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2KNOWMANAGEMENT& MARKETINGIN THE WORLDOF BUSINESSManagement and marketing strategies are used widely,and involve creating communication and value for aproduct or service. Consumer trends move at a heightenedpace, and therefore it is imperative that research anddata analysis on pricing, methods of promotion, location,logistics and human resources are being conductedconsistently.In world where options are numerous and publicopinion counts, management and marketing expertshave to learn to develop strategies that are in line withthe times, that take into account brand penetration,market development, product improvement as well asdiversification of services.Management and marketing involve many areas of study,with each part enhancing the understanding of how aproduct or service should be managed and marketed.These areas of study include advertising and brandmanagement, statistics and customer behaviour, as wellas areas such as international business and businesscommunication.Business courses such as management and marketingare some of the most popular worldwide, at both theundergraduate and graduate level. These coursesrange from broad and comprehensive to focussedspecialisations. One reason for the popularity of theseprogrammes are their extensive appeal in the corporateworld and their adaptability in various areas of business.Students pursuing management and marketingprogrammes should be primed for a truly enrichingjourney of the business world, learning skills andaccumulating knowledge that will equip them to besignificant contributors to businesses, companies andeconomies.

3RENOWNEDRECOGNITIONBusiness programmes at Nilai University haveprofessional recognition. Graduates of the university areentitled to several exemptions in gaining the professionalcertifications.Graduates have the opportunity to obtain the ProfessionalDiploma in Corporate Administration (PDCA) fromthe Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries andAdministrators (MAICSA). Graduates are grantedexemptions from these PDCA subjects: Business EthicsBusiness FinanceBusiness StrategiesBusiness LawBusiness AccountingBusiness Organisation and ManagementGradutes who complete the Human ResourcesManagement for Practitioners Course will be awardedthe Professional Certificate in Human ResourcesManagement (PCHRM) by the Malaysian Institute ofHuman Resource Management.Business is MarketingInstitute of Marketing Malaysia will grant exemptions forthree course subjects – Marketing Research, IntegratedMarketing Communications and Marketing Strategy forstudents who want to enrol for the Certified ProfessionalMarketer (Asia) programme.

4POPULAR CAREERSWith a Business degree, students gain a broad spectrum of knowledge. Students who specialise in a particular Business field such asFinance, Marketing or Management then gain advanced knowledge of related courses and familiarise themselves with the standardbusiness curriculum. The following are highlights of areas of study and careers in high demand. BusinessThe broad areas of business involve elements of accountancy,finance, marketing, organisational studies and economics,providing plenty of career opportunities to Business students. Human Resource ManagementThere is a continuous need for young blood to join in themanagement process of human resources, covering thesetasks: recruitment, hiring, training, employee benefits,compensation, job enrichment, relocation, performance,termination and outplacement. International BusinessThere are plenty of career opportunities in foreign tradefor commercial transactions between regions, countriesand nations. Graduates can explore accounting, finance,marketing, transportation and logistics, and managementinformation systems. ManagementCareers in management involve coordinating the joint effortsof people to accomplish objectives while utilising resources.Business graduates interested in planning, directing andcoordinating supportive services are encouraged to applyfor a management job. MarketingAs a broad field in Business, graduates can choose to pursuea career in advertising, brand management, market research.They must possess the crucial skill of communicating thevalue of a product or service to prospective customerseffectively.

5BUSINESSCAREERSACADEMICPROGRESSIONEmployed Locally / AbroadSPM /O-Level /UEC orequivalentSales & MarketingTheir typical duties revolve around setting targets andobjectives for the team of sales representatives. They alsodevelop and plan training programmes and a standard salesprocess to ensure the team adheres to it accordingly.Human Resources ExecutiveThey enforce management guidelines by planning andimplementing new policies and practises in an organisation.They also take charge of other HR elements such asemployee compensation, training and development andrecruitment.Advertising ExecutiveThey are in charge of the supervision and promotion ofclient campaigns. They track the costs, communicate withclients and develop a strategy to deliver the best results forthe clients.Foundation inBusiness /Science / STPM /A-Level orequivalentDiploma inBusinessAdministration(2.5 years)EntrepreneursGoing into business and creating your own product or serviceis an exciting use of your marketing and management degree.Business owners create employment, and are consideredinnovators who develop, organise and operate a businessfor profit, while fulfilling the needs of their customers.Other Career Options Public Relations Specialist Educator Brand Specialist Digital Marketing Specialist Content Marketing Specialist Communications ExecutiveDegree Programmes @Nilai University(Only qualified diplomaholders will enter the 2ndyear) B.B.A. (Hons) B.B.A. (Hons) in HumanResource Management B.B.A. (Hons) inInternational Business B.B.A. (Hons) inManagement B.B.A. (Hons) in Marketingor Overseas DegreePostgraduate Programmes Master of Business Administration (Marketing)(JPT/BPP(R2/340/7/0503)O4/25, (MQA/A11031) Master of Business Administration (Management)(JPT/BPP(R2/345/7/0693)O3/25, (MQA/A11032) Master of Business Administration(Human Resource Management)(JPT/BPP(R/345/7/0402)O8/23, (MQA/FA3893) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration(JPT/BPP(N/340/8/0694)O8/21, (MQA/PA8330)

6ENTRY REQUIREMENTSThe School of Management and Marketing provides students with affordable programmes while maintaining its quality of education.Students can enrol in one of the courses offered to kickstart their journey in Management and Marketing with Nilai University.The entry requirements are below:Foundation in BusinessJPT/BPP(R2/010/3/0197)04/24. (MQA/A4995)SPM/SPMV/O-Level5CsUEC3BsDiploma in Business AdministrationJPT/BPP(R2/345/4/0454)04/24, (MQA/A4997)SPM/O-Level3CsUEC3BsSKM/SKK (MQF Level 3) in a related fieldPass and pass SPM with 1CCertificate (MQF Level 3) in a related fieldCGPA 2.00STPM or equivalentPass with 1CEnglish Requirements(For International Students)*IELTS5.0TOEFL410 (PBT)/34 (iBT)Pearson36MUET3 *International students with qualifications from educationalsystems where the English language is the primary mediumof instruction are exempted from this requirement. International students who do not fulfil the English LanguageRequirements may join the Intensive English Programme atNilai University, which builds their skills in the language andprepares them for the IELTS examination.Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) and B.B.A (Hons) in Marketing/International Business/Management/ Human Resource ManagementJPT/BPP(R2/345/6/0290)08/23 (MQA/A9106) JPT/BPP(R2/345/6/0293)08/23 (MQA/A9111) JPT/BPP(R2/345/6/0295)08/23 (MQA/A9109)JPT/BPP(R2/345/6/0292)08/23 (MQA/A9110) JPT/BPP(R2/345/6/0294)08/23 (MQA/A9108)STPM/ equivalent2Cs and pass Mathematics and English in SPMUEC5Bs including Mathematics and EnglishFoundation/MatriculationCGPA 2.00Diploma/Advanced DiplomaCGPA 2.00English Requirements(For International Students)*IELTS5.5TOEFL450 (PBT)/46 (iBT)Pearson42MUET3 *International students with qualifications from educationalsystems wherestudentsthe Englishis the where the English language is the primary mediumof instruction are exempted from this requirement.International students who do not fulfil the English LanguageRequirementsstudentsmay joinwhothedoIntensiveProgrammeatInternationalnot fulfilEnglishthe llsinthelanguageandRequirements may join the Intensive English Programme atpreparesthem forthe IELTSNilaiUniversity,whichbuildsexamination.their skills in the language andprepares them for the IELTS examination.

7GAIN QUALITYEDUCATION ATNILAI UNIVERSITYAll programmes offered at Nilai University observe thestrict guidelines of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)and Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). The university,established in 1997 emphasises excellence and thus strives toprovide quality education.Quality EducationProgrammes are affordable for students from all walks of life.Lectures are conducted in small groups so that each student canhave personalised attention.Exposure to Diverse CulturesInternational students from different countries across the worldchoose to study at Nilai University. With a student community ofdiverse backgrounds, the interaction between international andlocal students encourages sharing, understanding, and acceptanceof various cultures.Co-curricular Activities forPersonal DevelopmentNilai University provides a ‘Total Student Experience’ with engagingclubs to encourage creativity, networking and active participationin various events. The experience gained can be included instudents’ portfolio to increase employment opportunities. Thereare initiatives such as the Mentor-Mentee programme to help newstudents feel at home and blend in.Master the English LanguageAs the university has a multicultural community, students and staffare encouraged to communicate in English with intensive Englishclasses available for those who need it.SETARA RankingProfessional Recognition/Industry & Academic PartnersIntheSETARA2017survey conducted by ity obtained a scoreof 89% under the onstratesourcommitment to providingstudents with quality teachingand learning experiences.Business is Marketing

8NILAI UNIVERSITYEnrichment For LifeLush CampusPeaceful EnvironmentStrategic LocationNilai University has a charmingcampuswithlushgreenerysurrounding the hostels andlecture halls for an open andrelaxedlearningenvironment.Away from the bustling city, youwill enjoy a refreshed outlookstudying here with your peers.As a university town, NilaiUniversity knows the importanceof a peaceful atmospherefor students to be able tofocus on their studies. Theuniversity has a spacious layoutideal for students to havean individual study session.Nilai University is located in the township of PutraNilai. Nilai town has all the necessary amenitiessuch as banks, hospitals, malls, eateries and more.The university is easily accessible via the nationalhighway. We are only a 35-minute drive away fromthe city centre of Kuala Lumpur and 20 minutesdrive away from the Kuala Lumpur InternationalAirports (KLIA 1 & KLIA 2).Full Campus FacilitiesWe have facilities catering to recreation and hands-on training to ensure students are well-rounded individuals prepared toenter the professional workforce.RecreationAmenitiesFootball/Rugby FieldGolf Course*Swimming Pools*GymnasiumInternational Student VisaApplicationAircraft HangarAccommodationDemonstration KitchenCanteenFormal Dining RestaurantShuttle Bus ServiceBasketball CourtsSports Focus CentreFor FencingIndoor Badminton CourtIndoor Sports CentreLakeside Recreation Park &Jogging TrackTable TennisTennis CourtsVolleyball Courts*At the nearby Nilai Springs Golf and Country Club.LearningWiFi-enabled campusLaundretteHospitality Training FacilitiesLaboratories Avionics Biology Fluid Mechanics Chemistry Materials andMechanics Analytical BiotechnologyMinimart CAD andSimulationMuslim Prayer Rooms Electrical andElectronicsATMEngineering and AircraftMaintenance EngineeringWorkshopBookshopInternational Student AirportPick-Up PhysicsNursing Skill & SimulationLaboratoriesLearning Resource Centre

9WHATOURSTUDENTSSAY“The campus is peaceful and idealfor my studies. I like the lifestylehere too. There is none of the hustleand bustle of a big city. Anyone witha tight budget should check out NilaiUniversity. The programmes areapproved by the Ministry of HigherEducation and are competitivelypriced.”Lim Kit Sheng,Foundation in Business“I am very proud to be hired byone of the top corporations inthe world. It would not have beenpossible without the help frommy Nilai University lecturers whoshared their own experiences ofthe corporate sector with students.Their guidance and advice certainlyhelped me prepare for life in thecorporate world.”Yee Yin Sinn,BBA (Hons) in Management“I wanted to be fluent in English.The fact that the syllabus at NilaiUniversity is conducted entirely inEnglish was an important factor.Having classmates from all overthe world also means that I have toconverse in English which helps meimprove my linguistic skills.”Andrew Suryawijaya,B.B.A (Hons) in International Business

10SCHOLARSHIPSNilai University offers scholarships for students from various backgrounds, with the goal of helping students grow to be well-roundedand ambitious individuals and allowing them to reach their goals through quality education. We achieve this by combining academicexcellence with a growth mindset for life-long learning.Malaysian StudentsHigh Achiever’s Scholarship (HAS)Academic AchievementTuition Fees WaiverSPM 9A’sSTPMAAA/ CGPA 3.75UEC 6A’s ( 12 points)IGCSE/ O-Level 9A’sA-LevelAAASAM/ HSC/ AUSMAT TER/ UAI 90ICPU (6 best subjects) 90IB 40 (of 45) points100% This scholarship is applicable for Foundation and Degree programmes only. It also requires maintenance of CGPA 3.50 AND attendance of 75% (Other programmes) or 90% (Nursing programmes) everysemester to be eligible for the next semester.Merit ScholarshipQualification30% Tuition Fees Waiver20% Tuition Fees Waiver7As - 8As4As - 6AsCGPA 3.50 - 3.74CGPA 3.00 - 3.49A-LevelAABABBUEC5As4As85-8980-84SPM OR O-LevelSTPM OR MarticulationSAM/ AUSMAT/ ICPU Require maintenance of CGPA 2.75 (20% scholarship) and 3.00 (30% scholarship) with an attendance of 75% (Other programmes)or 90% (Nursing programmes) every semester to be eligible for the next semester.

11Enrichment For Life (EFL) AwardProgrammeTuition Fees WaiverFoundation5%DiplomaDegree Applicable for clubs/ societies/ uniform bodies and the positions below only: Head PrefectHead LibrarianPresident/ Vice-President of Clubs/ Associations/ SocietiesRepresented School/ College to District Level in Sports/ Other Activities Only positions held in the last two academic years can be used for consideration for this award This scholarship requires maintenance of CGPA 2.75 AND attendance of 75% (Other programmes) or 90% (Nursing programmes)every semester to be eligible for the next semester.Sport Focus Centre - Fencing AwardAchievementWaiverState or National Fencers100% waiver for both tuition fees and accommodation(basic twin-sharing) This award requires maintenance of CGPA 2.75 AND attendance of 75% (Other programmes) or 90% (Nursing programmes)every semester to be eligible for the next semester.Extra-Curriculum & Sports Excellence Award (ECSEA)AchievementTuition Fees WaiverNational Level100%State Level50% This extra-curricular award is for National and State Representative/ Players with regular and consistent achievements over theperiod of last 2 consecutive years. Applicable for Foundation & Degree programmes only. This scholarship requires maintenance of CGPA 2.75 AND attendance of 75% (Other programmes) or 90% (Nursing programmes)every semester to be eligible for the next semester.

12SCHOLARSHIPSEducation For All (EFA)ProgrammeTuition Fees WaiverDiploma20%Degree11% Only applicable for students with family income RM4,000 (B40 group). Conditions for the award: Require maintenance of CGPA 2.75 AND attendance of 75% (Other programmes) or 90% (Nursing programmes)every semester to be eligible for the next semester. Accommodation waiver for twin-sharing Hall-Of-Residence. (For Nursing programmes only)Progression ScholarshipsAcademic AchievementTuition Fees WaiverCGPA 3.7530%CGPA 3.5020% The scholarships requires maintenance of CGPA 3.00 AND attendance of 75% (Other programmes) or 90% (Nursingprogrammes) every semester to be eligible for the next semester. This scholarship is applicable for Nilai University students who are progressing from: Foundation to Degree programmesDiploma to Advanced Diploma/ Degree programmesDegree to Postgraduate programmesInternational StudentsHigh Achiever’s Scholarship (HAS)Academic AchievementNational ExaminationsTuition Fees WaiverAverage 95 or 9.5GPA 3.7 (of 4.0) or 4.7 (of 5.0) orMean Grade “A”GSCE/ O-Level 8A’sA-LevelAAASAM/ HSC/ AUSMAT TER/ UAI 90ICPU (6 best subjects) 90IB 40 (of 45) points50% Applicants are required to attend an interview conducted by the Scholarship Committee, and only those who are selected will beawarded the scholarship. Students are required to maintain CGPA of 3.50 in every semester.

13Merit ScholarshipTuition Fees sDiplomaFoundationDegree 6As30%30%-AAB30%-30%ABB20%-20%Average 85 or 8.530%GPA 3.5 (of 4.0)or 4.5 (of 5.0) Applicable only to the FIRST registered programme. Students are required to maintain CGPA of 3.00 (30% scholarship) in every semester.Sport Focus Centre - Fencing AwardAchievementTuition Fees WaiverState or National Fencers100% waiver for both tuition fees and accommodation(basic twin-sharing)Require maintenance of CGPA 2.75 every semester to be eligible for the next semester.Progression Scholarships Academic AchievementTuition Fees WaiverCGPA 3.7530%CGPA 3.5020%Students are required to maintain CGPA of 3.00 in every semesterOpen to Nilai University’s scholars who are progressing from: Foundation to Degree programmesDiploma to Advanced Diploma/ Degree programmesDegree to Postgraduate programmesOther requirements for all scholarships offered: Applies only to the tuition fees of programmes enrolled. Students are required to maintain attendance of 80% (Other programmes) or 90% (Nursing programmes) every semester to beeligible for the next semester.

14HOW TO APPLY? Choose your programme Fill in the online application form ONLY if youwant to apply for admission into a programmeoffered at Nilai University. Confirm youraccommodation type in the application (if needed). Once we receive your online application form, oureducational counsellor will contact you to assessyour eligibility and subsequently, arrange forpayment of the first semester’s fees and confirmyour accommodation booking (if necessary). You may pay for Application Fee, AccommodationFee and the first semester’s fees via our fee paymentchannels as listed.Payment method:Payment at the counter, Ground Floor, ResourceCentre, Nilai University CampusOperating hours:Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pmMode of payment: Cash Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard and Union Pay only Debit Card: MyDebit, Visa/ Mastercard DebitCards Cheque-Payable to “NILAI EDUCATION SDNBHD” Online BankingPayee Name:Nilai Education Sdn BhdBank Details:Account No: 2050-5110-000-979 RHB Bank Berhad

1515THE OFFER LETTEROnce the Administration Office receives the receiptof your application fee and visa processing fee(international students), you will receive an offerletter via email and post. The Administration Officewill post the original copy to the address stated i

Administrators (MAICSA). Graduates are granted exemptions from these PDCA subjects: Business Ethics Business Finance Business Strategies Business Law Business Accounting Business Organisation and Management Gradutes who complete the Human Resources Management for Practitioners Course will be awarded

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