)

Forex Robotron mt4 SetupIn order to attach Forex Robotron to your EURUSD & GBPUSD charts withinMetaTrader 4, you will need to place the required files into the correct folderof the MetaTrader 4 installation directory. This section will describe where youshould place the files ready for use. Please ensure you restart MetaTrader 4after moving the files so that they will appear in the navigator window of theclient terminal. First locate the Forex Robotron (ex4) file on your computer. Oncelocated, move the Forex Robotron (ex4) file into the “experts” folder ofthe MetaTrader 4 directory. To find this directory, go to the mt4terminal and click file from the top left hand corner and then click “opendata folder”. From the data folder that has opened you must navigate to“MQL4”. Move the Forex Robotron (ex4) file into the “experts” folder.Restart the mt4 terminal. You should now see Forex Robotron in the“expert advisors” drop down menu of the navigator window within mt4.If you cannot see the navigator window load it from the main menu inMetaTrader by selecting the “view” drop down menu. You now need to open the EURUSD chart to run Forex Robotron on.Choose the EURUSD symbol and right click it then select “chart window”to open a chart for that currency pair. Change the timeframe of theCopyright (c)

chart to m5 (5 minute chart) by right clicking the chart and selectingperiodicity. You are now ready to attach Forex Robotron to the chart. Drag and dropForex Robotron from the navigator window onto the chart. You will bedisplayed with a window. This window is where you set common expertadvisor properties and the unique input settings of Forex Robotron. Inthe common tab you need to enable Forex Robotron. To do so, tick theboxes: “enable alerts”, “allow live trading”, “allow DLL imports” and“allow import of external experts”. Now click the “inputs” tab and choose your lot or risk size and enter yourlicense number.Copyright (c)

If you have set the common setting of expert advisors correctly then asmiley face will appear in the right hand corner which means that ForexRobotron is active on that chart. Double check the chart is on the 5minute timeframe and that there are no errors in the experts tab of theterminal window. If you have clicked “ok” and have a sad face displayedin the top right hand corner of the chart, this means that expert advisorsare not enabled (Forex Robotron will not trade). To enable expertadvisors, click the “expert advisors” button which is normally locatednear to the top of the trading platform. You may also need to navigateto “tools” from the mt4 top menu and select “options” then in theexpert advisors tab ensure you have only checked the tick box for “allowautomated trading” and “allow dll imports”. Forex Robotron is nowanalysing the market and will place/manage trades fully automated –just make sure that you leave the MetaTrader platform running on yourcomputer or VPS. Repeat this process for both the EURUSD & GBPUSD currency pairs.Forex Robotron JForex SetupIf you have a JForex account with Dukascopy or another broker then pleasefollow these simple setup instructions. Any questions, please just ask. From the navigator window click strategies and open strategy.Select Forex Robotron jfx fileRight click the Forex Robotron strategy and choose local or remote runUse the default settings (19 is the start hour not 20 as per mt4 becausethe hours coding is slightly modified – it will still start trading from 20GMT)Copyright (c)

Forex Robotron Input ParametersSo far you have installed the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, logged into yourtrading account and placed the Forex Robotron files into the correct folders.You have loaded up the EURUSD & GBPUSD charts to run Forex Robotron onand selected the m5 timeframe. Experts have been enabled and you have setthe risk or lot size and license number in the Forex Robotron input settings.In this section we will look at the different input parameters of Forex Robotronin detail so you can gain on understanding of what each does and change themshould you require. This is also useful information for those who wish tooptimize Forex Robotron by testing different combinations of the inputparameters. Robot Name – Name used for Forex Robotron in trading terminal. This isthe name displayed in the comments of the “trade” and “accounthistory”. License Number – You need to enter your unique license number foryour MetaTrader 4 account. If you have not received your licensenumber yet or want to change to a different account, please with your mt4 account number. Max Spread – Maximum spread. Forex Robotron will not trade if thecurrent broker spread for the currency pair is greater than this value (thespread can be equal to this value). Max Slippage – Maximum slippage. Slippage is the difference betweenthe quoted price and the actual price the trade is entered. ForexRobotron will not trade if the price has moved greater than this value(slippage can be equal to this value). Hour Start – Hour Forex Robotron begins trading. Trading hours arebased on GMT with US DST which is calculated automatically in thecode. Hour End – Hour Forex Robotron stops trading. Trading hours are basedon GMT with US DST which is calculated automatically in the code.NOTE: There can be trades that are still open after these hours so keepCopyright (c)

your MetaTrader 4 terminal running at all times on your computer orVPS so the EA will manage these trades for you.Lots – If you set risk to false then you must set fixed lot size here instead.Make sure that you use a sensible lot size for your account balanceRisk %– % of free margin to risk per trade. The risk % is calculated bydividing the free margin by 100 and then multiplying this figure by therisk. This gives us the amount in value that we will risk for the trade sowe divide that by the stop loss which gives as the value per lot. Theactual full risk is not always lost as you will find out more about from thestop loss explanation below.Trading Style – Aggressive, Normal or Conservative – choose dependingon your trading style. Normal is the default.Minutes Sleep – How many minutes the EA will sleep after a losingtrade. This is to avoid consecutive losing trades. Set to 0 to disable.Stop Loss – Stop Loss distance from entry. Forex Robotron uses a fixed“safety” stop loss which is not always hit as the indicators used willusually close the trade for a win or loss before hand. This has theadvantage that you do not actually lose the full risk per trade, so you willactually lose less than expected some of the time.Take Profit – Take Profit target. Forex Robotron will usually close out atrade using the built in indicators as this allows for a more flexible andless rigid approach to trading.Min Profit – The profit (in ) after commission must be greater than thisvalue for the dynamic close in profit to work.Dynamic Close Loss – Set to true to use dynamic close when trade is in aloss. If set to false, fixed stop loss is used. If you don’t like the smalllosses from the dynamic stop loss, this set to false will keep a trade openuntil it closes in profit OR hits the full stop loss which may help cut outthe frequent smaller losses. Obviously means a bigger loss when one fullstop loss does happen (rarely) but can increase the win rate.Dynamic Close Profit – Set to true to use dynamic close when trade is inprofit. If set to false, fixed take profit is used. You should leave this set totrue because the dynamic close for profitable trades works best to exitat the best opportunity.Copyright (c)

Trade Friday – Set to true if you want to trade Friday. This is advised tobe left false due to potential big weekend gaps that can cause big losses. Trade Sunday – Set to true if you want to trade Sunday. You may wantto set to false if your broker has high spreads at the Sunday open.Set-Up Complete!You are now hopefully set up and running Forex Robotron on the EURUSD, &GBPUSD 5 minute charts! If you get stuck at any point or did not understandsomething then please contact – we are veryfriendly and here to help.Back TestingIf you want to back test Forex Robotron, we only recommend testing withDukascopy tick data, real spreads, real slippage and commissions. You can useBirt’s Tick Data Suite for tick testing in MetaTrader4 if required. You will needto do this if you want to verify for yourself the results on the Forex Robotronwebsite. You will not be able to duplicate the results by using the datadownloaded in MetaTrader 4 from Meta Quotes because this is not accuratetick data, does not use real spreads, does not include commissions, does nothave any slippage features and is not GMT all year round with DST. GMT offsetfor the start and hours must be adjusted according to your broker datatimezone when back testing.Copyright (c)

ContactIf you need support please email: We will aim toreply to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends).RefundsWe strongly believe that Forex Robotron is a great automated forex tradingsolution for consistent, safe and long term gains. You have a full 30 days to useForex Robotron on your trading account. If you are not happy with with your transaction ID and your reason forwanting a refund. Once you have been refunded, your MetaTrader accountnumber will be deleted from our authenticating server and Forex Robotron willno longer work on your trading account. Remember that trading requirespatience and discipline – do not give up after a period of draw down andstagnation as this happens with ANY trading system. It is the long term resultsthat matter. Please do not open any disputes as this does not help refunds getprocessed any faster, it slows things down.Copyright (c)

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DisclaimerDisclaimer U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading CommissionFutures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. Youmust be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futuresand options markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. This is neither asolicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures or options. No representation is being made thatany account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this website. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarilyindicative of future results.CFTC RULE 4.41 - HYPOTHETICAL OR SIMULATED PERFORMANCE RESULTS HAVE CERTAINLIMITATIONS. UNLIKE AN ACTUAL PERFORMANCE RECORD, SIMULATED RESULTS DO NOTREPRESENT ACTUAL TRADING. ALSO, SINCE THE TRADES HAVE NOT BEEN EXECUTED, THERESULTS MAY HAVE UNDER-OR-OVER COMPENSATED FOR THE IMPACT, IF ANY, OF CERTAINMARKET FACTORS, SUCH AS LACK OF LIQUIDITY. SIMULATED TRADING PROGRAMS INGENERAL ARE ALSO SUBJECT TO THE FACT THAT THEY ARE DESIGNED WITH THE BENEFIT OFHINDSIGHT. NO REPRESENTATION IS BEING MADE THAT ANY ACCOUNT WILL OR IS LIKELYTO ACHIEVE PROFIT OR LOSSES SIMILAR TO THOSE SHOWN.No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or lossessimilar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypotheticalperformance results and the actual results subseque

A forex broker allows you to open trading accounts and trade forex through the internet using a trading platform such as MetaTrader 4. You can trade on a demo account to begin with and move over to a live account when you are ready. There are many forex brokers to choose from and before you begin trading, be sure your broker meets certain criteria.

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