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Components3 lieutenant cards12 Plastic Figures3 lieutenant tokensZarKrityndl’sndrithuout Kyddd 1 ! knockeines: A r eachroll,Bloodle results foattack ngeannsgfeindeX raakfter mt up toy X: A convere.Sorcerrithul may " to rangtXKynd or up toadjacen,figureto "Eachlinter:rs 2 ".ne Sp# Bo target suffeeto th3 relic cardsUndertakeoar’s Cter thiscard aft fenset thisdeExhausenant rolls or morelieut d rolls 1 ber ofmdice an. Add a nu ual toeqblanksthe results ".! to lieutenant’sthisFea6 tainted cardsBadr Eater!: TerrifyEachan attatime you deTerri ck that ta clarefied mrgetsattack onster, th aatgains:", Recover2"!: 2595 125 15nimaPhalanxte3! Sw Reanimationarmt to ajacenr is ad replace its e.onstep,dithis m ster grou defenseayonnx : IfPhala from its m e with 1 grffersedister suursefigis mon equal ton defenbrowtime th covers ! ber ofmEachreation: feated, it d or the nuwithinimRean d is not de suffere r groupntansteouon!is mthe amless.either rs from th ichever isstermonstees of it, whn mon r gainsReaminionima3 spacose 1 That monsteter: Chor.aneuve monste" M t to this ts.rinen! foadjac ement poals 1 e target. Phalandeovrmx2"Mmonste t to thThis r adjacenan:meuRareanimver# Sw her monsteat! Sw ioneach otoch3 13 243 25arm5 travel event cardsTrinketApplyyour 2 toHealth.If youa haza end your turd sprn innot de ace, you arefeated.5 condition tokens12 crumblingterrain tokensA largwith ine tree in yospiring ur pathis inscrEachwords.heibedhis at ro appliestriTravel butes un 1 to eachtil thestep.end of ofthisUnnatyour ca ural figureshaunmt the edThe he of". If roes chooseIf he he passes, he a hero tofaTerri ils, each ot is Terrifie testfied.her isA recentbogg y rain hasleft thmess.e forestEachahefails re ro tests !.his fir duces his Sp Each herost turnwheed to.1 durin ogNo Event.2/513 maP tiles3 old Walls tokens8 hero tokens(with 3 Plastic Stands)2entress75TerrifiedYou cannotspend!.If there arfigures e no enemyinof sight your lineyour tu at the endofrn, discard thcard ortoken. is12 damage tokensg BroTorm38 shoP item cardssebu33"6 monster cardsRea 2Corpl24Soul Mastery! 2dYourblodisch od runswoun arging from green,dsThere in stringy yourisgopain, no addition bs.becom but healing ales strenEachuous.1 or m time you recoverore !,sufferYou1 ".knockeare tainted.recove d out, you Whiler!caheroes from un n onlyor hero taintedic feats.Blade4 condition cardsBlooihelhul

Mists of BilehallA strange curse taints everything. It clings to the flesh andlingers within the lungs, a poison that destroys the soulwhile leaving the body to shamble on. A small settlementof the damned has formed near the border, a collection ofunfortunate trespassers unable to leave the accursed land.You have joined their number, but not in their despair.Ready your gear and bolster your courage; your journeyinto the Mistlands is about to begin.Expansion SetupEach Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition expansionis designed to seamlessly integrate into your collection. Beforeusing this expansion for the first time, perform the following.Add the new Condition, Shop Item, Relic, Monster, andLieutenant cards to the pool of available cards. Add the tokens,monster figures, and map tiles from this expansion to theirrespective supplies.Players should finish any campaigns they have started beforeincorporating the components from Mists of Bilehall intoDescent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition.An Epic StoryThis expansion introduces a one-act campaigncalled “Mists of Bilehall.” Unlike previouscampaigns, this campaign provides a completenarrative experience within a single act.The Mists of Bilehall expansion can also becombined with The Chains That Rust (anexpansion to be released in 2016) to form a larger,two-act campaign. Together these expansionsweave the two stories into a single, seamlessnarrative. Instructions for how to combine the twocan be found in The Chains That Rust.Mists of BilehallExpansion RulesThe following sections describe the rules associated with eachof the new components found in Mists of Bilehall.Hazard TerrainAny space defined by a yellow linesurrounding it is a hazard space. Hazardspaces follow the same rules as lava spacesas described on page 18 of the Descent:Journeys in the Dark Second Editionrulebook. Any effect or ability that appliesto lava spaces applies to hazard spaces, and any effect or abilitythat applies to hazard spaces applies to lava spaces.Sludge TerrainAny space defined by an orange linesurrounding it is a sludge space. Like waterspaces, a figure moving into a sludge spacemust spend 1 additional movement pointor it cannot enter that space. Additionally,when a figure starts its turn or activationso that each space it occupies is a sludgespace, its Speed is 1 and cannot be increased above 1 until theend of that turn or activation.ElevationElevation is represented by a dotted redline along the edge of certain spaces.These lines, also known as elevation lines,block movement but not line of sight. Afigure cannot move across an elevationline, but it can trace line of sight over one.Adjacent spaces separated by an elevation line are stillconsidered to be adjacent. However, when a figure declaresa Melee attack targeting a figure on the opposite side of anelevation line, the target figure adds one additional blackdefense die to its defense pool. If the attacking figure’s attackhas the Reach or Extend keyword, the target does not add theadditional black defense die to its defense pool.When determining movement for large monsters, elevationlines block movement. However, when ending or interruptingmovement for large monsters, the monster figure may be placedon spaces containing elevation lines, as long as those spaces areempty. For example, a large monster may occupy two emptyspaces separated by an elevation line. A figure with the “Fly”ability may move through elevation lines.Note: A figure cannot move diagonally across elevationthrough a shared corner of an elevation line and a wall (theblack edge of a map tile).3

Old WallTainted CardsThis expansion includes a new featurecalled an OLD WALL. An old wall is setup similarly to doors in a quest andis shown as a blue rectangle in theMists of Bilehall Quest Guide. Oldwalls cannot be opened and closedlike doors. Figures cannot trace line ofsight or count spaces through an oldwall. Spaces separated by an old wallare not adjacent.During quests in the “Mists of Bilehall” campaign, the heroesuse a new type of card: Tainted cards. Tainted cards representthe corruption that afflicts the heroes as they linger in theMistlands.Crumbling TerrainWhen a hero with a facedown Tainted card is defeated, he flipsthat card faceup. That hero is then affected by that card untilthe end of the quest or a game effect flips it facedown again.At the start of each quest, the overlord shuffles the Taintedcards together and deals 1 card to each hero, placing itfacedown near each hero’s Hero sheet. No player should knowwhich card has been dealt to any hero. The overlord places theremaining cards aside. While a hero has a Tainted card in hisplay area, apply 2 to that hero’s Health.This expansion introduces a new type ofterrain token called crumbling terrain.Crumbling terrain tokens are placed on themap during setup, as indicated on the questmaps in the Mists of Bilehall Quest Guide.When placed near an old wall, the tokens may need to berotated to fit optimally.CRUMBLINGTERRAIN TOKENMists of BilehallExpansion IconAll cards found in this expansion are marked with theMists of Bilehall expansion icon to distinguish thesecomponents from those found in the base game andother expansions.OLD WALLON STANDA space that contains crumbling terrain loses all other terraintypes except for obstacles. Each time a hero enters a space thatcontains crumbling terrain, that hero may test ! or ",his choice. If he fails or chooses to not test, he removes thatcrumbling terrain token from the map and suffers the effects ofthe other terrain in that space as normal; if the revealed terrainrequires 1 additional movement point to enter, that hero suffers1 # instead. If a figure is in a space that contains crumblingterrain, other figures cannot enter that space.New Relic TypeA new Relic card type is included in this expansion: monsterrelics. Except where noted here, monster relics follow thenormal rules for relics. Monster relics are designated by an iconon the lower left of the Relic card.41.Monster relics are wielded by monster groups in the same wayregular relics are wielded by lieutenants. During setup of each2.encounter, the overlord chooses which monster relic (if any)each of his monster groups will wield. Each monster group can3.wield only one monster relic. The overlord places the chosenRelic card next to the monster group’s card. The monster relicremains there until the end of the!: Recover 3 "4.encounter, even if all monsters in that groupare defeated. Monster relics cannot be5.wielded by lieutenants and have no effect ifMONSTERRELICthey are not wielded by a monster group.ICONTainted Card Anatomy1234OrdinaryWhat were you thinking?The others belong here, butyou’re only holding themback. What a joke If another hero hasused his heroic feat thisencounter, you cannotuse your heroic feat.You are tainted. Whileknocked out, you can onlyrecover ! from untaintedheroes or heroic feats.5 2Title: This area lists the title of the tainted effect.Flavor Text: The first paragraph explains howthe tainted condition affects the hero.Unique Effects: The second paragraph explainsthe unique rules for this Tainted card.Generic Effect: The third paragraph explains thegeneric rules for Tainted cards.Health Icon: This is a reminder that a hero witha Tainted card applies 2 to his Health.

CreditsExpansion Design: Kara Centell-Dunk and Nathan I. HajekManaging Game Producer: Steven KimballDescent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition Design:Adam Sadler and Corey Konieczka with Daniel Lovat ClarkProduction Coordination: John Britton, Jason Glawe,and Johanna WhitingProducer: Nathan I. HajekProduction Management: Megan Duehn and Simone ElliottAdditional Content Development: Grace HoldinghausExecutive Game Designer: Corey KonieczkaEditing: Justin HoegerExecutive Game Producer: Michael HurleyProofreading: Matt Click and Richard A. EdwardsPublisher: Christian T. PetersenGraphic Design: Christopher Hosch and Duane NicholsPlaytesters: Joseph Bozarth, Marcel Cwertetschka, AndrewFillhart, Benjamin Fillhart, Michael Fillhart, Jeffrey “Leech”Klein, Isabella Mattasits, Eric McLaughlin, Philip McNeill,Jason O’Leary, Daniel Schaefer, Anita Skala, Daniel Skala, TylerSoberanis, Frank Omilian, Melanie Vayda, Sean Vayda, AndreasWeiß, Kelly YuhasGraphic Design Manager: Brian SchomburgCover Art: Andrew BosleyMap Tile Art: Stephen SomersInterior Art: Yoann Boissonnet, Dimitry Burmak, EmileDenis, Nicholas Gregory, David Griffith, Jordan Kerbow,Enrique RiveraArt Direction: John TaillonManaging Art Director: Andy ChristensenFigure Sculpting: Luigi TerziPlastics Coordination: Niklas NormanPlastic Management: Jason Beaudoin 2015 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. No part of this product may bereproduced without specific permission. Fantasy Flight Supply is TM ofFantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Runebound,Fantasy Flight Games and the FFG logo are of Fantasy Flight Publishing,Inc. Fantasy Flight Games is located at 1995 West County Road B2,Roseville, Minnesota, 55113, USA, 651-639-1905. Actual components mayvary from those shown. Made in China. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT ATOY. NOT INTENDED FOR USE OF PERSONS 13 YEARS OF AGEOR YOUNGER.www.FantasyFlightgames.com5

Monster DescriptionsReanimates: The undyinglegions are not mindlesspuppets controlled by aremote master. Yet manyfoolish adventurers havesealed their fate actingon such a misconception.Though masked witha lifeless expression, areanimate’s otherwise hollowskull contains hundreds ofyears of training, experience,and bloodlust.6Broodwalkers: These walkingcorpses are different thanthe typical undead. They arenot animated by curses orsorcery, but by a unified hiveof corpse bugs. Working withinexplicable cooperation, thelarvae manipulate the rottingtendons and muscles of thishorrid beast, ever in search offresher flesh into which theywill lay the next generation oftheir young.Bone Horrors: The idea ofa living mass of bones is onlya small part of the fear theseabominations spread. Thetrue terror comes when onewitnesses a friend ripped fromtheir side by the lithesomecreatures. With amazingspeed, the comrade is eitherdragged away into theshadows or digested on thespot by the churning massof jagged bone.

Lieutenant DescriptionsKyndrithul: Lord of houseDalibor, Kyndrithul’s influencehas waned in recent years, deferringto the leadership of the othervampire lords. Most assume thatKyndrithul has slipped into aposition of subservience, but the olderpoliticians remember the shrewd wordsof Kyndrithul’s father: “a lord’s foesface his watchful eye and ready sword,while his servants stand behind him intreacherous silence.”Yet Kyndrithul’s silence is noindication of betrayal, but of apowerful sorcerer devoted to hislatest study. The vampire has stirredup suspicion, however, summoning theattention of the battalion that was sentto keep watch over the power-hungryArdus Ix’Erebus: There was a time when lords of Bilehall. Somewhere within histhe infamous Ardus Ix’Erebus frequented realm, Kyndrithul’s secrets lay hidden–the front lines of Waiqar’s legion. Thosesecrets that would condemn him to afew who could survive his martial prowess punishment beyond that which anysoon fell to the swarm of skeletalmortal could dreamminions under his command.or endure.A master tactician and daringwarrior, Ardus was feared forhis uncanny awareness andcontrol of the tide of war.Battle after battle, he wouldlull seasoned commanders andveteran soldiers into his deadlyploys, leading his forces forwardwith elegant brutality.But ultimately, Ardus Ix’Erebusis only one of many such soldiers withinthe Deathborn Legion, Waiqar’soldest and greatest army. ShouldArdus someday fall, many morestand ready to avenge him. Theseare the most experienced veteransthat the heroes of Terrinoth haveever opposed. The free races passtheir knowledge and wisdom downfrom generation to generationby treatises on war and mythicaltales–these undying masters haveexperienced centuries of warfor themselves.Zarihell: There are those within the mistswhose origin is unknown, dispelled frommortal memory by time or dark decree.Some are servants of Waiqar the Betrayer,while a privileged few are left to simplyexist within his borders, neither associatednor independent, like a sparrow allowedto roost within a tower.Zarihell is one such creature. It is saidthat she appeared in the wake of theFirst Darkness, emerging from the sameprison as Waiqar before his betrayal ofTimmorran. Even when freed from thebonds of Llovar, there was another setof shackles that could not be broken,ancient chains cast upon her by theDaewyl elves.At some point between then andnow, Zarihell broke her bonds.Now unfettered, she wields a powerpreviously forgotten and forbidden. Hadthose who found her within the BlackCitadel but known her potential, theywould not have freed her, but furtherimprisoned her behind every ward andbrick they could find. She commandsthe spirits of the living and dead like amother directs an obedient child, andher greatest weakness is her apatheticapproach to a world far beneath her.7

Mists of BilehallCampaign RulesMists of Bilehall introduces a new Act I campaign to Descent:Journeys in the Dark Second Edition entitled “Mists ofBilehall.” Act I campaigns follow many of the same rules forthe campaign found in the base game. The following rules listany changes to the campaign rules found on pages 19-22 of theDescent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition rulebook.TravelThe “Mists of Bilehall” campaign uses a new campaign map.All travel is done by referencing the campaign map on the backpage of this rulebook. When playing the “Mists of Bilehall”campaign, heroes begin the travel step at Mistbound Conclaveand follow a continuous path to the chosen quest locationshown on the campaign map.Choosing QuestsPlayers play a total of five quests throughout the “Mistsof Bilehall” campaign. The campaign begins with theIntroduction quest entitled “Strange Awakening.” Thisquest is treated as an Act I quest. Note: During setup ofthe Introduction, each player receives 1 XP that they mayimmediately spend. Remaining quests are chosen usingthe campaign log on page 9 of this rulebook. Players canphotocopy the campaign log or download and print a copyfrom the Fantasy Flight Games official website ( IPlayers are restricted when choosing quests during the “Mistsof Bilehall” campaign. The winner of the Introduction chooseseither “Sanguine Lord” or “Song of Bone” as the next quest.This is indicated by the arrows connecting those quests to theIntroduction. After completing a quest, the winner of thatquest chooses between the two available quests listed beneathit on the campaign log. Available quests are connected to thecompleted quest by an arrow.After completing three Act I quests, it is time for the Finale.Players resolve one Campaign phase as normal, and then theheroes travel to the “Hallowing Fire” quest to determine theultimate winner of the campaign.FINALEThe campaign ends in an exciting quest known as the Finale.The Finale is a two-encounter quest in which the playersalways play the same first encounter, but progress to a differentsecond encounter depending on who won the previous quest.If the heroes won the “Juliden’s Keep” quest or the “ShatteredSchemes” quest, the players must play “Encounter 2a” as thesecond encounter. If the overlord won the “Juliden’s Keep”quest or the “Shattered Schemes” quest, the players must play“Encounter 2b” as the second encounter.8You find the horde of undead at the edge of theMistlands. The skeletal soldiers and wavering corpsesstand docile just within the mists, as if all consciousnesshad left their bodies as they reached the border. Thereare at least a hundred within sight and presumablymany more beyond the heavy fog.“Been like that for days,” your young guide explains.“Here, watch this.” The girl scoops up a stone andwinds her arm back to throw. Your hand snaps out andcatches her wrist. “No, really, we’ve been doing this fordays. Trust me.”You release her arm and watch the well-placedprojectile shatter the jaw bone of one of the closerwarriors. The skeleton’s only response is a small stepbackward, catching its balance. “Ugh, couldn’t havedone that yesterday when Kamila was watching, couldI ” the girl mumbles.You send her home with a few coins in her pocket. Asshe disappears over the hill, you draw your weaponsand approach the mists. You clear the soldiers withinarm’s reach first, pulverizing their bodies until you areconvinced they won’t rise again. Then you carefullybreach the unofficial border, moving back and forthacross the line, slaying the undead by the hundreds. Youcontinue into the late afternoon.Then you see the twin figures slicing their way towardyou, more efficient than a scythe through the lateautumn harvest. They drop the dead with perfectefficiency, a short blade in one hand and a stave in theother. You call out, hoping not to startle them–the lastmistake of your mortal lives.They approach with impossible speed. You call outagain, explaining that you are working toward thesame goal, but there is no response. You barely havetime to band together before they are upon you. Thetwo warriors are chained together, but leap and spinas with one mind. Your every strike is parried by oneas the other counters. Your skill and strength areequally matched, and despite your opponent’s unendingstamina, you believe you may yet survive. Then thedead begin to move, slow and clumsy. They are barelya nuisance, but it shifts the balance

Each Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition expansion is designed to seamlessly integrate into your collection. Before using this expansion for the first time, perform the following. Add the new Condition, Shop Item, Relic, Monster, and Lieutenant cards to the pool of available cards. Add the tokens,

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