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MISSION & PHILOSOPHYMISSION STATEMENTLa Salle College High School, a Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for young men of variedbackgrounds, is conducted in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Through a broad and balanced,human and Christian education, La Salle College High School guides each student in the development of hisunique God-given talents and fosters a commitment to academic excellence, service, and leadership.GRADUATE PROFILEMen of Intellect and AccomplishmentLa Salle College High School graduates, having completed a rigorous academic program, are lifelonglearners who think critically and communicate effectively.Men of Faith and CompassionLa Salle College High School graduates respect human dignity, embrace Roman Catholic Traditionand morality, and value the uniqueness of their Lasallian heritage.Men of Service and JusticeLa Salle College High School graduates live their faith through their actions, recognize theinterconnectedness of our world, and act on their obligation to right injustice.Men of Integrity and RespectLa Salle College High School graduates accept responsibility for their own education and actions andin the spirit of Christian gentleman treat people with respect.2

EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHYLa Salle College High School is founded on the religious tradition of Roman Catholic Christianity andanimated by the educational vision of St. John Baptist De La Salle. La Salle provides a quality education in anatmosphere that incorporates Gospel values. This community places special emphasis on those schoolactivities that proclaim Christ’s message of Salvation and provide opportunities to practice that message. Thepreeminence of Lasallian mission and the centrality of Christ in daily life at La Salle are illustrated by the calland response from teacher to students at the beginning of classes at La Salle: “St. John Baptist De La Salle;Pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts; Forever.”John Baptist De La Salle -- declared by Pope Pius XII as the Patron Saint of teachers -- lived in seventeenthcentury France and founded the Brothers of the Christian Schools in Rheims in 1680. La Salle’s was a cultureof wide disparities between rich and poor and a limited sense of the advisability, or utility of education for allbut the few. Although he was a priest, La Salle founded the Christian Brothers as a non-clerical community,focused on bringing Christian education to the many in an atmosphere of community, free of excessivehierarchy or distance between teacher and student. La Salle was a counter-cultural figure in his society andeven within the Church. His desire was to bring education and knowledge of Christ to a wide array ofstudents, “especially the poor.”“His genius lay in organizing the schools, training the supervising teachers, and adapting various educationalmethodologies, thereby elevating the lay ministry of teaching- within the Church.” (Touching The Hearts ofStudents; Characteristics of Lasallian Schools”, Van Grieken, FSC, 1999.)La Salle stressed that the relationship between teacher and student is based on a moral obligation. Inemphasizing the relationship between teacher and student, La Salle eschewed the notion of distance andformality. He called his followers “Brothers” and he explicitly used that term to describe the type ofrelationship that would become the norm with students; that of a wise and concerned older brother. At thesame time, La Salle believed in strong and unequivocal instruction in morals and the way of Christ, taughtmost thoroughly by the example of the Brothers. While La Salle demanded clarity and forcefulness ininstruction, his community of Brothers reached out to students with simplicity, empathy and a commontouch. La Salle used the Biblical example of Nathan and David to make his followers “realize how muchgood the corrections you give your disciples will accomplish when they are given with gentleness and charity.”Essential to all of La Salle’s work was the centrality of Christ in the world and bringing students to knowHim. In doing so, La Salle called his Brothers to reach out to all, even those ignored and denied education inhis time. La Salle noted:“The end of this Institute is to give a Christian education to children; it is for this purpose the Brothers keepschools, that . . . they may teach them to lead good lives, by instructing them in the mysteries of our holyreligion and by inspiring them with Christian maxims; and thus giving them a suitable education.” (Chapter 1,3; Common Rules of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, 1718)The educational philosophy enunciated by La Salle over three-hundred years ago has borne fruit around theworld. Today, the Brothers of the Christian Schools, assisted by more than 78,000 Lasallian associates, teachover 900,000 students in 80 countries. John Baptist De La Salle’s emphasis on a close, caring and personalrelationship with students, the importance and inclusion of the laity in Catholic education, the centrality ofChrist and the focus on serving all manner of students are characteristic of Lasallian schools around theworld. Likewise, this educational philosophy is central to the life of La Salle College High School.3

STUDENT REGULATIONSStudents (and parents) are required to familiarize themselves with the following regulations, adopted to helpmake La Salle a more efficient and pleasant community capable of attaining worthwhile goals.La Salle College High School, a private, Catholic, independent school conducted by the ChristianBrothers, reserves the right to review any student's conduct in an individual instance or over anyperiod of time to determine whether said conduct is poor, unacceptable or does not contribute to theschool in a positive manner. Said determination will be made at the sole discretion of theadministration. Upon the making of any such determination, the administration reserves discretionto suspend, place on disciplinary probation, expel or carry out any other disciplinary action deemedappropriate.ACADEMIC PRIORITY:A student’s first responsibility is to his academic career.ATTENDANCEThere may be days when a student is unable to attend school. An excused absence is one that is due to illnessor family emergency. Contacting a reliable classmate for homework assignments on the night of the absenceand/or communicating with the teacher at the earliest convenient time is expected. Absent students areresponsible for missed work.Outside of illness or emergency, school attendance is compulsory. A family vacation does not qualify as anexcused absence. School holidays and breaks are published well in advance to offer parents an opportunity toplan their vacations at a time that does not interfere with attendance policies. Families and their sons cannotexpect teachers to accommodate missed work/opportunities for any unexcused absence. Unexcusedabsences during midterm or final examinations are strictly prohibited.Attendance throughout the school year is vital to a student’s academic success. There is no doubt that thecorrelation between absences and grades is extraordinary. As a rule of thumb, students who miss school havegrades that reflect their gaps in learning. Students should make an effort to be in school daily and on time.Remember, the school’s main number should NOT be used to report any student absence. All attendancematters are expected to be reported to the Attendance Line at 215-233-4140 before 8:00AM. A note isrequired upon returning to school. Absent students are not eligible to participate in extracurricularactivities.CLASS ABSENCE POLICYAny student who misses 25 or more classes for a one-credit course or 10 classes for a half-credit course willreceive an “Incomplete” in the course and be required to do make-up work to successfully complete thecourse.HOMEWORKHomework is an important part of school life. Written assignments should be done completely andaccurately in order to derive benefit from the assignment. Even if there are no written assignments on agiven night, students will still have studying, reading, and revision of notes. It is strongly recommended that astudent should spend approximately between two and three hours per night, on average, on homework,4

study, and preparation for class. Students are advised to check class sites on the La Salle portal on adaily basis and/or to sign up for appropriate alerts from the LS website.ACADEMIC INTEGRITYLa Salle College High School strives to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning and educationalchallenge within which each student endeavors to embrace a strong sense of academic and personal integrityand Christian values. Therefore, all forms of plagiarism or cheating are unethical and contrary to thephilosophy of La Salle. Students engaging in any of these behaviors are subject to a complete loss of creditfor the assignment or test which could result in failure for the marking period or course.Instances of violation of Academic Integrity will be reported to the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs.Repeated violations are subject to disciplinary action, suspension, or dismissal. (A full explanation of thepolicy has been mailed to each family and is available on the school’s Web site.) Membership status in somestudent groups requires strict compliance to the Honor Code. Although each case will be reviewed on anindividual basis, students in violation of the Honor Code may not expect to participate in La Salle’s NationalHonor Society or Student Council and/or receive academic recognition.ACADEMIC PROBATION POLICYPersonal academic success through responsible decision making is at the heart of La Salle’s educationalmission. La Salle College High School is committed to developing each student’s academic potential andexpects each student to work to his ability. Any student who fails two or more subjects at the end of the FirstSemester or earns a First Semester GPA of less than 1.50 will be placed on Academic Probation for theSecond Semester. A letter from the Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs will be sent to theparents/guardians of the student notifying them of this matter. Parents/guardians and student will berequired to meet with the appropriate Grade Level Counselor to develop a Plan of Action for the studentduring the first week of the semester. The student’s teacher will contribute to the development and followthrough of this plan. The plan will also include the student being assigned to the Library during his freeperiods for the semester. At the end of this probationary semester, a student’s academic performance will bereviewed. If the student has a GPA of less than 1.50 in the Second Semester while on Academic Probation,his academic good standing at La Salle will be in serious jeopardy.If a student not on Academic Probation finishes the school year with a Second Semester GPA of less than1.50 (and if he remediates any year-end failures during the summer), he will be allowed to return to La Salle inthe Fall on the condition of Academic Probation. Such a student’s academic performance will be reviewed atthe end of the First Semester.Students who are on Academic Probation for two or more consecutive semesters are in seriousjeopardy of not being allowed to return to La Salle College High School.SEMESTER EXAMSFor any 1.0 credit class, a student should expect to take a comprehensive semester 1 (midterm) and semester2 (final) examination weighted as a standard 20% of the semester grade. The semester exam for a 0.5 creditclass is also considered the course’s final exam and weighted as 20% of the grade. Exam weeks are publishedin the school calendar so that planning can occur around this important time period. Exam attendance iscompulsory.5

REPORT CARDSReport cards are issued to the student four times a year. Copies of digital report cards are made availablethrough the student and parent portals for the 1st and 3rd marking period. Hard copies of a student’sreport card are mailed at the end of the 2nd quarter (1st semester) and 4th quarter (2nd semester). Except forthe final report card, each card is a Progress Report which indicates how the student is currently doing in eachcourse. The Permanent Record is made only of the Final Marks in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades, and of theFirst Semester and Final Marks in the senior (12th) year. The date for the 1st quarter Parents-Teachermeeting is listed on the school calendar. Parents are encouraged to speak to the teachers at any time abouttheir son's work. Call the school office (215-233-2911) to arrange to speak to a teacher either on thetelephone or in person.GRADING POLICYLa Salle College High School uses the following letter grading system with numerical equivalents:LETTER GRADEPOINT VALUEA AAB BBC CCD DFNUMERICAL RANGE 2-7370-71 70GRADE4. POINT AVERAGEEach letter grade is assigned a grade point value (as above). These grade point values are increased forHonors (.5) and Advanced Placement (1) courses. Thus, an A, normally worth 4.0 in a regular course, is 4.5for an Honors course and 5.0 for an Advanced Placement course. To find a grade point average (GPA),multiply the grade point value by the number of credits for the course, add up all those figures to yield agrade point total, and divide that total by the total number of credits the student is attempting to earn. TheGPA is calculated to the third decimal place. GPA’s do not include courses, such as Group Advisory, wherea student does not earn a letter grade. The following is an example:COURSEGRADESacred ScriptureWorld LiteratureEconomicsAP CalculusInternet Appl.Honors PhysicsAmerican HistoryPhys. Ed/AquaticsBA AACBC ACREDITVALUE1. POINTVALUE3. POINTTOTAL (CV x GPV) Point Total Total Credit Value Grade Point Average: 22.80/6.5 3.508Note: Only final and cumulative GPA’s appear on the transcript .6

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTSLa Salle requires at least 26.50 credits in order to graduate. In many cases students elect to take additionalcredits where possible. Minimum requirements areas follow:ReligionEnglishMathematicsScienceSocial StudiesElectives4 Credits4 Credits3 Credits3 Credits3 Credits4-5 Credit minimumLanguage*Physical EducationFine ArtsHealthInformation Tech3 Credits1 Credit1/2 Credit1/2 Credit1/2 Credit*Refer to the Program of Studies for information on satisfying this requirement.ACADEMIC AWARDS1) Outstanding Academic Achievement Award: This major academic award is reserved for our topstudents based on the final grade point average for the previous year. Only those who earn a 4.0 or higherwill be given this award. This award is presented to each student at the annual Honors Convocation eveningin the fall.2) Scholastic “L” Award: All students achieving a 3.75 or better GPA with no grade below a “B-” based onfinal yearly grades receive this award. This award is presented to each student at the annual HonorsConvocation evening in the fall.3) Academic Excellence Award (1st semester): This award is given at the end of the first semester to thosewho have achieved a 3.75 or better GPA with no grade below a “B-”.4) Second Honors: This academic award is presented to all students achieving a 3.5-3.74 GPA with no gradebelow a “B-” based on final yearly grades.SCHOLARSHIPSStudents who have been awarded Presidential Scholarships must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 in order toretain the scholarship. Warning letters will be mailed home if a student is in jeopardy of not retaining ascholarship. Questions should be directed to the Director of Financial Aid.NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETYThe National Honor Society is composed of La Salle College High School juniors and seniors who havedistinguished themselves in the area of scholarship, leadership, character, and service.Notice of the application period for the National Honor Society will be announced via DailyAnnouncements and the LS Website early in the second semester. Eligible students should attendto the details of the application process. A student will be considered for admission to the NationalHonor Society if, after five semesters, he has: A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75Actively participated in extracurricular activitiesSignificant involvement in community serviceThe endorsement of three faculty membersA record of outstanding citizenship as determined by the Dean of Students and La Salle’sHonor Code and Student Regulations7

A committee of faculty will review all applicants and make recommendations to the moderators andto the Principal for admission of students into the NHS. In the spring semester, a ceremony will beheld to induct new members into the La Salle Chapter of the National Honor Society.Once admitted, the student must maintain the minimum GPA, continue his participation inactivities, provide service to the La Salle community, and maintain a record of good citizenship andbehavior. Documentation of service must be provided to the moderators on a timely basis. Studentswho fail to maintain these requirements may be suspended or removed from the NHS.PIAA ELIGIBILITYLa Salle is a member of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association. A student-athlete’s eligibility isdetermined by the standards set by the PIAA. The academic requirements are as follows:1. You must pursue a curriculum defined and approved by your Principal as a full-time curriculum.2. You must be passing at least four full-credit subjects or the equivalent as of each Friday during agrading period. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will lose your eligibility from the followingSunday through the Saturday immediately following the next Friday as of which you meet thisrequirement.3. You must have passed at least four full-credit subjects or the equivalent during the previous gradingperiod, except that eligibility for the first grading period is based on your final grades for thepreceding school year. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will lose your eligibility for at least 10or 15 school days of the next grading period, beginning on the first day report cards are issued. Ifyour school has four grading periods, you will be ineligible for at least 15 school days; if your schoolhas six grading periods, you will be ineligible for at least 10 school days.FAILURE POLICYA. Seniors:If a senior fails more than two full credits, he will not be permitted to receive a diploma under anycircumstances. A failure in any course must be made up before a diploma will be granted. A senior who failsmore than one credit may not be permitted to participate in graduation exercises. In m

La Salle College High School, a Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for young men of varied backgrounds, is conducted in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Through a broad and balanced, human and Christian education, La Salle College High School guides each student in the development of his

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