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Reviewing for the National Geography BeeWhat follows are tips and techniques to help youprepare for the National Geographic Bee (formerlycalled the National Geography Bee but since theNational Geographic Society is the organizer, theydecided to change the name)1. 1Start with a world map, globe, and atlas andbecome very familiar with the continents,countries, states and provinces, islands, andmajor physical features of our planet.Use Outline Maps of the world and continents totest yourself on this information. Knowing therelative location of countries, islands, majorwater bodies, and major physical features is veryimportant for the Bee. Be sure to also have agood understanding of where the major lines oflatitude and longitude lie.Take as many practice quizzes as possible. Mysite offers an archive of hundreds of multiplechoice Geography Quizzes that will definitelyhelp. National Geographic offers a daily /geobee.htm Quiz online. There are additional online quizzesin my Test Your Knowledge collection ofresources. Be sure to use an atlas to look up orunderstand the questions that you've missed.Prepare flash cards or use some other techniqueto memorize the capitals of the countries of theworld and the capitals of the fifty United States.Memorize these Basic Earth Facts, the Highest,Lowest, and Deepest points around the world,and study other geographic superlatives.Read the newspaper, news magazines, andsubscribe to my free Geography Newsletter andGeography 101 Email Course to learn aboutgeography and to stay up-to-date with majornews events happening around the world. SomeBee questions come from the geography ofcurrent events and these events are usuallythose that occur in the latter portion of the yearbefore the Bee. Look up any unfamiliar placenames you encounter in an atlas.Knowing principal languages, currencies,religions, and former country names is definitelya bonus. It's most important at state and nationallevels. This information is best obtained fromthe CIA World Factbook.Become familiar with the terms and concepts ofPhysical Geography. If you can review theglossary and key concepts of physical geography

from a college-level physical geographytextbook, do so! In the 1999 state finals, there was a difficult rounddevoted to exotic species but each question'sanswer was the choice between two places sohaving a good geographical knowledge would havebeen the easiest way to win the round. My book,The Geography Bee Complete PreparationHandbook: 1,001 Questions & Answers to Help YouWin Again and Again!, is a helpful resource forthose preparing for the Bee at the school, state, ornational levels. Geography in the United States Geography in AmericaNational Geography Bee - GeographyGeography for KidsRelated Searchesnational geography beenational geographic beeoutline maps of the worldmajor physical featuresgeography quizzesgeobee quizGeography Bee Resources Geography QuizzesGeography TriviaGeography GlossaryRelated Articles Geographic Education RevivalGift Ideas for Geographers - GeographyStudy Aids for Geography Bee Preparation2Maps The first tool students need is an up to dateworld map that clearly defines country

and includes physical features such as mountainranges, deserts and other major land features likethe Canadian Shield. It is helpful if the map isportable, so for example, if the student seessomething on the news or in a movie, they canquickly grab their map and locate the area that isreferenced. It is also fun to have some historicmaps to compare to modern maps, to see whereancient civilizations were located in relation tomodern cities.Current Events Source of Information Thegeography bee will include questions related tocurrent events. Therefore, the student needsaccess to a world news source. This could includesuch sources as BBC News Front Page, World link), or The WorldNews Connection. Whenever a location isreferenced, it should be located on a map and thestudent ought to also consider surrounding areasor political associations that could be affected bythe latest developments.Statistics AnalysisManage Data Better With IBM SPSS Statistics. Seethe Online Demo analyticsGeography Reference Materials This couldinclude an up to date textbook that includesdefinitions of geography related terms. Sourcesshould include statistical data such as populationfigures including distribution and densities. Othergood sources of information include those listed inthe resource section of this site. NationalGeographic 3D Globe is a good software choice forolder students that need quick information onworld religions, health, education or othercomparative data.National Geography Standards These standards,established in 1994 to guide geography coursework in the schools, include five major areas andeighteen sub divisions. All major areas of thesestandards will be addressed during the bee. Inbrief, these standards require an understanding ofthe following:1. The World in Spatial Terms

Knowing how to use mapsThe ability to organize people, places andenvironments into spatial termsThe ability to analyze the spatialorganization of people, places andenvironments2. Places and Regions Physical and Human Characteristics of PlacesThat People Create Regions to InterpretEarth's ComplexityHow Culture and Experience InfluencePerceptions of Places and Regions3. Physical Systems Physical Processes That Shape the Patternsof Earth’s SurfaceCharacteristics and Spatial Distribution ofEcosystems4. Human Systems Characteristics, Distribution and Migrationof Human PopulationsCharacteristics, Distribution and Complexityof Earth’s Cultures Patterns and Networks of EconomicInterdependence on Earth’s SurfaceProcesses, Patterns and Functions of HumanSettlement5. Environment and Society How Human Actions Modify the PhysicalEnvironmentHow Physical Systems Affect Human SystemsChanges That Occur in the Meaning, Use,Distribution and Importance of ResourcesAs one can quickly see, these standards encompassmany areas, well beyond location. Nearly everyschool subject, whether social studies or biology,includes geography related concepts. In fact,geography incorporates so many areas that it isalmost impossible to study or memorizeeverything.Therefore, kids should strive to succeed in all oftheir course work especially social studies,government, history and earth science to besuccessful in geography. The goal is to begin tounderstand how all of these relationships arerelated. For example how an environmentalchange affected migration patterns, economics and

resources, population distribution or politicalinfluence.If the student is planning to compete in theNational Geographic sponsored bee, it is a goodidea if they regularly visit their website and readthe “Kids News” and their “Bee Resources” pages.Review mlIn SummaryA geography bee may include many geographyrelated subject areas. To succeed, students mustmake their map their constant companion as theystudy current events, world history, social studiesand earth science. In addition, once they havemastered their maps they should be able toanalyze and organize statistical data into spatialrelationships. Lastly, successful geographystudents are able to see the entire modern andancient world and its populations in ity of Official-Study-Guide/dp/1426301987

Reviewing for the National Geography Bee What follows are tips and techniques to help you prepare for the National Geographic Bee (formerly called the National Geography Bee but since the National Geographic Society is the organizer, they decided to change the name)1. Start with a world map, globe, and atlas and

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