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GRAHAM JOSEPH MCDOUGALL JR.Curriculum VitaeAugust, 2019Florida State University, College of Nursing1817 Atlantis PlaceCollege of NursingTallahassee, FL 32303The Florida State University512.809.9883 (Cell)Vivian M. Duxbury Hall850.644.5292 (Off)98 Varsity WayORCID: Florida, 32306-4310Scopus Author ID:; 1277577074&ref n/184339334926259?v wallEDUCATION1991 PhD1981 MN1977 BSNEducation/Cognition: The University of Texas at AustinGerontological/Psychiatric Nursing: LSU Health Sciences Center New OrleansCommunity Mental Health NursingNursing: William Carey UniversityEMPLOYMENTAcademic2018Professor with Tenure, Graduate Faculty Status, Associate Dean, Research,Florida State University, College of Nursing, Tallahassee, Florida2017-2018Courtesy Professor, Florida State University, College of Nursing, Tallahassee,Florida2012-2017Professor with Tenure and Martha Lucinda Luker Saxon Endowed Chair in RuralHealth Nursing, The University of Alabama Capstone College of Nursing,Tuscaloosa, Alabama2013-2017Adjunct Professor, The University of Alabama in Birmingham and University ofAlabama in Huntsville, School of Nursing.2005-2012Professor with Tenure, The University of Texas at Austin, School of Nursing2007-2012Faculty Investigator, Imaging Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin2005-2012Adjunct Professor, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Case University,Cleveland, Ohio1998-2005Associate Professor with Tenure, The University of Texas at Austin, Nursing1998-2005Adjunct Associate Professor, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, CaseUniversity, Cleveland, Ohio1991-1998Assistant Professor-Gerontological Nursing; Frances Payne Bolton School ofNursing, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

McDougall, Graham, Joseph Jr.1992 (June)1986-19911989, Fall2Appointed Fellow, Health policy in the Congressional Office of the HonorableLouis Stokes (D-OH) in Washington, DC,Teaching Assistant, University of Texas at Austin, Department of Adult &Development, Curriculum and Instruction, Austin, TX,Instructor, Austin Community College, Austin, TXClinical1989-1991Clinical Nurse Specialist (part-time); Shoal Creek Hospital, Senior Adult ServicesTreatment Program, Austin, TX1985-1991Private Practice-Psychotherapy; Austin, TX1985-1991Geriatric-Psychiatric CNS-Upjohn Healthcare, New Hope, & Medical PersonnelPool, Austin, TX1984-1995Therapist; Upjohn Healthcare Service, New Orleans, LA1984-1985Part-time therapist; Associated Catholic Charities, La Place, LA1982-1985Clinical Nurse Specialist/Education Coordinator, Neuropsychiatry; CharityHospital, New Orleans, LA1982Charge Nurse; Coliseum Medical Center, New Orleans, LA1981-1985Private Practice (part-time)-Psychotherapy; New Orleans, LA1979-1982Private Duty Nursing (Hospitals); New Orleans, LA1979Nursing Supervisor; Sara Mayo Hospital, New Orleans, LA1977-1979Staff Nurse; Ochsner and Jo Ellen Smith Hospitals, New Orleans, LALicenses2015-4/2021 Florida Department of Health, License #9418398: Registered Nurse; AdvancedRegistered Nurse Practitioner, ARNP; Adult Psychiatric Mental Health CNS2015Louisiana Board of Nursing, License #38,600: Registered Nurse2016Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist2015-1/2018 Tennessee Health Related Boards #210584: Registered Nurse2015-2020Georgia Professional Licensing Board #253317: Registered Nurse2012-Present Alabama Board of Nursing, License #1-135055: Registered Nurse # 1-135055AP Certification - CNS--Psychiatric and Mental HealthCertified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP)-Faculty Only1985-2012Texas Board of Nurse Examiners, License # 523397: Advanced NursePractitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist--Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing andGerontological Nurse Practitioner1991-1998Ohio Board of Nursing, License RN #236157, Advanced Practice (Inactive)1983-1984New York State Education Department, License #343610: RegisteredProfessional Nurse (Inactive status)1978-1985Louisiana State Board Nurse Examiners, License #38,600: Advanced PractitionerNursing--Clinical Nurse Specialist/Primary Nurse Associate (Inactive)

McDougall, Graham, Joseph Jr.3PROGRAM OF RESEARCHThe cognitive difficulties experienced by older adults resulting from their aging human brain ismy research emphasis. SeniorWISE, an efficacy-based treatment was developed and tested totreat adults worried about subjective and objective memory loss and improve their memoryperformance, memory self-efficacy and instrumental activities of daily living. The evidencebased treatment funded with over 3 million of NIH competitive awards was designated as anEdge Runner by the American Academy Nursing and received the Mind Alert Award from theAmerican Society on Aging and MetLife Foundation.Visiting ScholarFlorida International University, Nicole Wertheim College Nursing & Health, June, 2016University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center College of Nursing, March, 2016Goldfarb School of Nursing, St. Louis, MO, August, 2014Loyola University College of Nursing, New Orleans, LA, February, 2012Columbia University, School of Nursing, NY, October, 2010University of Oklahoma, College of Nursing, Reynolds Center of Geriatric Nursing, May, 2010University of Nebraska, Omaha College of Nursing, Omaha, NE, March, 2010University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio-School of Nursing, March, 2010University of California Los Angeles-School of Nursing, May, 2009University of California, Davis-Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing--Invited Nurse Leader,Geriatric Nursing-Inaugural Design Summit, Davis, CA, 2008University of California San Francisco, School of Nursing, San Francisco, CA, 2007Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing, May, 2004University of Wisconsin, School of Nursing, Madison, WI, April, 2004The University of Texas Health Sciences Center, School of Nursing, Houston, TX, March, 2004University of Washington, School of Nursing, Seattle, WA, February, 2004University of Pennsylvania, Hartford Center Geriatric Nursing Excellence, Philadelphia, PA,March, 2003-Public lectureUniversity of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Philadelphia, PA graduate seminar for theHartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, Philadelphia, PA, March, 2003Fairfield University, School of Nursing, Fairfield, CN, June, 2002University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, School of Nursing, September, 1999New York University, Division of Nursing, New York, NY, October, 1999Indiana University at South Bend, School of Nursing, South Bend, IN, May, 1991Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center, School of Nursing faculty of the, Chicago, IL,March, 1991.Yale University School of Nursing, New Haven, CT, April, 1990University California Los Angeles-School of Nursing, Los Angeles, CA, March, 1990Trademark and Synergistic ActivitiesGraham J. McDougall Jr (September 23, 2013). Senior WISE. Drawing Type: Typset Word (2),Letter (2), Number(s). Registration No. 2,824,066 in International Class 41. Washington,DC: U. S. Patent and Trademark Office. (2013-2023).Graham J. McDougall Jr (September 23, 2013). Wisdom Is Simply Exploration. Drawing Type:An illustration drawing which includes word(s), letter(s), number (s). Registration No.

McDougall, Graham, Joseph Jr.42,860,022 in International Class 41. Washington, DC: U. S. Patent and Trademark Office.(2013-2023).Board of Regents, the University of Texas System (Registered March 16, 2004). Senior WISE.Drawing Type: Typset Word(s), Letter(s), Number (s). Registration No. 2,824,066 inInternational Class 41. Washington, DC: U. S. Patent and Trademark Office. (2005-2013).Board of Regents, the University of Texas System (Registered July 6, 2004). Wisdom Is SimplyExploration. Drawing Type: An illustration drawing which includes word(s), letter(s),number(s). Registration No. 2,860,022 in International Class 41. Washington, DC: U. S.Patent and Trademark Office. (2005-2013).McDougall, G. J. (2013). Graham J. McDougall Jr., PhD: Comprehensive website of researchprogram., G. J. (2009-present). Senior WISE on Twitter. https://twitter.comMcDougall, G. J. (2009-present). Senior WISE Wisdom Is Simply Exploration: Science Pageon Facebook. Is SimplyExploration/184339334926259RESEARCH PROJECT AWARDS FUNDED as Principal InvestigatorMcDougall, G. J. (PI). Senior WISE Intervention for Older Adults with Poor Everyday MemoryPerformance. St. David’s Community Health Foundation. Funded: 65,000 (2010-2011).McDougall, G. J., (PI), Stuifbergen, A., Becker, H., (Co-Is). Improving Everyday Memory inAt-Risk Elderly. Funded: 2,299,451. Total costs National Institute on Aging (1 R01AG15384-01A2) (2001-2009).McDougall, G. J. (PI), Becker, H., (Co-Is). Revising the direct assessment of functional status incommunity elderly. Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research inUnderserved Populations (CHPR), NINR, NIH, Role: Pilot Study. Total costs EPEG grant 3,000 (2007-2008).McDougall, G. J., (PI), Strauss, M. E., (Co-I). Predictive Model of Memory Performance inCommunity Residing Older Adults. National Institute Nursing Research-Academic ResearchEnhancement Award (1 R15 NR04204-01) (1996-1998). Funded: 175,393.McDougall, G. J., (PI), Improving Memory Self-Efficacy in Assisted Living Elders. Funded:National Institute on Aging (CWRU Claude Pepper Older Americans Independence Center) 9,000 (1997-1998)McDougall, G. J. (PI), Rehabilitation of Memory in Older Adults. Funded: RehabilitationNursing Foundation. Funded 5,822 (1997).McDougall, G. J., (PI), Mnemonic Training to Improve Self-Efficacy in Cognitively ImpairedOlder Adults. Funded: American Nurses Foundation-Germaine S. Krysan, RN Scholar. 3,500 (1996-1997).McDougall, G. J., (PI), Olvera, M. (CoI). Translation of the Cognitive-Behavioral Model ofEveryday Memory into Spanish for delivery to Puerto Rican elders. Frances Payne BoltonSchool of Nursing. 5,000 (1996-1997).McDougall, G. J., (PI). Metamemory and Depression in Cognitively Impaired Older Adults.Funded: Biomedical Research Support Grant (NCNR-507RR05947-07), 12/1/91-6/30/92, 3,000 (1991-1992). FPB-Alumni Research Award. 1,000 (1992).

McDougall, Graham, Joseph Jr.5McDougall, G. J., (PI). Content Analysis of Psychotherapy Sessions with Older Adults.Funded: Sigma Theta Tau-Alpha Mu. 500 (1992). FPB-Research Award. 1,000 (1992).McDougall, G. J., (PI). Metamemory Knowledge as a Cue to Act in Older Adults. Funded:American Nurses Foundation-Lucille Joel Fund Scholar. 2,674 (1990-1991).McDougall, G. J., (PI). Depression, Health, Self-Efficacy & Metamemory of Older Adults.Funded: Sigma Theta Tau-Epsilon Theta Chapter. 100 (1990).RESEARCH PROJECT AWARDS-FUNDED as Co-InvestigatorHaley, A., (PI), Tanaka, H., Ress, D., McDougall, G. J. (Co-Is). Cardiovascular Health and BrainFunction in Mexican-American Adults at Risk for Hypertension. Center for HealthPromotion and Disease Prevention Research in Underserved Populations, 06/01/08-05/31/09NINR, NIH, Role: Pilot Study. Total costs 20,000Clark, A., PI (McDougall, G. J. Co-I). Health-promoting self-care in people with heart failure(NINR) R03 NR009503, 7/1/05-6/30/08. Total costs 142,453.Choi, N. (McDougall, G. J., Co-I). Mental health needs of low income older Texans: A pilotstudy of depressive symptomatology and preferential treatment. Center for Health Promotionand Disease Prevention Research in Underserved Populations (CHPR), 06/01/05-05/31/06NINR, NIH, Role: Pilot Study. Total costs 20,000.Borges, W., PI (McDougall, G. J. Co-Investigator). Cognitive interviewing approach to insureinstrument equivalence. SWPC P20, 10/1/05-9/30-06. Total costs 14,486Harris, J., Principal Investigator (McDougall, G. J., Co-Investigator). Influences of Text andReader Variables on the Comprehension of Health Information, the Center for HealthPromotion and Disease Prevention Research in Underserved Populations P30 NR05051 (A.Stuifbergen) 06/01/02-05/31/03 NINR, NIH, Role: Pilot Study. Total costs 10,000.Stuifbergen, A. Center for Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Research for UnderservedPopulations. Stuifbergen, A., Director; Walker, L., Center Associate Director and Directorfor Theory, Research, Methods and Technology Core; McDougall, G. J., Director,Dissemination Core; Rew, L., Director, Underserved Populations Core. NINR, NIH, 6/1/045/30/09. Total Costs 2,365,421.Stuifbergen, A. Center for Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Research for UnderservedPopulations. Stuifbergen, A., Director; Walker, L., Center Associate Director and Directorfor Theory and Methods Core; McDougall, G. J., Director, Research Development andDissemination Core; Rew, L., Director, Underserved and Diverse Populations Core. (Dr.Sharon Brown-PI 9/1/99-3/26/01). NINR, NIH, 9/1/99-5/30/04. Total Costs 1, 555,968.RESEARCH PROJECT AWARDS UNFUNDED as Principal InvestigatorMcDougall, G. J. (PI), Wedgeworth, M., & Stanton, M. (Co Is). (2014-2017). Senior WISEmemory training in a continuing care retirement community. Capstone Village, Tuscaloosa,AL. Unfunded (2014-2016).McDougall, G. J., (PI), Stuifbergen, A., Becker, H., (Co-Is). A brief memory intervention forcommunity elderly-Unfunded (2004-2005).RESEARCH COLLABORATIONSMember, Data Safety Management Board for an RCT of Speed of Processing Training inMiddle-Aged and Older Adults with HIV (The Think Fast Study). D. Vance (PI). NationalInstitutes of Mental Health, 2016-2021.

McDougall, Graham, Joseph Jr.6Member, Data Safety Management Board for Speed of Processing Training with TranscranialDirect Current Stimulation (The tDCS Driving Study). D. Vance (PI). National Institutes onAging P30, 2014-2016.Member, Data Safety Management Board for a Novel Neurorehabilitation Approach forCognitive Aging with HIV. P. L. Fazeli (PI). National Institutes on Aging K99AG048762,2014-2017.Consultant, Ganzer, C. A. (PI). Stroke Literacy and Ethnically Diverse Veterans. VeteransAdministration Nurse Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Awarded (2012-2014). Funded.Consultant, Atwood, A. (PD). Better Way to Live at Home: Education, Resources and Supportsfor Older Adults. Community Innovations in Aging in Place Initiative funded through theAdministration on Aging. Family Elder Care, 1.4 Million total costs (2009-2012). SeniorWISE budget 8,200. FundedConsultant, Smith-West, D. (PI), & Beck, C. Translation of obesity and cognitive research in arural state via senior centers. Senior WISE was one of the translated interventions. Centersfor Disease Control (1 R18 DP001145-01) 1.2 Million-Total costs (2007-2012).Member, External Advisory Council. Multiple Morbidities in Vulnerable Populations: NurseScientist Training. Moore, S. M. (PI.). NIH-National Institute for Nursing Research. T32NR009761. 5/18/06-4/30/11, 1,739,227.Member, Data Safety Management Board for Development of a Caregiver Sleep Intervention.Carter, P. (PI). National Institute of Mental Health R21, 2003-2005.TRAINING GRANTS-FUNDEDChronic Heart Failure and Older Adults. (McDougall, G. J., Carol Delville). American Academyof Nursing, John A. Hartford Foundation, Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity(BAGNAC). (UTA06-247), INCR. Funded: 77,729, 2006-2008.Predictive Model of Memory Performance in Taiwanese Older Adults. (McDougall, G. J., Leejen Suen). Funded: National Institute Nursing Research-Minority Supplement (1 R15NR04204-01). 1997-1998. Funded: 44,000Adult Learning and Curriculum Theory for Nurse Practitioner Clinical Faculty. (Tytko, A.,McDougall, G. J.). Funded: Robert Wood Johnson, 1994-1995, 10,000,Faculty Scholar Award. (McDougall, G. J. & Wykle, M. H.). National Institute of MentalHealth, Mental Disorders of Aging Branch, (T01 MH 19812-01) 1992-1995, 244,554.Professional Nurse Traineeship, US Public Health Service, Nursing, UT Austin, School ofNursing, 1985-1986Fellow, NIMH, Nursing, LSU Medical Center School of Nursing, Gero-Psychiatric Nursing,1980-1981DOCTORAL DISSERTATION, THESES, AND DNP COMMITTEESThe University of AlabamaKraemer, Kyle R. (2017). Effects of Self-Efficacy on Reality Monitoring. Department ofPsychology. Sheila Black, Chair & Ian McDonough Co Chair (ongoing). MemberEnam, Tasnuva. (2017). Effects of Multiple Fluency Cues on Feeling of Knowing Judgments.Department of Psychology. Sheila Black, Chair (ongoing). Member

McDougall, Graham, Joseph Jr.7Lindsey-Colon, Amy. (2018). Bullying in Nursing School? A Descriptive Analysis of BullyingBehaviors in Pre-Nursing, Early, and Late Nursing Baccalaureate Nursing Students.College of Education, Stephen Tomlinson, Chair; Member-Completed, December, 2018.Bryant, Paula (2017). Predictors of Success in BSN Nursing Programs. College of Education,Graham J McDougall, Chair-completed, Spring, 2017Estes, Sandra. (2017). Prevalence of Prescription Stimulant Use in a Sample of NursingStudents. College of Education, Marietta P. Stanton, Chair (completed, January, 2017).Bertalan, Becky. (2017). Group Discussion to Enhance Nurse Educators’ Self-Efficacy andSense of Professional Community Associated with Student Skill Evaluation. College ofEducation, Stephen Tomlinson, Chair-Stephen Tomlinson-completed, June, 2017.Gray, Peggy. (2017). Registered Nurses’ Attitudes Toward Suspected or Impaired Colleaguesin a Northeastern Healthcare System. College of Education, Vivian Wright, Chair(Completed, May, 2017. Member.Kelly, Lori. (2017). Ethical Dilemmas in Reporting Medication Errors Among BaccalaureateNursing Students. College of Education, Graham J McDougall, Chair until 2012,OngoingGunter, Susan. (2017). Transitioning from Nursing Student to Professional. College ofEducation, Becky Atkinson, Chair. (Dropped out).Bridges, Angela W. (2017). Medical-Surgical Nurses’ Lived Experiences Caring for Patientswith Actual or Suspected Substance Use Disorders. Committee member, Ongoing.Shani K. Collins (2014). Barriers to Breast Cancer Screening Among African-American andCaucasian Women in the Mississippi Delta. Member, dissertation. School of SocialWork, Brenda Smith, Chair completed, 2014Block, Phoebe (2014). Relations among pain variables and vital signs in patients presenting tothe emergency department for exacerbations of chronic pain, Member, thesis.Department of Psychology, Beverly Thorn, Chair, completed 2014.Doctor of Nursing PracticeSkipper, Alan. (2017). Implementing Depression Screening for Residents in Personal CareHomes. G. J. McDougall, AdvisorJain, Ameena. (2017). Improving metabolic monitoring rates among older adults prescribedantipsychotics in an outpatient geriatric psychiatry clinic. G. J. McDougall, AdvisorBright, Kiuana. (2017, May). Evaluation of Health Brochures for the Diagnosis of Chlamydiain Louisiana. G. J. McDougall, AdvisorGlass, Kayla. (2017). Standardizing Depression Screening in the Physical MedicineRehabilitation Setting. G. J. McDougall. AdvisorSingh-Anderson, Micko. (2017). Use of a Public Address Coded Medication Reminder Systemto Improve Medication Adherence in a Residential Rehabilitation Program. G. J.McDougall, Advisor.Jackson, Nicole (2016, May). Creating informed patients through individualized COPDeducation and self-care plans. G. J. McDougall, AdvisorBarrett-Brown, Angela (2016, May). Post-Operative Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit, G. J.McDougall, AdvisorArris, La Tonia (2015, December). Examining Readmission Rates with Post-Discharge FollowUp Calls by Ambulatory Care. G. J. McDougall, Advisor

McDougall, Graham, Joseph Jr.8Cecil, Sarah (2015, December). Educational Brochure for Commercial Motor Vehicle DriversRegarding Health-Related Risks and Health Promotion. G. J. McDougall, Advisor.DOCTORAL DISSERTATION COMMITTEESThe University of Texas at AustinKnapp, Jessica Amy. (2015). Supportive messages given to those in grief. Dr. Rene Dailey,Chair (Communication Science). Completed.Tollison, Andrew (2013). Stereotype Threat in Male-Nurse Patient Interactions. Dr. MatthewMcGlone, Chair (Communication Science).Morgan, Stephanie (2014). Healthcare Environment on the Perception of Person-Centered Carein a Short-Stay Skilled Nursing Facility. Chair and DQE Chair G. J. McDougall, Chair. Dr.Alexa Stuifbergen became dissertation Chair in May 2012.Simmons, Angela (2012). Resilience in veterans experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder(PTSD). Member, DQE & Dissertation. L. Yoder, Chair and DQE Chair, L. Yoder.Ragsdale, V. (2011). Influence of Licensed Staffing Hours, Contract Nursing, and Turnoveron MDS-Based Quality Measures in Texas Nursing Homes. Chair and DQE Chair G. J.McDougall, Chair.King, Cynthia Andrea (2009). Assessing the relationships among demographic, cognitive, andaffective variables on Nurses' commitment to their current jobs in hospitals and being a nursein general. C. E. Weinstein (Educational Psychology), Chair.Acee, Taylor Wayne (2009). Differential effects of goal setting, value reappraisal on collegefemales, motivation & achievement in stats. C.E.Weinstein (Educational Psychology), Chair.Delville, Carol (2008). Emotional representation of symptoms in heart failure. Member, DQECommittee and G. J. McDougall, Chair.Liu, Wen-Miao (Nadia). (2008). Memory knowledge and beliefs among Taiwanese older adults.Chair DQE and G. J. McDougall, Chair.Kruse, Mark (2008). Physiologically-based factors associated with heavy drinking inadolescence. K. Fromme (Psychology), Chair.Zang, Wei. (2007). Education, religion, and health among the old Chinese. Chris Ellison(Sociology), Chair.Harrison, T. (2004). Meaning of aging women with disabilities, A. Stuifbergen-Chair.Kang, J. H. (2003). Psychometric characteristics of two health measures in relation to olderadults' cognitive function. G. J. McDougall, Chair.Ashcraft, A. L. S. (2001). Clinical reasoning of expert acute care registered nurses in precardiopulmonary arrest events. S. Grobe-Chair.Asawachaisuwikrom, W. (2001). Predictors of physical activity older Thai. S. Laffrey-Chair.Malathum, P. (2001). A model of factors contributing to perceived abilities for health-promotingself-care of community dwelling Thai older adults. G. Acton, ChairCase Western Reserve UniversityWeber, B. (2000). Dyadic model to improve psychosocial outcomes in men diagnosed withprostate cancer. G. J. McDougall-Chair (left in 1998). B. L. Roberts-Chair.Zrinyi, M. (2001). Adherence behaviors of hemodialysis patients. G. J. McDougall-Chair (left in1998). L. Hayman-Chair.Selepe, H. (2000). A descriptive study of the antecedents of sexual behavior in black SouthAfrican teens. G. J. McDougall-Chair (left in 1998). L. Hayman-Chair.

McDougall, Graham, Joseph Jr.9Suen, L. J. (2000). Memory performance in Taiwanese-American elderly. G. J. McDougallChair (left in 1998). D. L. Morris-Chair.Ahmad, M. (1999). Coping strategies of men with prostate cancer. G. J. McDougall-Chair (leftin 1998). C. Musil-Chair.Kresevic, D. M. (1997). Risk factors for new onset urinary incontinence among hospitalizedelders. B. L. Roberts-ChairMastropietro, C. (1996). Development and testing of a model for intraoperative intervention byCRNAs for unconscious and conscious surgical pain relief. S. Auvil-Novak-ChairGrosso, C. (1995). Domain definition for system development for alcoholism addiction nursingpractice. P. Brennan-Chair.Anderson, M. S. (2008). Interventions for mild cognitive impairment. D. L. Morris, Chair.Doctor of Nursing Practice/Doctor of NursingEastwood, S. (1998). Instrumental activities of daily living and memory performance in assistedliving elders. G. J. McDougall-Chair.Truitt, H. (1998). Memory capacity in frail nursing home elderly. G. J. McDougall-Chair.Tezzie, C. (1998). Influence of medications on memory self-efficacy in elders. G. J.McDougall-Chair.Ide, S. (1998). Memory awareness of Japanese nursing home residents. G. J. McDougall-Chair.Parsons, R. (Not Completed). Self-efficacy and noncompliance in homeless adults withTuberculosis. G. McDougall-Chair.Grant, J. (Not Completed). Elderly African-American women in nursing homes: Depressionrelated to unfulfilled expectations of family care. G. J. McDougall-Chair.Partin, E. (1997). Practice, autonomy, and education of NPs in Kentucky. B. L. Roberts-Chair.Sampson, J. (1996). Phenomenological investigation of high-risk behavior in HIV-infected gaymen. D. Thomas-Chair.Edmisson, K. (1996). Application of Neuman's theory to the sequencing of at risk behaviors foralcohol and chemically dependent adolescents. L. Workman-Chair.Professional Program Consultation Activities2010Program evaluation and development/fund raising for Jan Martino, ProgramDirector of the People Program and Board of Directors, Life Long Learning forOlder Adults, New Orleans, LA.2009Program evaluation for Debbie Wilder, RN, MS, Program Director of theGathering and New Connections, Alzheimer's and MCI holistic treatmentssponsored by West Lake Hills Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX.2010 & 2011 Primary sponsor for Patsy Smith, PhD, RN, University of Oklahoma for the ClareM. Fagan Post-Doctoral Fellowship submitted to the John A. Hartford Foundation(Unfunded).2007 & 2008 Primary and secondary sponsor for Alyce Ashcraft, PhD, RN, Texas TechUniversity for the Clare M. Fagan Post-Doctoral Fellowship submitted to the JohnA. Hartford Foundation (Unfunded).2005Program evaluation for Debbie Wilder, RN, MS, Program Director of theGathering and New Connections, both early Alzheimer's and mild cognitive

McDougall, Graham, Joseph Jr.1995-19961994-10impairment holistic treatments sponsored by West Lake Hills PresbyterianChurch, Austin, TX.Expert witness in long-term care, Austin, TX.Item writer for computer assisted instruction project sponsored by the AmericanCollege of Nurse Practitioners and the Glaxo Pharmaceutical Corporation.PUBLICATIONS-IN PROGRESSSkipper, A. & McDougall, G. J. (Under Review). Identification of Depressive Symptoms inElderly Adults Residing in Personal Care Homes. Journal of the American Psychiatric NursesAssociation.Pituch, K., McDougall, G. J. (Under Review). The Performance of Multivariate Methods forTwo-Group Comparisons with Small Samples and Incomplete Data. Multivariate BehavioralResearch.McDougall, G. J., Han, A., Staggs, V. A., Johnson, D. K., & McDowd, J. M. (Under Review).Predictors of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living in Community-Dwelling Older Adults.Archives of Psychiatric Nursing.McDougall, Dickey, S., Schluck, G. (In Progress). Differential cognitive function in AfricanAmerican and Caucasian males without and without cancer.PUBLICATIONS PEER ns?user N01dFRQAAAAJ&hl enMcDougall, G. J. & Gardenier, D. (2018). Do Nursing Models Make a Difference?Point/Counterpoint. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 14(7), 518-519.McDougall, G. J. Jr. (2016, January 1). What Is Chemo Brain? Scientific American Mind: Askthe Brains, Neuroscience. Retrieved -is-chemo-brain/McDougall, G. J. Jr. (2014). The 2013 Doris Schwartz Gerontological Nursing Research Award:Eileen M. Sullivan-Marx, PhD, CRNP, RN, FAAN. Journal of Gerontological Nursing,40(10), 7-9. PMID6339524McDougall, G. J. (2009). Advancing healthy aging: Forward. Family & Community Health, 32(1Suppl.), S2-3.McDougall, G. J. (2008). Dolores M. Alford, PhD, RN, FAAN: Entrepreneur and scholar.Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 34(10), 8-10. PMID: 18942534McDougall, G. J. (2005). The effect of acupressure with massage and fatigue and depression inpatients with end-stage renal disease. Geriatric Nursing, 26(3), 1-2. PMID: 15973344McDougall, G. J. (2003). Senior WISE: A 5-year project hopes to determine whether memorytraining or health promotion work better to improve everyday living. ADVANCE for Nurses,1(4), 23-24, 37.McDougall, G. J. (2001). Management of Challenging Behaviors in Dementia - Mahoney, E.K., Volicer, L., & Hurley, A. C. Clinical Gerontologist, 24(1/2), 166-168.Musil, C. M. & McDougall, G. J. (1997). Alzheimer’s-Disease - Causes, diagnosis, treatmentand care – Khachaturain, Z & Radebaugh, T. Geriatric Nursing, 18(6):287-288.McDougall, G. J. & Roberts, B. L. (1994). Gerontological nurse practitioner in every nursinghome: An interview. Nursing Home Medicine: Journal of Convalescent & Chronic Care,June/July, 31-33.

McDougall, Graham, Joseph Jr.11PUBLICATIONS-PEER REVIEWEDMcDonough, I., McDougall, G. J., George, S., Arherart, K., & Larocca.M. (2019). Refining theMetamemory in Adulthood Questionnaire: A 20-item Version of Change and CapacityDesigned for Research and Clinical Settings. Aging & Mental Health. Apr 7:1-10. doi:10.1080/13607863.2019.1594160. [Epub ahead of print].McDougall, G. J., McDonough, I, & Larocca, (2018). Memory training for mild cognitiveimpairment in Senior WISE: A Pilot Study. Aging and Mental Health. Oct 10:1-9. doi:10.1080/13607863.2018.1484884. [Epub ahead of print].McDougall, G. J. (2017). Assessing and Preventing Cognitive Impairment in the Elderly.American Nurse Today, 12(11), 1-6. tive-impairment/Simpson, G. M., Stansbury, K., Wilks, S. E., Pressley, T., Parker, M., & McDougall, G. J.(2017). Support groups for Alzheimer’s caregivers: Creating our own space in uncertaintimes. Social Work in Mental Health. Published online: 30 Nov 2017Stanton, M., Parker, M. W., McDougall, G., & Eyer, J. C. (2017). Reintegration issues ofmilitary nurses: A focus group approach. Best Practices in Mental Health, 13(1), 1-19.Dalmida, S. G., McDougall, G. J., Mugoya, G. C. T., Payne-Foster, P., & Plyman, M., &Burrage, J. (2017). Engagement of African Americans with Rapid HIV Testing and HIVCare. HIV/AIDS Research and Treatment Open Journal, SE(2): S38-S51. doi:10.17140/HARTOJ-SE-2-106Payne-Foster, P., McDougall, G. J., & George, S., & Burrage, J. W. (2017). HIV knowledge,Perceived R

Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP)-Faculty Only 1985-2012 Texas Board of Nurse Examiners, License # 523397: Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist--Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing and Gerontological Nurse Practitioner 1991-1998 Ohio Board of

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NAMING BILLY GRAHAM NORTH CAROLINA’S FAVORITE SON. Whereas, Billy Graham was born William Franklin Graham, Jr., on November 7, 1918, to William Franklin Graham and Morrow Coffey Graham and was reared on a dairy farm in Charlotte; and Whereas, Ruth McCue Be

Billy Graham gets nearly 1 million dollars from a New Age Occultist Billy Graham on Famous Freemason list done by Masonic Grand Lodges Billy Graham endorsing and helping other 33rd Degree Freemasons such as Oral Roberts, Robert Schuller and Norman Vincent Peale.

Rev. Graham said Bill Clinton would be a good Christian evangelist and that Hillary should "run the country". In expressing his long-standing devotion to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, Billy Graham showed the same worldly heart which prompted Dr. Cathy Burns her to write, "Billy Graham: A Hidden Agenda".

100 QUOTES FROM BILLY GRAHAM BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION OF CANADA You can be born in a garage, but that doesn't make you an automobile. You can be born in a Christian home, but that doesn't make you a Christian. —CLEVELAND, OHIO, BILLY GRAHAM CRUSADE, 1994 In the Bible God speaks to us; in prayer we speak to God. Both are .

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3.0 TYPES OF CURRICULUM There are many types of curriculum design, but here we will discuss only the few. Types or patterns are being followed in educational institutions. 1. Subject Centred curriculum 2. Teacher centred curriculum 3. Learner centred curriculum 4. Activity/Experience curriculum 5. Integrated curriculum 6. Core curriculum 7.

Livro Ilustrado do Dr. McDougall “Envenenamento Alimentar” Como curar isso comendo Feijão, Milho, Massas, Batata, Arroz, etc * *Exemplos de alimentos indicados para curar o envenenamento alimentar são feitos apenas com ingredientes recomendados por McDougall. Cons

Kindergarten and Grade 1 must lay a strong foundation for students to read on grade level at the end of Grade 3 and beyond. Students in Grade 1 should be reading independently in the Lexile range between 190L530L.