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Atlet BalanceDiesel or LPG-engine powered counterbalance trucksGL/DL and GH/DH 1.5–5 tonnes2models.In command foryour productivity.

Employ the diesel or LPG powered Atlet Balance– a high-precisionwork horse at your servicePowerful, reliable and highly efficient. Add superior ergonomicsand low life-cycle costs, and you’ve got the idea of the combustion engine powered Atlet Balance range. These versatile trucksare designed to ensure productivity in your toughest material hand ling operations. Available in many configurations and with a widerange of customised options, the Atlet Balance is the right truckfor the job – all the way, every day.

Trouble-free ownershipwith on-board serviceidentification technologyAdvanced ergonomicsfor improved performanceMaximising up-time, the truck’s computerhas a built-in trouble-shooting system thatsimplifies service. It displays alarm codes,OnBoard ServiceIdentificationfault messages and allows various settings.No special tools or computers are needed to fix thetruck, which shortens the time of repair.Cabin comfortin all conditionsShared componentsfor maximum up-timeThe Atlet Balance trucks are built withAtlet’s Modular Design Concept. By onlyhaving to carry a limited number of components, our mobile service engineers canfix over 95% of all repairs – on the first call.The optional well-insulated cabin adds to bothcomfort and safety.Wide glass doors and apanoramic front windscreen provide superiorall-round visibility.Atlet TruckComputer withPIN code accessenables time saving on-boardservice diagnosticsand helps preventunauthorised use.A spacious cabin with adjustable seat andsteering wheel and a conveniently positionedarmrest with electro-hydraulic fingertipcontrols allow the driver to easily controlthe truck in an ergonomic way. This combined with thecar-like driving characteristics make the Atlet Balancetruck a pleasure to drive.Pro-Visionmast designfor excellentforward visibility(GL/DL).Highlyadjustablesteering wheelmakes it easy tofind the perfectdriving position.Sensitivefinger tipcontrolsconvenientlypositioned inthe armrest.A comfortablemulti-adjustablesuspension seatwith a seat belt.Available asoption, there’sa seat withhigher backrest.

The power oftrustUtilising advanced engine technology, the combustion engines available for the AtletBalance trucks – LPG gas or diesel – meet high environmental demands. Excellentperformance, impressive fuel-efficiency and service-friendly design further boost productivity and provide low life-cycle costs.World-leadingLPG engine technologyEnsuring low fuel consumption and extremely low emission levels without compromising on performance, theultra-clean LPG engine features an advanced enginecontrol system with 3-way catalyst and closed loopsystem. For even higher environmental performance,this engine can also be modified to run on compressednatural gas (CNG) and biogas.Speed control buttonThis optional control allows settings for maximum speeddepending on speed regulations and operator skills.Available for both diesel and LPG enginesRobust diesel engineThe four-cylinder (GL/DL) or six-cylinder (GH/DH) dieselengine is a reliable and strong piece of machinery that islow on fuel and harmful emissions. Strict environmentaldemands are met. Robust technology ensures lowmaintenance costs. Rapid preheating makes the enginevery easy to start. And by adding a particulate filter,harmful emissions of particles are almost eliminated.ECO-driving buttonIn the LPG-powered variants, a simple press of abutton reduces fuel consumption by up to 18%. Effectively reducing noise levels, this also improves comfort.

G L/DLYour versatileworkmateLoading, unloading, transporting and stacking: the tough and comfortable GL/DL has gotwhat it takes to fix the job including loads up to 1.5–3.5 tonnes. Available with a robustdiesel or a state-of-the-art LPG engine, the GL/DL will provide top efficiency with low fuelconsumption and environmental care. A range of seven models with different configurations and options makes the GL/DL the right truck for the job – any time.A pleasure to drive,a treat to handleHave it your wayThe driving characteristics of the GL/DLare engineered to be composed, tight anddirect – the driver always has a sense ofcontrol and comfort.Floating driver platformfor comfortInnovative features like fingertip control,multi-function LCD display and PINcoding come standard – to mention butOnBoard ServiceIdentificationa few examples of standard equipmentabove the ordinary. And to further customise yourtruck, you can add unique factory-fitted options suchas a well-insulated cabin, Pro-Vision triplex mast,shock absorbing system for fragile goods handingand joystick controls for lift and tilt functions and awide range of various fork attachments.Further contributing to productivity, the driver platformis attached to the chassis via a patented 4-point shockabsorber system. This enhances driving comfort byeffectively reducing shocks, vibration and noise.Innovative Pro-Visiontriplex mast designThis optional smart technology uses two full free-liftcylinders positioned at the side of the mast instead ofone and it adds to improved load control, better forwardvisibility and facilitated handling in confined spaces.Model (LPG/Diesel)G L/DL-15G L/DL-18G L/DL-20G L/DL-25G L/DL-30G L/DL-32G 500500O verall width (mm)1080108011551155123012301280T urning radius (mm)1970200021902250239023902420O verhead guard height (mm)2115211521302130215521552155Length to forkface (mm)2260230025302605277027702780Lifting capacity/rated (kg)Load centre, distance (mm)

G H/DHWhen the goinggets toughRugged and solid, the Atlet Balance GH/DH is designed for hard work in the harshestconditions. The GH/DH is a comfortable heavy-duty truck for loads up to 3.5–5.0 tonnes,with straightforward strengths and a world-class combustion engine – diesel or LPG.Robust and easy to serviceWith space for productivityThe robust and powerful design ensures atrouble-free working life and low main tenance costs. And when needed, the truckOnBoard ServiceIdentificationis easy to service using the integrateddiagnostics system for rapid trouble-shooting and aservice-friendly construction including a full 90 degreesopening top panel. Adding to low life-cycle costs, thereare long driving times between the replacement ofmain components and changing fluids.The GH/DH will serve you silently and almost vibrationfree. The driver can enjoy an easy-to-enter and ergonomically well-designed work place with excellent all-roundvisibility. The cabin is spacious, with plenty of room forlegs, arms and head including a helmet. Adjustable seating and steering wheel make it easy to find the perfectdriving position for relaxed, efficient work throughoutthe shift.Steering wheel synchronisation for comfortable controlFor a relaxed driving position, the steeringsynchroniser keeps the steering knob in acomfortable 9 o’clock position when travelling straight, before and after taking a turn.Model (LPG/Diesel)G H/DH-35G H/DH-40G H/DH-45G H/DH-503500400045005000600600600600O verall width (mm)1490149014901490T urning radius (mm)2720275028002935O verhead guard height (mm)2250225022502250Length of forkface (mm)3095313032103340Lifting capacity/rated (kg)Load center, distance (mm)

NFK J.Kopa Sp.J.Rąbień ul.Kościelna 7Tel 48 712-56-10Fax 48 it rightwith Atlet otal.Atlet Total means you’re in total control over your material handling operations. All the way – from logistics planning andchoosing the right trucks, to financing and services – you can increase warehouse efficiency and lower your total costs.Put Atlet Total to work, and focus on your core business.KSRper tionAnalysis tools for daily monitoringof truck use, safety and environmental performance.ENLTASERVICE TRAININGFSAentFlexible and tailor-made financing– short-term and long-term rentalwith uptime guarantee.r iningWell-trained drivers maximise efficiency and safety in your materialhandling.fetyInspections, analysis and adviceto ensure safe operations andlower costs.ETYOPERATIONISTICS TRUCrucksA premium range of warehouse andcounterbalance trucks – customisedto your needs by Atlet.erviceService agreements adapted toyour operations save money andmaximise uptime. With your dedicated Atlet mobile service engineer.GLOLogisticsAnalysis and planning of warehouseoperations and truck fleet sizes.

Atlet’s Modular Design Concept. By only having to carry a limited number of com-ponents, our mobile service engineers can fix over 95% of all repairs – on the first call. employ the diesel or Lpg powered Atlet Balance – a high-precision work horse at your service Trouble-free ownership with on-board service identification technology

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